Bridget Grows Up

by peterbeater

Copyright© 2013 by peterbeater

Sex Story: Older woman finds young love

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Spanking   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Bridget stood there, looking down at the engine. She had to laugh, {well it's still there ... that's what I know about cars!... } She had been on the way home and her car just stopped. She was reaching for her cell phone when a car pulled up. "Hi, thought I recognized you. Troubles?" She vaguely recognized the young man, he had helped her with her groceries one day. He joined her and they both stared at the engine, the boy wiggled some wires and tried to restart it, no luck. "Well that's the extent of my mechanical skills. Look it's getting late, I have a friend who has a shop nearby, let me call him." She listened as the situation was explained. When he hung up he told her his friend would tow her car to the shop and they could wait at his house since they were near each other. On the ride to his house He introduced himself. When they were done she knew he was 22 and named Paul, he knew she was a recent widow and was called Bridget.

When they pulled into the driveway Bridget asked if he lived with his parents. "No", he laughed, I came into some money and I bought the kind of house I always dreamed of." From the outside it was big and from the inside even bigger. "Oh yeah, four bedrooms five baths, indoor swimming pool, sauna, the works! Let me get you a drink while we wait, then I'll give you the 25 cent tour."

Carrying her glass she was impressed, it was a big pool, an office, a rec room bar complex, a kitchen many restaurants would envy, but the big one was the master bedroom the surprise, not only the biggest bed she had ever seen but one wall and the ceiling were mirrored. She felt herself start to blush as she looked at the ceiling. Paul caught her confusion, "Yeah, it takes a little getting used to!"

They were on their second drink when his phone rang, several, un-huhs, and a couple of, I sees, later, he explained that she had just lost a belt and her battery had gone dead. It was too late to get a new belt tonight, but his friend would get the battery charged and a new belt first thing in the morning.

Morning, she woke to the morning, even before she realized she was not in her own bed she discovered she was naked. { ... what ... I never sleep ... on ... no... } As it started to come back to her. She had had sex last night, first time since her husband died, { ... plus how much longer before that?... } She opened her eyes to look at her reflection staring down at her. That was more shocking than not having any clothes on. In the bathroom she tried to piece the night together. Well, I wasn't raped, I don't know everything that happened but I'm pretty sure I was a willing partner. There was a spare toothbrush and comb laid out for ... her, must be her. It was a huge walk in shower and she wallowed in it trying to flush away last night. With a soapy hand inside of her vulva, { ... not pregnant ... that's over at least... } Getting dressed involved finding her clothes. Pants and underpants but the others, her thoughts were stopped when { ... Paul, his name's Paul... } came in with the balance of her clothing. A hand automatically came up to cover herself.

"Relax Bridg, we both saw and touched all we got, last night, besides you're pretty to look at!

Bridget sat on the bed just trying to absorb what was going on. { ... Brig ... no body calls me Bridg ... last night ... the two ... how old... 22... 22 he said... } Unbidden. Paul sat next to her and put an arm around her shoulder, poor Bridget was still trying to accept that she had had sex with some one who could actually be her son. { ... don't say it ... old enough to be your ... no! Don't say... } "Hey sweetheart, it's OK we had a good time last night. Hey smile, don't tell me you don't remember! You were the one that asked for thirds!"

As she sat there enough memories of last night came back to make her believe what he said was true. "Look Paul? It is Paul right? I don't do this sort of thing. I don't know all that happened last night but those drinks got to me. I'm sorry this can never happen again. Will you let me get dressed?"

It took a moment, but Paul realized she wanted him to leave the room.

"I'll be downstairs, coffee's made." As he was going down the stairs he could only think, { ... first time ... first time somebody asked me to get out while they got dressed ... Old broads ... but ... didn't fuck like an old broad ... some of the best fucking ... lousy head though ... too bad ... I was sorta looking forward to fucking her again... } He was sitting there smearing a bagel when she came down.

