by T.S.Severe

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Trent is in love with his best friend's twin sister. When desire becomes too much for the sixteen-year-old boy to bear, he forces himself on Brandon sexually and begins a rocky, angst-filled journey of self-discovery.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   mt/mt   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   TransGender   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

"Man, I wanna fuck your sister so bad!" I said with a sigh.

"Shut-up," Brandon sighed too. "My brain hurts."

"Lightweight!" I grinned at him in the darkness of his bedroom.

"Are we spinning or is it just everything else?" he asked with a giggle. "Fuck!"

"Don't puke!"

"I'm okay," he promised, but I wasn't so sure and I eyed his indistinct form suspiciously.

We were only sixteen and Brandon was kind of a small guy compared to me, so maybe that's why he always got drunk so easy. I was buzzed too, but not like him. He'd been pretty giggly earlier and it had taken ten minutes to get him upstairs, just because he wouldn't stop talking. I'd been tempted to leave him in the living room, and I probably should have, but even though his parents wouldn't be home until Sunday night, if they came home early and caught him passed out drunk on the floor, it woulda been kinda bad. We were teenagers, you know, so we were suspects anyway.

"Jody is so hot," I whispered, mostly to myself and I was buzzed just enough that I couldn't stop thinking about her.

"She don't like you though," Brandon murmured, sitting up on the bed we were both laying on.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking off my socks," he said with a weak laugh. "I can't sleep with socks on."

"You're drunk," I rolled my eyes and then pushed him away from me as Brandon lost his balance. "Just pass out, dude."

"I can't..." he giggled, " ... reach my socks."


"Help me, Trent ... Uhmmm..." Brandon fell on me again, laughing like an idiot.

"Here ... Lie down..." I sighed, pushing him down as I sat up.

"Thanks, man!" he said as I found his left foot and yanked his sock off, trying to be rude about it. I took off the other one too, throwing them into the dark. I took off my own, as long as I was there. It did kinda suck sleeping with socks on.

"Now what are you doing?" I asked half a minute later.

"Taking off my ... uh ... pants!"

"You're such a bonehead."

"I can't sleep with pants on," he giggled, bouncing his ass off the mattress and I could hear his belt jingle.

"Sleep on the floor," I told him.

"My bed!" he said, sort of grunting. "Help me."

"Fuck you," I rolled my eyes, but Brandon had his pants like halfway down his thighs and he started kicking his feet as a lay there. Kicking me too.

"Stupid pants!"

"Ow! Fuck! Stop kicking..." I sat up again, having to get all the way up this time, and felt around for Brandon's pants.

"Yeah! Hey!" He laughed as I found his thighs first, warm and smooth. Brandon didn't have any hair at all except on his head and a thin, little patch around his dick, at least not that you'd notice.

"Hold still!" I told him, finding his jeans and yanking them off, dragging the giggling boy halfway down his bed as I ended up standing at the foot of it.

He just lay there, barely visible in the dark, on his back with his t-shirt scrunched up under his armpits. He wore a pair of white briefs and his knees were on the edge of the bed, his legs dangling off it with his feet barely reaching the floor. Brandon wasn't but five foot two or something, and skinny like his sister. Jody. Fuck!

She was hot, and they looked like what they were–twins–except not totally identical, since Brandon's a boy and everything. Almost the same height though, same slender build, same blonde hair and blue eyes. Hell, they even had the same heart-shaped face. Jody was beautiful and Brandon was cute, I guess. Kind of pretty for a boy and a lot of girls liked him. They liked me too, since I'd grown tall and strong, with kind of a rugged face. That's the word I liked, rugged, but maybe a sixteen-year-old can't really be ruggedly handsome, but when I got older? Yeah, I had those kind of good looks, the sort that don't really fit a man until he hits thirty.

But Brandon, he looked good at sixteen. Like his sister and I couldn't stop thinking about her and I wondered if her thighs were as soft and smooth as her twin brother's? I started taking off my pants as I stood there, looking down at my best friend as he lay on the bed giggling and trying to catch his breath. Getting his stupid pants off had been a serious tug-of-war for a few seconds there. In the dim light, his briefs sorta looked like panties and his t-shirt, worked up like it was over his chest, just covering his flat tits ... and his legs sorta spread and...

