by Bytor

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Romantic Sex Story: Shelly and Craig met in college and got married. They started off their life together in a new place meeting new friends and for a time that was enough. But there was a change in their lives that had an interesting impact to them.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Swinging   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   .


No, we're never gonna quit

Ain't nothing wrong with it

Just acting like we're animals

Nickelback, from the album All the Right Reasons

True Love

Shelly Ganders and Craig Zimmerman met in the first semester of their Senior year at Kansas State University, she was majoring in Human Resources and he in Marketing. Each needed a class in speech to meet the requirements for each of their prospective degrees, that is where they met, it was not love at first sight but a strong physical attraction that drew them together.

In the coming months their attraction turned to love and by the end of the year they decided to get married in July in her home town of Kansas City. But fate threw them a curve when Craig was offered a job in Miami in a Marketing firm that was willing to pay top dollar, it also helped that he was tops in his class and that the owner was a Kansas State graduate. In any case, they offered incentives for starting as soon as possible, providing assistance with finding a home, moving expenses, and if needed underwriting a home loan.

With this offer of employment Craig and Shelly decided to forgo their July church wedding for a civil ceremony in Kansas days before their graduation and to move right after graduation to Miami, a plan that was met with anger and scorn from her parents, whereas Craig's parents were disappointed but deep down were not all that upset.

Moving from the University to Miami was a challenge, they moved all of their belongings into storage and took only the essentials with them, mostly clothing. They were setup by the company with an apartment near work, a small one bedroom with a kitchen, full batch, living room, and a small dining area. Cozy, but double the size of their dorm room.

Craig went into work and Shelly began looking for a permanent place to live, looking for convenience, short commute time, and cost. What she found was a beautiful apartment that offered a lot in amenities that more than suited their needs and was reasonably priced. Their only challenge was moving all of their possessions packed in storage back in Kansas to their new apartment in Miami, a 25 hour drive one way. After a month being on the job they flew back to Kansas on Thursday night picked up a u-haul and packed everything up on Friday and were on their way back to Miami stopping in St. Louis Friday night, Atlanta on Saturday, and Home on Sunday where a quick unload of all their possessions followed by a total collapse from exhaustion ended their journey.

With their home established and Craig set at work Shelly began to look for a job herself. When the owner found out that Craig's wife was looking for a job he offered her an open position in HR, an entry level position, but a position none the less. Things were going well for the young couple.

Two years later they bought a home, it was new construction Georgian, with no added amenities save for two that were more wants than needs, an in ground pool with a hot. They didn't need the house, in fact there was a lot of debate whether to buy or continue to rent, but Shelly was thinking, well more hoping, that kids might not be that far off and when she mentioned this to Craig they both agreed that buying a home was the direction they wanted to go in.

The house was located far from their current apartment so the move meant that they had to make new friends, which wasn't a problem for either as they were both outgoing and engaging. But what they didn't think of was that everyone around them either had kids or were about to have kids, they were the only couple that didn't, at least within the houses on their block. That didn't stop them from making friends, especially Shelly, but it did to some degree as they found little in common with their neighbors.

Trouble came to them three years later when the company they both worked for went bankrupt. The owner, Harry Carson, embezzled millions from the company before fleeing the country moments before the feds came to get him. When the dust had settled and accounting had gone through the books there was no money left, nothing left except the assets. The board sold off the assets and paid off what they could and the company closed its doors leaving its employees without a paycheck.

Fortunately Shelly and Craig didn't have many expenses, they had no kids, their cars were old, but in good shape and more importantly they were paid off, and with the exception of last month's dinner they didn't have any credit card bills. The only expense was their new home.

The only thing that they took away from the company was their friends. Craig's friends from work consisted of his co worker Dennis Marshall and his wife Linda, Drew Snyder from shipping, and Kent Spencer from accounting. For Shelly there was Becky Stewart a single Mom, Tracey Edwards who was single and living at home, and Vera Cook who is married to Phillip. The difference between the two groups was in that Shelly was friends with Craig's group, while Craig was not necessarily friends with Shelly's group, seems that Shelly's group were more of a hen's group.

