What Did I Do?

by Barneyr

Copyright© 2013 by Barneyr

Drama Story: I got an e-mail from a friend concerning his messy divorce that somehow just got a whole lot nastier this week. I don’t have any details and it’s really not any of my business, but it gave me the idea for this story.

Tags: Romantic   Heterosexual   Slow  

Author's Note: First I must apologize publicly to my ex-editor, Pepere. I have publicly humiliated him and even though it was not deliberate, it happened. I erroneously uploaded an earlier version of this story that did not include his edits. I take full responsibility of all the errors that occurred in that version of this story. I have updated the story to include his edits and hope that he can forgive me for my stupidity. He has been my editor for some time now and I really appreciated his insight and help. My last English course was in 1961 and I managed a "D" as my final grade, even thought I am a college grad now I never had another English course. To all readers, please accept my humble apology for the errors; I know you have come to expect more from me. I just hope I can find another editor as kind and helpful as Pepere was for me. BR

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