I was drunk. Not wasted, but buzzed. I knew what I was thinking, and part of me knew it had to be wrong, but I wanted Jody so badly and I'd been watching her all night, laughing with her friends at the little party her and Brandon had thrown downstairs. Wearing her red hipsters and a skinny halter top over her smallish tits. She looked like a boy the same way Brandon looked like a girl. She had that tomboy look, you know? Narrow hips and an awesome small ass. No tits really, but I'd caught her nipples before, fat and pink and puffy. Jody was the girl I loved, my first real crush. My only crush and looking down at Brandon ... He could be her so easily, I thought.

My cock ached! I pushed my pants down and my boner stuck out through the unbuttoned fly of my boxers. Seven inches, maybe a little more, since I hadn't measured it in a week. I really wanted a big dick! But I had seven inches and kinda thick ones too, and it bobbed up and down as I moved, getting my jeans off my feet. I had to be crazy for what I was thinking. I wasn't a fag! No way! I loved girls more than anything and one girl in particular, but Brandon looked like a girl. I swear he did! He sounded like one too, with that stupid drunken giggle and his high pitched, breathless voice. I'd never really noticed before, but I began noticing all kinds of things now.

Like how warm the boy felt, how soft his skin was. How nice he always smelled, like he'd just stepped out of a bath. I knew he took showers, but he smelled like a bath to me. One of those long, hot bubble baths that girls like. We'd been best friends since third grade, almost ten years already, and I'd always sensed something different about him, but I didn't know what. Now I did. Brandon was a fag! I wasn't, but he had to be. The way he looked, the way he acted, the way he felt and smelled. He had to be queer, that's what my buzzed brain told me and it became my excuse for what I wanted to do ... what I did do.

I pushed my boxers down as well, and climbed onto the bed slowly, carefully like I was sneaking up on him. I'd never had sex, never even made out with a girl. All I'd done was kiss my cousin the summer before during a family reunion. Lois. She'd been like a fifth cousin thrice removed and a year younger than me and kinda cute. So I'd kissed her, but just once and then it felt weird because we were somehow related. I think it freaked her out more than me and we avoided each other after that, but that's my point! I was sixteen and I'd only kissed a girl once? That didn't seem right and all I could think about was sex sometimes, like all the time, 59 minutes out of every hour, I thought about girls.

Yeah, I told myself, I'm not a homo. Definitely not, but Brandon's a fag anyway and he looks just like his sister. Kissing him wouldn't make me a fag at all. Not like if I kissed some big, hairy guy with a beard! Fuck! That would be so gross, I'd puke! I'd shoot myself before I ever did that!

But Brandon didn't have any hair at all, just that soft, golden hair on his head, just long enough to curl around his slender shoulders. Girly hair. Fag hair! That's what Brandon had and it looked so good with his bright blue eyes and small, pouting mouth. I couldn't believe I'd never noticed that before, the way his lips were full and red, even without any makeup or whatever. He had ruby lips and those sweet, soft blue eyes that always looked like they were about to cry, even when he was giggling. Like Brandon knew a secret and now I knew it too!

"Trent?" he breathed with another precious giggle. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I whispered, moving so I could cover his small body with mine.

"Hey! Uh ... Trent!"

He squirmed beneath me as I got my knees between his spread thighs and my elbows on either side of his ribs, just under his smooth, girlish armpits. He didn't even have hair there and that had to mean he was a fag!

"Stop it! Get off! This isn't ... Ugh! Funny!"

"Shhh..." I whispered as I grabbed his shoulders with my arms underneath him, my hands turned upward. I was bigger than him and a lot stronger. I held him tightly and spread my knees, forcing his smooth, girlish thighs to open even wider, pushing them upward slightly.

"Trent! What the fuck ... mmmph!"

I kissed him. I covered his soft, pouting mouth with mine and pushed my tongue inside so quickly he didn't even try to stop me! He tasted like rum and Coke mostly, but sweeter than that, sugary and wet and warm. I found Brandon's small tongue with mine and flicked it and a heartbeat later the boy really started trying to push me off him!

He turned his head, but I followed him, kissing his pretty face when I couldn't find his lips. My swollen cock lay across his soft tummy and I had my chest pressing down on his tits, rubbing him as we struggled. His t-shirt slid between us, higher and lower, my cock moved across his satin flesh, and Brandon's impossibly smooth thighs rubbed against mine as his legs came up. I squeezed his shoulders and pinned him down, and thrust my tongue inside his mouth again. I felt his teeth, but he didn't try and bite me or anything. Maybe because he was drunk and tired, or more likely because Brandon was a total fag, but after less than a minute of fighting, he started kissing me back.

