The Seduction

by chinookwind

Copyright© 2013 by chinookwind

Erotica Sex Story: A precocious 16 year old decides to seduce her neigbor. The Mother and daughter team up together and invite the unsuspecting neighbor to a week's stay at a resort. Not leaving anything to chance, the Mother is given a specialized drug from a pharmaceutical friend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Lolita   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

01.01 Mary, Lilly, John, The conspiracy:

01.02 Mary, Lilly, John, The preparation:

01.03 Lilly, John, Seduction, Handjob:

01.04 Lilly, John, Seduction, Deep Throat:

01.05 John, Lilly, Seduction, Mating:

01.01 Mary, Lilly, John:

Mary, 30, a widower, and her daughter Lilly, live next door to John, a 32 year old who is still recovering from a three year old failed marriage. Their relationship is close but not intimate. Lilly is a precocious 16 year and has come to look at John as both a friend and surrogate father.

Lilly's sex education classes at school has made her want to learn more about a male's sexuality and being internet savvy, has surfed the forums and porn sites for the information she was seeking. The more she learned, the more excited she got. Thoughts of having sex with John were building in her mind.

One morning while Lilly was at school, Mary saw that her laptop had not been turned off and her curiosity got the better of her. She clicked on the 'Favorites' tab and her eyes flew open when she saw the sites and forums that her daughter was visiting. That evening, Mary decided it was time for a Mother daughter talk. Lilly confided in her Mother that she wanted to have sex with John and was using the web to help her do it. A stunned Mary suddenly realized that Lilly's actions with John, over the past several months, was more than an infatuation with their neighbor. The tight fitting shorts and blouses along with the thong bikinis.

She now saw the promiscuous side of her daughter every time she was around John. Despite her ongoing talks, Lilly's advances toward John continued. John's thoughts about Lilly were 'fatherly' in nature and knew she was going to be a heart breaker to the boy's she went out with. Mary finally reached the conclusion that this wasn't going to end until her daughter had seduced John. Mary began to visualize the seduction and a strange sense of perverse excitement filled her mind. She told Lilly that she would arrange for a week's getaway at their favorite resort and would ask John to join them. In the meantime, she was to stop her obvious advances toward him.

Mary knew that she would have to have a little 'help' and contacted a close friend who was a pharmacological researcher. He was developing drugs which have effects similar to Viagra and would keep a male or female aroused for at least two hours. In males, the drug would enhance semen production and permi multiple ejaculations. He agreed to send her a two week supply if she agreed not to disclose when she got it. When the package arrived, Mary opened it and looked at the fourteen packages.

The instructions were simple,

1. Pour contents of one package into any drink or beverage. 2. Effects are within ten to fifteen minutes. 3. Minimum time between doses is two hours.

Mary showed Lilly what she had received.

"One package is enough to give you the edge that you need with John. The others can be used to heighten the experience of any 'follow up' encounters you have with John."

The resort was picture perfect, long curving sandy beaches rimmed with majestic palm trees. Behind the trees were the guest bungalows, each with its fifty foot path to beach and the ocean. Each bungalow had a golf-like cart which was used to visit the resort's main buildings, malls and beaches. The bungalows were luxurious in every respect with two bedrooms, separate kitchen and dining room. Groceries, food and beverages could be ordered and delivered by the resort's guest services. Mary had arranged for two adjacent bungalows.

They arrived on the island around noon and checked in. The desk informed them that some landscaping work was being done between the two bungalows and they should be careful if they were walking across the open ground. After unpacking and ordering what they wanted from the resort's services, they changed into their bathing suits and headed to the beach. Mary saw John staring at her daughter's thong bikini and smiled.

John looked at Mary and said,

"Hard to believe she just turned 16."

Mary understood what John was alluding to and nodded her head.

Around 5:00pm they returned to their bungalows. While John was changing, Mary told Lilly that their plans for John would start in the morning after a good night's sleep. Mary made dinner and after they finished eating, they relaxed in the living room, watching their HDTV. At 10:30pm John stood up and said that he was going to turn in. Mary told John to join them for breakfast and wear his bathing suit.

