My First Interracial Encounter

by softpuss

Copyright© 2013 by softpuss

Sex Story: my first interracial encounter with a chubby thug named Robert

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Note: I cannot use my real name so please don't ask. Just call me softpussy. Interracial porn has always turned me on and I enjoy reading interracial stories and looking at pictures and video of black men fucking white women.

I am in my late thirties. I am attractive and I workout and take care of my body. I am not a blonde hair blue eyed big titty woman, but most men I know think I look good. I am hoping to meet other women like me who are into interracial porn but remain anonymous. Anyone can contact me at

My Story

Last year (September 2012) I had my first sexual encounter with a black man. His name was Robert and we had met online after I had responded to an ad he had posted. We emailed back and forth for months and I had really made no real plans to actually meet him. But one day I was very horny and we were chatting online and he was begging me to come over. The voice inside my head was saying it is not a good idea but my pussy was aching hot that day, so as we continued sending dirty messages to each other, I was talking myself into going to see him. He sent me a picture of him with his dick and balls hanging out of his shorts. Robert was in his twenties, chubby, and his dick was not particularly huge but a nice size. There was something about that pic though, it wasn't that he was a hot looking guy but the way he stood there staring in the camera, his cock hanging out, and I thought to myself, this is the last guy anyone would think I'd actually have sex with. And I think that may have added to the attraction to Robert for me. I asked him for his address and he sent it to me. I looked it up on google maps and noticed it was in a poor black neighborhood, which added to the excitement for me. I was seriously thinking of driving to this thug's house and fucking him in his old house in the poor section of town. I kept thinking of the things that could go wrong like if my car broke down or had a flat tire in that neighborhood, or if I were attacked. I guess the risk and my pussy aching clouded my reasoning and I messaged Robert I was coming over.

As I got ready, I kept reminding myself why this was not a good idea. A petit white woman in that part of town. But my body continued to ignore those thoughts. I removed my panties and put on jean shorts so I could dress and undress quickly if I needed to. As I left my house, I was thinking this is crazy.

When I got in his part of town, people were everywhere. Groups of black guys stared at me as I drove by them. Their pants down, their boxer shorts showing, waving at me while holding their dicks, trying to get me to stop. I finally found Robert's street and when I turned on it I quickly found his old wood house. He was sitting on the porch as I drove up and I thought, am I really doing this? am I crazy? I looked around again and got out. I quickly walked up the wood steps and noticed Robert biting his lower lip and was very glad to see me to say the least. He opened the door and I noticed a black guy sitting on the couch and an old woman sitting in a recliner. I remember they were watching the show Family Feud. As Robert led me to another room, the old woman gazed at me and frowned. We walked into Robert's bedroom and he shut the door. The house was old, his room was a mess. He had an old chester drawers with an old television on top. His bed was just two mattresses on top of each other and an old yellow blanket on it.

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