What a pussy!

If some guy had done that to me? I'd have bitten his tongue off. I'd have punched him in the head and kicked him in the balls and stomped the faggot after he was down. Any real man would put up a hell of a lot more fight than Brandon did and it just confirmed what I already knew. My best friend, the guy I trusted with my life practically, was a flaming homo! I'd have been pissed off any other time, because that's like a serious betrayal. A breech of faith, you know? All the times we'd slept over at each other's houses, getting naked in front of each other, Brandon had been checking me out. I hadn't noticed, why would I? But now I remembered all the times he'd pretended not to stare at my dick and I knew the little fag wanted it.

He even kissed like a girl! He just opened his mouth and moaned a lot, not really kissing me back, just letting me explore his sweet mouth with my tongue. The boy was shaking too, trembling as I rocked my body against his, rubbing my fat prick against his sexy tummy. He wanted it. I'd been so totally right it would have made me sick any other day, but on this night I was determined to give him what he wanted. It didn't make me a fag. He was more girl than boy anyway, but I was definitely a thousand percent male and that made him queer as a three dollar bill.

I kissed him nice though, just because we'd been friends forever. We wouldn't be best friends anymore, of course. I couldn't be hanging around with a homo! Fuck! The whole school would know and I had the momentary fear that maybe they already did know ... about Brandon, I mean. What if everybody had known he was a fag except me? Everybody would just assume I was his boyfriend and that almost pissed me off for a second, but no. They didn't know Brandon was a fag, not yet.

"Take this off," I whispered, breaking our kiss and kinda leaning on my left arm as I started tugging Brandon's t-shirt up.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he whined, still pretending he wasn't queer.

"You like it," I snorted and we both knew that was the truth, but he tried to lie.

"No, I don't," he breathed. Yeah right! He was helping me get his t-shirt off!

"Shut-up, faggot!" I yanked his t-shirt out of his hands as it came over his head.

"I'm not a fag!" he said, almost crying. "You are! Get off me! Ugh!"

He started fighting again, hitting me with his little, pussy fists on my shoulders and trying to hurt me with his knees against my hips. I barely noticed, Brandon was such a wimp. He didn't have any muscles at all, just a nice, soft, smooth body and I grabbed his wrists as I sat up a little, stretching his arms wide as the pussy stared up at me in the dark. I could hear him breathing hard and feel the warmth radiating out of his body. Fuck! He felt so good like that! I bent over to kiss his mouth again and Brandon didn't stop me. All that fight, what little there'd been, was just for show. He didn't want to admit he was a fag, who would? But when it came down to it, when I started Frenching him again, the boy was more than eager.

I tickled his tongue and the roof of his mouth; I teased the insides of his cheeks. I licked between his teeth and lips. I did everything I could think of and Brandon didn't stop me. He merely moaned and after five minutes of that, I wasn't even holding his arms anymore. I had my fingers in his hair, holding his head and feeling his tongue moving against mine. Brandon's hands found my shoulders, but he wasn't hitting me, not anymore. He squeezed my muscles, digging his fingers into me and pulling me even closer against him. He sucked my tongue too! That fucking homo! He closed his lips around my mouth muscle and sucked on it, flicking the tip with his own tongue while I rubbed my chest against his flat tits and hard little nipples.

When I started kissing his tits, Brandon arched his back and his fingers got tangled in my black hair. He was flat as a ten-year-old girl, but we didn't care. I kissed his left nipple, moving my body off his so I could get my head that low, and ran my hand along his back. He turned onto his side and I felt his ass, perfectly round and firm through those panty-like briefs he wore. I slid my fingers under the waistband, going for third base, and he jerked slightly, reaching behind him to grab my wrist and stop me. What a total girl! There I was, sucking his tit and making the bitch feel good, and he didn't want me to finger his pussy!

I did what any normal, red-blooded teenage boy does – I just kept going for it. Brandon would murmur a soft, "No ... Don't ... Stop..." and I'd let him pull my hand back up, but thirty seconds later, I'd do it again. By the time I'd given his left tit a serious hickey, Brandon had given up and I had my middle finger wedged deep between his ass cheeks, teasing his horny virgin hole. The slut even spread his legs for it, pushing his hips towards me, rubbing his little clit thing against my thigh. He wanted to get off, same as I did, and my cock throbbed between us, drooling precum on his soft tummy while I nursed on his right titty long and hard.

