Two for the Money

by bobsmith

Copyright© 2013 by bobsmith

Erotica Sex Story: Paul comes over to his buddy Nick's house and he has more fun than he expected.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Oral Sex   Prostitution   .

"Dude, that looks really good," Paul said from the recliner.

"Yep," was all Nick could say as he took a pull from his beer and kept his eyes closed with his head resting on the back of the couch.

"I thought you were pulling my leg when you told me. You could have said you won the lottery and I would have believed that first. Man," Paul continued on as he nursed his own beer. From the reclined chair he faced the TV directly, where some show concerning unobtainable automobiles was on, but his attention was turned to his left where Nick was. Nick, even though he had invited his friend over, seemed to have no interest in talking to him at the moment.

"When's the wife get back?"

"Uh ... three days." He managed to say and took another drink. "Shhhhhhit, that's good. Beer sucks though," he joked.

"Damn shame, I guess," Paul said sarcastically and let out a belch.

"Yeah, righ- uhhhhhhhh! Uh," Nick said, suddenly breathing slightly heavy. "She can stay away if this keeps up. Isn't that right?" he asked, looking down at his lap.

Lisa pulled her mouth off his sated cock, silently nodding at him with a mouthful of his semen.

"You go spit that out in the bathroom over there if you want," Nick gestured down the basement hall.

"Or you could swallow it like a good girl," chuckled Paul as she passed in front of him to dispose of her labours. He managed to smack her on the butt before she was out of reach. "That is a tight butt if I ever seen one."

Nick laughed as he stood up to pull on his pants, "I'm not surprised. Fourteen year old asses usually are."

Paul almost choked on his beer, "Jesus fucking Christ, buddy. You can't be fucking serious. That piece of ass has gotta be 18."

"Nope," said a small voice to his right, "fourteen." Lisa returned having rinsed her mouth, passing in front of Paul again and stopping in front of Nick. She put her left hand on her hip and held out her right palm. Nick pulled out his wallet and handed her a twenty and a five. "Thank you," she said and began to show herself out.

Paul pulled the lever on his chair that dropped his feet to the ground and held out his arm in front of the young girl, "Hold it, hold it. You're seriously just fourteen years old?"

"Yes, for fuck's sake, now can I please leave?"

"You know what just happened here is illegal. You ain't gonna leave here and tell nobody about this?"

"Now why would I do a stupid thing like that?" she asked annoyed. Lisa tried to leave again, but Paul's arm still held her back. "What?" she demanded.

"You got no problems with my good buddy here being 42, and me being 41?"

"So what?"

"And you only charge $25?"

"And worth every penny," commented Nick adjusting his hat and returning to the couch. "Fuckin' wife doesn't do it no more and never as good as this one."

"Huh! And um-," Paul began curiously, "how much for this here?" He patted her ass again.

"I don't fuck," she said pointedly, "just suck. Let me go."

"Feisty one. Geez, I can see how she's worth it, buddy. Now don't you be off in such a rush. Maybe I'm interested in ... a little something."

"$25," she said automatically. "For you, up front."

Paul chuckled, "Cool yer jets, little girl." He pulled out his own wallet and gave her a twenty and a ten. "Got change?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? Do I look like a bank machine?"

"You got that five right there. Nick, what the fuck?"

Lisa groaned and gave him the five. "Okay, pull down your pants."

"Let's just set some ground rules first, darling. You blow me, and blow me like you did my buddy until I come in your mouth. If I feel a single tooth down there, deal's off."

"I know what I'm doing."

"She does," Nick quipped and they both laughed.

"Fine. But one more thing, why don't you swallow?"

"It's gross."

Paul held up the five, "Swallow."

Lisa stood there considering it. She'd done it before, so she figured she could force herself to do it again. "Okay, fine. Let's go."

"One more thing." He pulled out another five. "Take off your top."

"I'm not a stripper. And I thought you didn't have a five."

"Just found it. And you're a business woman in the making, I can tell."

She hesitated, hoping to call his bluff, "Ten."

"Ten for top and bottom. Underwear can stay on. Or you can take it all off if you're in that sort of mood."

Lisa agreed and began to pull her shirt over her head.

"If you don't mind," Paul said stopping her, "I'll do the honours." He stood up in front of her, and pulled her shirt up before she could resist. It was too late to complain. "Goddamn, Nick, look at these two delicious looking scoops of vanilla ice cream, just trapped in this cruel bra. Let's do 'em a favour." He began to reach for the clasp at her back, but she slapped him away. "Okay, have it your way." Paul got to his knees in front of the girl and undid the fly on her jean shorts. After pulling them down and off her legs, he grabbed her by the waist and turned her around like a mannequin. "Fuck me, this ass is even sweeter than I thought. You are going to make a fine ass fuck one day, you know that?" He stood in front of her again. "But for now, it's your turn."

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