Mandy - The Complete Story - Book 1
Chapter 3

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Bob sits in his Ford F-150 crushed by the fierce verbal attack from his ex-wife. All he wants is to drink his sorrows away. There's a tap on his window. It's a young woman just wanting him to buy her a bottle. Follow them through their initial meeting and beyond. Note: One of my earliest stories, this was originally posted in several parts. Here they are rewritten and combined.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Nudism  

As Bob soaped and washed her back Casey kept gentle attention to his sex. She liked how he felt. She was enthralled how every time she gave a little squeeze with either hand Bob reacted. A grunt, a groan, a soft sigh, a little flinch. Every time she did anything his penis reacted. It actually pulsed in her hand. It did seem to have a life of it's own.

She also liked the closeness of their bodies together. She loved the soft attention he gave her washing her back. She would never admit it but it was the first time she'd ever been interested in touching a man. She'd had very little experience and really, just with boys. They only wanted one thing; sex or a blow job.

No one had ever bathed her, had a bath or shower with her since she was very tiny. Well except for the one time the letch had tried to climb into the shower with her.

"This is very nice," she said to Bob shifting her shoulder backward enough to turn and give him sliding kiss on his cheek.

Bob was very hard and he winced a little every time she gave him a soft squeeze either to his balls or his penis. Of course she felt a warming glow building in the pit of her stomach. A nice warm glow spreading down into her own sex.

"OK," she told him. "Time to rinse off and for you to shampoo my hair," She stood up and turned, offering a hand to help him up.

Standing there never having been naked in front of a man was a first for her too. Not really knowing what to do she let her instincts take over. Feeling it was the right thing to do she leaned forward and gave Bob a hug followed with a brief kiss on the lips saying, "Thanks for being so nice to me."

"You're welcome," he replied.

Casey picked up the shampoo bottle from the corner of the tub, opened it up and poured a healthy batch into Bob's cupped hands. Putting the bottle down Casey turned her back to Bob. She put her hands on his hips to steady herself and settled against him. She thrust her chin up so her hair would dangle behind her as he spread the shampoo and worked his fingers through it.

Moving in such close quarters Bob was bouncing his penis off her butt. With every bounce she giggled a little. Soon she shifted her hands behind herself firmly grabbing his balls in one hand again and wrapping the other around his penis.

"You know," she told Bob, "I think I should clean these off for you."

With that suggestion Casey released him and reached up onto her head to bring down some shampoo with her hands then put them back onto his sex. Massaging him with her silken shampoo filled hands Bob let out a long sigh.

"I gather that feels good," she told him. She didn't really know what she was doing but letting her intuition work again along with the clues from his bodily reactions it proved to be more than enough.

Then saying, "I want to feel good too," she let him go and lifted her hands up to his. Slowly she brought them down from shampooing to her chest. His hands were nicely laden with the silky soft shampoo. She let out a sigh as she drew his fingers over her breasts. His fingertips quickly found her nipples giving them a gentle twisting squeeze and a pull.

Sparks flew from her nipples rippling through her stomach right to her sex. Feeling herself getting very warm between her legs she knew just where she wanted his fingers. She guided his hands so they cupped her crotch.

Letting go of his hands once more Casey reached under Bob's sex grabbing one ball in each hand. She swirled her fingers around, pressing, feeling the spongy mass inside, gently tugging them outward and upward.

He rubbed his hands up and down her vulva. As his fingers passed over her clitoral hood she gasped. Repeating the action again Bob got the same response. He changed the position of his fingers so when he slid downward he opened his two middle fingers letting them fall on either side of her clitoral hood. He added pressure to his fingertips on both sides of her clitoris.

That gave Casey a double stimulation. He compressed her clitoris between his fingers by forcing his fingers tips into her along both sides of her labia spreading her lips open. The action also stroked the muscles traveling downward in an inverted "V" along the edges of her crotch supporting her clitoris. The action sent more sparks deep within her.

Bob felt she was starting to get very moist even though there was plenty of soap around. Female lubrication is not water and it's easy to tell what it is even in soapy water.

He wasn't sure where she wanted this very nice encounter to go. He didn't slow down nor did he speed up his massage to her sex. Selfishly he didn't want to send her off too quickly and cause her to stop what her hands were doing to him.

He knew after a few more minutes of the slow massaging she was giving him he would orgasm fairly soon. It had been so long. He liked the idea but was not sure she would.

But that was not to happen right then. He felt Casey's body spasm on the next down-stroke of his hand. He kept up the massage until her vibrations slowed. Then he stopped.

She drearily opened her eyes telling him, "Wow, that felt good." After a nice hug she asked him softly, "Why don't you sit down."

As he settled with his back against the rear of the tub Casey pulled on his knees asking him to move forward a little. When there was enough room behind him to put her feet she straddled him and squatted down coming to rest on his knees. He opened them and she settled in front of him her afterglow filled face smiling at him.

She told him that she thought he should scoot down a little more. Then she leaned forward put both her hands on his face and gave him a firm kiss on his lips. While they were still kissing, she reached down and brought his penis to her crotch and slid it toward her vagina.

Bob sighed into her mouth and put his arms around her. He'd never been in a bathtub ... like this ... with anyone. It felt so warm. It felt so natural. It felt so nice. When she had the tip of Bob's penis at the correct spot she slowly lowered herself onto him.

His first thought as he felt the tip of his penis spreading her open was that she was wonderfully slippery and magnificently tight. The entrance of her vagina slipped around him like a vise. He felt it compress around him as she felt a ripple of an orgasmic wave run across her pelvic floor.

She slid downward a little on his erection. Just as he felt a resistance she lifted her lips from his saying softly, "Hold me tight! Please, hold me tight!"

He pulled her toward him and embraced her firmly. She snuggled her head into his shoulder whispering, "Tighter!" and lowered her hips toward him.

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