The first couple of months flew by, both were numb from the experience of being unemployed and making ends meet was somewhat of a problem, mostly in covering the mortgage. They thought about asking her parents for a loan to get them through the tough times, but they disapproved of her involvement with Craig, he being a bad seed as they called it, so Craig nixed the idea of asking them, and Craig's parents were retired and on a fixed income so there was little thought given to ask them.

But they adapted, like when they were in college they had survived on Mac n Cheese and other less expensive food items so that's what they did, changing their diet was not a big thing, but entertainment was another story. Eating out, cable tv, movies, golf and gym memberships were all dropped so they found themselves with a lot of time to do something that didn't cost anything. They couldn't come up with anything except entertaining at home, which meant pool parties for Shelly's group and poker parties for Craig's group.

The Poker Party

Six weeks after losing their job Craig had the guys over for a poker party, his house was the logical place since Dennis lived in an apartment, Kent lived at home, and Drew had a roommate that was not fond of having people over, and anyway, having the guys over was okay with Craig, one of the things he enjoyed was showing off the home, and Shelly was looking forward to hosting the event.

Shelly put together a small spread of sandwiches, potato chips, and assorted cheeses which Craig rolled his eyes when he saw it, and prepared the patio for the game as it was such a pleasant night. Since it as the first poker night no one knew what to expect, but with everyone being out of work the stakes were low, quarter to open and raises limited to one dollar. Craig had played poker in college, and was a good player, but with the low stakes he knew that everyone's losses would be minimal. The others were of the same opinion, this was a game to be played amongst friends, winning was important only in that the winner could hold it over the others heads, playing to win to take money from people who were out of work seemed to be, counterproductive and insulting to what the evening was meant to be.

At 5pm the guests arrived, Dennis was first and was alone as his wife Linda had other plans, and even if she didn't have plans she probably wanted nothing to do with playing poker. "So Craig, nice place."

"Thanks Dennis, our pride and joy." he said with a smile.

Looking around he asked, "First here?"

"Yes you are. So, no Linda?"

He waved him off, "Nah, she couldn't make it tonight, she had other plans, and even if she didn't she probably wouldn't come, she hates playing cards."

Kent was just a few minutes behind leaving Drew who was ten minutes late, which was nothing new for Drew!

They sat down around the table and began playing cards and bullshitting, catching up on things since the closing of the company. Drew was the first of the group with good news, "So, got a job at Sears, working in their warehouse."

"Cool, how is it?"

"Okay, in some respects better than most places. The guys I work with are, for the most part, pretty cool. My Manager is an asshole, but that's normal."

"What about you" Craig asked of Dennis.

"Got a couple of nibbles but nothing solid. Linda's job is secure, so far, and we can live off her paycheck, for now."

"And you" Craig asked of Kent.

"I have a second interview Tuesday at Langston and Mathers, an accounting office, in their acquisitions area. Not too promising, but I made the first cut so, got my fingers crossed. And you Craig?"

Shaking his head no, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Thinking of heading down to Columbia and smuggle some drugs back to pay the bills."

"Nice. Little room for advancement though," laughed Kent.

"But think of the unlimited sex you'll get in prison" laughed Drew.

They all laughed, Craig was always good to lighten the conversation with his unique sense of humor.

"Is that a hot tub?" asked Drew.

"Yes it is. I love it. Nothing better than sitting back with a cold one."

"Yeah I bet. So have you christened it yet?" laughed Drew.

"Several time. In fact if you were a bit earlier you might have gotten an eyeful of pure Midwestern beef stake."

"Dude, that's just wrong. Now if it was cheesecake, well than I would be for all that!"

Everyone agreed on that.

"Calm down you horn dogs."

A few minutes later Shelly came out and being the good hostess asked the guys, "So you need anything?"

