Quickie Behind the Quick-mart

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

True Sex Story: I was looking forward to jacking off and dropping a weeks load at home. As I stopped for a soda and food at the quick mart, I ran into one of the swimmers from the local high school, I love southern hospitality

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   True Story   .

Being single in Georgia was fun. I did what I wanted when I wanted, and whom I wanted. It had been a long week at work, there had been a four-school football tournament, swimming practice was in full swing, and a class B band exhibition on Friday and Saturday. There were so many hot boys in and out of my little sandwich shop I lost count. I was so horny it was not funny, and I looked forward to getting home and finally getting off. It was Saturday evening; Darrin said he was heading to a party with his current girlfriend, so I knew I would have the place to myself. I stopped at the convenience store on my way home for some soda, snacks, and possibly something more substantial to eat. As I entered, I noticed one of the swimmers getting a soda. I ended up behind him in line and could still smell the chlorine from the pool. A quick once over told me he was going commando, maybe around 5'8" tall, his cut away shirt showed a nice smooth chest, with just a touch of hair under his pits. He paid for his soda, and smiled at me as he exited, I almost missed the smile below those blue eyes. I watched his ass wiggle inside his running shorts as he walked out the door. Nice JO material for later tonight I thought.

I paid for my stuff, and lit a cigarette on my way to the car, and as I sat enjoying my first real break of the day, swim-boy knocked on my window. "Got a spare smoke?" he asked as my window came down.

"Should you be smoking if you're a swimmer?" I asked.

"We've all got our bad habits" was his response. "Say don't you manage that sandwich shop by school?"

"Yeah, that the one."

"I love having such healthy choices close to school; I'm there almost every day."

"I know, I see you and your buddies, and I love having you all there."

"Really, Most places hate seeing a bunch of High School kids come in."

"I love it, it keeps me feeling young."

"You don't look that old."

"I'm 40+"

"Wow, I was thinking early 30's."

"Careful, flattery will get you discounts, and if I didn't know better I'd say you're flirting."

"Who says I'm not. There are rumors about you."

"Really, like what?"

"About how you're gay, doing your teenage roommate, and have a thing for legal teens like myself."

"Those might be more than just rumors, but I won't say yes or no"

"So how exactly would one find out?"


"OK, so I'm asking, do you like blowing legal teens?"

"I like doing more than that, but that's a good start, your place or mine?"

"There's this private sport behind the store here, and outdoor sex is awesome."

I got out of my car, locked it and said "Lead on." He turned and led the way around the store to a wooded lot. There were obvious worn trails leading into the woods, he picked one, and wondered into the dense brush as I followed, his ass swishing more and more with each step. Not far up the trail, he veered left and disappeared into the overgrown brush I made the same turn and as I broke through there was a small clearing. The big stump in the middle told me why, and the litter around the place said he wasn't the only one who knew about this spot. As I looked back at the boy, he had already removed his shirt and was in the process of dropping his shorts. He placed both neatly on the stump along with his soda. "Nice" was the only thing that came to mind as I admired his swimmers body, six-pack abs, and Adonis belt, leading the way to a healthy 6" cock.

"Let's see what I've got myself into," he said as he walked towards me hard teen cock leading the way.

"Promise you won't laugh," I said as he lifted my shirt, "I'm not nearly as well put together as you"

"That's ok," he said removing my shirt and working on my belt, snap and zipper. "I like men, not boys. So I expect something not so perfected as a swim body." He finished undoing my pants and as he pulled them down, he went with them. As he pulled my boxers over my cock, a rock hard, thick 7" slapped my stomach and a drop of pre-cum landed on his lips. He licked his lips and the head of my cock. "Nice and tasty" were his words as he leaned in and swallowed just over half of me. After a few moments, he stood, kissing his way back up my naked body, and backed up a step. I returned the favor, kissing my way down his smooth body, taking his 6" into my mouth. He tasted of pool and sweat, with a hint of salty cum. "Got off already?" I asked.

"Had too, I get all worked up watching the swim team change."

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