Brains and Brawn
Chapter 14

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 14 - Two siblings separated at birth by a tragic accident, meet later in life and fall in love. This is their story.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Slow  

New Year's Eve was one of the pub's busiest nights. John would have been alone that night, because Katie had to work, so she convinced him that he should come to work with her. He could see first-hand what she did and how much she enjoyed it. John had never been to an Irish Pub before. In fact, he had never been to any type of bar before. He sat on the last stool, at the far end of the bar, and watched as Katie worked the bar. He could tell that she was in her element, doing what she loved to do. She laughed and talked with the customers as she hustled their orders. It was a little slow during the day, but the bar began to fill up around four o'clock. Tim stayed with her until six, when his two partners came in to take over for the evening. They each took a side of the bar; Katie took the side that John was sitting at. Because John was not much of a drinker, she would give him a pint of beer, which he nursed as long as possible; when he needed a refill she would give him a glass of water or diet soda. Over the course of her twelve hour shift he probably had six beers in all. He spent a lot of time in the bathroom. In between drink orders she would walk over by him and talk about how she loved what she was doing.

Sometime around ten o'clock, one of the regulars that had been there for about an hour or so, called out to Katie as he propped him arm onto the bar,

"Katie O'Hara get over here. I challenge you to a test of strength and I have twenty bucks that says I can beat you."

Katie tried to ignore him, figuring that it was the alcohol talking. But the longer she ignored him the louder he got. Finally, she shrugged her shoulders, walked up to him and coupled her hand in his. She looked at the bar, there must have been close to three hundred dollars in bets in front of the patrons, who were all sure that they couldn't lose. Tim had already gone home for the evening so it was up to her to make good on the bets if she lost.

John watched as Katie prepared for the contest; worried that her challenger appeared to be bigger than she was, but also excited that he was going to be a witness to the event. Almost mesmerized by all the shouting, John got out of his seat and walked around until he was able to look into her eyes.

The other bartender came over and started them with, "All set; go!

Katie's arm swelled as the contest began. Neither contestant appeared to be gaining an advantage. John could see the smile on her face as she stared into the eyes of her opponent. After a minute of the stalemate, Katie looked up into John's eyes. She could tell by the expression on his face that that he was aroused by the action. She gave him a wink, blew him a kiss, and -- slowly at first -- proceeded to gain the advantage. The crowd was shouting encouragement to her opponent, but it would be of no help. With a final burst of strength, she slammed his hand down onto the bar. She gathered the money from the bar and walked back to the corner were John was just returning to his seat.

"That was awesome," he whispered in a lustful tone." When does your shift end?"

"Just after midnight," she replied as she handed the cash to him. "Watch this for me."

As the countdown began, Katie made her way over to John's corner and as everybody yelled "Happy New Year" she held his head in her hands and gave him a very passionate kiss. When she finally broke the kiss she whispered in his ear,

"I'll be wanting a lot more of that tonight, kind sir."

She told her fellow bartenders that she would be leaving in a few minutes and announced to her patrons that this was her last call for the evening. The crowd seemed to thin out almost immediately, only the serious partiers remained. She scooped up her tips from the bar and retrieved the rest from her tip mug under the bar.

"Good Night all, and Happy New Year," she shouted as she came out from behind the bar and met John at the door. Arm in arm they walked out to her car.

"I'd better drive," she said as she got behind the wheel.

"I'm fine," John replied.

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