Seducing My Virgin Sister

by Seduttore

Copyright© 2013 by Seduttore

Coming of Age Sex Story: After several years of marriage my wife and I realized that I had a stronger sex drive than she did. She gave me permission to take a mistress. I asked for her help in seducing my virgin sister.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   .

When I saw my sixteen year old sister after being away for four years I was astonished by her loveliness. I was sixteen years old when she was born. Two years later I left for college. At the university I received an undergraduate degree, a masters degree, a PhD, and eventually a teaching position. Somehow I continued to think of my sister as a little girl. She was not little anymore.

The incest taboo is an instinct that usually develops when one grows up with those who it places beyond the range of sexual desire. I felt enough of that instinct to feel guilty about desiring my teenage sister, but not enough to avoid desiring her.

My sixteen year old sister had the face of a beautiful child, and the shapely body of a young woman. In spite of my best efforts, I could not help but admire her large and firm breasts, her slender waist, and her rounded hips. When my sister noticed my admiration and sensed my desire she looked down, smiling shyly, and blushing a bit. Modesty in one so beautiful arouses me.

My wife and I were visiting my parents and sister for Christmas. For various reasons I had not been back for four years. I would have thought that my sister was one of the most popular girls in school. The second day I was back my mother mentioned in passing that she had not even been on a date yet. The thought that my beautiful sister was not only still a virgin, but had never been kissed yet aroused in me even more desire, and more guilt, but not enough guilt.

My wife, my parents and I went to a New Year's Eve party together. After the party and too many drinks my wife and I lay in bed talking. Pliny the Elder wrote, "In vino veritas," which in English means, "In wine there is truth." Alcohol can work as a truth serum. My intoxicated state enabled me to discuss my feelings about my sister with my wife.

"After we got married it became clear that my sex drive was stronger than yours," I began.

"That's right, and I gave you permission to find a mistress. I even talked about introducing you to a single friend of mine, but you did not seem interested."

"I have found someone I am interested in."

"She's your sister, isn't she?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"To your loving wife of four years it is. I don't think your parents suspect anything. Your sister may."

"Are you disgusted with me?"

"Not unless you use coercion to have your way with her. I know you well enough to know you would never do that."

"Of course I wouldn't. Incest can be damaging to a girl. I love my sister. I do not want to do anything that would harm her in any way. Right now this is only a fantasy. I am glad I can talk to you about it. You must never tell anyone about this conversation."

"Of course I won't," my wife said. "I am complicit. I am sort of bisexual myself. You are the only man I have been with. I have never been with a woman. Nevertheless, I find that I desire your sister too. Right now we should only talk about this. We need to proceed cautiously. We must be patient and sensitive to your sister's desires. I remember how I felt when I was your sister's age. I had never been kissed. I wanted to be kissed, but only by the right boy. I was not in a hurry to have sex with someone, but I knew how wonderful love making could be."

My wife continued, "Your sister may be thinking about this too. I have seen her looking at you when you did not know about it. I want to help you seduce your sister, but we must be sure that she enjoys every moment of her seduction. We must not pressure her in any way. We need to be sensitive to her desires. If she definitely does not want it we must stop before she realizes what we are trying to do. If it happens it must seem to happen naturally.

"Our seduction of your sister should be something we position ourselves to allow to happen. If your sister desires you, and I think she does, she should be made to think that she is seducing you."

"We live two states away. This will be difficult," I said.

"Invite her to spend Easter vacation with us," my wife suggested. "Do not do anything sexually evocative unless she takes the initiative."

"That is the best we can do," I admitted, "but I do not want some boy in school to be in first."

"He won't be. Your sister wants her first time to be perfect. I will help you achieve that."

"Yours is a good idea," I told my wife. "Even if nothing sexual develops I want to create a bond with the sister I neglected while she was growing up. There were probably times while she was growing up that she needed a big brother. I was away at school doing things I wrongly thought were more important."

"Your sister does not seem angry at you. I can tell that she loves you."

"I love my sister, and you."

My wife kissed me, slipped out of her nightgown, and said, "Pretend I'm your sister." She made love to me passionately. Thinking about my sister increased her libido, and mine.

A month before Easter I called my family. My mother answered the phone. My sister was visiting a friend she told me. When I suggested inviting my sister to spend Easter with my wife and me my mother thought it would be an excellent idea. Several hours later, when I talked to my sister she was delighted with the idea.

