Mandy - The Complete Story - Book 1
Chapter 4

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Bob sits in his Ford F-150 crushed by the fierce verbal attack from his ex-wife. All he wants is to drink his sorrows away. There's a tap on his window. It's a young woman just wanting him to buy her a bottle. Follow them through their initial meeting and beyond. Note: One of my earliest stories, this was originally posted in several parts. Here they are rewritten and combined.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Nudism  

They were sitting in the warmth of the tub. Safe. Secure. Their arms wrapped around each other. Bob sighed thinking, "It's has been so long since I have been with a woman. So long. Too long!"

Bob had never been with anyone as young as Mandy. Never had sex with anyone so young. He'd been in his mid twenty's before he met his witch of an ex-wife. She was his first. And his only till Mandy.

She was young and as he thought about it, he hoped things would work out for them both. Perhaps ... even, "together." Bob thought there was no way to adequately describe the feeling of her flesh against his: The closeness of her body, The softness of her breasts pressing against his chest, The security of their arms holding, circling each other, The pleasure of her vaginal sheath, clutching him.

He had meant it when he told her "Please stay forever!"

Mandy sounded so happy when she'd finally answered "Yes!" to his plea. She'd kissed him tenderly and literally sobbed her answer into his ear. Mandy welled up again. Tears of pure joy started streaming down her face another time, lubricating his cheek and shoulder.

Her body trembled and shook. "Bob I was so afraid when you found out how young I was and a virgin you'd freak out. You've been so nice to me and all I did was lie to you. I was sure you would hate me ... Toss me out.

"I was so very scared because I'd lied. I was so scared you would just toss me out on the street like my mom did when I told her Craig had threatened to rape me. I hated being out on the street. I hardly slept. Hardly ate. I was so alone."

Tears still were welling up into her eyes as she lifted her head off of his shoulder, her body still vibrating from the brutal pain from her mother's betrayal. She'd held in the pain, tucked it away into a corner of her mind but Bob's kindness was the key that let it come flooding out.

There were no external scars from the verbal abuse her mother had descended upon her since her father's death. The emotional scars would take a long time to heal. Sharing her pain with Bob let her start on her road to recovery.

Mandy sighed and Bob sensed her tears had slowed as she began to believe she had actually found someone who really cared about her. A deep breath and she shifted her head up a little. A second deep breath. Gathering her thoughts, she moved nose to nose with Bob.

Mandy was looking serious then a light seemed to beam on as her face brightened. She dipped her head. Coyly looking back up at him almost through her eyebrows she asked, "Do you think we can do it again?"


"You know, SEX!"

When Bob just smiled at her she was very confused.

"I know it hurt when we started before but then, inside, that great feeling spread over the entire inside of my belly.

"Can we do it again. Please?"

Bob, grinned and then laughed a little.

A big question mark showed up on her face. She didn't understand why he was laughing.

Mandy leaned forward just an inch and tilting her head slightly to the side, let her lips touch his and gave him a light kiss. Separating their lips, she whispered, her breath washing over his face, "I've never felt like this before. I'm sure I love you!"

"I love you ... more!" he answered.

"Then why can't we have sex!"

"We can't!"

Totally confused, Mandy said, "But I want to!"

Bob moved his hands to under her armpits and gently moved her away, increasing the space between them to a couple of inches. Then he looked down between them.

When her eyes didn't follow his, he looked at her hard, frowned and glanced down again. She scowled not understanding.

With the third try to make her look down, she finally figured it out and looked down. Way down ... to where their bodies were still joined.

Bob simply said to Mandy, "We can't do it again because we never stopped!"

Her right hand came up to her face as she giggled. Sheepishly she looked up at him through her fingers. It was beet red from embarrassment.

"I'm such a dunce!"

"That might be true," he told her, "but you're MY dunce."

"Do you really mean it?"

As a smile grew across her face when he told her, "Definitely!" Her broad smile was soon replaced with a frown then quickly followed with a scowl.

"Ow! ... Oh! ... Mmmm!" followed.

Bob had given a little thrust into her.

She was sore from her first impalement less than a half hour before. But Mandy had found out the pain of the first time quickly turned into pleasure. Bob had only given her a gentle thrust but it violently awakened the demon within her. Her lust sprang into motion drowning out the sting. Once more her most basic of instincts took over.

"Oh, my God. I love you!" Mandy sighed as she drew their lips close again.

"I love you!"

She rotated her hips forward, pushing her sex against his then rotated her hips in the other direction. She lifted away from Bob a little and followed that with the motion driving them back together again. "Oh this feels so good," she thought to herself as the heat built inside her.

Bob brought his hands up between them and snuggled his palms onto her breasts. He squeezed them gently and felt her body surge from the attention. He massaged both at the same time as Mandy refined her technique, driving into and pulling away from him, to pleasure herself.

Probing the softness, the beauty, the thrill of her breasts, Bob felt her nubbins hardening. Swirling the tips of his thumbs and index fingers around her nipples he gave them a series of gentle tweaks.

Mandy had been on a down stroke at the time. The new stimulation helped her slam against him harder than before. Bob felt her vagina pulse as their pelvises hit, then she slowly withdrew. Nearing the end of his penis she stopped and started another downward motion. Bob squeezed her nipples harder. Twisted them. Pulled at them. Harder!

She shot her body forward faster than Superman's speeding bullet. Crashed into his pelvis she arched her back crying out a muffled "Oooommmmppppffff" as a strong orgasm riddled her, vibrated through her, curling her toes.

Bob watched as the chin of her contorted face looked like it would like to rocket her head off its tether. The muscles and tendons of her neck were drawn tight. Her lips were glued together from the strain as the orgasm hit her full force.

Her whole body remained tensed.

Then the bright crimson which had spread from her face to down between her breasts faded and she started to turn blue.

Bob shook her gently and told her to breathe.

Then again a little louder. "Breathe."

A third time he finally got through to her and she drearily opened her eyes: "BREATHE!"

Mandy took a hard gulp of air and collapsed against his chest. Several rapid gulps later she calmed her breathing. From her protected position buried in his shoulder asked, "Wow. Is it always like that?"

"Not always, but enough to make it worthwhile," he assured her.

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