Melissa's Stripper

by Orange Sasquatch

Copyright© 2013 by Orange Sasquatch

Erotica Sex Story: A stripper arrives at a bachelor party but all the men are passed out. Why waste a lap dance when the lesbian roommate can enjoy it? Written for a friend of mine for her birthday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Oral Sex   .

You arrive home after class, late at night to discover what you knew you would. There is loud music blaring from your apartment, and it sounds like a pretty rowdy crew is inside. You unlock the door, only to realize that it is already unlocked. Going inside you see exactly what you thought you'd see: your roommate, Jack, and seven of his friends are in your "living room" playing loud music and being drunk and disorderly. They completely didn't notice your entrance. But seeing as three of them are passed out and another two look ready to drop off, you are not surprised. You see Jack and the man of honor still awake, so you head off to your room. You kick off your shoes and take out your guitar and begin to play, though you can barely hear it over the music. It is a few minutes before you hear a banging on the front door and a voice shouting.

"This is the police, open up!" You hear the guys scrambling in the other room. They turn off the music, leaving a deafening silence in its wake. You hear the door open and Jack speaking.

"What seems to be the problem officer?"

"We've had some complaints, may I come in?" The cop sounds female, and you can hear a Hispanic accent in her voice. You put down your guitar and head out into the hall, giving you a narrow view of the living room. The cop is shorter than you'd thought she'd be. Underneath her hat, she has long red hair that falls around her chest and her back. It is unpinned and unrestrained. She is wearing a short, skimpy skirt, a revealing blue blouse, and a black neck tie. You realize what's going on. And your thought is reinforced when she turns toward the guys in the living room and says, "Well, Don't we have some naughty boys in here tonight! I guess I'll have to arrest you all." She looks at the man of honor, sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. "And I'll start with you I think." Jack stumbles drunkenly toward the couch and lies down across the laps of two of his friends, seeming not to notice them. The man of honor seems just awake enough to see the stripper cop. She puts on a CD of stripper music and begins her dance. You move down the hall for a better view.

The Stripper is swaying and dancing to the music as she approaches the man of honor. You watch as her hips move. She gets on top of her audience and tosses away her hat, flinging her hair around. She then begins undoing the buttons on her shirt, revealing her cleavage and more of her tan skin. You see the man of honor's head fall into her cleavage. The stripper finishes the unbuttoning her shirt. She pushes the man's head away from her breasts so she can get off him, and his head just rolls back. He's passed out too. The stripper looks around and sees all the men passed out. You're watching from the end of the hall when the stripper looks up and sees you.

"Hi," she says.

"Hi," you reply. An awkward silence follows, filled only by stripping music.

"So, do you, you know, live ... here?" She gestures around the apartment.

"Yeah. He," pointing at Jack, "Is my roommate."

"And is one of these others your ... boyfriend?"

"What? No, no, no, NO! I'm a lesbian, through and through. Can't get enough pussy, yep. I mean, I would never, uh..." You stop when you realize you're babbling. Then the stripper begins to giggle, and so do you. Soon you both are laughing, not really knowing why. When you both calm down a little, the stripper looks at the man of honor.

"Can't strip for him, now can I?" She gives him a little slap on the face which turns his head to the side. You both start laughing again. She gets off the unconscious man and turns off the music. She then walks over to you. "It's a shame. They paid for lap dance and it's going to go to waste."

"It is," you reply.

"Unless ... You're a lesbian, and you're the only one sober enough to enjoy it. Are you interested?" She smiles at you.

"I am." You smile as well. She turns the music on and the volume up. Then you grab her hand and lead her to your bedroom. You sit on the bed and wait.

"Since this is a new lap dance, I'll start over." She buttons her blouse again. As the seductive music plays, she sways over to you. She grabs your hands and puts them on her hips. Her hands move up and down your arms, caressing you. She straddles you as she gets on the bed with you, one knee to either side. Her skirt rides up and her panties become visible to you. Your view of her lower body is blocked as she puts her bosom in your face. You look up and make eye contact with her as she slowly begins unbuttoning her top. Her look is intense. When her blouse is only half open, she lifts her bra-clad breasts out, so they are framed in the opening. She leans in towards you, putting her mouth by your ear.

"Go ahead, feel them." Your hands trail up her body from her hips. When your hands reach her breasts you begin playing with them, squeezing softly and lifting them. She continues to unbutton her shirt. She sheds it, and tosses it aside. She grabs hold of your hands and gently removes them from her breasts. She climbs off of the bed and begins swaying to the music again. She places her hands in the waistband of her skirt, ever so slowly inching it down around her hips. You see her underwear, a thong, stays in place. Once over her hips she slides the skirt down her legs and off altogether. She bends down as she does this, giving you a good view of her cleavage before her hair covers it. When she stands back up, her hair covers her breasts, making her look naked from the waist up. She approaches you again, this time sitting on your lap. You need no invitation this time to feel her breasts. She leans her head back and begins kissing your neck.

"Open it," she whispers to you. You move your hands to the center of her bra and in a quick movement, her breasts are free. You return your hands to her breasts and for the first time you feel her hot flesh and stiff nipples. "Do you like how they feel," she asks you.

"Yes, I do. They are so soft and hot and wonderful."

"Thanks. I like how they feel too, especially in your hands." You blush at the compliment, but you continue to play with her breasts and nipples. She rubs her hands along your arms, cupping your hands and pressing them into her breasts. She moans and coos. "You are very good, Lover," she sighs. Then she removes your hands from her again and she gets up. Still facing away from you she grabs her thong. She shakes her butt at you, swinging her ass to the beat. Then she lowers her thong to the ground, bending over in the process. Her ass is exposed to you. You take the initiative and feel her ass, squeezing her cheeks. She stays bent over, unstrapping her heels. You stroke her thighs, trailing your fingers up and down the back of her leg. Before she stands up, you see her hand reach between her legs. She strokes her pussy, sticking one finger into herself. She stands up and sits on your lap again.

"Taste this, Lover." She puts her finger in your mouth. You taste a tangy sweetness. You suck on her finger, licking the tip and then sucking it all the way in. She pulls her finger from your mouth and directs your hands to her legs. You run your hands along her thighs, massaging and feeling. You get closer and closer to her sex. She tenses as you near. "Finger me, please, Lover."

"I don't even know your name," you tease.

"It's Natalia," she hisses in your ear, "Natalia is my name." The way she pronounces her name sends shivers down your spine. You can't resist her Latin voice. You put your hand over her hot vagina. You rub up and down along her slit before pressing your middle finger into her. "Mmmm," she croons, "What is the name of my beautiful lover?"

"Melissa. I am Melissa," you whisper into her ear, extending your tongue to trace along her outer ear. She sighs.

"Melissa, oh Melissa. What a beautiful name. And what a beautiful woman." You blush and kiss along her neck while sliding your finger in and out of her pussy. "You are very special, Melissa," says Natalia.

"I am?"

"Of course. It is not every client I let –mmmmmm– touch and feel my body." You rub your hand over her breast.

"Then why let me?"

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