She stood in the doorway and said, "Well goodbye, sorry if I gave you the wrong idea last night." She turned to go

"Hey Bridg, any idea of where you're going? Like to know where your car is? Have a cup of coffee and a bagel and I'll drive you to your car." The look of discomfort was all over her face. "Hey, stop with the looks! You and I had a good time last night, and don't bullshit me, you weren't that drunk the first time we kissed. You didn't get raped last night, and you're not getting rapped this morning. Sit down, have a bagel and some coffee, then we'll go get your car."

Even though Bridg was a tea drinker she could taste that this was super coffee. The same thing with the bagel. It was a real one, not out of a frozen food case.

She sat there and felt she had to speak. "Look, I don't know what you think, but I don't do that sort of thing, I don't sleep around"

"Well Bridg, I do, I try to sleep with everyone I like, and I got to tell you, I like you a lot, and in addition, for someone who says they don't fool around, you're pretty damn good at it"

She almost threw her cup at him {smart ass kid ... laughing at her ... got me ... drunk ... well ... not that... } listen you, I've been a widow for two years and you're the fi..." She couldn't finish, she started crying. "First, first since my..."

"OK. OK here," he handed her a box of Kleenex, "just let me finish my coffee and we'll get your car.!" It wasn't hard for her to realize she had irritated the boy.

On the way to the shop she tried to apologize. "Hey stop, no apologies needed, we got laid, I enjoyed the hell out of it and would like to do it again. You're acting like I copped your cherry. That's no fun for either of us. So it's over and here's the shop."

When she tried to pay the mechanic, he told her that Paul was a friend of his, and it's on the house.

Once home, she took another shower and put her clothes in the washer. Sitting there, nursing her cheap tea, she thought about last night. Now that she was home and the panic was over details started coming back. { ... big ... seemed like he had a big ... how would I know ... been so long ... two ... no three times ... not since honeymoon ... shit ... I sucked ... went down ... on him ... never did that! Once twice ... maybe... } As she went to put the clothes in the dryer she felt it. {wet ... I'm wet ... not last nite ... I'm horny ... him? ... blow job? } She wanted to go to sleep, to not think about it, but she was afraid to lay down for fear she'd jill off. { ... don't want to start that again, 3 times a day ... crazy... }

A week later she kept thinking about the young boy who helped her. { ... I was mean ... owe an apology ... do something... } At 5 PM on a Saturday she was knocking on his door with a fresh from the oven apple pie. There were several cars in his driveway and she thought that was good there would be people so she could leave without a fuss.

When the door opened, Bridget was shocked to see a girl topless, as she was trying to figure out what to say the girl, enjoying her embarrassment, yelled over her shoulder, "Paul your grandma is here with your birthday cake. Now to her shock was added shame. { ... not that old... } She shoved the pie at the girl and almost ran back to her car. Behind her she barely heard Paul yelling at the girl. She held it together all the way to her driveway. Once inside the garage she sat in her car and cried, cried harder than she had since her husband died. Getting into the house she went to the bathroom to put a washcloth on her eyes. Looking in the mirror she suddenly pulled off her clothes. Looking in the mirror she turned from side to side and tried to look at her ass in the reflection. Damn, I'm not that bad, I look good, no right for her to call me a grandma. She had just stepped out of the shower when her doorbell rang. Oh shit, it was him! Well it's a fluffy bathrobe and with a big towel around her hair she felt she could safely open the door. "Yes"

"I came over to apologize for that fucking bimbo, what she said was stupid. I can tell you that you will never see her at my house again." As she stood there he continued, "Can I come in, I mean you're going to catch cold here in the doorway."

"Oh, yes, come on in, you can't stay I'm just getting ready..."

He interrupted, "Looks like you're getting ready for bed or a nap, he suddenly pulled her close, and sniffed her, Boy, you sure smell nice!", he kissed her neck. She stood, unmoving for a moment and then her arms were up and around his neck as she kissed him full bore on the lips.

An hour later, laying side by side she said, "I want you to know, I don't normally do this. Before you it's been almost two years."

