The Rise and Fall of the Official's Wife

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Sex Story: A low ranking official is promoted to an out of the way location, much to his wife's disgust. She meets a local who not only fucks her but introduces her to local officials who she seduces to gain for her husband better contacts. All this happens but in so doing upset other wives who are determined to bring her down.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

It was 1927, the Great War was now a memory especially for the general population of the victors nations. The idea that in a few years the world would be plunged into a depression was something that was not considered, in fact if it had been raised; it would have been seen as impossible. The world was in a spin of 'good times', jobs were available and everybody was out for fun. Drink, dance, women and abundance of money swept the population along like a great tide. Women fucked at every opportunity and if the man didn't ask or take the opportunity to get between their legs, they made it very clear what they wanted and any visitor to a 'lover's lane' would have been surprised if there wasn't a car that wasn't 'a rocking'. Therefore into this world of pleasure one minor town official was summoned to his superior's office.

"Come in Williams", a rather plump, cigar smoking bureaucratic called. The young man shuffled towards the desk. He wasn't invited to sit. The bureaucratic leaned forward. "Congratulations!" he stated while gushing forth a deep belly laugh. "You have been appointed to the country. It's not a great posting, but after all one must crawl before they can leap up the ladder of promotion", he continued with almost each word accompanied by his laugh that made his whole being shake. The young man didn't know that he was being ridiculed. The posting was the worse that could be offered, it was one that was reserved for the 'dummies' in the administration. For this young man, however, it was a promotion. A promotion that till now had always by-passed him and not only did it affect him personality it also made thing very difficulty for him at home, for his wife wanted to be with the 'social set', to be invited to the 'swinging do's' to be referred to as the wife of such and such an individual, she wanted to be a wife that society would remember. But when she heard of the promotion she fell back onto the lounge a gasp of horror passed her lips and when her husband said. "It is a promotion and you have always wanted me to obtain one", she screamed and came at him with fist flying. "You idiot, you stupid fool, you are a looser, a fucking looser. Don't you realise where they have sent you. This ... this promotion is to the back of Burke. It is so far out from the 'back of beyond' that the only people that you will officiate to will be a hand-full of blacks who will be so behind that they will still be operating as if it was the stone age. Her husband was still standing when she sailed past him, and out the door, still firing a barrage of abuse.

Suddenly she stopped. Her mad flight had taken her to the local dance hall and as the music surrounded her she began to relax and it was while in that mood that a man asked. "Are you going in?" For a few seconds she did not reply. But then turning and with a big smile said. "I would like to, but I am by myself". The dance floor was crowded. Body odour, the smell of cheap beer, clouds of tobacco smoke all combined to make breathing difficulty, but it was a discomfort that no body seemed to mind, especially this young woman. She was out to forget, or try to, the injustice that had been done. Sure she blamed a good bit on her husband, but as the man pressed against her and later on fucked her up against the toilet wall, she realised that she too was partly to blame. Her husband may be an idiot but if she had been 'co-operative' at the last party that the administration had, her husband's promotion would have been more to her liking. If she had been willing to fuck, like she was now doing, thing would have been different. But she had said 'no', with the result that she was to wear the label of a 'looser' like her husband and as the man gave a grunt and emptied his balls, flooding her cunt with his cum, she muttered to herself. 'If the opportunity comes again and a 'fuck' is needed to get me up the ladder of promotion or assist me in any way - then I'll fuck.

They alighted from the train. "Shit!" she said. "This ... this is worse than any nightmare I have had", she snapped. "There isn't even a bus to take us into what there is of a town". Her husband, resigned to his fate, picked up the suitcases and made for the ticket box. With his wife swatting away the flies, he asked the attendant. "Is there a bus into town?" The man spat tobacco juice onto the floor. "No bus", he said. "There's no taxi either". Most of the town is at the races. We have only two races a year, and this day is one of them"

"Oh!" her husband replied. "Well is the town far?" he asked. "Can we walk?" The station attendant didn't get a chance to reply before his wife cut in. "I have no intention of walking in this fucking hear, with these fucking flies. You are supposed to be a government official, use your authority, get me fucking transport", she snapped. The silence, from both the station attendant and her husband was absolute. Pure shock registered on their faces and how long that stalemate would have continued would have been any body's guess, if it hadn't been broken by another voice.