Drew jumped in quickly, "No, but I have a question"


"So if I would have been early would there have been a free show."

She hit Craig on the shoulder, "Really?"

"Nice going Drew" Craig said sarcastically.

"Hey, I just want to make sure that I'm never early, you know, so that I don't interrupt anything."

"Right. You early. Fat chance of that," laughed Kent.

"Just like having sex in the hot tub again. I can't believe that you told them" she scolded him.

Kent came to his defense, "Ah Shelly, don't get mad at him. He's just bragging."

Shelly hit Craig again as he replied, "Thanks Kent, but I really don't need your help."

Drew continued, "So Shelly, hot tub, nude right?"

Turning a deep shade of red, she said "No."

With a smile on his face, and moving to dodge the smack that was sure tom come Craig, said, "Come on honey, don't lie to them, in our hot tub, clothing is optional."

She hit him again, causing laughter to erupt from around the table.

She walked away from them with what she thought was anger, but realized it was excitement. That Craig had told the guys that they had sex in the hot tub mortified her, but it also sent chills of excitement threw out her body, causing her nipples to harden and her pussy to become wet.

She went up to the bedroom to get some laundry together when she sat down on the bed, feeling the tingling of excitement, of being naughty, of being very horny she moved her hand under her shirt and up to her bra covered breasts and began pinching and squeezing her nipples. It felt so good that she brought her other hand up to play with the other. She quickly took off her top and bra and shimmied out of her shorts and panties and lay back on the bed and began playing with her very wet pussy, rubbing her clit with one hand while moving her fingers in and out of her pussy with the other, making sloshing sounds that only added to her excitement.

Her mind was reeling from the intensity of the perverse things she was doing to herself, but it only fueled her desire. She thought of being in the hot tub bouncing up and down on Craig's cock, his head buried between her breasts as he sucked first one nipple and then the other. The two so lost in what they were doing that neither was aware of the presence of his friends watching them fucking.

"Oh yeah baby fuck me" she moaned. She wanted to scream it out load so that Craig would hear her and come upstairs and take care of her, but she wasn't that far gone, she couldn't do that could she? As her fingers were moving in and out of her wet pussy and her fingers were strumming her hard clit she knew she wanted to get fucked, but how? How could she get Craig to come upstairs and fuck her without the guys downstairs knowing? She had her answer. She doesn't care that the guys downstairs would know if Craig came up and fucked her! In fact it kind of excited her that they WOULD know that Craig came upstairs to fuck her.

That last thought sent her over the edge as her orgasm took hold, her legs kicked out as her back arched as she let out a groan of pleasure while she continued to fuck herself with her fingers. It was the most intense orgasm she has ever given herself, it even ranks up there with those that Craig had given her.

When she came down from the orgasm she lay on the bed catching her breath. She felt fulfilled but not satisfied, she needed Craig to satisfy her, to satisfy that itch. But, how to do it?

She formulated a plan to get what she wanted, she sat up on the bed and ran her fingers into her still wet pussy, gathering what juices she could and applied it to parts of her body, her neck, her hands, and her breasts, she wanted to make sure that the guys downstairs could smell her excitement, to know that she wanted to get fucked. She stood up and moved to her dresser and retrieved the special white bikini, special because she removed the inside covering making it see through when wet, and when Craig would see it on her he would know exactly what she wanted.

She quickly put it on, grabbed her swimming robe and headed downstairs on shaky legs. As she got down to the bottom of the stairs the laughing from the guys caused her to pause and question if she had the guts to go through with her plan. She didn't necessarily want the guys to see what she has, but she really wanted to get fucked by Craig. But after running it through her mind, a bit of the exhibitionism in her came out as the wetness returned to her knowing that the guys would have a good view of her body when she got out of the pool. Heck, they might even see more of her now that she was wet between the legs.

She confidently strode out from the hallway through the kitchen to the patio where the guys were playing, Drew was the first to see her and whistled his approval, which drew all of the attention her way, which just got her more excited.