He pulled her on her side so they were less than tan inch apart. "I don't care if you just got done with a tour of the entire Russian army. You're very nice, you got a couple of lifetimes in you before somebody can call you grandma." His kiss stopped any answer she might have had. Next his lips replaced the hand that had been holding one of her breasts. When his tongue hit her navel she was almost frozen, { ... he gonna ... just after we... } She jumped as his tongue hit her vulva. Then it was just one wave of pleasure after the other. When he swung his body around she was happy, happy to return some of the pleasure he was giving her. In the past, sucking a cock was one of those things that you had to do, not terrible, but not a lot of fun, sort of on par with scrubbing out the bathtub. Now it was different, there was the taste from the two of them. That was brand new to her, { ... a girl could get used... } she smiled as best she could with a mouth full of cock. In the past she always had at least one hand on any dick she was, --sucking was a hard word for her to use, in her world nice girls didn't suck and certainly not. suck cock. Opening her eyes all she could see was pubic hair. She took a hand off his dick and was holding his balls as she slowly tried to get more of his dick in her mouth. She was so wrapped up in the, new to her, mechanics of cocksucking that she was surprised at her next come. She meant to give out a big Ohh of praise but instead found she had his prick in her throat! Panic! Deepthroat! And she coughed him out and back into her mouth. For fear that he would try to push back there again she suddenly put everything she had ever read into the next couple of minutes. She felt his ball sac tightening up and knew what was coming. { ... don't spit ... no gagging... } It wasn't until a couple of days later that she realized she had never worried about that before! As it was, all she got was the very first spurt, then his dick was out of her mouth and cumming in her face, she tried to move but his knees held her head in place. With eyes tightly shut she felt his cum hitting her cheek and then her forehead. Suddenly his spent dick was pushing it's way back into her mouth.

That giant tongue that was churning her guts stopped for a moment, "Suck me dry do it!" Suddenly she realized that she had work to do. With her hand she pulled down on his shaft so she could get her tongue all around under the foreskin. With her lips locked around the head of his prick she wiggled her tongue in his pee hole trying to get everything there was to be had. Suddenly that lovely prick was jerked from her mouth and Paul pulled himself up to her. He grabbed her chin and kissed her, kissed and shoved his tongue into her mouth. She could taste! Taste her own pussy on his tongue, Oh god, did she swallow everything, she would have been so embarrassed if he found some of

his cum in her mouth. Paul pulled back and still holding her chin said. "Boy you look so hot with my cum on your face!" She started blushing, til then she had forgotten that he had cum all over her face. He hopped out of bed and pulled her toward the full length mirror. "See. Look at that, god damn you are one sexy broad!"

Bridget saw a very messy sloppy version of herself; not only the streaks of cum, running down her cheeks and chin, there was even a glob on the tip of her nose, she wiped it off and without thinking licked her finger. { ... I ... in front ... he saw me ... lick up his cum ... my god ... what did I... } She got a reassuring hug and with that she went back to looking at herself. Her hair, of course was a mess. Her crotch was all messy, pubic hair matted down with sweat and cum. 'Oh. I look terrible, I got to shower."

Bridget was proud of her figure and her conditioning, she ran twice a week and was in the gym another two days every week. But after that first full night with Paul, she was achy the next day, she had used muscles that she never even thought about. She had sat at her morning tea, almost in a daze. There had never been sex like that for her. Oh she had done most of the various positions, but they were only done as a lark and never to orgasm. She had gone to the gym, not only for some stretching but a sauna to work out some of the kinks, she had to smile at that word. But through her whole workout program she kept going back to last night. { ... never ... not like that ... good lord ... didn't even know someone ... anyone could have that many orgas ... no ... get used to the words ... cums ... lots and lots of cums!... } She found herself smiling, even as she thought about it! My age! I ought to be upset, boy I missed a lot!

A week later he explained to her that if she wanted to continue to see him, he was going to fuck her ass. Almost more than the act, the casual way that he told her, no demands, no threats, just a statement of facts it was as if he was explaining to a child why water freezes. As he talked she could feel her asshole getting itchy. "Well, when?

"Today, look, you don't like it, well we tried and it's been fun. I promise we'll go slow. Tell you what, suck me off, you can practice some of those moves I taught you and then there'll be no rush when we explore your ass."