"Ahhh ... Ow! Stop ... Trent!" Brandon gasped and jerked when I started pushing my finger inside his butt.

He was tight as hell too! And hot down there as I ignored his protests and pushed against his clenched asshole harder, cradling the boy against me as I sought his panting mouth and shoved my tongue between his eager lips. We kissed long and deep and I soon had my finger in his cunt to the first knuckle and then the second as I finger fucked the boy for the very first time. He was humping me too, squirming his pert little ass around, grinding his panty-covered dicklet against my thigh. Brandon had been saying no all night, but he'd been lying, the same way he'd been lying ever since the day I'd met the faggot.

"Suck on it now," I told him, pulling the boy's head down with both hands, gently, but insistently.

"W-What? No ... I can't ... Please, I don't want to!"

That's what Brandon was saying, but as soon as the head of my cock touched his lips, he opened right up for it! I'd never had a blowjob before in my life, but I'd seen pictures and I wanted to see my friend's pretty face while he licked my dick. I had to stretch and I knocked Brandon's little alarm clock off his nightstand, but I finally got the bedside lamp turned on. We both blinked in the sudden glow, but the homo never stopped sucking. I kept my left hand on the back of his head, just to make sure, and I was almost hypnotized by the sight of his precious red mouth wrapped around my thick shaft.

"Use your tongue," I urged him. "Lick it too ... That feels good ... Yeah..."

He did everything I asked him to, wriggling his tongue all around the head of my cock and tickling the underside. Brandon still lay on his side, curled up like a little girl hugging his knees with his head in my lap while I leaned against the pillows and headboard of his bed. I liked touching him, feeling his warm body. I still couldn't believe how soft and smooth the boy was and I just knew his sister would have felt the same way. I could imagine it was Jody sucking my cock so easily too! Except for Brandon's lack of tits and those silly briefs he liked to wear, he could have been Jody. No doubt about it.

"Up and down," I sighed, holding his head with both hands, not even pushing him really, I held him.

I had control and Brandon had given it to me. That's when I knew he liked big, strong boys. He wanted a man who would make him do stuff like suck a dick. He just had to pretend he didn't like it, that's all, but the way he slobbered on my dick told a different story. He'd wrapped his hand around the shaft, squeezing my prick lovingly, stroking my cock in time with his bobbing head. I could hear him breathing hard, gasping sometimes and swallowing thickly as his mouth filled with spit and precum. All that stuff turned me on like you wouldn't believe and my dick had gotten hard as steel.

Wet too! Jesus! Brandon was a sloppy cocksucker and the shaft glistened as his lips stretched around it. He'd take half my cock, then a little more, until he had almost five inches of fuck muscle buried in his pretty, pink face. And that tongue never stopped! Like the Energizer Bunny, he went crazy washing my prick with it. Every now and again he'd give me those eyes of his too. They were blue like a summer sky, big and wet with sexy crocodile tears spilling over his flushed cheeks and dripping into my pubic hair.

What a faker! I knew he wasn't crying because he'd gotten hurt or angry, but only because he felt embarrassed that I knew he was a fag. Brandon would get over that, I figured. How he planned on going his whole life without admitting the truth, I never understood anyway. He was lucky I hadn't figured it out before then! But those shining blue eyes were sexy as fuck when they found mine and I stared right back into them, smiling and nodding my head.

"Ohhhh ... Brandon," I sighed. "You're a great cocksucker! I'm gonna cum in your mouth ... I know you want it, huh? You like to swallow that stuff?"

"Nmmmph!" He tried to pull his mouth off my dick, probably to tell me how much he wanted to eat my ball juice.

"I know," I told him, nodding my head and kinda lifting my ass a bit as I started fucking his mouth faster. "You always wanted to eat my sperm ... Ummm ... Now's your chance ... Soon ... Ohhh ... Suck it ... Yeah..."

Brandon wanted to chicken out at the last second, but I wasn't gonna blow my load anywhere except in his mouth! I pulled him down hard onto my cock as the first jet of semen blasted across his tongue and he pushed against my thighs and chest, coughing and gagging, but swallowing too. The fag didn't have a choice as my balls emptied as quickly as they could. Jesus! I'd never cum so much in my life, but I'd never gotten my dick sucked before either!