Surprised by what she was wearing Craig said, "What the heck babe..."

She smiled and leaned down and hugged him putting his head in her chest and placing her wet hand on his cheek, "Yes, I know baby, I love you too."

The arousal scent was not missed by Craig, nor the other guys at the table as they looked at each other in disbelief, as conservation Shelly 5'2" shoulder length dusty blond hair with light green eyes and a killer 34d, 24, 26 body that reeked of sexual arousal, sensually kissed her husband and made her way to the pool, swaying her hips proactively.

"Dam Craig, you're the man!" laughed Drew.

Shaking his head Kent said, "I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're one lucky son of a bitch Craig."

"Yeah, you got it all happening for you dude" smiled Dennis.

All Craig could do was sit there his mouth open in shock as he tasted the sweet smell of his wife's arousal upon his face. He turned, as all his friends had done, to watch as she dived into the pool.

"With her swimming it's going to be hard playing cards" croaked Craig.

"That's not the only thing hard" laughed Drew.

Craig looked at Drew sternly, "Hey now, that's my wife!"

Slapping Craig on the back Kent jumped in, "Yes she is, and you are on lucky mother fucker!"

Shelly didn't pay attention to the conversation, but she knew what they were talking about, Her. And it excited her to no end. She did a couple of laps, feeling the coolness of the water as she swam through it. But the coolness of the water did nothing to ally her carnal desire, she was still hot for Craig. A couple more laps and she stopped at the shallow end of the pool and pinched her nipples to get them hard, not that they weren't already, before standing up and got out of the pool and walked sensually back to the table where the guys were playing, purposefully forgetting her robe.

When she got into the light from the patio her body was clearly visible through the wet bikini, especially her rock hard nipples. The conversation stopped immediately as all eyes turned towards her, drinking in the beauty of her body.

"Have a good swim Shelly?" asked Craig knowing full well what the guys were about to see.

"Yeah, it was great. Water is a little chilly though."

"Yes, we can tell" laughed Drew.

Craig turned to Drew and yelled, "Drew! What the fuck man!"

She placed her hand on her hips and stood seductively allowing her legs to part allowing all to see her bush, "Honey, I need your, uhm, tool, to open a drawer that's stuck. Can you help me, please?"

All of the guys, except Craig let out an ohhh, Craig just blushed a deep red and said, "Uhm sure."

She turned and made her way to the stairs, swishing her hips as she went, with Craig following behind her. As she entered into the kitchen she undid the tie on her bikini top and let it fall to the ground.

"Shelly! Holy shit! What the fuck has gotten in to you?"

She stopped and untied the bikini bottom and let it fall leaving her completely nude just out of eye shot from the guys before saying, "Hopefully you"

"Dam woman, let's go!"

She moved slowly and sensually through the remainder of the kitchen and headed up the stairs stopping when she half way up. She turned slowly to face Craig, "I don't think I can wait" and bent down and began unbuttoning his pants to get to his very hard cock.

"Shelly, what the heck has gotten into you?" but he didn't stop her, he helped her by pulling off his shirt.

When his hard cock was free she leaned in and took it in her mouth as far as she could savoring the taste. She pulled back and twirled her tongue around the head before moving back down. Craig held on to her head for dear life as his conservative beautiful wife gave him the best, and hottest, blowjob of his life. He had no idea what had gotten into her, but he liked it.

She bobbed up and down a couple more times before taking him out of her mouth and turned around on the stairs and bent over saying, "Okay baby I need it, give it to me."

He looked back down the stairs but no one was there, so he took his hard cock in his hand and placed the head at the entrance of her hot wet pussy, "You ready for me babe?"

"Yesss. Fuck me baby, fuck me good!"

He entered her and didn't stop until he was in all the way. He didn't think he could last long, but it didn't matter because as soon as he began fucking Shelly it triggered her orgasm, which was the most powerful orgasm of her life as she let out a loud grunt followed by, "Oh god, that's it. Fuck me, fuck me, ahhhhh."