"Official transport is going to be hard to get today, madam", the stranger said. "However, me and my mate have a truck, if you would like we can drop you into town". The woman's face registered total relief. "Oh! Could you", she beamed. "I would be most grateful". The man rubbed his chin; he studied her, lustfully resting on her ample bust, wide hips and a backside that made his mouth water. "Your husband would have to ride in the back, we don't have room in the cabin for four", he said.

The road was rough. The station was out of town; however, these men had deliberately taken the long way and the roughest. The truck bounced and rolled, time and again the men rolled against her and every time a hand made contact, either with her leg or with her tit till eventually her dress was well up her thigh, her panties were around her ankles, her legs were apart, her tits were bare and that hairy triangle between her legs was the area where a finger was playing 'chop sticks' with her cunt. While she licked her lips as the finger sent pangs of pleasure through her, she was busying giving the driver a 'pull job', till he shot his load over her hand. She was just about to start on the other bloke's cock when her husband banged on the roof and a rather pathetic cry came. "Can ... can you stop, I want to be sick?"

"Come on mate", the bloke who had just emptied his balls said. "I'll give you a hand". So sick was the husband that it didn't register that his wife was not taking an interest in him. It didn't occur to him that while he vomited his wife was on her knees, her bum in the air; her tits swinging back and forth as she was receiving such a length of cock up her backside that guaranteed she would be walking bandy for a week and at the same time was endeavoring to harden the cock she had just 'yanked' with the muscles of her mouth.

"Thank you", she said when the truck finally dropped them off at the only hotel in the town. "I really appreciate what you did", she concluded. Her husband nodded his agreement and gave each of the man a handshake. He naturally thought his wife was grateful for the transport, he didn't know she was referring to the best 'bum fuck' she had every received. The truck driver smiled. "If you need anything just tell Smithy here at the pub. I'm known as 'Cool Sam'", he concluded. Her husband had picked up the suitcases when she remembered the 'races'. "Oh! Sam, Cool Sam", she called with the most encouraging smile she could muster. "You mentioned the races; would all the town be there, like the local mayor and his councilors?"

"Everybody would be there", Sam replied. "These races are the districts main gala event. The Mayor would be there, in fact most of the town's authority". For several seconds she was silent as her mind raced. This town certainly was not her idea of a promotion, but if the races were the best they could do, then it was to the races that they must go. She turned to her husband but she immediately noticed his pale and sickly look, asking him to go would be a wasted exercise, however, she certainly could be the advance guard for his introduction. "Sam!" she said. "Could you take me to the races?'

"Sure!" he replied.

"You know I don't even know your name", Sam said as they joined the bustle at the bookies stand. She turned. "Wendy", she replied. "Wendy Hayland and my husband is Warren. He has been posted here".

"What did he do wrong?" Sam asked as he put money on his horse and bought her a bet as well. "Do wrong?" she asked.

"Anybody who got posted to this fucking hole must have really pissed an official off", he concluded as they made their way to the course.

"My husband may be a bit of a dill", she replied. "But his posting was my fault".

"Your fault?" Sam questioned.

"Yes! she smiled. "I wouldn't fuck his boss". Sam nearly dropped his betting card. He laughed so loud that he had to apologize to her. When he had calmed down he whispered. "Well if you fuck as you did for me I bet your husband could be mayor within a short time. This is a small town and..."

"And?" Wendy questioned. "If I am prepared to spread my legs amid those that matter, promotion will come rather quickly". Sam smiled. However, any further comment was forgotten as the horses thundered past and Wendy joined in the chorus of shouts and screams as her horse began to gain on the leaders and as that horse inched to the lead and past the post she was yelling so much that tears were running down her cheek. "I think I have wet my self", she giggled as Sam gave her a hug. In the crowd no body noticed as Sam removed her panties and threw them into a bin and in the crush at the bookies office no body noticed that Sam had his cock buried between the cheeks of her ample bottom and as they shuffled forward to get their winning he was pumping her all the way and as she received her winnings, the cry she uttered was taken as excitement on her horses result, no body knew it was because she had received a bum load of hot cum.