There it was again, his absolute casualness about any sex act. In all her years nobody had actually said to her, suck, it was always dark and I was always a push on her shoulders or head. Now here was a guy who not only told her to suck but who had stopped her once, pulled his dick out of her mouth! She'd never heard of any man doing that either! Then he took three of her fingers and stuck them in his mouth. She felt his lips and tongue all over those fingers. "See, feel my tongue, feel the suction. Can you feel my lips moving puckering and unpuckering? Come on Bridg, I just don't stick my tongue out when I go down on you, do the same, work on it!" She had to admit that his responses were much more gratifying since she followed his suggestions. She was starting to understand the competitiveness of being a big league girlfriend!

So there she laid, hands pulling her legs back as she looked into the eyes of a man who had two fingers up her ass. By now she knew she couldn't hide by closing her eyes, he''d yell at her, so weakly smiling, with flecks of drying cum on her chin, she laid there looking into his smiling face. They had been almost 15 minutes at this, her legs were starting to ache more than her ass. The shock and pain had receded and now there was just discomfort. But, she hated to admit it there were little twinges of, something, pleasure, something, because his fingers weren't just stroking in and out of her they stopped, pushed here, then there, inside of her { ... damn ... that's different... }

Her face must have betrayed her. "Oh, Oh, what's that, does my little pussy like her ass being massaged? Don't worry honey, I've yet to meet a girl who didn't love it when they had their first ass cum. I can tell, you're going to be my favorite ass pussy, oh yes you are!" And there it was; a third finger in her asshole. { ... No, not going to fist me, please... } Her ass was dripping lube, she knew she was defenseless.

"Paul, could we try, slow, please go slow, but let's try."

"Here, reach down, grab my dick, you put it in, you're in charge."

As she touched his prick she almost jumped, he had lubed himself up, { ... I ... I should have ... my dick ... job... } But she started moving it onto her asshole, "You ready, ready to join the big girls club?' She nodded, afraid to talk. Quickly, fingers out, head of dick in! It was bigger, { ... bigger ... oh god how big?... } Her fingers fell to the sheets as she grabbed them to hold on. At that moment Bridget was frozen, bracing herself for what was to come, and a solid inch of cock descended into her bowels. It was almost a minute after that Bridget finally took a breath.

"Relax honey, we've got all night, I promise, no pain, some aches maybe, but you'll be fine." Paul was a man of his word, he was suspended over her with barely an inch of dick in her. A part of her marveled at his self control. After maybe five minutes she relaxed enough to give a weak grin. "time for a little more?" he flexed his dick.

She jumped. "A little, please, just a little, twenty minutes later Bridget knew what it was to have her ass filled with a big prick. She was uncomfortable, there was a pooling of saliva at the back of her mouth, almost as if she was going to be sick. Her legs no longer ached as they were resting on Paul's shoulders, in fact, she was surprised at how, not normal, but not that weird, this felt. It was almost as if she had been expecting something to break or fall off her body as that prick stretched and pushed it's way to total dominance of her. She curled her toes as she went over her body inventorying sensations. Her hands reached for his face, as Paul leaned in and kissed her, with a hand on each of his cheeks she tried to show her love with her lips and tongue.

Paul's face backed away an inch or so. "See, now my cunt, my real ass pussy cunt. This is the real you, in bed dick up your ass! Now say it; thank you, I love you."

{ ... Pinned ... pinned like a butterfly... } went through her head as she babbled her response. "Yes, yes, love you, love your dick my ass, yours fuck all of me ... yours; cunt, asscunt, mouthcunt, your cunt, always!" With that Bridget was the first one to move as she tried to stroke the daddy prick in her ass.

Paul smiled, Bridget thought it was a sign of love, Paul was thinking of all the fun to come with this old cunt

No, you look like a well fucked woman. A very sexy well fucked woman. And Bridg, you might have real talent as a cocksucker, there were moments there that you were great!"


"Don't worry honey, I'll work with you, you can learn." With that her ass got a reassuring squeeze.

