The Bike and Her Adventures

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: Two cyclists and a number of basketball players meet a middle aged nympho who keeps a diary

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Sports   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

It was a cool day, a relief from the scorching weather of the previous week. Three bike riders were taking advantage of this turn in the weather before it returned, as predicted to further severe heat. Two were semi-professionals; they were training for a marathon later that month. The other was a middle aged woman who was riding just as an interest.

The two experienced riders who had been riding for a couple of hours, pulled up just near a divide in the track that led onto a wooden bridge with a hair pin turn. "I wonder where that leads too Rick?" One of the riders asked as he took a swig from his water bottle. "Fucked if I know Graham I haven't done this track before and when we started riding together for the marathon we have generally stuck to the well used tracks. This one is a bit off our normal route", he replied as he took from his pack a chocolate bar and offered his mate one, who accepted. They were silent for some time till they heard the rattle of tyres over the wooden bridge and then a very audible 'Fuck' as the rider hit the wooden support. There was no doubt the voice was that of a woman and as she regained mobility was a bit flushed when she came level with the two men. "Excuse my French", she said. "I haven't used that track before and the bend I wasn't expecting".

"Doesn't bother us", Graham said. "It's a pity you don't practice what you stated". The woman, who was just about to continue stopped and turned. "Would you like it if I did?" she asked.

"It would add that nice touch to a successful ride so far", Graham replied.

"Both of you?" the woman asked.

"Absolutely" came the echo as both replied.

"Well it is a bit open here", the woman commented. "Where would you suggest?" she asked with a smile.

"Down the track a bit we passed a sign saying that the track was closed. The sign also said that the track took one down to a bird hive", Graham said. "The track is now closed off because it is considered dangerous because of water damage, however, if we go off the gravel and around the barrier we can then get back onto the walk and that I suppose will take us down to the hive and I'm sure we won't be disturbed", he concluded. The woman gave a nod. It was not much trouble to get onto the undergrowth, work around the barrier and then rejoin the main gravel to the hive. As they walk along for the track was too trenched to ride, introduction was given. "By the way" Graham said. "I'm Graham and my mate is Rick".

"I'm Jenny", she replied. Seconds passed and then she said. "It is nice to know who is fucking who". They reached the observation hut and it was obvious it hadn't been used for some time, dirt and dead grass that had blown in covered the container cabinets that described the array of birds in the area and grass was also coming up through the cracks in the floor; they parked the bikes and there was an awkward silence for a few seconds till she asked. "Well what have you in mind?" She gathered that undressing was ordered and as she removed her blouse and bra and her riding pants and panties, Graham replied. "I think to have our cocks sucked would be a nice start and would you take it up the arse? She smiled and then as she took hold of both the erected cocks said. "Yes I will take it up the arse but first as you have suggested we have to lubricate these, don't we". All the blokes did was moan as she took each cock in turn and began to suck.

Reluctantly Graham stopped her; his cock was covered in saliva. She positioned herself so that she could continue to suck Rick's cock but was at the right angle to have her bum serviced and serviced it was. The thrust that opened her up sent her forward so that her head was buried into Rick's stomach and not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and there she stayed, her mouth working frantically till the cock exploded and cum was sweeping from her mouth. In the meantime Graham worked his cock till her bum was taking his entire length and as he emptied his balls he gave a cry of delight.

She then changed position and although she had blown Rick's prick it still had sufficient hardness to slide in to a lubricated bum while Graham pushed his cum covered cock into her mouth and smiled with enjoyment as she began to suck.

If anybody had come into that enclosure they would have got a surprise for all were naked and sitting on the rough seat eating a snack that Rick always carried and drinking, not from heat but exhaustion. Graham finished off the snack; he took a swig from his water bottle and then asked if she was ready for another ride. She smiled as she put down her drink bottle. "Randy bastards aren't you so what do you want doggy style or between my thighs?" she asked. "We did you doggy style while doing your bum, no I fancy separating that forest at your groin", he replied. Again she smiled as they put clothes for a sort of mattress on the rough seat. She then positioned herself and as Graham got on and pushed his cock head amid all that hair till the lips of her cunt opened, she pushed her bum up to accommodate the thrust that followed and just before she took Rick's cock into her mouth, gave a gasp of appreciation – 'Ohhhhhhh!'.

