Bringing Up Baby

by Uncle Grumbles

Copyright© 2013 by Uncle Grumbles

Coming of Age Sex Story: A young man comes home from boarding school to find his childhood sweetheart needs to be taken in hand.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   .

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?"

Running away, she thought to herself, but Russell knocked the roll of bills out of her hand and dragged her back from her Mom's dresser.

"None of your fucking biz ... Ow! Let go! You're hurting ... OW!"

Russ had transferred his grip from her arm to her hair. She tried to struggle, but her scalp was about to rip from her skull.

"Your Mom put me in charge while she's gone, remember? Anything I feel warranted, I can do. No questions asked. 'Just keep her from wrecking the house or going to jail or the emergency room. Whatever it takes, ' she told us, and she made you repeat it, so don't tell me that's not what she meant."

He was wagging her head back and forth. She gripped his wrists, hanging from them to relieve the tension.

"I thought I knew you, Tracy. I've known you since I was five and you were a worm in a diaper, and I loved playing with you. We got into a lot of trouble together, but we had a lot of fun."

She remembered. It just made her angrier. He'd been the moon and the stars to her, spent more time with her than her Mom did, and then he'd left!

"I get sent to boarding school for two years, and come back for spring break to stay with my Best. Friend. Ever. while her Mom is out of town on business, and instead of the happy little dork I knew, I find a filthy mouthed demon who hates everybody. It's only been three days, and I'm ready to call the cops on you myself, you thieving little thug."

For the first time in her life, she was afraid of him. When had he gotten so big and strong? He'd always been taller than her, but now...

He towered over her, solid as a stone lion.

He walked her backwards towards the bed. She was almost on tiptoe.

"Fine. You're not my friend anymore. But you are my ward, little girl, and I am your babysitter, and you will do what you're told, or I will punish you."

Her anger flared again despite her fear. Nobody called her "little" anymore, and "baby" had been a fighting word all her life. And he knew that, she'd bloodied his nose over that!

When the backs of her knees touched the mattress, Russ pushed her down on the bed. She tried to scramble away, but he grabbed her around her waist. The next thing she knew, she was across his lap. He pulled down her shorts and panties, shackling her calves.

That shocked her into action. It was a short fight, which she lost. She ended up across his lap anyway, arm up behind her back.

She was stunned. He'd hit her. After all these years, and more fights than she could remember, he'd actually hit her. She could taste blood in her mouth from his slap. Sure, her clawed fingers had left a rank of scratches bleeding down his cheek, but that sort of thing had never bothered him before...

Now he didn't even count, just started swatting, hard. She screamed and struggled in murderous rage, but got nothing more than an aching shoulder and a burning butt.

Suddenly, she remembered a time before he'd gone and they'd been trading insults and he'd taken theatrical offense at her theatrically not being offended, and he'd spanked her then, too, except not very hard and he hadn't pulled her jeans down, both of them laughing and breathing hard and blushing and they'd almost kissed except that they hadn't, somehow, and now thinking about it made her throat hurt worse than her butt, and she was crying.

She didn't let herself cry anymore, because if she did, she'd cry all the time. Sure enough, she couldn't stop now.

When he let go of her arm, she twisted around to put her head in his lap and her arms around his waist, and she just bawled and bawled and bawled.

He rubbed her back, making soothing noises like she was a dog or something. "Good girl, it's over now, there's my good girl, shh, shh. Oh, my poor little baby girl, what happened to you?" Her anger pulsed, but was smothered by a strange glow of pleasure. She was still his girl. She'd always been his girl. She'd never let him say that, any more than she'd let him call her a baby, but now ... She was his girl, and that was fine.

The tears trickled to a stop. Russ leaned over to her Mom's night table and grabbed a handful of tissues. He held one to her nose.

"Blow." She did, noisily. He threw it to the floor and wiped her face with a clean one, even dabbing at her eyes.

He poked at her crack with the tissue.

"So, baby girl, do I need to wipe your butt, too? Are we back to that?"

The night he'd returned, her mother had trotted out a snapshot of him kneeling on the floor to change her diaper while she gazed up at him in open adoration. She'd vowed to find it and destroy it, before Mom could show it to a real boyfriend, and it was unspeakably rude for him to bring it up.

"No, you fucking freak, stop that!"

Instead, he leaned over to the nightstand again to squirt some lotion into his hand. He anointed her bottom with it, soothing the burn.

She relaxed a little, and his hand stroked up and down her thighs, slipped between them, just above the knee, and drew higher and higher towards her...

