Sister's Boudoir Photo Favor

by Sly Dog

Copyright© 2013 by Sly Dog

Romantic Sex Story: 18 year old girl asks her 14 year old brother for a favor.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

Editor: Old Boy

My 18 year old sister Shelly came home from a date and she looked to have something on her mind. She walked right past me as I was watching my favorite TV show. She glanced at me briefly then shook her head before she headed to her room. I just shrugged it off thinking my sister was just being ditsy as always.

Oh! Who am I? I am her 14 year old brother, Walter. Shelly hasn't associated with me ever since I graduated from high school and then went on to college last year. If you put 2 and 2 together I was a genius. I had gone to college but after only one year I had finished 4 years worth of classes. I had degrees in teaching and math. I've always wanted to be a teacher but I cannot get my certificate until I'm at least 18 years old.

As you can probably figure out I was still a virgin because there were not any girls my own age in my classes, and the older ones wanted me to do their school work in exchange for blow-jobs. The problem with that is I had too much integrity to do that.

I had 2 hobbies. The first was writing computer programs and the other was photography. I preferred nature photos but did family portraits when my mom asked me. She also had me taking pictures at any special event or holiday. Since it was my mom asking I gave her what she wanted including making holiday cards, birthday cards, and such.

After my TV show was over I went to my bedroom and started surfing the net for something to jack-off to, as that was my entire sex life. I had just sent the video I found to my plasma screen TV in my room. That way I wouldn't need to balance my laptop as I 'choked my chicken'. I got naked, laid down, started the video, and was stroking my meat when my sister barged in. I was sure I had locked the door but there she was standing at the foot of my bed staring at my blood swollen cock.

I was so in shock that it took me some time to pause the video and cover my erection. Then I asked, "Shelly? What the hell are you doing? I know you're older than me but that doesn't give you the right to barge into my room without knocking. Get out before I tell mom what you did."

Instead of leaving she sat down on the side of my bed next to me and looked to be nervous. After she saw my face calm down from being caught she said, "Walter, I didn't mean to interrupt you but I need a favor."

"Shelly? Why would you need my help? You've barely said 2 words to me in the last couple of years. What makes you think I would help you anyway?"

She had tears in her eyes as she realized what she had been doing to me ever since I had passed her up in school. Even in my state of undress I leaned into her and hugged her. Although I had every right to be mad at her I felt lousy for what I had said. After her sobbing subsided she pulled back and said, "Walter, I am so sorry how I have been treating you. At first when you proved you were smarter than me I was mad at you, but after a while I was just frustrated with myself for not trying harder. Can you forgive me?"

I looked in her eyes to see if she really meant what she was saying or if she was just saying it to get me to help her. She actually looked like she was being genuine so I said, "Shelly, you know I would do anything for you. No matter what. So what did you want?"

"Well. I'll understand if you say no, but I want you to take some pictures of me to give to my boyfriend for his birthday."

"Not that I mind taking your picture but there are plenty of places you could go and do that. Why do you need me?"

"First off, do you know what boudoir photos are?" I nodded so she continued, "I don't trust anyone to take that kind of photo of me. Also I need your computer skills to make sure he won't try to sell them to some web site or make copies for his friends."

"Okay. Let me get this straight. You want me to take sexy pictures of you, and create a program that will prevent him from sharing them. I shouldn't ask this but what's in it for me?"

She blushed as she laid her hand on my lap and asked, "Walter, have you been with a woman yet?" I blushed as I lowered my head and shook it back and forth in the negative. Then she continued, "Would you do it if I could get you laid?"

I don't know why I said what I said next but I said, "Only if it is with you."

The first thing I saw was a flash of anger on her face so I cringed waiting for her to hit me. But instead she sighed and said, "You have a deal."

I was sure she would never do it so I started to say, "That's okay, Shelly. I'll do ... Did you say yes?" She nodded so I asked, "Are you sure? You don't have to if you don't want to. I'm willing to do it for nothing just because I love you as my sister."

I don't know why I was trying to talk her out of it. Indeed there had been many times I imagined how it would feel to make love to her as I performed my self abuse. I also had many wet dreams with the same images in my mind. She looked at me confused as to why I would ask for sex from her then try to get out of it. For the life of me I don't know why I was either. Maybe it was the church that mom made us go to or it could be what I thought other people would say if they ever found out. Whatever it was I stopped talking so as not to change her mind.

Anyway we had to wait for a day that mom was going to be gone which wasn't that often. After dad had died the insurance settlement allowed mom to take an early retirement from real estate. After a week of that she opened an at home Internet business. Now the only time she goes out is when she is shopping, picking up or dropping off a package at FedEx, DHL, UPS, or The US Post Office. After picking up the packages she would bring them home, re-wrap them and send them to her customers. Basically she sold cosmetics from several different companies.