Mary followed John out the door and with a gentle and diplomatic voice suggested that he use the depilatory in his bathroom to remove his genital hair which was was pushing abundantly past the edges of his bathing suit. John looked down and blushed when he saw that it was true. When he got back to his bungalow he went into the bathroom. Mary suggested the same to Lilly. Lilly hugged her Mother and went to her bedroom. After an arousing session with the depilatory and the silky soft soap, Lilly drifted off to sleep with visions of a naked John.

01.02 Mary, Lilly, John, The preparation:

As luck would have it, the rains settled in during the night. In the morning, Mary was preparing breakfast when she looked out the kitchen window and saw John navigating through the muddy landscaping area and saw him slip. He stood up covered with mud over most of his body. Since he was closer to her bungalow, she opened the window and told him he could use her shower and she would wash his T-shirt and swim trunks. An embarrassed, but smiling John nodded his head and took off his sandals as he entered the door. Lilly smiled sympathetically at him as he made his way to the bathroom. Mary waited by the door and soon John handed her his T-shirt and swim trunks. She told him to use the robe that was hanging on the door.

Mary looked at Lilly and whispered,

"This is perfect, all he will be wearing is a robe."

Lilly dashed off to her room, removed her bikini. She put on a sexy negligee that she had ordered online and then put on a robe.

In a few minutes, John came out of the bathroom and they sat down at the kitchen table enjoying each other's company as they ate their breakfast. When finished Mary suggested that John relax in the living room and watch the HDTV while she cleaned up the kitchen. She made him coffee and laced it with the package's powder. John settled back on the sectional, tuned to CNN and began sipping on Mary's 'special' coffee.

It started as a wonderful warmth that flowed across his loins seeping into his penis, testicles and nipples. He continued watching the HDTV and sipping his coffee as the exquisite sensations intensified. Mary saw John begin fidgeting on the cushion and knew that the drug was taking effect. The feelings that were spreading across his body were much like those that he felt when he was about to have sex with his ex wife. His nervousness escalated as his mind tried to figure out what was happening to him. Mary nodded at Lilly and she walked in front of John. He looked at her with mounting apprehension as the unwanted sensations intensified and flowed throughout his body. Lilly smiled and undid the sash to her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders. John's eyes opened wide when he saw Lilly's youthful, curvaceous body, firm breasts and nuded labia beneath the sheer negligee. Before he could react, Lilly knelt down in front of his bent and closed knees. She looked up into his dazed eyes and smiled as she ran her hands along his robe covered thighs. He flinched at the touches and whispered,

"Lilly, for God's sake what are you doing?"

He looked at Mary and was equally stunned when he saw her smiling back at him.

01.03 Lilly, John, Seduction, Handjob:

Lilly's hands began massaging the soft fabric onto thighs and John franticly fought back the sensations that were from that were seeping into his tingling penis. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then quickly closed his eyes as her fingers pressed into fabric near his and balls. John shifted his thighs trying to evade the delicate touches of Lilly's exploring fingers tips. His breathing quickened when he felt his penis stirring and made an attempt to stand up but quickly stopped knowing that his arousal would be seen through the parted folds of his robe.

'Oh Jesus how can this be happening to him ... not in front of Mary and Lilly.'

Mary and Lilly smiled as a twitching 'tent' slowly rose higher under John's robe. He closed his eyes as a strong wave of arousal flooded his body and his balls ached between his closed thighs.

Mary remembered her friends words,

"An aroused male's erection would be solid for the next two hours, with no loss of sexual arousal or semen production."

Lilly smiled and stood up. Her hands grasped the bottom of her negligee and she pulled it upward and off of her body. A soft, reluctant sigh escaped John's mouth as he gazed at the fully exposed treasures of Lilly's young body. His induced erection jerked under the robe and Mary could see a small moist circle forming at the tip of the 'tent'. She smiled when he saw him bunching the robe between his thighs trying to make his arousal less noticeable.

Lilly knelt down again and rested her hands on his thighs and whispered,

"I want you to make me a woman. I trust you and know you won't hurt me."