And did he fuck her, for at least a dozen strokes when grabbed her hips and jammed his cock as far inside of her as he could and exploded into her letting out a loud "Arrrgggghhh." He held onto her hips as his body twitched as he spurted his cum deep inside her.

"Oh shit babe. Fuck! This is, oh my god, fucking great!" he said through gritted teeth.

She could only whimper as her body rode out her orgasm as her husband held her onto his spurting cock. Never had she felt so, sexually charged, as she was now.

As he finished dumping his load into her, he pulled out and slapped her ass playfully and walked back downstairs, not realizing that he was nude, but Drew didn't think twice saying, "Dude, what the fuck man, we all know you fucked the shit out of the wife, and it's your house and all, but can you please put some clothes on."

Looking down he realized he was nude, he didn't care, he shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the stairs where he just had the best sex of his life. His wife was gone, she must have just left, he picked up his clothes and got dressed and went back to the poker game putting on his best I've done nothing face as possible.

Drew stood up and clapped saying, "Bravo my man, bravo."

Dennis just smiled and said, "So, fix her drawer?"

Kent looked at him and said, "You are one lucky bastard."

Drew added, "So, you get this whenever guests come over, or are we just, lucky?"

Shaking his head no, "This never happened before. I have no idea what got into her."

"Sure, sure you don't. I know exactly what got into her" laughed Drew.

"Alright now, stop it" countered Dennis.

"So, Craig, do you think I might have caused the reaction from Shelly?" asked Drew.

"In your dreams" laughed Dennis.

"Yeah, it was probably me" laughed Kent.

The good natured ribbing went on the rest of the night, with each guy taking swipes at Craig, even Dennis the married guy took his shots. But it was all in good fun. And just after midnight after they all had left Craig headed up to bed and found his wife naked on top of the covers. He was going to wake her for a good fuck but she looked so peaceful that he decided to join her in sleeping. But tomorrow, tomorrow was another story.


He woke up late, it was 7:30, and was alone in the bed. He got up and walked downstairs looking for Shelly to discuss some unfinished business from last night. As he got to the bottom of the stairs he heard the unmistakable sound of bacon being placed in a frying pan. There standing before the stove was his wife making bacon as well as pancakes.

"Ohh, I was hoping to make you breakfast in bed!" she lamented.

"Bacon? Splurging a little are we?" he laughed.

"I thought it would be nice, you know, after last night" she said with a blush.

"What do you mean?" he asked coyly.

She blushed deeply, "Come on, you know,"

Raising his hands he countered "What?"

"Are you kidding? What happened after I had a swim last night."

"Oh, do you mean when you wore the see threw bikini? Or the stripping in the kitchen? Or could it have been the fucking on the stairs?"

Blushing deeply again, "I guess all of the above."

"Well I must say that it was the most awesome sex that I think we have ever had!"

"Oh you aren't kidding. Oh my god I came so hard. And so quickly."

"What got into you last night?"

"Besides you?"

He laughed and hugged her.

"I don't know, probably several things. The two glasses of wine, the sex in the hot tub before the guests arrived, the stress that we have both been under for the last month. All of that just, came out last night, and, well, you got the benefits of it."

"I'm not the only recipient of your pent up stress. The guys now truly know how sexy you are. In fact, they made several comments on your, womanly attributes, as well as your penchant for vocalizing sex."

"Oh god, they heard me?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors heard you."

"I'm so embarrassed!"

"Wait a minute, you're embarrassed that they heard you, but not that they saw you in that translucent bikini?"

"Well, I kind of expected that they would see me. That might have had something to do with the, rush, that I felt at the time. I mean it was sooo, exciting knowing that they could see EVERYTHING that God gave me."

"Well, well, well, you hot little piece of ass, you got off on it didn't you."

She looked away from him as she nodded her head in agreement.

"Are you excited now?"

"NO!" she said all too quickly.

