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Romantic Story: Brad watches the "Slut" of his life have a little 'Fun'. He is just glad they were not married yet. Starting over is pretty easy. While on his way West he meets a woman and her daughter. He stops feeling sorry for himself and tries to help them In the end they help each other start over.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   .

Impulsive. That's what everyone told me; that I was too impulsive.

When I saw my girlfriend at that hotel bar, draped all over that guy and drinking like a fish. I did not think that I was being impulsive. When she went upstairs with him and never came out even hours later, I did not think I was being impulsive when I left.

I drove to her apartment, got my stuff, called a cab and wrote her a short note. It merely said:

'Sheila, I waited at the Omni for you for a couple of hours, guess you were having a really good time with that guy. Room 1124 I think it was.

I wish you well. I only wish you could have just told me before your little 'fun' date. I don't own you, and you don't own me either.

Hope things work out for you, him too. Me, I'll be heading places I always wanted to see and will never cramp your style again.


The cab came and I went off to get a bus out of dodge.

That evening, Sheila arrived. She swayed inside and called out, "Brad, Brad, we need to talk Honey. I did something really stupid today! Brad!"

As she walked into the kitchen, she saw the note on the table. She picked it up and read it. One hand crumpled up the note while the other started pounding on the table. "Damn, Damn, Damn."

She had already had a made up a story ready. How her old friend was in town and they got carried away until it was already late. The 'friend' though, was a guy she had just met earlier and after a torrid afternoon, he admitted that he was married and he was headed home that evening.

She did not react much. Went for a shower, smelling of sex and remains of their couplings running down her legs as she stepped into the stall. It was not until the next morning that she showed any emotion. She never expected to get caught. The fact that I had left after seeing her tryst was not only a sore point, it was a repeat of the entire life she had been leading since college. "Why do guys always have to be so possessive about a little 'fun'?" she thought.

When I arrived at the Bus Depot, I noticed a Train Station nearby and had the cab go there instead. There were a lot of places to go. I saw some telephones, got change and began making some calls. My Uncle would now be getting my mail. The Dunwoody address meant my drivers license, government addresses and Federal notices could easily be changed by phone, they even were Toll-Free to do.

There were some ATMs, one was a $500 a day limit, 2 others were $300, that plus the cash I had with me totaled over $2,150, more than enough cash to start over. I remembered to call the banks and change the mailings.

I bought a map, then sat down at a deli, got some food and tried to decide where to go. From Atlanta, I could ride almost any direction. I wanted to rest so bought a Metro ticket to Denver. The sleeper car almost doubled the price but money was not what was bothering me. I had been ready to ask Sheila to marry me. What a mistake that would have been. In a way, I was glad to find out what she was really like before that. It still hurt. Hurt a lot, but, it could have been worse.

My family, especially grandfather had left some money. It would not last a lifetime, but would be a nice 'nest egg'. I was 28, college educated, not bad looking and free to go wherever I wanted to.

I boarded the train. A porter took my bag and showed me to the sleeper. He told him that drinks, light snacks and some foods could be provided in the room. Full meals and alcohol would be served in the dining car. This train would not arrive in Denver until late the next afternoon.

Sleep finally came. It was about 8:00 AM the next day that I awoke, It was Central time now and breakfast in the dining car was being served. There were a few people already seated and several others were waiting to be seated. If there was any expectation, having some pleasant company would have been the priority that morning. It was not to be though. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, toast, OJ, and coffee was a featured special and I decided to order it. As I waited for the waiter I noticed a woman and a young girl at the seating station. They were talking to each other and it looked like the girl was pulling the woman back to the line.

I motioned them over. "There is plenty of room. I really could use some decent company today, yesterday was a really shit day, excuse me young lady."

They came over and began to sit down. "We've not had a real swell day either."

The black eye and bruise on both of them became evident. "Whatever $6.57 will buy, Mandy will get that, water is fine for me. I just want to get away from Atlanta."

It looked like all three of us had reached that same conclusion. The waiter came over, pen and pad in hand, and I made a decision that would have long term effect on my life. I pointed to the 'special', said "three, a pot of coffee and a lot of juice please."

"No", she said, I don't have any money left! Please, I just want something for my daughter!"

"What kind of breakfast companion would I be if I made my friends pay for their food?"

"If we tell each other our stories, it may pass the time till we get our food. I'm Brad and ... I told my sad story"

The little girl then started, only to be interrupted by her mother.

"I can't tell you our story. My name is Samantha, my daughter is Mandy, Amanda really and my 'asshole' boyfriend, I found out last night, likes to beat on females, especially young ones. That's all I'll say."

Our food came. Not much more was said until we finished eating. "Well Samantha, I vote that you have had it worse than me. Can I make a suggestion?"