Even as they showered together, another first for her, she kept thinking, { ... learn ... didn't I swallow?... }

It was maybe a month later when she brought up their future. "I mean, where are we going, look at the age difference?"

"Look honey, I don't know where this is going, I know I enjoy the shit out of fucking you, your mouth your cunt, and I think soon you're going to really learn how to use your ass. We ain't getting married, if that' what you're talking about, but I sure don't want us to stop. Honey, today, that's all I got for you."

She hated it when he just openly talked about their sex life, she had only told her very best friend about what a great lover he was and how much she enjoyed everything they did, She never explained exactly what everything was. Bridget knew that he was not hers exclusively, too many of the girls at that more or less never ending weekend party had made it pretty clear that they had or were still spending time with him. Although she was jealous of their youth and some of their bodies, she felt she was more than holding his interest. "No damn it, you know I'm not talking about marriage, I was thinking something, I don't know, more permanent. Besides what do you mean about my butt, I let you do me back there!"

"Yeah, honey, let me! Everybody lets you! I want you to help me, to join in to use your ass as a sex tool, come on look how much better your puss has gotten since you started trying harder. Shit. I've seen you, you're starting to like the taste of pussy, right? Come on you're old enough don't try to BS me" She had to admit it, she had become a more active bed partner and the activity had increased the frequency of her orgasms (he'd say cums) She didn't like the taste of pussy anymore than she liked the taste of cum, his or anybody else's but the pleasure she got from making a guy come in her mouth the feel of their balls tightening up and that prick starting to pulse in her mouth... ! Going down on girls was different, when she made a girl cum there wasn't that explosive ejaculation but when she made a girl cum it was, as if, for a minute she owned them, a turn on.

Softly, yes, you're right, I'll try harder."

A rainy day, "Bridg, we've been seeing each other for what a coupe of months? I think it;s time I spanked you."


"Yeah, look you're older and at times you keep trying to lead not follow, I figure, over my knee; a bare ass spanking, you learn you're the little girl here and I'm the big guy"

"I haven't been since ... Well how hard ... I mean you know that you are the leader, I know you are you don't have to..."

"Yeah, I think you really need an attitude adjustment, hell let me make it clear to you, I want to spank your ass and hear you yell, it'll be a turn on for me and an important part of your continuing sexual education.'

"What, what do you, I know, I know a lot... :"

"See that's what I'm talking about; you're arguing, its not your place to argue, your place is over my knee or wherever I tell you to be, get over here or go home"

{ ... Fuck ... he's serious... } It only took a minute, Bridget slid her jeans down her hips and quickly shoved her panties after them, she started toward Paul and he stopped her, "No, the top too, I want to feel your boobs bouncing as I whack that proud ass of yours."

{ ... shit, I'm getting turned on ... son of a bitch ... knows me... }. bra and sweater were off in a flash. He held out a hand to her to help her adjust to lying over his lap. "Thank you, not too hard daddy, please?"

"As hard as I want, right cunt?"

"Yes sir you're the one in charge, my ass is yours, sorry." And she realized that it was true, he did own her, not just her ass, she was hopelessly in love with a boy 20 years younger that she was."

Paul looked down as the twin cheeks spread before him as he absorbed what she had just said, A big smile spread across his face as he rubbed first one cheek then the other. "OK clasp your hands behind your back, don't let go?!" { ... what a fucking toy!!!} Just to break her in, the first six or seven blows were nice and gentle more than pats but nowhere near a slap. Fifteen minutes later Bridget was weeping, her ass was bright red and Paul's arm was tired. He stopped and once Bridget realized it was over and she got her sniffling under control without a word she slid to her knees. She couldn't get his dick into her mouth fast enough. She felt real comfort with his dick in hr mouth, it was comforting for her to have a dick, his dick in her mouth, it showed her worth.

{ ... kid ... child ... hurt ... really hurt ... here where she belonged ... knees in front of her ... lover ... daddy ... boyfriend... } She sucked even harder trying to forget her aching ass, { ... good cock ... good cocksucker ... show him ... love... } Suddenly a hand pulled her off of his prick, as it twisted in her hair she found herself looking up at Paul sort of sideways.