He could clearly see her nipples poking through the thin fabric of the night shirt she was wearing, she was not being honest was she. He moved closer and slipped his hand underneath the bottom of the night shirt and up between her legs to her uncovered pussy, as he slid a finger into the folds he found it wet with excitement, "So, not excited are you?"

"Well, maybe a little."

He kissed her neck and said softly, "Maybe I should take care of this for you."

Moaning softly she said, "Ohh, honey, the bacon"

At three bucks a pound he can wait.

They ate breakfast quickly and went after each other like their life depended on it. Their sexual romp after breakfast was memorable. He had picked her up and put her on the kitchen table and taken her right there, taking her hard and fast as if his life depended on it. For Shelly this is what she wanted, what she craved. She put her legs on his shoulders giving him full access to her as he pounded her like never before.

After they were done they were both somewhat embarrassed with the ferocity of their love making, in fact it didn't feel like they made love, it felt that as if the animalistic side of their personalities had taken over themselves and satisfied their wild animal side. The embarrassment was short lived as they broke down laughing as they moved the kitchen table back into place, seems they moved it several feet out of place.

The week that followed was sexually charged as Shelly wore nothing more than t-shirts around the house, which kept Craig with a perpetual hard on. Several times during the week Shelly would sneak her hand into Craig's pants and give him a playful squeeze, and depending on his reaction would go down on him.

For his part, Craig was more forward as he would hug and kiss Shelly while getting her down on the coach or bed, and when she was laying down he would eat her out, bringing her off before getting on top of her and fucking her like he did in the kitchen.

That's that way it was during the week, fucking like animals, but on Saturday it changed. Craig approached Shelly from behind and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her unencumbered breasts and kissing her neck. She responded by moving her head to the side giving him access to her neck and pushing her ass back into him.

He whispered in her ear, "I don't know what got into you this last week, but, man babe, you're driving me nuts."

She moaned loudly as he kissed her neck and played with her breasts. She wanted him, badly, but was content to wait him out. "Do you like me like this?" She asked.

"Yeah, I love it when you are like this" as he slid his hand underneath the shirt and up to her breasts, continuing to give them the attention that they truly deserved. "It turns me on that you have become more open and freer with your sexuality."

"You like that? You want me to be more open?"

"Yes. I want you to be more open, to be more sexually active, more excepting." as he slid his other hand down between her legs to feel her wetness.

She spread her legs giving him better access before asking, "You want me to be more open baby?"

As he slid a finger into her pussy he said, "Yes. I do baby, yes I do."

"Open, like what I did before your friends when I put on the white bikini?" she groaned.

"Oh my god, that was so hot, yeah baby like that" he was now pinching her nipples as he began to finger fuck her.

"You want me to, show off my body? To them?" she whimpered.

Was she fooling around or was she serious? He was afraid to ask, afraid of what her answer would be, and he was afraid that he would agree to it as well. "Is that what you want? To turn on the guys? To flirt with them?"

"Uhn, baby, if that is what you want, I'll do it. Whatever you want..."

"No baby, this is all up to you, it's your decision. You have to want to do it, and say that you'll do it."

She bit her lip, she wanted so badly to say yes, but she was afraid of what Craig would say, of what he would think of her, that he would lose all respect of her. She didn't want that, no she loved Craig, loved him deeply, and she didn't want to lose him. But, could she deny what she was feeling?

"Oh baby, I love you, fuck me baby, please fuck me."

He turned her around and kissed her deeply as he stepped out of his shorts and underwear. He maneuvered her to the coach and gently laid her down and lifted her shirt exposing her breasts to him. He lowered his head and took the hard nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over it a couple of times before moving to the other. As he did this he placed his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy before gently sliding the head in.

Shelly feeling the hard cock at the entrance of her wanting pussy lifted her hips in an attempt to take more of it in to satisfy her lustful need to be fucked. But Craig held back, he wanted this to be slow, to enjoy it, and make it last as long as possible. Shelly moaned in dissatisfaction and said, "Come on baby give it to me."