So when she said she was going to a regional conference for 3 days to see what new products one of the companies was debuting we were allowed to stay home on our own. We would have 3 days by ourselves so that was when we decided to do the shoot. I had already created a virus to destroy anyone's computer who tried to copy the photos or upload them to the net. I had already saved it to a 128 gig flash drive that I would put the pictures on. The first computer to access the photos would be the only one to access them without my administrative password that deactivates the virus. Using my password would allow me to access any computer that tried to view the photos and I could destroy the hard drive if needed. But that was all easy compared to taking the actual photos.

I was going to take photos where I may see my sister in various states of undress and I was certain that I would get an erection. I still had second thoughts about allowing Shelly to go through with the payment she offered. I was also pretty certain that she was having the same thoughts.

I gathered up 3 cameras, several 256 gig memory cards, my try-pod, and several professional defused light sources. I set everything up in our basement recreation room with a plain green sheet as a backdrop. I had pulled a folding bed in front of the sheet and made it up with my sister's spare bedding, making sure none of it was the same color of green as the background. The reason for the green background is I could use my computer to digitally edit in any background so it would look like the bed and my sister were anywhere.

My cameras were reprogrammed by me so I could record images with 4000 gigapixles per square decimeter. The images were so sharp that you could actually believe you were there. If I zoomed in on someone's face I could make their pores look as big as the Grand Canyon. I showed my sister one of her pores like that and she threatened to break every bone in my body if I showed anyone else. Honestly the only reason I showed her is that it was filled with dirt and makeup and I knew how she felt about zits.

After I was ready I called up to Shelly saying, "I'm ready when you are."

She poked her head out from around her bedroom door and said, "I'll be right down. I need to gather the clothes I want to wear in the pictures."

I shrugged and said, "Well whenever you're ready."

She walked down about 10 minutes later carrying a garment bag and wearing her terrycloth bathrobe. Before she removed the robe I asked, "You made sure there is no green in anything you plan to wear, right?"

She looked at me with the look that says, 'How big of an idiot do you think I am?'

I said, "Okay, okay. Sorry I asked. You can put your other clothes in the bathroom and when you need to change you can change in there."

She looked at me like I had 2 heads and said, "It's kind of silly making me change in the bathroom when you're going to see me naked eventually. I can just change right here." and she laid her garment bag over the back of dad's old recliner.

I shrugged and said, "You know you still don't have to pop my cherry so I'll do these photos for you."

"I know, Little Brother. Actually you're not so little anymore." Then she blushed as she looked down at the tent in my shorts.

"Okay. Ha. Ha. Are you ready to do this or what?"

She walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek as she said, "I was only kidding around. You don't need to be so sensitive."

"I'm sorry also. Now do you want me to pose you or do you know what you want to do?"

"You can pose me. Besides if posing me gets you all horny then Josh will get the same way when he sees the pictures. So just tell me what to do and I'll do it."

I blushed as she said that last part because the image that came into my head was of my sister completely naked on her hands and knees looking over her shoulder waiting for my hard cock. I shook my head to clear it before I said, "First let's just take some pictures of you wearing your robe as you sit on the bed."

She did as I asked and I started clicking away. Next I had her pull the robe open just enough to let her shoulder be seen. After that I had her expose both of her shoulders but hold the robe shut over her breasts. I got a couple of dozen shots of each then had her drop the top half of the robe to her waist where the sash would hold it and her whole upper body could be seen. She was wearing a very sheer black demi cup bra. It supported her 'B' cup breasts and still let you see her hard pointy nipples. I almost came in my pants because these were the first breasts that I've seen since I was a baby, and those I don't even remember.

I was so captivated with her breast that I almost forgot to take the pictures but her clearing her throat brought me back to what we were doing and I started clicking away. After a dozen or so shots of her tits I had her remove the robe altogether. She was smiling at me as she stood up and untied the sash. As soon as she let go of it the robe fell to the floor pooling around her feet. I wasn't looking at her feet as you may have been able to guess, because her panties were made of a silk lace and I could see that she had no pubic hair to show. She spun around and when she was facing me again she asked, "So what do you think, Walter? Is your older sister as sexy as you thought she was?"

I just nodded, then started taking pictures as she climbed up on the bed. I had her on all fours and crawling toward me as I got some great shots of her cleavage, although with the demi bra her tits were more hanging from her chest than in the bra. The effect caused them to sway as she crawled. Next I had her crawl away from the camera and took shots of her great looking ass split down the middle by a silk string. Yes they were thong panties. I'm going to stop there instead of making you wait for what you really want to read about.

Needless to say I filled all of my memory cards and even had some of her completely naked as she changed clothes or near the end when she wanted some nude shots. One that I'll never forget is when she leaned against the head board and used her fingers to hold her pussy open as I took several close ups. I figured that after I had made the set for her to give to Josh, I could keep the originals for my own use.

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