An embarrassed and bewildered John was trying to make sense out of what was happening, 'why' is so aroused and 'why' is he so turned on by this naked 16 year old. Lilly's fingers slipped slowly under the edges of his robe and his hardness throbbed within the bunched fabric.

John pleaded,

"Lilly, stop, this isn't right, this ... Ohhhhhhhh!!"

Lilly's finger tips had slipped onto the soft skin of John's thighs. He felt his erection jump and his thighs involuntarily widened slightly. The robe over his thighs parted and Lilly's hands now had easier access to the bared flesh and she sensuously began an exquisite massaging and kneading action along John's inner thighs. As John shifted his hips, Lilly gasped softly when she saw portions of John's testicles and the thick base of his erection as it came come into her view. Lilly knew she was at the 'moment of no return'. Her persistent and gentle hands now worked their way further inward toward the junction of John's thighs. Panic filled his mind as he fidgeted and squirmed when he saw her hands and lower arm disappearing under the soft fabric of his robe.

John in almost a whisper, pleaded again,

"Nooo Lilly, don't do this, I beg ... Oh God!!"

Lilly felt John's hips jerk as her hands slipped inward over his thighs and wrap themselves around his erect manhood. John moaned and Lilly gasped excitedly as his penis throbbed within her squeezing hands.

Lilly looked at Mary and then up into John's eyes and whispered,

"Oh, John, it feels warm, soft and yet so hard and I can feel it pulsing."

John whimpered,

"Please don't ... please don't..."

And then he moaned as her squeezing hands glided up and down his engorged erection.

Lilly stood up and leaned inward, her hands moved from his hardness to the ends of the robe's sash. She began planting soft kisses all over his face and neck. Their lips met and after a few probes, John reluctantly, opened his lips and Lilly slipped her tongue into his mouth and kissed him for the first time. Her hands pulled on the sash and the upper part of his robe parted. The lower part of his robe was now loosely bunched on his lap and he returned the kiss, moaning into Lilly's mouth as the last remnants of his modesty and control disappeared.

Lilly broke the kiss and looked down onto John's lap. She smiled when she saw the 'tent' pushing upward within the bunched robe, The moist spot at the tip of the 'tent' had become larger.

She looked back into John's eyes and whispered,

"Help me John ... For me, it's a moment of discovery, a dream come true."

John's aroused body now surrendered his mind to the sixteen year old seductress and with a soft, not so hesitant whisper,


Lilly smiled and kneeled back down in front of John's spread and bent thighs. She reach forward and pushed his bunched robe away from his lap and both she and Mary gasped when John's nuded, granite-like erection bounced into the air. Lilly put her hands on John's thighs and slowly pushed them apart. He sighed as his heavy balls slipped down between them and swayed in the air in front of Lilly's adoring eyes.

"Oh John, it is beautiful ... I love it!"

John moaned as his aroused body became totally exposed to Lilly's feasting eyes.

Lilly's breath came in quick pants, when, for the first time in her life, her eyes were solidly locked onto a male's straining erection. All the hard penises that she had seen so far, were just from picture or videos. Her vagina was filled with an unknown need and her clitoris and nipples twitched with mounting excitement. She placed her hands on John's inner thigh's. He closed his eyes as the soft hands again, began to massage and knead the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. His hardness throbbed as it angled upward over his abdomen. His breath quickened when he felt the hands slowly inching their way inward. The hands left his thighs and lifted John's heavy, swaying testicles with a gentle massaging action.

Lilly gasped as his balls lay within her hands,

"Oh! John, I love them as much as your penis, they feel so soft and heavy."

John moaned at the contact and his straining member jerked in the air. The tingling gland glistened in the light from his oozing precum. Through dazed eyes, John saw Mary hand Lilly a bottle of massaging oil and then whispered something in her daughter's ear. She told Lilly that a sign of a man's excitement is when the head of his erection drools with a clear liquid.

Lilly smiled and looked at the thick crown of John's hard penis and saw the oozing clear liquid and looked up into John's nervous face, she was learning. She brought her fingers toward the drooling opening and swirled the sticky liquid around John's sensitive gland.

