W Is for Webcam

by BIC

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Erotica Sex Story: 16 year old Wendy Wilson went from reading about hot sex fantasies on line to joining in. All safe an anonymous.. or so she thought.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Sex Toys   .

Wendy woke up Wednesday wet and worried. Wet because of what she had been doing for more than a week; worried for the exact same reason. What Wendy Wilson had started ten days week ago could be called waltzing on the edge of danger, a daring dance destined for delirium, desperate desire and/ or disaster.

Wendy, a 16 year old high school student, had secretly been logging in to various Stripping and Humiliation Story sites and NIP Photo and Video sites since she was 14 years old. For two years all she had done was read stories, look at videos and posted pix. But lately she also indulged in chat on Dare sites.

At first she would sign in to Stripping & Humiliation sites as ' WWW', standing for 'Wendy Wonders Wistfully '. She even traded comment replies with some of the greatest authors of that genre. And at the beginning that was enough to feed her growing libido. She usually managed to hand wash her 'smalls' herself so neither her mother nor her older sister would find out what a little slut she was turning into. The wet-dream stained sheets were another matter, but she feigned urinary dysfunction to hide her lust. After a particularly creamy-dreamy night when wet dreams seemed so real and her pussy got so moist, she would actually kneel over the stained spot and pee right on the bed and thus cover up one wetness with another.

But as much as their stories led to many a wet dream, Wendy went wandering the web with way more wantonness in mind. One site had links which connected to XXX links which led her last week to a site called WetCamCum.com. That site, hosted by someone calling himself Seymour Slutz, promised a web platform for exhibitionist girls (18+) who wanted to strut their stuff safely and anonymously.

Although shy by two years, Wendy was in no other way shy and she had the female goods to strut. Maybe not a bbw, but Wendy's tits were more than a handful and would probably qualify as perky and melon-like. Her ass was her best asset, spankable some guys might call it. Her face was angelic and her ash-blond hair atop her head would have been matched by genital fuzz below if she didn't shave it smooth each day.

Each morning Wendy checked herself out in the mirror as she stood on tip-toe and turned about giving sexy poses and come-hither looks to imaginary boys. She was hot, horny and very naïve. A perfect performer and prey for Seymour's Webcam cum Wetcam.

This Wednesday morning was special. Wendy had spent several days hovering and lurking about the Free portion of WetCamCum.com and had grown increasingly bold, curious and horny. On that site she had witnessed three different girls in what appeared to be their own bedrooms. Each acted coy and stripped down to just bra and panties before walking off camera range ... Pause ... then on screen-left her hand would appear holing her bra which she dropped ... pause ... her hand again with her panties between thumb and forefinger ... pause ... she dropped them too. Then, with her back to the web camera in her laptop or PC, she casually walked naked back into view and slowly turned around so the viewer could glimpse her from the front for a second of two before her hand reached up and blocked the lens. It was a teaser and very effective. It worked on the thousands of men who came to watch ( and visa versa, so to speak) and it worked on Wendy Wilson.

She so wanted to be the one parading and daring men to see more. Wendy knew that if men (or women) paid $19.95 they could see a lot more than panties dropping. On Monday she dared herself and was up for it; she clicked the link to 'Young, sexy models wanted' and filled out an on-line form swearing she was over 18 years of age. She gave only her hotmail address and no other identifying information. But a photo full face and nude was required. She took a couple of shots from her cell phone camera; mirror shots fore and aft, naked and smiling and sent them in.

Tuesday she got word through e-mail that she had been accepted and she was given details of exactly how to participate at a time of her choosing the next night. Apparently to accommodate different time zones and various schedules, none of the viewings on WetCamCum.com were live; all were taped ahead of time and shown as if live. So Wendy could pick a time when she could strip and act out the X-rated fantasy poses required for paying customers. Wendy opted for a 3 a.m. recording time for her live performance through her web cam to Seymour Slutz. That way she could do the one hour posing with directions from Seymour. The volume of the speaker and mike would be off ( so no noise ) but Seymour would send his directions on the text board below Wendy's live image.

The directions for the tease part was fairly simple; pretty much the same routine as she'd seen on those other three Free views. Wendy would have some room for artistic creativity and ad lib body language, but the set up was regulated to bring guys to their knees, their hands to their cocks and their wallets open to Seymour.

Wendy was both excited and nervous about the second stage of her webcam performance which started out with her naked and sitting on her bed, legs wide open and her hands clasped behind her head. She was to start the 45 minute episode with a wink to let the customers know something great was coming ( in more ways than one.)

It was those more ways that made Wendy nervous. She had never stripped in public before, let alone masturbated in full view to a thousand or mare horny guys. Just thinking of that made her wet ... Wet and wild was one of the sites she'd visited and that was how she felt ... what amazed her was feeling wet and wild made her get wetter and feeling more daring and wild. So this night she was determined to do the seven things on Mr. Slutz list of must-dos.

1. Intro strip teasing away most of her clothes and quick flash of flesh as a closer

2. Sit up in her beginning pay-per-lewd view pose with her shaved pussy prominently on display

3. Grab her boobs and squish them sexy-like together

4. Pinch her tits until they got hard ( making moaning sounds all the while )

5. Stroke her legs from mid-calf to pussy mound

6. Split open her pussy lips and dip one finger deep into her cunt

7. Withdraw and lick then suck that pungent finger in her mouth

That should take about five minutes. The routine would be repeated. Then Wendy would strike various sexy poses including rear view wiggling accompanied by self-spanking on butt cheeks. Repeat of the 7-stage masturbation only this time finger fucking for ten minutes straight. Wendy was encouraged to not fake it but genuinely enjoy herself and, if possible, reach a Big-O orgasm or at least fake it.

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