Serviced in Business Class

by GlowWorm

Copyright© 2013 by GlowWorm

Romantic Sex Story: Just a little vignette... that I hoped would happen, but never did.. My muse came to me between Atlanta and Dublin, Ireland at 38,000 feet to give me this one...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .

She tapped him on the shoulder, and he looked over towards her. She made a point of looking around—all the other passengers in the business class cabin were asleep, and the flight attendants had pulled the curtain, making it very dark. She looked back at him, and he could see the wicked glint in her eye.

She lifted her blanket to show that she'd unbuttoned her blouse and had undone her bra—the lacy one he'd picked up for her the last time he was in London—and what had actually provoked this trip ... She wanted to go shopping, and hit all the shops that weren't readily available in the US—like Agent Provocateur. She pulled his fingertip to her lips and then traced a gentle circle around her nipple—he could feel it harden as she shivered under his touch.

He was suddenly glad that they'd booked a 'corner'—where there was nobody behind them but the galley and lavatories. He sucked gently on his own fingertip and then traced the other nipple.

Her hand snaked under his blanket—reaching for his zipper. He'd begun to grow hard when she sucked his fingertip. She caressed his stiffening dick through his jeans, and began to unzip him. The sound seemed very loud in the quiet cabin—even over the muted roar of the engines outside.

He gasped lightly as she threaded her hand through his trunk underwear to completely grasp him. Her hand moved gently up and down, and he began to leak pre-cum. She moved over the divider in the seats and breathed heavily in his ear... "I want to join the Mile High club here ... NOW!"

He looked around—everyone was still drowsing, and there were snores coming from several places in the cabin. The galley lights were turned down now, showing that there was a skeleton crew on duty.

She squeezed his cock harder and then pulled her hand back. Under her covers, she rebuttoned her blouse, but did that nifty little shimmy trick where she pulled her bra out. She leaned over to him, nibbling on his ear... "Two minutes ... The handicapped lav. I NEED you!" With that, she passed her fingers under his nose—the smell of her arousal was unmistakable.

She weaved her way out of the seat and over his legs. He looked over at her seat, where her bra and panties were laying there—scant little pieces of cream-colored lace. He couldn't help himself—he picked up her panties and found that they were soaking wet. He put them in his pocket as he got up and headed for the lav.

He was just in time, too, for some older gentleman was heading for the lavs as well. He opened up the handicapped lav door and was pretty much pulled in! She pulled the door closed behind him and quickly locked it.

She'd made the best of the situation—she'd brought her pillow from her seat and sat down on top of the toilet seat (she'd put the hard seat down), spreading her legs and raising her skirt. He kneeled in front of her (she'd cleaned and dried the floor for him, thankfully!) and inhaled her scent—he loved it! He began kissing at her right knee and began moving up. She pulled his head up and admonished him. "There's no time for that! And I don't need it anyway ... I need –you-."

"Yes, milady!" With that, he rose up and began pulling his erect cock out of his underwear (he hadn't rezipped his jeans from when she was stroking him before—whoops!). She reached up and give him a quick stroke as she guided him into her dripping slit.

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