"Get anything you brought with you, come back here then I have an idea!"


"Maybe I can make you my 'slaves' and we can all run away together!"

I gave her my 'Snidely Whiplash' grin, followed by a sincere smile. "Trust me" I said.

She held up her purse. "Ready Master, where are our collars and leashes?"

Now I knew they had things a lot worse than me. "Damn, I must have forgotten them with those last 'wenches' in Atlanta. We'll have to get you both new ones in Denver I'm afraid."

Samantha looked at Trudy and said to her. "I'm afraid we will just have to wait till Denver Dear, I hope he will be a 'good' Master!" She gave me a wink, Trudy looked still in a daze.

"Well, since I want my 'slaves' well rested and in 'tip top shape' for our debauchery tonight, I suggest you both take my 'sleeper', rest up then I'll come get you at dinner time, 'me lovelies', Har!" in my best imitation of a pirate.

"Yes Master" Samantha said with tears in her eyes as she took her daughter's small hand and followed me to the room. I handed her the key after opening the door. "Tell the Porter if either of you need anything." I closed the door to the room and told the porter they would be in the room now and asked if any additional charges were due. He laughed and told me to forget it.

For the first time since I saw Sheila in all her drunken glory, I had a smile on my face. Helping, even just this little, made me feel good. They both had it a lot rougher than me. I read, snoozed and read some more. It was close to dinner time and the porter told me we had nearly two hours before we arrived in Denver. I knocked on the door. A small face looked out, saw who I was and walked back to bed. She only had on light pink panties and white socks. As she got back into bed, she lifted the covers and showed that her Mom was dressed as she was, no socks though.

"Girls, Denver in two hours, food or more sleep". The blanket being pulled over their heads was all the answer I needed. I closed the door and smiled. Twenty minutes before Denver. I knocked again. I heard footsteps. As Trudy opened the door to look, I told them, "Get dressed my ladies, we'll get rooms then have dinner at the Hotel. We can either dine together or get dinner in our rooms."

I tried to emphasize we were to have separate rooms and the cost of a hotel was not open for discussion. "There are a ton of shopping places near the Hotel, if I remember. Even Trudy can find a few things there. They stay open late and if we run out of time, we can go again tomorrow, when we get your new collars and leashes."

Since I had one bag, and Samantha only a purse we got to a cab, 'chop chop'. "Brown Palace" I told the driver. We passed some stores and a large mall. We arrived at the main entrance, got out, I paid and tipped the driver and we went up to the front desk.

"I'm sorry, we don't have reservations. Do you have two connecting rooms for a day or two?"

The girl checked. "I'm sorry Sir, we do have some rooms but they do not connect. I can give you a suite but it will cost more than two rooms would."

I looked at the girls. They were staring at the open lobby and rich wood appointments. "We'll take a suite. Can you put us in the Old Section too?"

"I'll give you a really nice suite there at the same price of a regular one."

"We need some clothes, ours got lost. Then those wonderful steaks."

We registered, we were the Rodgers family and were taken to the suite. I don't know how she did it but the room had fresh flowers, iced champagne and sodas, fresh fruit, a bowl of huge Strawberries and melted, warm chocolate dip. For $1,100 a night it was not a bad deal. It was on the Credit Card, and as I said, I did have some mad money for a while. The girls were shown to their room, the bellman looked at me as to ask if both were to go there or just the girl.

When he left, I heard a loud yell and bouncing feet from the bathroom. "We have a 'hot tub, we have a hot tub" is all Trudy could say. Samantha came out, gave me a look with her hand on both hips. I just shrugged.

"Food or S H O P P I N G " I said.

"Shopping" came the response, load and clear.

"I don't have much cash until we get to a bank, but we do have a couple of those plastic things that have not seen much use. Will shopping together be OK."

"Well, if you don't mind "Victoria Secrets" and checking out the lingerie, I guess it will be OK! Seriously, just some jeans, tops and a jacket is all we need."

I thought that lingerie might not be bad too. OH well.

"We can get those collars and leashes tomorrow, you won't need clothes then, Har!"

We actually did find them some things. I handed some cash to Samantha as we passed a drug store on the way back to the Hotel. "Get any 'personal' things you girls may need."

She put a hand up to her face and blushed. It was cute. I waited in front of the store.

When we were walking back, she kept trying to give me back the change. I kept handing it to Mandy, until she stopped When we got back to the room, I said " Food, Downstairs or Room Service?".

"Room Service!" they both yelled out. I smiled, hoping it would cheer them up. I used the phone and in a few minutes there was a knock on the door. The girl walked in, went up to Samantha and asked what we wanted for dinner. It would cost 25% more than regular Room Service and they only did it for suites in the 'Old Section' but I thought the girls would get a kick out of the service. I was right.

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