"You have no idea of how hot you are at this moment, I spanked you, you're sucking my cock like there's no tomorrow. Fucking glowing ass, tear and cum stained face, you're fucking gorgeous!" Wile he was talking, Bridg knew how terrible her face must look between the saliva and the tears, she kept pulling at her hair, trying to get back on that dick, trying to get back to sucking her dick! To making her man happy! There was another jerk on her hair. "Decision time Bridg, you go back on my dick, your life changes forever! From the moment your mouth goes on my cock you will be my cunt. Make sure what you want; my cock gets you more spankings, your ass reamed at will, I will make you eat other pussy, I point, you suck or fuck. Guys or gals. Decide now, get dressed or give your self to me! 100 percent! BEFORE YOU SAY A WORD, REMEMBER, ANYTIME, ANYTHING, ANYPLACE!" He released her hair and there was no hesitation; the stinging sensation from her ass, the emptiness of her pussy and mouth made her decision so easy! She dove on his dick so hard she felt her bruised lips the next day. She keep swallowing trying to get his prick further down her throat, each swallow she felt her spanked ass, as she sucked, it was as if her pussy was saying thank you for choosing him, she didn't cum but a feeling of happiness spread out from her mouth to envelope her in a strange cocoon of peace. She had finally come home from a long journey. { ... worth it ... ass ... fucked ... spanked ... all worth ... here ... knees ... my place... }. She was so happy when he came, { ... I did that ... my cum ... spank again ... wants to ... whatever... } After Paul's dick was clean she held it with one hand as she buried her nose in his crotch and gloried in the smell of her master. As she got up to go to the bathroom, she stood before him, hands clasped in front of her, like a little girl reciting in class, "I am your cunt, you are my boss, anything..." As she walked down the hall, { ... I mean it ... where am I going ... don't care ... let him ... tell ... direct ... order ... that's it order ... I need order ... orders... } She realized she was putting an extra swing into her hips and wasn't even embarrassed.

How many times in those first couple of months did she start to say, "I"m not that kind of,..." And Paul would put a hand on her butt and she would just stop and wait for instructions. Here she was, in bed softly crying, Paul had spanked her in front of at least ten people, not because she was bad but because he wanted to. She was proud that he picked her to spank, she was proud that she hadn't cried in front of everybody. But still though, she always thought their spankings, her spankings, were sort of a private personal thing, but she was slowly accepting that there was nothing private with Paul. Look at blow jobs, Before Paul she never really liked to give them, but his dick, his cum was special. She actually looked forward to having his prick in her mouth. He had made her suck off a couple of other guys, she didn't mind, she was proud of her sucking skills, but their dicks weren't Paul's so it was OK where as his was super.

The door opened and in came that little minx Nancy, there was nothing she really liked about her, it was just one of those personality things and she was sure that Nancy felt the same about her. Neither she nor Nancy would ever say a word for fear Paul would throw both of then out. ""Honey roll over, Paul sent me in to put some lotion on your butt." Bridget smiled to herself, then she felt Nancy sliding her hand down the crack of her ass.


"Bridge, Paul told me to be sure to get your asshole all lubed up, believe me, I'm doing this because he told me to. But I got to tell you, you have got one hot ass, and I don't mean from that spanking ... I wish mine was as firm. After getting two well lubed fingers well up Bridget's ass, Nancy put the lotion next to the bed. "I'll tell him you're all ready." Bridge barely felt the light kiss on her back.

A few minutes later the door opened and Paul walked in, once she knew it was him she started pushing her ass up for him. "Pretty horny huh? You know I could get in to spanking you full time, for someone your age, you got a hell of an ass!" Bridge was embarrassed and turned her head away. "Bridge! Don't look away when I'm talking, do it again and daddy will spank!"

DADDY, she shivered when she heard that, I'm old enough to be his mother and shit, he is my daddy! It turns me on, I'm so fucked. "Yes daddy, your little girl will be good.