Taking her hard nipple out of his mouth he leaned forward slipping more of his hard cock into her as he whispered in her ear, "I will, but at my speed, how I want to do it."

She groaned as she placed her hands on his ass to pull more of Craig into her. Sensing her rising frustration with what he was doing, Craig abandoned this approach and slowly slid all of his hot meat into her until he hit bottom.

In a husky voice Shelly replied, "Oh yeah, that's it baby, yeah, the whole thing."

"You like it like this?" Craig asked as he slowly pulled out of her until only the head of his cock was inside of her until pushing it back in quickly.

"Yeah, baby, that's what I like, uhmmm yeah."

He began a slow in and out motion, and like before leaving just the head in before putting it back in. "So, this how you want it? Like this? Slow and powerful?"

"You know it baby. I love the way you fuck me like that."

He continued his movement varying it slightly by moving his hips from side to side as he slid it in. He got up on his elbows and bent down to kiss and lick her nipple, eliciting a groan of delight from Shelly. "You like when I lick and suck your nipples?"

"Oh yeah baby, I love it, especially when your fucking me."

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, "Is that all you like?"

She wasn't sure what he was getting at, she think she knew but wasn't sure, but answered, "No baby, I like all kinds of things."

"Anything that we haven't done?"

She shivered at his question because deep down there were things that she wanted to do, new things, things that he might find, unnatural, things that she never tried before. She decided to toy with him, to get a rise out of him, "Oh baby, if you only knew what I want to try. It might freak you out."

This was not what he expected, and caused him to increase his pumping into her as he gasped out, "Really? Try me baby, I don't freak out easily."

She looked into his eyes searching for his feelings, to see if her really wanted to know what she was thinking of doing, at what she was capable of. Seeing nothing but love and lust she decided to open up and see where this would take them, "Maybe I could give you a little show, play with my tits and finger my pussy. Would you like to see that?"

"Oh yeah baby, I would love to see that."

She smiled at him and moved her hand to her breasts, and ran it lightly over one nipple and then the other, "Is that what you like to see? Did that turn you on? Seeing me play with my nipples?"

"Fuck baby, that is so fucking hot! Yeah, I would love to see you play with them."

She lifted one of her breasts upwards and ran her tongue over the hard nipple, "How about this? Do you like to watch me lick my own nipple?"

"Yes baby, I like watching you lick your nipples!"

She strained her neck as she took the nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it, hard. The playing and licking of the nipples was exhilarating, but sucking on them was, mind blowing. She never tried it before, she wanted to, but never had the guts to. But seeing the look in Craig's eyes as she first played and then licked them drove her made with passion until she finally took it into her mouth to suck on it.

She took the nipple out of her mouth and asked "How about that baby, did you like watching me suck my nipples?"

Craig could only nod his head yes as he increased his movements.

She was getting close to coming, as was Craig. She took the nipple back into her mouth but only to take it between her teeth, biting it gently while flicking her tongue over the part still in her mouth. The orgasm that was just at the outskirts of her mind came up to the fore front and took hold and flowed through out her body. The suddenness of Shelly's orgasm sent Craig over the edge as jets of hot cum shot out of his cock into Shelly's pulsating pussy.

After coming for what seemed like hours Craig finally fell back onto the floor trying to catch his breath. Shelly was left panting on the couch, finally sated and basking in the afterglow of another intense orgasm. She looked at Craig who had the same look on his face, along with a smile that spoke to the exuberance of her performance. She was very wet from the mixture of their juices, and she could feel some of it leaking out of her well used pussy. She smiled and said to Craig, "Well, it feels like you drooped a huge load of cum in me. Can you see it?"

Craig smiled, "Yes I do. Let me get you a rag to clean it up so that it doesn't mess the coach up."

Before he could get up Shelly said, "Don't bother" as she scoped up the mixed fluids and brought them to her lips and seductively licked them clean. She continued to clean herself up as if it was no big deal, but when she looked into Craig's eyes and saw the look of disbelief she stopped. She looked at him intently trying to determine what he was thinking of, of what he thought of her as she cleaned herself up. But she could only see an expression that exuded disbelief.

