T Is for Training

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Erotica Sex Story: She was a pro at what she did. He was a young trainee. He was her sport.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including FemaleDom   First   .

The overnight train from Paris to Milan left the French capital at 4 p.m. and was due to arrive at its destination the next day at 8 a.m. Those sixteen hours would change Billy Jackson's life for ever. The lad was only 17 and had graduated from high school just two weeks before. This European adventure was a graduation present from his doting aunt Beatrice. But the journey Billy was about to take was nothing like the tourism, museum and art gallery-filled adventure his aunt had in mind.

"Being on your own and discovering new, exotic worlds will make a man of you, Billy!" So said Beatrice two weeks before. By giving him airfare and spending money, Billy's aunt was unwittingly fulfilling that prophesy and sending her nephew onto mysterious and exotic paths her pedestrian mind could hardly fathom.

Billy was traveling coach and that meant sitting up the whole way in a ten foot by eight foot compartment with two hard, hardwood benches facing each other and offering little comfort. Up to six people were supposed to be able to fit in these constrictive cells and on these punishment pews. For an overnight trip such as this, sleeping was fitful and furtive as you rested uneasy in the company of strangers, some of whom were strange indeed.

Billy walked into a near empty cabin and hoisted his knapsack in the overhead bin. Then he took a window seat and relaxed as he smiled and made small talk, as best he could, with the old man and two dames des certain ages who were nattering in what seemed a foreign language but turned out to be a Scottish accented English. The old man just grunted and looked miserable.

Still, it could be worse; The compartment wasn't too crowded and they all spoke English, sort of. Had they all spoken different languages they might not be able to converse at all. After four attempts at making chit-chat with his compartment companions, Billy realized they might all be from different planets. He had nothing in common or to say to them and they seemed wary of him, It was going to be a long 18 hours.

The train was getting up steam slowly pulling out of the station when the compartment door slid open and in the door frame there stood a goddess. Five foot three and every inch a vision of beauty from top to bottom and all the way around. Her top was what caught Billy's eyes first.

Her face was perfectly appointed with soft skin, luscious, poutting lips that demanded kisses, a cute button nose, and eyes!!! her eyes captivated and held you as you fell helplessly into their spell. But it wasn't her gorgeous face. Yes her hair was glorious golden and hanging below her shoulders; but it wasn't that. Her hair only drew attention to her topmost attractive feature, her bosom! Her breasts were noticeable not only for their size and adorable shape but also by the fact that her low-cut, cut-off top left little to eh imagination and much cleavage on display. Her boobs were even more commanding than her eyes. And what they demanded of Billy was that they be beheld. Not ' be held' just beheld.

This goddess was beautiful from top to bottom and, when she moved beside Billy and hoisted her gear to the overhear carry-all, the young lad got a very good look at her beautiful bottom. Like her bohemian top, her denim shorts were roughly cut and most revealing. She stood on tip-toe in her runners and the upward arm-stretch motion drew her cut-off top up farther so that Billy, who was seated and had a worm's eye view, could see she was not wearing a bra and OMG! He could see her tits completely. Billy near fainted as she gently bumped his head with her bum as she turned about. There were four deliberately cut holes in her denim shorts. Naked flesh peeped through each hole which likely were positioned to leave no doubt that this girl was going commando.

Billy was stupefied, stunned and sticking out. Yes, he had gown a boner and it was making him uncomfortable. For one thing, while the old man too had his eyes on their latest compartment companion, the two old Scottish matrons were glaring at both Billy and the goddess. The lad's 'extended interest' had not gone unnoticed by the old ladies either and now, much to Billy's horror, it had also drawn the attention of the young lady standing above him and smiling with her lips and winking with her right eye. Billy wanted to crawl under a blanket and die ... or else jerk off like mad.

The goddess had a name which she now shared with her travelling companions.

"Hi! I'm Candice," she beamed as she shook each person's hand, first the ladies, then the old guy and lastly Billy. " But my friends at college just call me Candy." An open invitation for some witty remark, cute or cutting. But no word came from her seat mates although two snorts passed the lassie ladies' lips and a guttural grunt from the old man whose eyes were busy boring a fifth hole in Candy's shorts ... his eye-hole would be right at her crotch where there was already barely enough denim to accommodate the zipper.

None of the other passengers would grace Candy with a reply. But Billy shook her hand and his whole body was shaken as this gorgeous girl gazed at his pant leg and mouthed the words, " Hi, big boy. " and gave him another wink. She then sat down beside him and pulled a compact and lipstick out of her purse. She practically gave that cosmetic phallic tube a blow job right before Billy's eyes. A wet spot appeared on his left pant leg and a slow smile appeared on Candy's lips as her tongue lightly touched the lipstick that rose above the metal casing.

Billy closed his eyes. He thought he was going to fad away but not die, because he obviously had already died and gone to heaven. Then Candy 'accidentally' put her hand on his thigh. Right on his throbbing penis and her pinkie lay on his wet spot. She had covered up her flirting by rising from the bench to fetch a throw for the overhead. These thin blankets were provided for overnight trips to allow passengers some comfort as the night would turn chilly as the train made its way through the Alpine tunnels even though it was early July.

Candy draped the coverlet over her lap and bare legs and leaned towards Billy, smiled and in a low and very sultry, if not slutty, voice said, " Would you like a piece of this, big boy?" Her left hand held the coverlet which she had pulled up to reveal her right hand which rested on her lap with her index finger unmistakeably pointing to her crotch. The thin blanket blocked the old biddies' view. All they saw was Candy offering to share her coverlet; all Billy could see was Candy's thighs and a finger invitingly pointing to her pussy. To make matters worse, Candy took that finger and stuck it on the tip of her lips to make a 'shushing' gesture. Her tongue licked the tip of her fingernail. Only Billy saw that and only he noted how her lips pursed as she slowly sucked it into her mouth up to the cuticle edge then kissed it back out.

Billy came in his pants. And he quickly grabbed the proffered coverlet to hide his shame for the rest of the passengers. He and she lay under cover. Billy was breathing hard and Candy was quite relaxed. Billy just sat there somewhat slumping as Candy pretended to 'accidentally' touch him ... over and over again, giving his cock plenty of reason to rise and fall again as the boy shifted about to avoid the inevitable.

By now, two hours into their journey, it was clear Candy was interested in him. But just when Billy was getting up the courage to make a pass, Candy turned all quiet and got a paperback out of her grip and stuck her nose in it for three chapters, leaving Billy up in the air and his cock up as well.

Most of the evening was quiet with each rider enjoying whatever refreshment or snacks they managed to bring with them. The Scottish hags did not have haggis but they did break out some foul smelling concoction that looked like oatmeal soup. The old man excused himself and went to the dining car and did not return for several hours. Billy had an apple, a half baguette and a fair sized wedge of brie. Candy, who said she was on a diet, produced a single banana. She peeled it a few inches and took her time nibbling suggestively and, when the old hags were not looking, turned to Billy and brazenly gave the banana a blow job.

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