John gasped, his hips bucked and his hard organ jumped at the ecstatic contact. Lilly was thrilled with John's reaction. She opened the bottle and said softly,

"If you liked that, I know you are going to love this."

John franticly shook his head.

She poured the thick liquid onto John's hardness, starting at the excited head and moving downward, toward the base. She smiled when she saw it jerk in the air as the warm liquid spread over the sensitive hard flesh. She put the bottle down and moved her hands onto John's erection. Soft slurping sounds were heard as her hands began a delicious, slow, massaging and squeezing action.

John moaned and thrust his hardness upward into Lilly's hands.

Lilly smiled, she wanted to see what John's spurting semen looked like. Her slick hands now concentrated on John's hyper-sensitive, tingling gland. With her left hand wrapped around John's stroking member, Lilly pressed two fingers against the swollen gland in an ecstatic pressing and swirling action. John's mind was being saturated with sensations that he had not felt in a long time and his hips began bucking and jerking as Lilly drove his body toward his first ejaculation. She moved her slick left hand down and lifted his heavy balls with an exquisite massaging action. Her right hand now glided up and down John's enraged hardness.

John was franticly trying to block his orgasm,

"Oh God ... Oh No ... I can't be..."

Lilly could feel the deep internal pulsing of John's erection and she tightened her fingers around the throbbing hardness and held it so it was pointing straight up. John's breathing came in deep pants and gasps as his hips began to franticly thrust his straining manhood into Lilly's squeezing and massaging hands. He felt the incredible pressure build at the base of his straining member and then surge upward toward his tingling gland. The liquid joy swirled around the hyper-sensitive head and then exploded out of the puckering opening, spewing the thick essence high into the air. An excited Lilly wanted to clap her hands with joy but continued with her relentless assault on John's spurting manhood.

She smiled as the thick stream splattered back down, drenching his thighs, balls and her hands. She didn't let up and her learning hands coaxed another long stream of semen to jettison out of his jumping organ. Loud slurping sounds were heard as he thrust his spewing erection into Lilly's milking hands. Again he gurgled in joy as his second massive ejaculation erupted out of the agitated gland.

John slumped back onto the cushion gasping and panting. Lilly leaned back on bent legs looking at John's glistening, semen drenched erection, thighs and abdomen. She smiled at her achievement ... she had made John ejaculate.

She had to taste it and reached out and slipped a finger through one of the pools warm semen and brought her dripping finger to her mouth and her taste buds deliciously exploded. She loved the thick, slightly salty taste. She wanted more and began lapping up the thick nectar with her tongue. Mary was pleasantly surprised at what her daughter was doing and her own arousal was beginning build between his thighs. She went to the kitchen and returned with warm, wet wash clothes and a towel. A stunned John watched and felt both of them begin to wash and clean his body.

John now knew that this was a conspiracy and he had walked into it like a sacrificial lamb.

He moaned as the swirling hands washed away the remnants of his orgasm. What he couldn't understand was, why was he still so aroused and in so much need? Mary and Lilly looked at John's still engorged manhood and they smiled knowingly at each other.

Mary looked at Lilly and whispered,

"There is a better place for this, let's go your bedroom."

Lilly smiled and a confused John looked at them with pleading eyes. He wanted it to end ... wanted to run back to his bungalow. Lilly helped John into a standing position and he closed his eyes in embarrassment when he saw his erection standing hard and tall in front of the Mother and her daughter. Lilly saw the throbbing member and reached down and cradled it in her hand. John moaned at the wonderful touch and then something in his mind compelled him to do the same. He reached down and palmed the folds of Lilly's swollen labia. No one had ever touched her 'down there' and she wasn't prepared for the jolts of joy that shot throughout her loins. She quickly wrapped her arms tightly around John and gasped loudly.

"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!"

His hand slowly began a delicious massaging action and Lilly's mind and body was immediately flooded with wave of pleasures. Her knees wobbled as her arousal soared. Not wanting John to stop, Lilly closed her thighs, trapping his massaging hand as the fingers pushed between the moist folds, the thumb pressing over her swelling clitoral hood.

