X Is for X Marks the Spot

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Flash Story: College freshman, Megan pledges Sigma Theta Chi for a month of naughty naked initiation tasks.

Tags: Humiliation   School   Nudism  

Megan had a new nickname at school, CATNIP: Caught And Taped Naked In Public. Her sorority pledge tasks this past month had her at various stages of undress in and around campus. Both boys and girls would get a night-time glimpse of some mysterious girl in her panties and bra, or just her panties dashing this way and that, from cover to cover in what Sigma Theta Chi called 'sneak-streaking'. Not that Megan was allowed to cover herself up, but she did manage to duck between parked cars or hide in the shadows.

Only Sigma Sisters knew who the mystery CAT-NIP woman was and they alone had captured video images of Megan buck naked and not covering. They had assured the young pledge that the videos and photos were for their sorority files and enjoyment only and would not be shown to anyone else. Megan's challenge and her responsibility was to escape unseen on her late night escapades. All good fun and Megan's over-exposure would be confined to sorority sister viewing IF Megan made her sneak-streaks discrete.

She had. And she was both proud of that and excited by the fact that her daily instructions proved increasingly more difficult and she was up to the challenge. Megan's social self-esteem soared in those first few months at college. Her pledge month was mid fall with CATNIP pledging from October 28th to November 28th which meant much of her near nude antics had to be carried out quickly and briskly as it was getting colder by the day, or in Megan's case by the night.

The first week saw her going from place to place in her underwear and only once was she completely exposed and, in fact, nearly arrested. But she kept that episode a secret and never told her Sigma Sisters how she had been strip searched, patted down and given a multi-cavity search. When she had arrived at the Sorority house that night she explained her nakedness by claiming to have been so scared of being caught that she had peed herself and was too embarrassed to show up in pee-soaked panties, so she threw them away. As to her bra, Megan played dumb and claimed she thought she'd look silly running around in just a bra, so she had thrown that away too.

It was probably Megan's bizarre tale that first night which set the mood for her month-long CATNIP initiation. Week One was undies only and late at night. Week Two involved panty raids at each frat house; that is, Megan had to hand over her panties to whoever answered the door at the frat. Of course she had to be wearing the panties at the time, so the knickers drop off was a total pussy flash.

Week Three included mostly day-time clothed flash dares where Megan would visit popular and usually crowded areas on campus and off. Her dress code changed from day to day but never included underwear. It was kind of a fantasy costume ball affair with Megan dressed in sexy gear suitable for various male fantasies like naughty nurse, spanking new school girl, tasty tart, Officer Nasty, sexy sub-Miss, and Fem( Domme) Fatale. Megan was instructed to innocently parade in this gear as if it were as normal as rain. Just being in these suggestive outfits was humiliating enough, but the short skirts and button bursting tops meant Megan could quickly flash pussy and boobs often and effectively and still maintain her composure.

Week Four had seen dusk and dawn dashing dares wherein Megan had to pull off a strip-down run around game. Megan was given two discrete sneak-streak assignments each day that week. The first at pre-dawn when she would ditch her clothing only to retrieve it after a 30 minute randy romp in a designated area. Randy not only because she was naked, but also because she had to use both her hands to spread wide her pussy lips while her forefingers strummed her clit. Thirty minutes of finger flick-fucking on a wet and wild walk through back streets and backyards. Sorority sisters stationed along the route snapped close-up shots of Megan's sensuous sessions.

The dusk nude journeys in Week Four were very similar to Megan's pre-dawn runs but a lot riskier and more risqué as well. Megan's strip-down run around game lasted one hour and, instead of finger clit flicking, she had to use both hands to keep two dildos inside her, one in her pussy and one up her ass. This made running impossible; she had to walk awkwardly while enjoying many orgasms. This, the sisters explained, was why Megan would have to double the amount of time on her dusk dare. They called it a Double Dildo Dusk Dare. Megan called it heaven!

But tonight, November 28th, was the final night of Megan's initiation and she would be doing it under a full moon. The pledge dare began at midnight when a blindfolded Megan was taken to an undisclosed and isolated spot in what appeared to be a parkland setting. Her blindfold and other clothes removed and she was given a hand-drawn map.

-- You will have ten searches for your clothing tonight, Megan. The Sorority President said after Megan's ceremonial strapping ( something which all pledges got each day during pledge month )

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