"Oh fuck, Brandon! Ummm ... Suck it all out ... Suck it, homo!"

I pushed my cockhead against the back of his mouth for like the tenth time, but I guess he'd been swallowing some sperm about then. It was just good timing or whatever, but all of a sudden my cock slipped into the boy's delicate throat and that felt awesome! Like fucking a tight, warm hole and his throat squeezed my dick like a fist as he tried to swallow me down. I wished I hadn't just cum, but now that I knew Brandon could deep throat my cock...

"Awww ... Yeah! Next time you're gonna throat me before I cum!" I chuckled breathlessly, relaxing my grip on the boy's head so he could push himself off and get some air.

"You ... jerk ... fuck ... asshole..." Brandon swore at me, crying and panting for air as he stared at me with tears running down his face. "I hate you!"

"What?" I blinked at him, not expecting the boy to be pissed like that. "What are you mad about? What did I do?"

"I'm not a fag!" he told me. "You are!"

"Heh!" I reached for him, but Brandon jerked away and that just made me really grab him. "You're the one who was sucking my dick. Come here..."

"Let me go! Stop it! Fucker!" He wanted to fight again and this was getting kind of old.

I'd just gotten a huge nut off in his mouth, so I was in a pretty good mood. I figured Brandon should've been happy too, since he'd swallowed almost all of it, but I guess he didn't like being forced to throat fuck a big, hard dick. Like who would?

"I'm sorry ... Shhh ... Come here ... Stop ... Brandon! Relax ... Shhhh..."

I pulled him close, even though he kept trying to twist away as if he didn't want me to. I knew what girls liked though and that's all Brandon was really, just another girl. He just had to get some pillow talk, as the older guys at school called it. They were full of stories about how bitchy their girlfriends could get after sex if they didn't get snuggled and kissed, told how special they were and all that stuff. So I knew that's all Brandon needed and I didn't mind. He was my best friend, sorta, or at least my kinda girlfriend now, so...

"That was so cool," I whispered. "You did it nice, Brandon ... You looked so beautiful when you were sucking my cock like that..."

"Shut-up! Let me go!" He turned his face away from mine.

"Come on," I smiled at him, holding the smaller boy against my chest as he squirmed. "Don't be mad ... You liked it too. I know you did. You're so awesome, Brandon ... I like you a lot..."

I kissed him, on his neck and his hair, his cheek as I turned his head. I wasn't too sure about kissing his mouth, since he'd been sucking down sperm, but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and it was my sperm anyway. I kissed his lips and they were a little salty maybe, but that's all. He didn't kiss me back right away, but Brandon wasn't struggling that much either as I slipped him my tongue and really went to work showing the faggot how special he was to me.

We made out for fifteen minutes probably and by then, Brandon had gotten just as hot for it as me. I had my hand inside his panties, his briefs, I mean, in the front this time and I rubbed his hard little dick for him. I figured it was more like a big clit anyway, so I didn't really jerk him off or anything. That would have been really faggy! I just rubbed him like Brandon had a real pussy and he seemed to like that anyway. He was wet like a pussy, that's for sure! For all his crying and fighting and denial, his stiff little prick was spilling precum like crazy while he sucked my tongue!

Kissing the boy made my dick hard too and this time we were definitely going to fuck! We weren't going to be virgins anymore and that thought really got my blood pumping. I was going to finally fuck some pussy, even if it was my best friend's faggot ass. That still counted, although it wasn't the sort of thing I'd want to go bragging about afterwards! No way! But I wasn't all that ashamed of it either, since it didn't make a guy queer to buttfuck someone. The only homo would be Brandon and he liked it anyway.

"Take these off," I breathed into his mouth, working his underwear down and if Brandon wasn't exactly helping me, he wasn't stopping me either.

"What are you doing?" he whispered as I pulled his briefs off his feet.

"Just relax," I sighed, pushing his legs apart, getting my body between his creamy thighs. "I want to do it."

"Do what?" He widened his eyes as my big dick rubbed against his smaller one now that we were both completely naked.

"Make love," I said, thinking he'd like the sound of that more than if I'd said I planned on fucking his brains out.