She froze. Her legs clenched back against his hand.

"Stop that!"

"Let go, baby girl."

"What are you doing? No!"

"'Stop' and 'no' haven't been working for me, the last few days. Why should they work for you?"

She twisted away, or tried to, but he laughed, leaning down on her, holding her on his lap, while his hand worked its way towards her crotch.

As she twisted, her faced rubbed against a bulge in his jeans. Startled, and more scared than ever, she summoned the strength to almost escape.

Instead, he pulled her upright and she ended up straddling his knee, his other leg trapping her, arm around her waist.

She couldn't move without stirring up the weirdest feelings in her naked crotch.

They looked at each other for a moment, breathing hard, hot faced. Then his hand cupped the back of her head, and he pulled her in for their first kiss. He was not shy. His tongue pressed urgently against her lips, then he drew back.

"Open your mouth for me, you silly little twink. You don't want to be a baby? Kiss like a big girl."

He pinched her jaw hinge between thumb and fingers. It hurt a little. She clamped her mouth shut.

His hand slid up under her shirt and pinched her nipple. She started to buck, but thought better of it when he didn't let go.


"Oh, hush."

He twisted and she gasped to a halt.

"I tried being nice, but Your Bitchy Little Highness wouldn't take the hint and behave herself."

"Who are you ... OW!"

"I said hush." His voice was calm, but implacable. "Are you listening now?"

She nodded.

"You've always needed me to tell you what to do ... shut it! You did, and you know it. I've always tried to let you do what you want, even if it would hurt you a little, just so you'd learn. And you did. We were quite the team, a boy and his tomboy sidekick."

His hand fell away to her waist again, holding on loosely.

"And then they sent me away to school. Sent me away, mind, I had no choice. I've sent letters that didn't get to you. I never got any from you, except birthdays and Christmas. I didn't blame you, because I knew you'd tried to send them. Do you know why I had to go to the Academy?"

She shook her head.

"Because my parents and your Mom thought we were too close. They thought we needed time apart to, quote, clear our heads, unquote."

He kissed her forehead.

"I did need the Academy. Needed to be taught self-discipline, how to follow, how to lead. But I never cleared my head of you."

He kissed her left eye.

"You, though, you just fell apart. You didn't have anybody to tell you what to do, and what not to do, and you fell apart.

He kissed her right eye.

"OK. You win. You've won, Trace. You made them bring me back. But now you're trying to make me do what you want by throwing tantrums like a little spoiled princess, trying to make me your servant."

He took her shoulders and set her back. Her crotch shivered as it pivoted across his knee.

"But you are not my princess, Trace. You are not even my little tomboy sidekick anymore, either. You are My Girl, and I am Your Man. And I am going to make sure, here and now, you never forget that, never forget who tells who to do what."

And he leaned in to kiss her again while her mouth was hanging open in shock. His tongue pushed in against her own, and she almost choked, almost bit, but...

It wasn't so bad.

He tasted of the mints he liked to chew on, slightly tingly. The tingle grew stronger, hot, demanding. She tried to push his tongue out with her own, and he sucked on it, slipping his lips along it. He forced his tongue back in her mouth, and she did the same to him, sucking on it, playing with it.

His hands slipped to her shoulders and down her sides. It tickled, and she drew back, laughing.

"Where you going, girl? Get back here!"

His hands slipped under her tee shirt and grabbed at her ribs. She shrieked in laughter, struggled away...

... And his hands moved on up, peeling her out of the tee until it was bunched up under her pits.

"Stop! Stop it! What are you... ?"

"Put your arms up! Do it now, or get another spanking!"

His face was fierce, but not angry. Her arms went up and the shirt was gone.

When his fingers slipped into the tops of her bra cups, she moaned, then gasped as he ripped the ribbon between them apart.

He stared at her chest. At her breasts! He was staring at her titties! She looked down. Her nippies were standing out, hard. She'd never seen them like that. Still, her boobs were so tiny! He'd hate them! He'd tease! She couldn't bear his teasing, and covered herself with her hands.

"Please..." She didn't know what she was pleading for.

He grabbed her wrists and pulled them away.

"Those are mine now. Don't ever hide them from me again, hear me?"

Was she nodding?

An arm went behind her waist, bracing her. He leaned forward and kissed one, then the other, licking and sucking the nipples. She gasped and struggled, but mostly ended up pressing herself into his mouth. Her arms went around his neck.

He broke free.

