Brains and Brawn
Chapter 16

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 16 - Two siblings separated at birth by a tragic accident, meet later in life and fall in love. This is their story.

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Four weeks later, Katie graduated with a degree in Business Management; John graduated with an undergraduate degree and a masters in Physics; and they became the proud owners of the future home of Katie O'Hara's Irish Pub and Restaurant. The existing tenants on the first floor were given the option to be bought out of their leases and, since they each had less than a year to go before renewal, they all agreed. The tenants on the second floor were all on month-to-month leases. When Katie explained that she was the new owner and what she intended to do with the building, they lost all of the four tenants. This was to be expected and fit into their plans for the future. Katie and John took over one of the apartments and, after some cosmetic improvements to the three vacancies, listed them with the university as off-campus housing.

John, for the first time in three years, did not have classes. He spent much of the summer doing the renovations of the apartments. He impressed Katie with his ability to install new plumbing and light fixtures.

"Katie, it's not really that hard as long as you can follow instructions. I will never be as good as a contractor. It takes me twice as long to do something, but I eventually get it done. I spend a lot of time at the Home Depot asking questions; talking with the retired contractors, picking their brains."

By the end of the August, however, John was ready to assume his new role as instructor, teaching first and second year students in Physics and Astronomy. He would also begin his classes for his doctoral degree. Due to John's outstanding undergraduate and post-graduate academic achievements, he was accepted into a group doing research for a new NASA project. The purpose of the project was to rendezvous with an asteroid and return to earth with pristine samples of organic materials. Although he would be so low on totem pole that he would never receive any outside recognition for his contributions, it would serve him well in his quest for his Ph.D.

Katie was amazed as to how quickly she was spending the money that Tim had advanced to them.

"Don't worry about Katie, I've been looking over your budget and you're right in line. If anything you're actually under budget. I guess that's because of the recession. The contractors are giving you great prices because they want to keep their people busy."

"I just don't want to keep coming to you for more money."

"Katie, you only get to do this once, so do it right the first time. When do you think you will be ready to open?"

"If we don't run into any problems, I'm thinking we will open the doors right after Labor Day. I was hoping for two weeks earlier but that's not going to happen."

On the Saturday night before Labor Day, Katie, John and the staff of Katie O'Hara's hosted a private party for family, and invited friends and their dates as a final test before their grand opening. Just before the first guests arrived, Katie stood at the doorway and surveyed all that they had accomplished. The dark wood of the walls and bar, accented by highly polished brass rails; the beer taps featuring Guinness, Porterhouse, Harp, Smithwick's and O'Hara's, along with Sam Adams, Dos Equis and Coors; the center of the bar, displaying various bottles of Irish and Scotch whiskies and a variety of other adult beverages; all added to the welcoming atmosphere. Satisfied, she turned, gave John a big hug and a kiss, and opened the doors.

It was a wonderful trial run. Not that everything went perfectly, it never does; but those things that didn't were insignificant in nature and quickly resolved. Towards the end of the night she noticed Tim standing on a stool, reaching up to one of the wooden beams that crisscrossed the ceiling. He appeared to be pinning something to the beam.

"I thought this would be a nice touch; I saw it done in a bar in New York. They're insignia patches from first responders. You can start with these three and soon you'll have them coming in from all over the country."

Katie looked up at the patches; they were from the Tucson, Peoria, and Glendale police departments.

"I thought at one point it would be a good thing to put up University logos, but I nixed that idea when I realized that if the guys from the UA saw anything from anywhere else up there they would just rip it down."

Tim walked over to her, threw his arms around her and gave her a hug.

"Katie, you've done a wonder job here. You have remembered your lessons well; the Pub is going to be a huge success. I have to go now. If you ever need anything all you have to do is ask."

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