"No!" He blinked at me, but his dick stood hard and dripping wet and I jammed my prick into his soft balls, looking for his cockhole.

"Just try it, Brandon," I whispered gently, leaning on my elbows and stroking his soft hair. "Fuck! You smell good."

"Trent ... I can't ... We can't, this ... I'll suck it again," he told me. "I never did this!"

"I'm gonna be careful," I promised, kissing his pouting lips. "I want you to feel good too."

"What?" He looked at me like I was crazy. "It's gonna hurt!"

"Just a little," I said, but I wasn't totally sure. I was sorta just making stuff up as I went along. "But then it'll feel good later, I promise."

"No..." He swallowed hard. "I'm not gay. This is all wrong ... Trent ... Nmmph!"

I kissed him just to shut the boy up! I'd heard it could be hard to talk girls out of their cherries, so sometimes you just had to sorta ... do it. You know what I mean? Like just fuck her hard and fast, get the pain out of the way, and apologize later after she's feeling good and likes getting fucked. All girls like sex after the first time. Mostly they become sluts or nymphos or whatever too, at least that's what my friends told me. Like a girl says no a hundred times, but fuck her once and the only word out of her mouth after that is, "Yes!"

Brandon would be good practice anyway and part of me thought it would kinda be okay if he turned into a serious slut too. I mean, it wasn't like I'd ever have to marry the guy! And he could suck my dick all he wanted. Free blowjobs everyday after school? Even fucking? The more I thought about it, the more I liked it! I couldn't even get him pregnant! If only he had tits, that would be so awesome. A pussy would be nice too, but he kinda had one of those anyway. I mean, Brandon's ass looked just as sweet as his sister's, and I'd fingered his little hole already and it was hot and tight! A little dry maybe, but my dick was oozing precum like crazy anyway, so ... That's what that stuff is for, right?

While Brandon busied himself sucking on my tongue again, I got busy finding his ass with my dick! I probably should have just flipped him over, but I did like kissing him a lot. It kind of made everything better in a way and I hoped I wasn't turning queer! I mean, girls like kissing more than anything, more than boys for sure. Brandon liked it a lot! Jesus! That boy could make out like crazy! Probably that's why I liked it too, just because he was so good at it. Even normal boys like kissing with a hot chick who loves to suck tongue, right? I hoped so, because I wanted to kiss Brandon while I fucked him ... On his back like a bitch! Yeah!

All I had to do was get a better shot at his boy pussy and to do that I just had to get his legs up and over my shoulders. That seemed like the best way, the only problem was I had to stop kissing the faggot long enough to do it. That gave him time to say no a few more times, as if I'd believe a word of it. If he really didn't want me to fuck him, he never would have put his legs over my shoulders so easily. I mean, Brandon didn't even try and kick me or anything. That's what I would have done if some guy wanted to fuck me! I'd have kicked him right in the teeth! But that's the difference between a real boy like me and a girly faggot boy like Brandon, I guess.

"Ugh!" His whole body winced and so did made a face as I tried to force my cock inside Brandon's butt. "Ow! Stop! Ughhhhm ... T-Trent!"

"Fuck!" I gasped loudly as his virgin fuckhole finally gave way and then Pop! the smooth head of my dick was suddenly there!

"Ah!" Brandon blinked at me in surprise.

"Ohhhh ... Man!" I grinned at the boy. "That feels good!"

"No it doesn't," he whispered, grunting again and squinching his eyes tightly closed as I really pushed hard with my hips.

I'd never felt anything like it. Never even imagined feeling my cock sliding into a place so amazingly warm and tight. I felt his sweet butt trying to push me back out even as I struggled to get deeper. I leaned into him, bending Brandon's knees until they practically touched his ears! His pert little ass rolled up off the bed and my rock hard prick had a straight shot into his rectum. I took it too! I jammed my cock inside him an inch and then another, determined to fuck his fag pussy as deeply as I could. I couldn't stop for anything and the boy just whimpered softly, clutching at my waist with his hands and biting his bottom lip.

Brandon had to take it and that was the sexiest part for me. He couldn't stop me. I had him trapped, pinned down on my cock as I fucked him slowly at first, easing my cockhead back the way it had come. I felt the tight rubber band sensation of his sphincter gripping my cock just beneath the ridge of my glans, and then I slid my cock home again, driving myself balls deep with one good push. I did that over and over, slowly, deliberately, fucking my friend until his asshole relaxed and then it felt really good! I could fuck his butt like he had a real pussy and Brandon opened his mouth for tongue eagerly when I kissed him.

