Z Is for Zipper

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Erotic Sex Story: Young Zoe had strange and wonderful but puzzling dreams. And she woke often in the night feeling wonderfully wet between her legs and with an odd but sweet taste in her mouth.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Oral Sex   Masturbation   mc story,mc sex story.


Zoe Zimmerman awoke with a start, a sound fading in her sleepy memory and a funny feeling that she'd been here before. The 14 year-old girl was trying to grab hold of a dream that was fading and vanishing from her consciousness even as she grasped it by it's tail of anxiety and pleasure.

That's what was so confusing about her recurring dream. It shocked her but, as she could recall not a single detail, all she was left with was a sense of dread, shame, shock and OMG what pleasure too. It was like waking from a roller coaster where every uplifting motion built up anticipation of a thrilling down ride. And each dream began and ended with the same sound in her head ... or in her dream imaginings ... ZZZzzzzz

It was 3 a.m. and Zoe needed to pee, so off she went down the hall past her dad's bedroom, then straight ahead to the bathroom which was flanked on either side by her big brothers' bedrooms; Zeke's was on the left and Zach's was on the right. As she tip-toed past, she thought she heard the sound of heavy breathing and moaning coming from Zach's room. The night lights were on in both her brothers' rooms so a dim glow appeared each night at the bottom of their doors.

Zoe found it somewhat chilly in the house but, after all, she was only wearing a thin night-slip with no panties underneath. Her daddy had insisted that too much clothing at night was not good for growing boys and girls, especially girls whose private parts got hot enough at her age. Zoe blushed when he said that, but she saw the logic of it and so took his advice and only wore her thin nightie which had a habit of bunching up several times in the night. That was probably because her dream made her toss and turn with excitement ... Yes, excitement was a good word for it because when she woke it felt both terrifying and terrific at the same time.

The boys, Zeke who was 17 and Zach who was 16, teased Zoe endlessly about her having to get up to pee every night. They said that's what old men have to do. This struck close to the bone for poor Zoe because she couldn't figure out why her pussy mound seemed so red each night and why her mouth had a strange taste in it. That's why she peed, brushed her teeth, gargled with Scope, and swabbed her pussy every night when she would inevitably be awoken by that darn ZZrzzzzz sound in her ear.

Freshened, she returned to bed and had some more of the hot cocoa, now cold of course, that her dad gave her every night to help her sleep. It sort of worked in that she dropped off right away, even before she could finish the cup of chocolaty drink. She usually woke up three or four times in the night ... having to pee and all but, after sipping some more cocoa, dozed off within minutes.

Tonight she was determined to stay awake and puzzle out what that dream and that sound was and maybe find out if ... But she didn't complete her thought as her head bobbed, drooped and finally lay resting on her pillow. Her gentle snoring soon blended in with the soft sound of ZZzzzzz and in her drowsy state not yet at 'rem' level. Zoe was aware but as if in a dream. Her senses were more awake but her mind and memory were confused within this dream.

Zoe found herself floating and feeling warm and cozy on her naked breasts for in her dream her nightie had magically disappeared ... she had felt her skin gently touching the fabric as it melted upward until it disappeared in the clouds that may have been her pillow and may have been those clouds she had misting her mind ... either way she felt warm and yet chilly as her dream self was now naked ... feelings more than seeing was her vision, although shadows in her mind touched all her senses and Brrzzzzz

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