Helping Melissa Score

by Orange Sasquatch

Copyright© 2013 by Orange Sasquatch

Erotica Sex Story: I help give Melissa a little nudge with my friend Kristin. They get to have fun. This is another story I initially wrote for Melissa herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Petting   2nd POV   .

You had liked my friend Kristin since you met her. And today you wanted her bad. You didn't have her number, so you asked me to help you get you two together. I agreed and arranged the three of us to see a movie at my place. The whole night Kristin flirts with the both of us. After the movie, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, winking at you while I leave.

You move next to Kristin, both your arm and hers are draped over the back of the sofa.

"So, Kristin, you and Cal get along pretty well. Anything going there?" You try to be subtle.

"Nah, nothing between me and him, we're just friends." She smiles and so do you.

"Good, go- I mean, I've just been thinking he's pretty cute, you know?" You pretend to mess up and do a poor cover up. You bring your hand up to gently stroke hers.

"Yeah, he is kinda cute," she agrees. You scoot a little closer and lean in. She leans in too. You whisper,

"I might just want to kiss him, you know?" Kristin giggles.

"He might be worth one kiss." You look her in the eyes.

"After all, what's wrong with one little kiss?" You get softer and trail off at 'kiss'. Your eyes dip to her lips. She licks them.

"Nothing at all," she whispers back. Your faces get closer and closer. "I see nothing..." then your lips touch her soft moist lips. It is just the softest of touches. Then you both pull back a little and kiss again, pressing a little harder this time. The third time your lips meet, your hand comes up to caress her face. You kiss again and again. Sometimes kissing longer, sometimes shorter.

Then, you open your mouth. Kristin does the same. You tease her with just the tip of your tongue. You taste her lip balm. You run your tongue around the length of her lips. Her tongue comes out to meet yours. You both trace the outline of your mouths, tongue matching tongue on every move. Then you both pull back. You put your hand on her breast and move in to kiss her again. She does the same. Your mouths meet open. Her tongue comes out first, and gets into your mouth. She gives your breast a squeeze. You slide your tongue along hers into her mouth. You squeeze her breast back.

Then you hear the toilet flush. Your heart starts racing for another reason. You and Kristin break apart. You look at the clock. Twenty five minutes have passed. I return holding a movie and a blanket. I suggest we watch another movie and get cozy under the covers. You both readily agree. You two sit next to each other and I sit next to you.

The movie starts and you wish you could be kissing Kristin. You're considering asking Kristin to bail with you when you feel something. Kristin's hand is on your leg. She is still watching the screen, yet her hand is rubbing up and down your leg

You turn back to the screen, pretending to ignore her hand. With each up and down motion she gets closer to your crotch. Soon her hand is cupping your crotch through your jeans; you give a little moan/sigh when she squeezes your sex. I look over at you.

"You alright?"

"Mmmhmmm," you respond, "Just getting relaxed" You see me eyeing your lap. You look and see a small bulge where Kristin's hand is. You pull up your knee so I can't see anymore. I smile and return my eyes to the screen. Kristin moves her hand up a little further and undoes the front of your jeans. Her hand plays a little with your belly before she slides her hand under the waistline of your panties. Slowly she slides her hand down till you feel her fingers on your vaginal lips. Your breathing becomes a little labored. She then pushes her finger between your lips and slides it in. You gasp. I look over at you again, smiling broadly.

"You sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, that was just a little hic-" Kristin pushes her finger in you again, "hiccup, just a little hiccup." I shake my head and turn back to the movie. You don't know why you're trying to hide it. Kristin continues to plunge her finger into your lips and soon you're breathing hard.

"You know, this movie just isn't doing it for me," I say, "Why don't we listen to some music instead?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," you say between breaths.

"Why don't you girls go up to my room and pick out some good tunes to listen to."

"What? Why don-" you gasp again from Kristin's hand.

"Sure Cal," says Kristin. She pulls her hand out of your body and grabs your wrist. "Let's go Melissa!" You are pulled up before you can even close your jeans. You see my smirk before you are dragged off to my bedroom. She lets you go once you're inside my room. She closes the door and strolls over to my CD's, picks one and puts it into the CD player. The room is suddenly filled with fast paced fucking music. Kristin returns to you and grabs your face and plants her lips on yours. It is a moment before you respond by wrapping your arms around her. She opens her mouth and her tongue begins teasing your lips. You are quick to open your mouth and retaliate with your own.

Her hands leave your face and slide down your body to the hem of your shirt. She breaks the kiss and pulls it over your head. You raise your arms so she can do so. Then it's right back to kissing. Her hands reach behind your back and undo your bra. You let her pull it off your body. You try to pull off her shirt, but before you can she breaks your kiss again. Her lips lock on to your nipple and you moan. You hold her head to you as she sucks and licks your nipple. She switches between nipples as your pleasure builds. Then she's kissing you again. You stop her and almost rip off her shirt and pull her close to undo her bra. You decide to return the favor, sucking on her breasts. She moans and coos as your tongue plays with her nipples. You begin sucking a little and she squeaks. She grabs hold of your arms and pulls you up. She kisses you. You feel yourself being maneuvered toward the bed. Before she can push you on it, you turn and push her on it. You get on top of her, hold down her arms, and straddle her. You kiss her roughly, your tongue invading her mouth. You let go of her arms and begin fondling her breasts. She moans into your mouth. After a moment or two you feel her hand reach your panties. You pant into her mouth as she starts to finger you. Her fingers make you quiver. You wrap your arms around her and pull her close. Your knees feel weak and you collapse top of her.

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