"You're mouth is mine, your tongue is mine, your tits are mine. You'll give them to me whenever I say."

He kissed them again, fondled the nipples.

He joggled her off his knee, letting her balance herself with a hand on his shoulder.

His hands went down to her waist again, fingers petting the fuzz on either side of ... of her...

"Sto ... Stop..."

He shook his head.

"You know what else is mine?"

"Please, please no."

"The 'please' is good. I like 'please'. The 'no' is fun, too. Say it all you want."

The heel of his palm pressed against her crotch. He stood, dragging his hand across her belly, finally catching a nipple between two knuckles.

"Now get my pants down. Come on, come on. Or do I need to rip this off?"

Awkward fingers undid his belt, the button, the zipper, and his trousers slipped to his feet. He kicked them away.

He pressed down on her shoulders.

"Kneel before thy lord and master." Theatrically. Then, "Or at least your baby sitter." She looked up, and he was smiling crookedly. "Go ahead, baby girl. Kneel down, and take my shorts off. Mr. Bouncy Cock wants to come out and play."

Her hands shook as she pulled down. The waistband snagged on his ... his cock, but she didn't notice in time and yanked against the snag.

He pinched the nipple in warning.

"That was annoying. Don't do it again."

He let go, and she was staring at a bobbing, weaving snake.

Hands in hair again. She should have hated it, but it was ... it made her heart beat faster, and was somehow steadying. She didn't want him to let go, ever.

"What is that, baby girl?"

"It's a penis ... Ow!"

"It's a cock, baby girl. Say cock."

"C ... cock." She almost choked.

"Say it again."


"Whose cock?"

"You ... your cock."

"You don't have a cock, because you're just a girl. What do you have instead?"

"A vag ... OW!"

"Guess again."

"A ... puss ... pussy?"

"A pussy, yeah, but ... Let's call it a cunt until it learns to be more polite. You have a cunt. Say 'cunt'."

"I have..."

He flicked her lips with a forefinger.

"Say 'cunt'"


"Again. Louder."


She could feel the tears gather in her eyes. He kept making her mad, then letting her like him, then making her feel so ... weak. When did he turn so mean? Why had she stopped fighting?

"And whose is it? Who does that cunt belong to?"

She was getting the hang of things, though.

"You? It's your cunt?"

He patted her cheek. "What part of you do I want to play with now?"

"My..." A warning finger against her lips. "Your cunt." She couldn't look up at him, but whispered into his cock like a microphone.

"My cunt. And who are you now?"

"Your gir..." Then she got it. "Your cunt. I'm your cunt."

She was ashamed. But she also felt the wet between her thighs.

"Head of the class. Very good. My sweet, obedient, playful red headed cunt girl. Now. Tracy. Look at me. Look up."

He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face towards his.

"You are my cunt, Tracy, my sexy good little cunt, and I'm very proud of you. You learn quickly. Are you ready to play?"

She nodded and smiled at the praise. A little voice in the back of her head was screaming, No! Shit no! Sod off you jerk!

But it was hard to hear over the blood pounding in her head.

"Put your fingers on my cunt for me ... Good. Slide them around. Are you nice and wet, baby cunt? Say it."

"Your cunt is nice and wet?"

"Slip your fingers inside."

"I ... I can't. It'll hurt."

"Still sealed? Oh, that's good. That's very good! That's a good little cunt, saving herself for me."

Again, a rush of pleasure and shame at his words. Not for you! said the voice. For a real boyfriend!

"Smell your fingers. Isn't that a lovely, lovely smell? Now lick them. Ah, ah! Good little cunts do what they're told! Bad little cunts who make ugly faces at their own juices get sent to their rooms without dinner."

She licked her fingers. Salt, something like snot ... but she liked it. She liked the smell and taste of her ... his ... her cunt. It's mine, she thought fiercely, I'm just letting him ... letting him...

Letting him borrow it? Really? said the little voice. Why are you doing that?

Because I'm his.

Oh, gods, why did her cunt feel so empty?

"Now, little cunt, Mr. Cock wants a kiss. Give him a kiss."

She pecked the end of it, not seeing until too late the little drop of clear fluid. She hoped it wasn't pee. She licked her lips. Tasteless.

"Ooh, you liked that? Good. Lick the nice cock, all over, get it good and wet."

Thank god for an inattentive mother and internet porn, disgusting though it was. She knew what to do, licked up and down the shaft, staying away from the tip until very last, then taking it between her lips and giving it a big swirl that made him groan. Ooh, she liked hearing that. She did it again, and not only did he groan, his knees wobbled.