As she finished cleaning herself she noticed that Craig's cock was rock hard. She slid off the coach and crawled over to Craig and gently pushed him down onto the carpeted floor saying, "I think someone else needs a little cleaning."

She bent down and made a show of licking his cock clean starting with his balls and moving up to the head. When he was clean she took him into her mouth as far as she could and held him there before letting him out of her mouth. She looked into his eyes as she swirled her tongue around the head his cock before quickly taking him back into her mouth as far as she could go where she held it moment before she let it out, except for the head. She put her hand around the base of his cock and began pumping it as she sucked on the head, moving her tongue all around it.

After a couple of pumps she took her mouth off of his cock and said, "Looks like someone wants another fuck, are you game?"

"Yeah baby, let's do it again" he said as he began to get up.

"Oh no you don't big boy, I'm riding this bronco" as she pushed him back down and moved her hips over his. She reached down and grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy and said, "Ready to get fucked?"

Craig could only shake his head yes.

Shelly smiled as she lowered herself onto Craig's hard cock stopping only when she reached the bottom. She wiggled her hips and moved forward slightly as she placed her hands on his chest, pinching his nipples. She lifted herself up keeping only a small part of his cock in her before settling back down onto him where she wiggled her hips.

"You like this baby?"

He grunted out a yes.

She straightened up and began to ride him harder while saying, "That's it baby, you like the way I am fucking you?"

"Yes I do. Ride me baby. Ride my cock" he shouted.

She was now bouncing up and down on him grunting loudly at each down stroke as her clit hit his pubic bone sending immense feelings of please threw out her body. Faster and faster she bounced up and down on him as she raced towards the impending orgasm that was just beginning. It only took a couple of more up and downs before Shelly screamed "That's it baby, I'm there, I cumminnnnggggg."

That's all it took for Craig as he grabbed hold of Shelly's hips and thrust upwards holding his cock deep within her as he erupted inside her.

After her orgasm subsided Shelly leaned down, mashing her breasts onto Craig's chest, and kissed him deeply snaking her tongue into his mouth. Craig, caught by surprise once again by his sexually heightened wife, rolled her over onto her back and attacked her tongue with his own.

Thinking back on what she had done to him Craig thought it was time to reciprocate. He broke the kiss and moved down to her breasts where he began kissing and licking her harden nipples before moving down to her belly button where he stopped to kiss it, but only momentarily as he continued down to her pussy, wet with a mixture of their most recent love making.

And as he snuggled up into the valley between her legs he wasn't sure that he could do it, to lick the juices, his cum. from her well fucked pussy. Kissing around the folds of her vagina the scent of his wife was intoxicating, like it was drawing him into her, pulling his tongue to the wetness of her pussy. He tentatively stuck his tongue into her wetness, grabbing a little bit of it to taste. He let it roll into his mouth, rolling it across his tongue, he liked it. He dove into her wetness, licking up all there was. And when it was licked clean he changed his tactics and began licking her hard clit, going from a cleaner to getting her off.

Shelly was beside herself with lust, floored that he had went down on her after cuming in her. She wanted to stop him, but she was too far gone and just closed her eyes tightly and let Craig do what he wants to do.

She moaned lightly as she began to move her hips to the rhythm of his licking, she wanted to cum so badly that she moved her hands up to her breasts and began pinching and tweaking her nipples to hasten her orgasm.

Craig had to hold on to her tightly as she began bucking her hips into his face, something she had never done before, it drove him wild with lust to see the wanton loss of inhibition in Shelly, it was like she was a different person altogether.

Shelly said loudly, "Oh god, I'm almost there, keep going, faster, faster, oh god faster, ungh, oh shit, that's it ... Unghhh..." and came all over his tongue. Craig just rode it out continuing to suck and lick on her hard clit while holding on for dear life, until Shelly finally collapsed in a heap.

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