Oh yeah! He loved kissing while he fucked, just like all girls do, and the homo started squeezing his ass, massaging my dick with small contractions of pleasure. His blue eyes fluttered and his soft moans filled my mouth as I breathed his growing excitement. He was into it now, for all his earlier doubts and protests, now that he had a real boy's dick inside his queer pussy, Brandon was getting off on it. What a fag!

"You like it?" I asked him softly and he nodded.

"I think so," Brandon breathed. "It doesn't hurt as much now."

"You like my dick?"

"Ummm..." He licked his lips, staring into my eyes, looking pink and sexy and helpless.

"Tell me," I urged him. "You like my dick, huh?"

"Y-Yeah," he admitted, closing his eyes.

"I'm gonna cum," I panted, because all I'd needed was to hear him say he liked it.


"I'm gonna cum in your pussy," I said. "God! You feel so good!"

"No ... Don't ... Trent..."

"Ohhh..." I jammed my cock inside his bowels one last time and I wanted to tell him it was too late, but Brandon already knew!

"What are you guys doing?" a girl's voice, Jody's voice, suddenly cut through the room.

"Oh my God!" Katie Macken giggled.

"Fuck!" I blinked at the two girls, one of whom I was seriously in love with, and my cock was deep in her brother's ass! I was cumming like crazy too, even better than I'd cum inside Brandon's mouth, I was dumping a huge load of ball juice in his tight butt. Part of me wanted to pull out, as if I could totally deny what was going on. But most of me could only think about cumming, finishing the job of filling Brandon's faggot fuckhole with my hot sperm.

"Get off me!" Brandon gasped and he wasn't confused at all about what we should be doing, only about why I wasn't scrambling to hide from his sister and her best friend.

"They're fags!" Katie said loudly, but thankfully the house was empty except for the four of us, but still ... I didn't like being called a fag!

"I knew it!" Jody said, which totally surprised me. "I told you, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Katie rolled her big brown eyes. "That's so cool."

"Trent! Get up!" Brandon slapped me with his hands and was trying to get his legs off my shoulders.

"Huh?" I just wanted to finish cumming and understand what those two girls were talking about, because it really was all happening at once.

"Have fun!" Jody giggled with a little wave.

"I didn't think Trent was a fag though..." Katie said as Brandon's sister pulled the bedroom door closed behind them.

"Oh God! Oh man! Let me go! Oh fuck!" Brandon looked as if he might start crying. "What are we gonna do? It's your fault! I told you wasn't a fag!"

He just kept saying stuff like that over and over as I pulled my dick out of him and sat up on my knees.

"They're gonna tell everybody!" he yelled at me. "You jerk! You fag! I can't believe you did that!"

"I'm not the fag," I told him, but the idea of Jody and Katie telling everyone at school that I'd fucked Brandon ... It did sound kinda faggy.

"You made me do it!" Brandon frowned. "I told you I didn't want to! You kissed me! Fuck you!"

"Only cause you wanted me to," I told him truthfully. "You're the fag, Brandon. Not me!"

"Shut-up! Just shut-up! I hate you!" He turned his back to me, curling up like a baby and pulling the messed up bed sheets over him completely.

Brandon wouldn't talk to me and it really sucked laying there next to him on the bed like that. I mean, I couldn't sleep! Partly because of Jody and what she must have thought of me. I liked her a lot! I loved her, actually, and I thought she was the coolest, prettiest, sexiest, hottest, most interesting chick anywhere! So yeah, it was hard to sleep thinking about her and what would happen if she told everyone at school about me and Brandon. That would suck too, except she hadn't sounded mad or anything. Jody and Katie had just laughed, so ... What did that mean?

But that wasn't the only reason I couldn't sleep. I didn't want Brandon to hate me. We'd been best friends ever since I could remember and I still liked him, even though he was a total fag. I didn't understand what he was mad about anyway. He'd liked it. Brandon had even told me he'd liked it, admitting that he loved my big dick in his hot little butt. Probably he just felt guilty, I figured, since it couldn't be easy being queer. That would have messed me up for sure! So I tried to reassure him, you know, because I knew the boy wasn't sleeping.

"Don't be mad," I whispered, getting under the sheets with him, tugging the cotton out from under his hip as he lay on his side.