See, she told the voice. I am in control. No matter what he says, I can make him weak too.

The voice snorted.

"Enough. Enough for now." His voice was thick and strangled.

He lifted her onto the bed, laying her on her back with her butt right at the edge.

"Show me my cunt."

He pried at her knees and she opened for him.

He stared down at his prize possession, crooning. He knelt, and this time she was the one pulling him in by his hair.

He licked up one side and down the other. His tongue slipped in a little at the bottom and licked up, almost touching a spot of unbearable tenderness and need she didn't know she had. Then down again, poking in at the bottom, testing the fold of skin there, stretching the hole.

"Ow. Ow!"

"Shh, easy there, baby cunt. Shh. You have such a tasty cunt."

Ha! So it WAS hers!

Yours as long as you give it to him when he tells you to, said the voice.

"But now it's time for my dick and your cunt to get to know each other."

He opened the night stand drawer and took out a little squeeze bottle. Ah. The massage oil from her Mom's physical therapist.

"This first time, you need to be really, really slick. Spit's not enough."

He squirted it all over his cock, and gave himself a single stroke to spread it. Then he put the nozzle to her cunt; when he squeezed, the cool oil flooded inside her until it squooshed out. He smeared his hand up and down and all around, making sure there was no dry tissue.

"Please ... Please..."

"What, little cunt? What does my darling little cunt want? This?"

He waggled his cock, laid it on her belly. It looked huge.

He grinned at her expression. "My sweet beautiful cunt, it'll be okay. Babies come out of cunts; in comparison, this is, though it wounds my pride to say it, nothing. Pretty average, in fact. But I'm surprised you haven't torn yourself open already, active as you are. That means it's awfully sturdy, and it's going to hurt the first time. I'm sorry, I really am."

He was rubbing her swelling nether lips. They were hot and blushing, along with her face, even her chest.

"Ready, little cunt?"

She shook her head, afraid again. "No. Wait. Just let me..." She propped herself up on her elbows. "No, I don't I want..."

He was lifting her knees, lining it up with his cock. He pressed against her opening, working the cock into her cleft, slipping in and out a bit to check the lube. Her knees drew up and together, trying to block him out. She squeaked and gasped as the pressure stretched her hymen.

He stopped, took a deep breath.

So did she, but to scream, "NO! NO! STOP! DON'T YOU..."

He surged forward while pulling her to him by her knees. She shrieked as his cock ripped her open. Her cunt walls cramped against him. He pulled out and pushed in, slowly, gently, spreading lube, blood, and juices.

"It hurts, it hurts, please take it out. Please don't..." He shoved all the way in again and she shushed, unable to speak for a moment.

"Very nice, little cunt. Very tight. Very slick. You are the best little cunt in all the world, and you and your cunt are mine. Isn't that right?"

"I'm ... I'm your good little cunt. But please, please take it out. Oh, oh god. Oh god."

He was thrusting again. She could feel the fraying edges of her hymen pull and scrape like a picked-at hangnail, but soon that faded, and all she could feel was his cock, filling her up where she had been so, so empty.

She realized that it wasn't just his cock filling her up.

"I have to pee. Please let me pee."

He didn't stop, just pushed and pulled, harder and harder. Her knees went around him, or tried to, and she pressed her hands against his chest.

The sensation of having to pee grew and mutated. She was making a strange, gasping cry at each thrust.

His breath was getting hard and fierce, his hips stretching her crotch wide. Then he drew back, almost all the way out, paused and slammed in, his whole body rigid. He made tiny, short little thrusts, grunting, and she felt a hot jet inside her, and that was all she needed to go over.

She thrashed and screamed, as his cum sprayed up her spine and into her brain. Her cunt gripped his cock until she peaked and slowly let go.

The giant plug in her cunt softened, just enough to give her some relief. He pulled out, letting her knees drop. Her hips ached deep inside from being stretched so far apart.

Someone was chanting to themselves, a quiet singsong.

"My cunt, my cunt, my cunt loves your cock. Please put your cock in me again. Please don't stop. Fuck me, please fuck me, fuck my cunt fuck my cunt fuck my cunt..."

"Oh, my little honey pot, I will be happy to, but you have a chore to do first. Come on, sit up."

Once again she was staring at his cock, worshiping it almost. She wanted it back inside her so badly...

"Lick my cock clean, messy little girl. Lick your blood and juices off."

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