One night, after the party broke at his house, she was getting into bed and brought something up that was bothering her. "Paul, I know I'm older than you or the other girls. Could you not paw me in public, I'm embarrassed. I think you're showing off, showing people that you're my boss. '

She listened as a voice that sounded more tired than angry tried to explain how life was going to be, if she stayed. "Oh honey, look this is my house, my booze, my pool, my friends and sure as hell my rules. You're unhappy, don't come around. I like you a lot, but I'm into public affection, public sex and if you're not nice, public spankings! Look Bridg, I want you around, but I'm not changing, sorry if that doesn't make you happy but I'm not changing. Not for you, not for anything!" And with that he rolled over and went to sleep.

Bridg was up early the next morning and out the door before Paul was awake. She managed to stay away for almost three weeks. Fresh from the shower she was standing in front of her full length mirror. { ... Damn-It ... I am good looking ... that's a nice body ... anybody's standard ... Why ... why ... doesn't he call ... Please} As she stood there she started inventorying her own body. What started as a boob heft to check for sag ended as a masturbatory wallowing in her own lust. This wasn't the first time she'd ever jilled herself off, but now a small part of her mind wondered at herself. { never ... before ... watch ... myself ... fucking hot ... hotter than daydreaming ... look at that puss ... that's a pretty ... CUNT!}

That Saturday she drove to Paul's, there was a party, maybe the same one, in progress. Several familiar faces said Hi as she walked in. No one asked where she had been and that hurt. { ... didn't they notice... } Off in a corner was the poker game, she looked and somebody was standing in her place! Young, cute, tight clothes, and his hand on her ass. A wave of jealousy washed over her, not knowing what else to do she went and stood by one of the other players.

Waiting for a new deal Paul looked up, "Hi" If he had poured a bag of diamonds at her feet she couldn't have been happier, he noticed her! She wandered around, saying 'hello" here, watched some of the topless girls showing off at the pool. She was talking to one guy and suddenly realized that he was hitting on her, she had been so busy keeping an eye on Paul, she hadn't even heard him! She excused herself and went to the washroom, sitting there she made up her mind, it's time to leave, she had ruined her chances here.

A little cold water took care of her red eyes and as she was heading towards the door, Paul stopped her, "Look Pam is spending the night, be fun if you joined us."

"What?" She had head exactly what he said and knew exactly what he was asking, but why was Pam staying, why wasn't she staying, and staying alone?

"You know the three of us, be fun, I know Pam'd be happy to lick you, you know go down, and I like to watch. Come on. I've told you about that, don't try to act all goody two shoes on me."

"I've never done." { ... High school ... last time naked with other girl ... oh ... tits firm more exercises ... tits firm but ... she came first ... I made her ... and I came faster with him... }

"All the more fun for me, for the three of us! Up to you. Let me know, I'm going for a threesome tonight, with or without you."

"Um, OK"

"Stick around, I'll get rid of everybody in an hour or so."

Bridg was not a heavy drinker, but the longer she knew Paul the more she got used to drinking. She was on her third glass of wine when Pam walked up, "I'm so glad you're staying, some of those other girls can be so bitchy."

A big swallow, "I've never..."

"Don't worry about that, you know what you like, you do that to me and I'll do what I like to you, and for the rest; well you know Paul, never a dull moment." After the last guests were shooed out the door, Bridg was surprised when Paul had them clean up and load his dual dishwashers.

As the last dishwasher started, he came back from emptying the garbage, "There, I hate waking up to a mess. Now let's see. Why did I call this meeting ... Oh yeah!" With that he grabbed the two of them, and each got a kiss. Bridg couldn't help but look at Pam's neckline, what she saw was worrisome. Those sure looked like perky boobs. "Now look, we all know that I've been with both of you, what I want tonight is "The Full Monty" of sex shows, you girls think of working a sex show, undress each other make love to me, to each other, let no hole go unfilled!" With that they clinked glasses and had the first of many three way kisses. Paul told Pam to get Bridg naked first and then it was her turn to do Pam. She was so happy to see Pam's boobs sag when she took off her bra. Happy enough that when she took off Pam's panties she sank to her knees as she slid them down. As Pam stepped out of them Bridg reached in and kissed her very ... first ... pussy ... ever! { ... Trimmed ... needs a shave ... stubble... } The stubble was such a surprise that she really didn't notice { ... oh yes ... there it was ... hot, humid ... smells, not bad... }she inhaled through her nose, I can do this!