My dick had gotten stiff again. It always seemed to be hard, sometimes for no real reason at all, but now it was long and fat just because Brandon felt so warm as I molded my body to his. He didn't move at all when I brought my knees up to press my thighs to the back of his legs. My chest rubbed his back as I put my left arm over his body, finding his flat tits with my hand and hugging him. I could feel his nipples. They were still hard and swollen from the love bites I'd given him, pointing out all hot and puffy. Brandon shivered when I rubbed them lightly and I kissed his golden hair.

"Don't..." he whispered. "Leave me alone."

"Shhhh..." I kissed the back of his thin neck and my erection was right there, poking the boy in the butt as we lay curled up together. I couldn't help it when I pushed, he simply felt too good. Too soft and smooth, and warm like I said. He smelled nice and my cockhead pressed against his wet boy pussy and all I had to do was push a little harder.

"Trent ... No ... Stop..." Brandon breathed, trembling as I held him tighter in my arm, rubbing his right tit under my flat palm.

"I just wanna make you feel good," I told him, kissing his ear. "Don't be mad ... Uh ... Ummmm..."

"Oh!" He jerked and held his breath as my cock slid inside his ass slowly, but surely and a lot easier than the first time. Like we belonged together, it felt like to me, and him too probably.

"See?" I kissed his cheek. "Like this. It feels good, right? I just want you to like me again."

His faggot cunt was still tight, really tight! But very wet too, really nice and slippery with all the cum I'd put inside him just a short while before. I worked my cock back and forth as gently as I could, like I was fucking a porcelain doll that could break any second. Brandon moaned softly, but that's all, and his left hand came up to cover mine as I held his tits. He squeezed me in time with my thrusts and after a few minutes I felt him pushing his ass against me, not much, but just enough that I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did.

And I fucked the boy slowly too! As desperately as I wanted to pump his pussy hard and fast and get another nut off inside him, I held myself back. This felt better anyway. Nice and slow, back and forth, working the long shaft of my aching prick through the tight ring of his sphincter and into his sexy rectum. I kissed his slender shoulders and neck, his hair and cheeks. I played with his nipples until Brandon finally turned his head and found my mouth with his. He kissed me better than he ever had before. I mean, we'd been making out a lot, but this time it seemed different somehow. More serious or something, you know? We kissed like we fucked, deep and patient, and I realized we really were making love.

I came inside him for the second time, gasping as my cock spasmed and spewed hot semen inside his body, and I didn't pull out. I liked being inside him too much and I wanted to sleep like that. We did sleep too, but I kept waking up because my dick refused to go soft and feeling Brandon's asshole wrapped around it made me want to push. So I'd sleep and wake up, fucking his pussy for a minute or two, not really hard or anything though, just pushing a little, and then falling asleep again. It seemed like a crazy, sexy kind of dream and made for a long night, as you can imagine, but somewhere along the way I finally fell asleep for good...

... Only to wake up with my throbbing dick buried balls deep inside Brandon's hot, greasy boy cunt!

"Ummm..." he groaned softly, waking up in the early morning sunlight as I fucked him again.

"Good morning," I whispered.

"Ow ... Ouch ... Trent..." Brandon winced. "Again?"

"One more time," I said, sliding my hand down his tummy and finding his own dick just as hard as mine. "Like this..."

"Ummmm..." he sighed and fucked me back, rocking his butt against me as I rubbed his penis like a big clit.

"Uh-huh..." I breathed, kissing his tangled blonde hair. "It feels good, right?"

"Yeah," Brandon agreed. "I like it."

"I know you do," I chuckled softly, flexing my butt as I thrust my cock inside him harder.

He didn't seem all that breakable anymore and I had one of those piss hard-ons that demanded a seriously hard fuck! Brandon did too, I thought, and probably that's just normal for boys, even for faggots like him. He was definitely riding my dick and the more I played with his cock, the more he fucked me, like I'd found a stiff little on switch. Brandon spread his legs wide, lifting his left knee and bending it, giving me better access to his boy pussy and I took advantage of it too!

"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh..." he grunted over and over as I started pounding his asshole like a machine, driving the headboard into the wall with a steady thump-thump-thumping. The bedsprings creaked in time with our panting and it always took me a long time to cum in the morning if I didn't use the bathroom before I jerked off.

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