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Fan Fiction Story: we all know the story of Cinderella, but what did really happen?

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Cinderella: the fairy-tale ending

We all know the story up until the pumpkin coach fled the scene, the Prince holding a glass slipper in his hand. But according to the Brothers Grimm, and Disney; it all goes simplistic from there.

Agents of the Duke go looking for someone who has lost a shoe; they are all out of luck. So eventually the Prince himself takes charge and goes out into the duchy, and after several days finds Cinderella. AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

I don't know about you, but it all seemed far too simple, so I did some digging. I found a diary. This particular diary belonged to the so-called Wicked Step-Mother. I have pulled a few choice entries from the journal, that all take place around the time of the occurrences detailed in the story of Cinderella.

May 31st

"That simple brother of mine, who had promised to send his son, my nephew to visit; has let me down, yet again. My nephew is a simple boy, training to be a woodcutter. He is not all that clever, and would have suited my plans so well. Ella or as she likes to call herself these days, Cinderella is the only heir to her father's not inconsiderable fortune, which is tied up in trust until her twenty-first birthday; unless she chooses to marry before then. At the moment I only receive one hundred gold coins a quarter to cover household expenses, as I have been doing since the old man died just over three years ago. And it is most definitely nowhere near what I would consider sufficient for my needs, let alone my daughters as well.

Now, Ella has turned sixteen, and I can legally marry her off, and with my nephew's help, I would have gotten myself declared her heir, and then ... Anyway, my nephew got caught in the forest by a dryad, fell in love with her, and has left me without a husband for Ella. I will have to make another plan."

June 14th

"Oh! Excitement! The Duke has declared July 4th a holiday, as it is his son's birthday. Prince Charles (a worthy enough name, I have no idea why he would want to use the nickname of Charming), is turning twenty-one, only happens once in a lifetime, and the old man is holding a ball, in the hope of his son choosing a worthy bride.

Both of my daughters are going to do their level best to snare him. And, well you never know, maybe he might prefer an older cougar! And then I wouldn't need Cinderella's money."

June 29th

"My daughters have just had their final fittings for ball gowns, and look so absolutely sexy. My own gown is to be a strapless, backless silk creation that can't be ignored by any red-blooded male.

Cinderella has been having delusions of grandeur, believing that not only should she be there, but that the invitation to the household of Ashenput actually meant her, as if!!! I mean, okay her surname is Ashenput, and my daughters are Tremaine, but she is just a submissive, um, servant girl. I think maybe it is time for another good session with the whip.

Just five more days to Saturday!"

June 30th

"Cinderella is going to suffer when I find her, I opened the old dungeons, I got all kitted up, my thigh-length boots, the leather leotard, and fishnet stockings – and I couldn't find her anywhere. One of the other servants claimed that a 'person' calling herself 'Fairy Godmother' was getting Cinderella fitted. If that bitch goes against my wishes and attends the ball, I will thrash her within an inch of her life!"

July 3rd

"That foolish modiste is already demanding payment for the dresses. We still haven't even worn them. Cinderella keeps disappearing; every time I see her, and then I can't find her again. One more day."

July 4th

"I can't be bothered with Cinderella now. I do know that none of the local fashion houses has made any dresses, shoes or other accessories for Cinderella or anyone fitting her description. All coaches are accounted for, nothing left to rent in this town. She won't get there tonight."

July 5th

"Oh my aching head. But I have to write it all down

The ball started as it should have. There were about three dozen girls of marriageable age, including my two. The three of us made quite an entrance, all attention was on us, but at first I thought maybe the Prince doesn't like girls. He danced as a courtesy to most of us, but he was not at all happy about being there.

And then 'She' arrived. No card, no invitation, she pushed past the doormen as though they did not exist. Prince Charming was happy to see her! I mean such a bulge, and in public too. I wished it had been for me, then it would have been okay. He spent the rest of the night dancing only with Her! He ignored the rest of the girls, they may as well have been invisible.

Anyway I was making love to my tonic and gin, when I heard the first bell-strike for midnight, and 'That Girl' took off flying, Prince Charming was devastated, but he still didn't want to know anything about the rest of the girls. There were rumours – he had found a glass slipper – I don't know how comfortable that could be!!!"

July 6th

"The rumours were true. Prince Charming has decided that the best way to find his love was to fit the slipper to her foot. He is touring the duchy now, hoping to find the slipper wearer. Oh god, I hope that it will fit me or at least one of my daughters.

Funny things happening around the house. Cook is complaining about a pumpkin that was supposed to be supper for tonight had disappeared. But I also could have sworn that I heard a horse neighing in the corridor this morning, but when I turned I only saw a mouse, and of course all the servant girls said how they can't help get rid of it, as they are scared of mice. I mean, really!!!"

July 9th

"An agent of Prince Charming has just left. He is on his way. He wishes to see all of the females in the family. Fortunately that little bitch, Cinderella is hiding again."

Prince Charming's journal entry for July 9th is very revealing

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