Mary interrupted their intimate discoveries and said,

"Come with me you two."

Mary led them into her Lilly's bedroom.

She preceded them into the bedroom, turned down the bed, adjusted the lights over the bed to a soft glow and switched on romantic mood music over the room's sound system. She saw Lilly's hand still wrapped around John's engorged manhood as she led him toward the bed.

01.04 Lilly, John, Seduction, Deep Throat:

They reached the bed and Lilly drew John close to her body and kissed him deeply and passionately. This time it was she that moaned into John's mouth when his erection pressed against her thigh.

They broke the kiss and Lilly whispered,

"Let me take care of that wonderful thing between your legs. I want taste that delicious nectar that spurts out of it."

Mary smiled when she saw John's erection jerk and jump in front of her. He had become a submissive pawn to 16 year old seductress. Lilly sat John down on the edge of the bed and then had him lay back on it with his feet resting on the floor. His erection bobbed excitedly over his abdomen. Lilly had watched dozens of video clips of women deep throating a man and her heart raced knowing she she was finally going to be able to do it herself.

She smiled down at John and whispered,

"Spread your legs a little wider John ... Oh that's good."

She saw his heavy, rejuvenated balls swaying between his thighs. Lilly moved between them and leaned over his body. Her abdomen made contact with his hard member and she wiggled deliciously against it. She smiled when she felt his warm, oozing precum spread onto her abdomen. Lilly starting planting soft butterfly kisses on John's neck and shoulders. Her hands reached in and palmed his firm areolas. A soft sigh escaped John's lip which changed to a low moan when the caressing fingers moved onto his erect nipples with an exquisite pressing and swirling action.

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and John's breathing quickened. Lilly's mouth and lips now trekked downward toward his right areola. John held his breath when he felt a warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then felt Lilly's suckling lips and tongue descend onto the excited bud. In a few seconds Lilly kissed her way over to John's left areola and again, her suckling mouth devoured his excited left nipple. Lilly divided her attention to both nipples and John's breathing came in quick pants and started pushing his tingling nipples into Lilly's wonderful hands and sucking mouth.

While Lilly's mouth and lips concentrated on John's excited nipples, her hands massaged their way down his abdomen. John's pants deepened as the hands neared the base of throbbing erection. The hands moved to his inner highs and began massaging the soft skin and John quickly spread his thighs as wide as he could. Her hands now retraced their way upward past John's jerking and oozing hardness and back to his aching, erectnipples.

Lilly smiled and again her hands started its downward trek. She deliberately grazed John's rigid manhood with her wrists and felt the hot, rubbery pulses of his engorged organ. Her hands slipped further downward and neared his heavy, swaying balls. John shifted his hips trying to get Lilly's hands to move inward to his aching testicles. Lilly didn't disappoint him and she gently formed her hands around his swaying bloated balls.

John's hips jerked upward and he moaned as waves of pleasure radiated outward from Lilly's massaging hands. Lilly's suckling mouth left John's tingling, erect nipples and began a delicious kissing journey downward over John's abdomen. John knew where the loving mouth was headed and his entire sex rippled with excited anticipation. His erection jumped and jerked and his precum spurted and drooled from the enflamed head. He closed his eyes and waited with bated breath as the sucking mouth came nearer and nearer to its destination.

John felt Lilly's mouth leave his abdomen and then a wonderful, warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive and tingling gland. He gasped loudly and arched upward as the loving mouth descended onto the head of his straining erection. Lilly's lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly excited gland. She moved her hands from John's testicles and put them on the bed for support. Her head and mouth now started a slow descent onto John's straining hardness. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. John's thick gland now glided into Lilly's her clenching mouth and throat.

Mary looked in amazement as the full length of John's manhood slipped into her daughter's throat. Her only thought was that Lilly must seen a web video and practiced on something, perhaps a dildo.

John gurgled with joy as Lilly's warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of her throat. Lilly's throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection, her chin pressed against John's heavy balls and she shifted it back and forth causing him to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

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