When we picked up my sister at the airport for Easter my wife hugged her, saying, "You look gorgeous, Darling."

I said, "You look even more beautiful than last Christmas." My sister was not used to compliments, however sincere. She blushed, giggled, hugged me, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Thanks."

We spent the four days of my sister's visit showing her the sights of the nearby city, attending Easter services at a cathedral, and visiting the university where I taught. When my sister expressed an interest in the university I said, "If you would like, I will try to get you an internship for this summer. You can live with us."

"Gosh, thanks that would be great," my sister said. She noticed when my wife smiled knowingly at me, appeared to understand, and did not seem to mind.

When my sister noticed the hot tub in my home my wife suggested she bring a bathing suit for her summer stay. "But not too much," I teased.

"Oh, stop that," my sister said giggling. "You're my brother."

On the last night before my sister's flight home the three of us watched television. My wife and I were sitting on a sofa. My sister was sitting in an easy chair. My wife was snuggling next to me wearing nothing but a bathrobe. After about an hour she surprised me by removing her bathrobe, and sitting next to me completely naked. I was afraid my sister would be offended by such an obvious display of marital lust. She was embarrassed, but looked envious.

Our house is built so that the guest room where my sister was staying is across the hall from our marital bed room. My wife left the door to our bed room open so that my sister could hear us make love that evening. When I got up during the night I was pleased to see that my sister left the door to the guest room open too.

The next morning my sister walked naked to the bathroom to take a shower. She did not look at me, only at the ground. When I looked at my wife, the look of caution on her face told me that I should not try to do anything. I put on a bathrobe over my pajamas to hide my erection.

The next day when my sister was about to get on her plane, my wife hugged her, kissed her on the lips, and said, "We're looking forward to this summer."

My sister looked flustered before saying, "Me too." Then she turned around and left.

When my wife and I got home we had several glasses of wine. "Well, what do you think?" I asked my wife.

"I think we might have been able to do it this visit," my wife said. "I would rather your sister spend the rest of the school year looking forward to this summer, and wishing that we had. These things take time."

"Why do you think she showed herself to me naked?" I asked.

"She wanted to see if you would disapprove. Young girls that age like to explore their sexuality, even if they are not in a hurry to have sex. She might do that with your father now and then."

That night, my wife and I made love more passionately than usual. When we were looking at each other during the afterglow I said, "The thought of my sister has done wonders for our sex life."

"I think she might be bi too," my wife said. "I look forward to watching the two of you together. I look forward to you watching your sister and me together."

My sister was delighted when I told her that I had gotten a paid internship for her at my university. My parents were glad too. They wanted my sister to attend the university where I taught.

During the rest of the school year my wife and I wrote letters to my sister and called her on the telephone. She was glad to hear from us, and said she was looking forward to the summer. I still did not know if we could seduce her. I did not know if we should. I only wanted that to happen if she wanted it to happen. I wanted her first time with me to be the most wonderful event in her life.

When summer finally came my wife and I picked my sister up at the airport, drove home, helped set her up in our guest room, and drove to a restaurant to celebrate her visit. Those at the restaurant envied me to have the company of two such beautiful females.

"I'm looking forward to using your hot tub," my sister said.

"Your brother and I are naked when we use that," my wife said, "but we will wear bathing suits for your visit."

My sister looked down with a shy smile.

When my wife and my sister helped my sister unpack I noticed that she had a bikini razor. "You told me to bring a skimpy bikini," she told me. "So I decided to shave my bikini area."

She was not kidding about the skimpy bikini. That evening when we got into our hot tub her bikini consisted of a small triangle of thin cloth to cover her vulva, and two smaller pieces of the same thin cloth to cover her nipples. These were held in place by strings. The imprint of my sister's slit and her protruding nipples were clearly visible.

"You are hardly wearing anything at all," I told her trying to sound mildly disapproving.

"You have already seen me naked," my sister said, "You are my brother anyway, so it does not really matter."

"I am glad there is no beach around here for us to take you to," I said. "I would have to fight off the men with an assault rifle."

My sister laughed teasingly. "I would not walk off with one of them." When she saw the erection pushing against the constraints of my swim trunks she looked pleased.

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