Graham fucked for well over ten minutes and as he drove his cock up that willing cunt, he massaged and sucked her tits, while she sucked and rose and fell to match the ravishing cock that was so enjoyable. Finally with a thrust that both gave a cry of appreciation from, he blew his balls. Jenny's throbbing cunt wasn't vacant for long and Rick now with a lubricated prick slid up that pulsating crack.

He too enjoyed those tits and she enjoyed the fucking, boy did she enjoy it, especially when the balls exploded and all that hot cum flooded the depths of her stomach. With the burst that finished the screwing Rick slowly got off and for seconds she lay, thighs well apart and just enjoyed the sensation. "Fuck that was nice", both the men said. "Nice!" Jenny replied. "It was better than nice, it was more then terrific, it was fantastic and fuck I needed it".

"Why is that?" Graham asked as he began to dress. She sat up her tits, wet with saliva swung back and forth. She made no immediately effort to dress. "I haven't had a decent screw for some time. My girl friend and I don't mean an intimate friend, but the one I ride with has been out of action for some time. When we ride we generally come across blokes either, like you two or just walkers who don't refuse an invitation for a fuck and between Kay and myself we would seduce at least a dozen men a week. You two blokes are the only fuck I have had since Kay became unavailable", she concluded as she then began to dress.

As they returned to the main track the question that both men were thinking was asked. "Do you come this way often?'" She again smiled and as she mounted her bike replied. "No I haven't used this track before because you heard me collide with the bridge; however, if you had intentions of using it again I would be happy to come this way that is if the ride you have in mind meant it was me being ridden". Although they were training and the track they were now on was new to them and wasn't part of the marathon training circuit, the thought of again have their cocks sucked and fucking the cunt and arse of this middle aged woman was enough for them to forget training for a bit at least. "How about tomorrow, same time and meeting at the bridge" Graham said. "Tomorrow, fantastic" she called as she began to peddle away

As they recommenced their activity of riding both, almost at the same time said. "I wish every woman that said 'fuck' would follow it up with 'fuck I said, fuck I will do'. They rode for kilometres in silence, the speed gauges on their bikes clocked thirty kilometres an hour. Finally after an hour of solid riding they stopped for a break. "Do you think she will come tomorrow?" Rick asked. Graham smiled as he returned his drink bottle to its carrier. "Going by what she told us she is a nympho, she likes sex. She certainly enjoyed us fucking her. I would say she will be there; unfortunately her friend won't be with her. However, I do wonder if there is a friend"

"Why do you say that?" Rick asked.

"She could have felt a bit embarrassed and bringing in a friend wouldn't paint her as a total slut", Graham replied. Seconds passed and as they prepared to ride he continued. "In reality she wasn't that attractive, maybe that is the reason she and let's give her the credit of the doubt, has a friend, why she picks blokes up; that is the only way she is going to get a fuck. I will give her points for she may not be attractive in the face, but fuck she has whoppers for tits. The way they bounced when you were ramming her bum was fantastic. It is a wonder she didn't get splinters in her nipples for I'm sure they were rubbing against the timber of the seats, they were sure big enough, great melons of flesh'', he said as they began to ride.

It was quite hot when Jenny put down the phone; she gave a bit of a grunt for her riding companion Kay was still unavailable. 'Oh! Well', she muttered. 'I'll did try. I hoped that she would be back now and be up and about and ready to ride. No matter I will go alone. After all I did yesterday and the reward was a fantastic fuck or more correctly fucks.' Shorts and a loose blouse, tied in the front, plus her helmet and water were the basic elements today. She believed that the blokes would front. Experience had shown her that where a fuck was offered, it was taken up and after all she knew that the bikies of yesterday loved every lick and every vibration, either from her bum or her cunt. 'No bra today', she smiled as she did the blouse up. She knew she had a full figure and delighted in the way her tits swayed and bounced and she also knew that where ever she went she was noticed and noticed was what she expected. After all that was the whole idea of the exercise, to be noticed and to be fucked.

The two men arrived at the same time they had pulled up the day before. Any doubts that Rick had were dismissed when they heard the timbers of the bridge rattle and then the appearance of Jenny which bought out a gasp for she had undone the blouse and both her tits were bouncing free. "You took a risk" Graham said. "We could have been anybody". She smiled.

"Yesterday I didn't take any notice of where the track led, just noticed the bridge, however, I did take a little more care and just before you hit the bridge there is a gap in the trees and that is when I noticed you. I took no risk in baring my tits. Are we going back to the bird place or do we fuck each other here. But make up your minds I want cock".

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