"Mr. Mayor", Sam said. "I would like you to meet Mrs. Wendy Hayland. She is the wife of Warren Hayland who is the government's rep., for this district".

"Yes! Yes!" the Mayor replied. "We were given notice of your arrival. However, I did forget you were arriving today. I must apologize for not meeting you", he beamed. Wendy accepted his hand and smiled for she was certain that his interest extended from her neck line to her waist, for like the women of her time, she was wearing no brae and the pleasure from Sam cock was still evident in her hard and erect nipples; on top of that she always had a deep cleavage. As saliva seeped from the corners of the Mayor's mouth, Wendy knew it wasn't because he was thinking of the night's dinner. 'Enjoy your fantasy Mr. Mayor', she though to herself. 'If you want more, like my bum or my cunt you will offer a lot more than mere conversation'. For his part Wendy's observation was correct, he could not but notice the raise points of pleasure that added to the ample size of her tits. If her tits were so attractive he could only imagine the pleasure of her cunt and bum. "Would you like to join me in the council's private members lounge", the Mayor said as he took her by the arm. Sam gave Wendy a grin as he acknowledged her wink. "Well I will leave you in good hands Mrs. Hayland", he said and with that turned and disappeared into the crowd.

Wendy made every effort to make the councilors that the Mayor introduced her too, interested. She deliberately leaned over and displayed more leg then was absolutely necessary. Her tactics were successful. Every man was falling over themselves to be at her side and into this atmosphere she played them against each other, making suggestions and raising the abilities of her husband higher than they were in reality. She encouraged their approval of her suggestions by placing her hands onto their hardening manhood and after she had obtained their approval for her husband to be given a better office than the one that she had heard mention, she smiled and then said. "Let us play a game Gentlemen, it is called 'suck the sausage' and with that got under the table and proceeded to suck each of the councilors dry till her face and hair was covered in their cum.

Over the following weeks her husband found that nothing was impossible. "I must be doing something right", he said one evening at dinner. "I have never experienced such co-operation as the Mayor and the council is giving me", he said between a mouthful.

"You were not given a chance in the city to put your ideas into action", his wife replied. "I'm beginning to think that the city bureaucrats recognized your hidden talents and knew that if you were given your head", here she paused and smiled at the number of times individual councilors had been given 'head'. "Yes!" she continued. You would pass them in leaps and bounds. They were protecting their jobs my dear." Her husband smiled. Not only had he gain confidence in the work place, but also in bed and although he was an amateur when compared to Sam, his fucking did give her some enjoyment, but never enough to make her not want more.

They were lying in the tray of Sam's truck; both were naked. "You have a fantastic bum Wendy", Sam said. "I have bummed a lot of women, but none compare to you". Wendy sat up, her tits swinging from side to side, traces of cum still evident on them. "And I have never enjoyed a cock sliding into my bum as I have with yours", she replied with a smile. "In fact I would prefer your cock in my bum instead of my cunt".

"Well why don't you suck it hard again so it can again separate those lovely cheeks". Wendy smiled and slowly, ever so slowly began to swallow his cock, licking the shaft, savoring the taste of his balls until it had reached its total length and then turning offered her ample bum and as he drove his length to its depth she let out a cry of passion that echoed around them.

As they drove back Sam suddenly said. "Oh! I nearly forgot I hear on the grape vine that there is a big contract in the offering. If your husband could snare that and give this town a major building programme you would be home and hosed. It would be a bonanza for the government and I reckon, if your husband, got it he would get a far better position, perhaps in government itself. Can you imagine where that would take you?" Wendy didn't need a reminder of what such a post could offer. Sam was right; she would be homed and hosed. The wife of a minister in the government would be her mecca. "Is there a problem?" she asked.

"Not if you can get the Mayor to back your husband", Sam replied.

"That all", Wendy replied. "I have just got to bare a tit and he almost blows in his pants and every opportunity where he can get me into his office, he just loved to have his cock sucked. I should have no problem there", she concluded. Sam was silent till they approached the bridge that lead into town. "This time it is politics", he said. The Mayor's politics are not those of the government and his party is very much opposed to this contract. In the past he had always followed the party line. This time Wendy it will be more than just a tit or a sucked cock to get him on side. You will have to use all your talents", Sam concluded.

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