"Oh, extra points for Bridg, get up here honey, time for that later, you two undress the sultan now."

Pam giggled, "Slave girls, are we. What shall we feed you, bon- bons or boobies?" As the three of them laughed, it set the tone for the entire night. That's where

Bridget was embarrassed, Pam had to show her everything! The two of them on their knees alternately sucking on his dick. That was fun, each would in effect rest up and really attack his dick when it was their turn. It was Pam's turn and she was catching her breath when Paul grabbed her head and turned her till she was lips on, next to Pam's puckered mouth. She almost went cross eyed tried to watch his dick disappear into her mouth. Then his other hand came down on Pam's head and he forced her to turn so now his dick was pushing between the two of them. Now it was the battle of tongues between them. She was almost giggling, it was sort of a kid thing, like sort of trying to get an extra lick on a shared Popsicle. When Paul cam there was cum up both their noses and all over their cheeks. For Bridget, looking back, she was amazed at herself, the three of them were laughing and giggling as she and Pam alternated between licking each other clean. God, I never would have done anything like that, never.! But it was fun, and she realized that at the time she hadn't even noticed the taste. Everything was fun, lick of his dick, lick of Pam's face, smiles, laughs, giggles! When they thought they were clean, they moved up to form a sandwich with Paul as the filling. the two of them on their knees swapping his dick mouth to mouth, Bridg played keep away for a little while, taking Paul's dick out and offering it to Pam, just as Pam would dive for it with mouth open, Bridg would cover it with both hands. That didn't last too long. "Pam. Get your mouth on my cock, now!" For Bridg, once she had seen that Pam's tits didn't defy gravity she had to touch them. Well, you just can't just say that you're curious, soon Bridg was kissing Pam's neck as she was swallowing trying to get more of Paul in her mouth. With the neck kiss, it seemed OK to cop a feel. { ... shit ... mine are firmer! Exercises work!... } Paul had a hand on each of their heads and was urging them on. "That's it, worship that dick, make me happy my sweet little cunts."

What he would never know was that as the girls rotated his dick among them; their eyes were talking volumes. His dick was having a heck of time but Pam and Bridg knew that they were the ones in charge of this party Their eyes were talking to each other, soon they were smiling over their shared secret. They were using his dick as an excuse to kiss each other. { ... damn ... wet ... I'm hot ... for her!... } Paul could feel them kissing over and around his dick and just knew it was because they loved him. Thinking like that soon had him coming. You can not switch mouths mid cum. As they tried the girls ended up with a taste of cum in their mouths but the rest in their hair, on their cheeks and even some on their foreheads.

'Anointed, sultan has blessed us!" giggled Bridg. As Paul looked on the two of them still on their knees alternated licking away drops and spurts. Soon Paul had the two of them, each on a knee, they were gorgeous, a few little cum spots and both shiny from earlier licks, they had huge grins on their faces.

"My two wonderful cock suckers, you have no idea of how great the two of you looked down there!"

"And you don't know how nice it looks, down there! Anytime oh sultan." Pam said grabbed his soft dick.

Later she had rolled over to kiss Paul, "Whoa, Pam, get up here, you missed a spot!' See there, by her nostril!

And that was another first for Bridget, Pam leaned in and took Bridg's nose into her mouth and licked it all over including a tongue tip in each nostril. It was so bizarre that Bridget forgot to breath feeling her nose surrounded by a warm mouth and searching tongue.

Paul was directing,"Be nice, pay her back, Bridge was getting it dog while sucking on Pam { ... I like eating it ... I like pussy!... } When she started coming on Paul's dick, she had to turn her head, she was frightened she would bite Pam, Pam laughed, from pleasure, not at her.

'Ladies you're going to have to give me a little recharge time."

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