by Caelum K.

Copyright© 2013 by Caelum K.

Erotica Sex Story: I come home in the middle of winter to give Kate a nice surprise.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Masturbation   Petting   .

I walked into the room. It was quite chilly still - it was mid-February after all. There, sitting at the computer desk all huddled was Kate. Studying. As usual.

She was wearing a light gray sweater with sleeves too long for her small arms and a light pink pair of track pants. With the way she was huddled, you would have thought she was trying to absorb the heat from the computer.

Yet, she looked completely adorable ... and delectable. I quietly took off my shoes, although the cold floor bit into my sock-clad feet, and snuck my way behind her, avoiding her line of sight.

The first inkling of my presence that she had was my hands being placed softly right below her sweater line, then sliding up slowly under it, over her stomach, heating up bit by bit, inching their way under her lacy black bra to cover her soft breasts.

Her sharp intake of breath at feeling my semi-cold hands had turned into almost a gasp of exhilaration as I rested my hands on her breasts, not moving, just grasping them softly.

I slowly began to trace the contours of her medium-sized button-like nipples with my middle fingers, very slowly, while moving my head closer to her, close enough that she could hear - and feel - my breathing, whispering very softly "Hi kitten".

The response I received was a squeak and a shiver, and I had to control my hands to avoid my fingers brushing against her nipples. That was not to come - not yet.

I traced my fingers around her nipples, slower and slower. Agonizingly slow, making her want more and more.

Her breathing was shallow, and she was almost at the point of whimpering. I decided to take mercy on her. I slowed almost to a stop, then when my fingers were in the right position, lightly pinched her nipples between my middle and index fingers, twisting them just slightly.

That elicited an a gasp of surprise, and pleasure from the now decidedly aroused Kate. She was definitely into the game now, and it was mine to lead.

I placed the tip of my index fingers on her nipples, both quite erect now, and started moving them around slowly, removing all other contact from her breasts, focusing solely on the nerve endings there.

I knew it was arousing, yet not enough. It would just build and build and make her want sweet release more and more.

I took my left hand off her breast, and started moving it ever so slowly down her abdomen, while moving in and nipping at her earlobe - that earned me another squeak.

I arrived at the top of her track pants, and to her surprise, did not push my hands beneath her panties, but above them.

To my delight, she was wearing those silky black panties I loved.

I traced my hand down her pants, simply outlining her lips throughout her panties, making them slightly moist and cling to her skin.

I continued this for another minute, just softly tracing up one lip, then down the other, while my right hand caressed her nipple and blowing small puffs of air on her ear.

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