Mandy - The Complete Story - Book 1
Chapter 5

Copyright© 2013 by AJ Martin

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Bob sits in his Ford F-150 crushed by the fierce verbal attack from his ex-wife. All he wants is to drink his sorrows away. There's a tap on his window. It's a young woman just wanting him to buy her a bottle. Follow them through their initial meeting and beyond. Note: One of my earliest stories, this was originally posted in several parts. Here they are rewritten and combined.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Nudism  

The smell of coffee wafted across his face as he slowly rose out of the depths of the very restful sleep he'd experienced. He smiled knowing Mandy caused that. Wonderful Mandy!

As his senses became more aware he felt her face on his chest, arm across his belly, leg up over his as she was snuggled tightly against him.

It felt so comfortable. It felt so good. It felt so right.

Mandy sensed he was awake and tilted her head up so she could look up at him.

Bob took a deep breath and signed a long sigh, "Coffee!"

"Right there on your night table, Sire."

"Oh, have I found the right Damsel In distress? The one who serves coffee in bed!"

"At your service Sire. At your service."

Bob added, "This is such a nice way to wake up."

"I can make it even better, Sire," Mandy said softly and reached down, cupped his balls in her hand and tugged gently on them.

"You said, I could play with these anytime I wanted. Didn't you?"

Bob laughed softly, "A promise is a promise ... So yes ... I'm ... it's ... they're, yours."

Keeping a firm grip on his balls Mandy moved so she was on her knees next to Bob. Taking her other hand she wrapped it around his morning wood.

Bob groaned as Mandy moved her hand up and down his penis. She had grabbed it near the base and as she moved her hand up and down she slid the sheath his entire length. Even though the skin was in contact with her palm and fingers there was no friction as the outer part of his penis slid up and down. For Bob, it was just pure pleasure.

Mandy loved the look and feel of his male member. It was a little squishy, yet hard. The more she stroked the firmer it got.

While she was concentrating on how his penis operated she was also aware of the strange way his balls felt like in her hands. She had always thought that a guy's balls were like huge solid marbles. Hard things in their ball sack. But it wasn't like that at all.

Yes there was a hardness there but they were a little squishy too. They moved very freely in the sack. Things were very fluid there and she could move them around. Grab one or both of them and she could tug and lift them.

She did learn in the end to be gentle from the one time she got in trouble in the 8th grade. A boy had grabbed her tits and got kneed for the offense. He doubled up on the ground and a teacher came running over screaming at her.

They both got sent to the Principal's office. She had to do a 500 word essay on testicles, what they are and how sensitive they are. The boy had to do the same on breasts. That wasn't the bad part. Having to read their essays in front of the class and to apologize to each other was.

Doing the research for her essay was her first real experience with male parts. For a clueless 13 year-old it proved informative and she liked finding out what that part of males was all about.

As she increased the speed and firmness of her grip and the motions on his balls Bob thrust his head back into the pillow closing his eyes. The girls in High School often talked about sexual things and well, the subject of Blow Jobs came up frequently.

"Well," she thought to herself, "Why not give it a try."

Leaning over she stuck out her tongue taking one tentative swipe across the slit. Finding the little bit of slick clear liquid there tasted OK she firmly kissed the tip of his penis.

Bob, grunted and his body tensed at that additional action.

Mandy decided to go for it. She kissed his tip again and then let her lips slide over the ridge keeping her hand motions going. Her tongue found its way back to the tip. Another swipe at the little slit and then she circled her tongue around the bulbous head.

Another stronger grunt from Bob let her know that he was getting the pleasure she wanted to give him. Intuitively, she wanted more. He had filled her vagina and now she wanted him to fill her mouth.

When her hand came up to meet her lips she let them ride down with her hand. Matching the motion her lips rose and fell with her hand.

When she heard Bob groan something she knew what to expect next. His whole body tensed and his stomach rippled. Quickly his semen surged into her mouth. The taste was strong and salty. But to her surprise, she liked it. She felt him pulse several more times, squirting more semen into her mouth. When his orgasm stopped she slid her mouth down his length one more time.

Mandy drew her tongue to the back of her throat forcing her cheeks to implode, tightly surrounding his penis. Finally increasing suction as she withdrew she milked him dry and swallowed.

When he finally floated down off of cloud 9, Bob sighed. Mustering up all his energy he told her it was fabulous. Mandy snuggled up against Bob as he basked in orgasmic afterglow.

"Now, was that better than coffee?"

"Well," he sighed, "Statistics are developed through many trials and tests. Perhaps after I've got a couple of hundred of these under my belt I'll be able to give you a more definitive answer than just a simple; Yes!"

Mandy kissed his cheek saying, "I'll see what I can do about that."



"That's the best morning wake up I've ever had."

"I try," she told Bob.

Her stomach growled. Tugging at him she said, "C'mon sleepy-head. I'm hungry. Grab your coffee and let's get something to eat."

Once Bob was up Mandy took his hand leading him into the bathroom. "As much as I like how you taste, I need to brush my teeth."

"Good idea," he told her and kissing her he brushed his tongue over them.

"Did I tell you I love you today?" he told her.


"Well, I'll have to remember to do that. OK?"

Mandy laughed and swatted him on the butt.

Bob reached his arms around her, grabbed one of her butt cheeks in each hand, squeezed lightly, drew her to him and lifted, sliding her up his body till they were eye to eye, nose to nose. She put her arms around his neck and smiled.

"Mmmm. I like this," she murmured.

"I love you!" Bob whispered.

Her answer was, "Me too!"

"Well, I'm glad that you love you too! It makes us a happy family."

"You goof!"

"Yeah and I'm cute," he laughed.

"That you are," she told him. "And I love you TOO!"

They both smiled at each other for it seemed like hours. Time sort of stood still for both of them. In reality it was only a minute or so before he put Mandy down so he could pee. As promised she moved over to the sink to brush her teeth.

When Bob turned around after finishing there was Mandy right behind him. She had a washcloth in her right hand and a smile on her face. She put her left hand under him and raised up.

"You need a little rinsing I think or things down there are going to get real sticky."

The warm wash cloth felt exhilarating and Bob had a raging hard-on in a second. "Down, Boy!" Mandy laughed.

"Well HE is glad for the attention. It's just his way of telling you he's happy to see you."

Mandy squeezed his balls and gave him a kiss on the tip of his penis. Standing up and playfully still holding onto his ball sack she said, "C'mon guys. I'm hungry and I want to eat!" leading Bob to the kitchen with her grip.

They decided on instant Oatmeal with sliced bananas and some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. As they chatted Mandy asked Bob what he did for a living. "Not much," was his reply shaking his head.

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