S Is for Stripped

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Sex Story: Judy Bayer enters ninth grade with dread. At 14, she is an easy target for the older girls in the upper grades. She feared what Hell Week initiation would bring. She had every right to be afraid,

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Coercion   Humiliation   Oral Sex   School   .

Judy Bayer went from Jude the Prude to Jude the Nude in just one week. It was mid-September and the fourteen year old had just started ninth grade, a major step in her scholastic and social life. School where she lived was divided into Elementary ( K – 5 ) Middle School ( 6 – 8 ) and High School ( 9 – 12 ). So entering ninth grade meant not only being in a new school building, but also going from top of the roost to bottom rung. At that age and stage of development, two years was a big deal. The girls in the upper levels had more muscle, were taller, more experienced, more confident, and had plenty of time to settle into social strata. Judy was easy prey.

The 'prude' designation was picked up on the first day of school when Judy wandered about the halls in a long-sleeved blouse, a skirt hemline way below her knees, no make-up, comfortable, sensible ( read nerdy ) shoes, and knee socks (!). Her prude image was enhanced by the way her hair was tightly held in an old-fashioned ponytail, nor how she held her text books like a chastity shield across her meager chest ( calling her barely-blossoming boobs 'breasts' would be granting them a dignity they were far too small to warrant. )

The few conversations she had with girls her own age and older those first few days added to her prude rep. She blushed when the other girls giggled; she looked away when older boys' budging packages were pointed out; she gasped and nearly fainted when a guy jokingly slapped his girlfriend's butt. Jude the Prude was noticed and ridiculed behind her back, but the nastiest bitch on the block, Lucy Van Dyke who was known as 'Loose Lucy' to her female classmates; she was known as 'Juicy Lucy' to her ex boyfriends.

Rather than denigrate or tease Judy, Lucy decided to befriend and befuddle the new arrival. Lucy and a few of her friends in on Lucy's cruel games, took Judy under their collective wing and explained how the second week of school was Hell Week for grade 9 entrants. It was delayed until the second week to give everyone a chance to meet new friends and get used to the new set up. Lucy and the other six girls were to be Judy's Welcoming Committee.

At first July was frightened and suspicious. But Lucy told her not to be afraid. If was just good, clean fun ... nothing too outlandish would end up in the School Yearbook ( LOL ) and it was just a quick ritual to take place for a few minutes each day at recess time in the playground on the girls' side of the yard. It was just a pledge initiation for each new girl and nothing to worry about.

Monday morning came and Judy was apprehensive. She was wearing exactly what she'd been told to wear. The previous Friday Lucy had made it clear that Judy was not to wear socks, bra, or panties, in other words, no underwear. But she could wear any outer garments she wanted.

Monday recess: Seven girls from grade 10 and 11 approached Judy and encircled her in such a way that Judy was hidden from view. Lucy was holding a cell phone camera. All others were silent, but Lucy looked Judy straight in the eye and said. " It's time to strip.'

Judy turned pale then blushed then tried to push her way through the circled of bigger, stronger girls. They all laughed as Lucy said, " Oh, clam down, Judy ... I hadn't finished. I was going to say ' it's time to strip barefoot.' Just take off your shoes."

Judy was so relieved. She quickly shucked off her footwear and, on instruction from Lucy, handed them to one of the girls. Lucy took a snapshot or two and showed them to Judy who remained barefoot for the next 15 minutes of recess time. One or two were close-up shots of her bare feet. There were also long shots showing a full-body shot of Judy from the front and one more showing Judy from behind. Judy was also told to put her hands atop her head and close her eyes. The Recess Bell rang and the girls ran to get in line; they left Judy's shoes on the ground, ten feet from where they had left her, eyes still closed, hands still atop her head.

Tuesday recess: Same girls in a circle with Judy in the middle, barefoot in prep for day 2 of Hell Week. Her shoes were now outside the circle, as she had been instructed on Monday just before the closing bell. Judy had also conformed to their Hell Week Dress code and would for the entire week, that is, no underwear. So when Lucy said ' It's time to strip off your blouse." Judy handed her top over to an outstretched hand and Judy was naked form the waist up and the ankles down. Her boobs were bared and her nipples were getting hard and pointy.

"Hands on head, Judy" Lucy didn't even smile as she gave the order, but giggles were evident around the circle. Judy's blouse was tossed outside the circle as more cell phone photos were taken. The bell rang and, just like Monday, the circle broke up leaving Judy to scramble for her shoes and blouse while frantically covering her tits with her hands. No one in authority saw ... or at least, if they did see, no one complained.

Wednesday recess: Only Judy's shoes were out of range as the circle gang made their way to where she was trembling with fear. The circle formed and Lucy held out her hand. Judy was not sure, but handed over her blouse once again. It was quickly tossed outside the circle ... thrown quite a ways, actually ... some 15 feet away. Lucy said nothing but grinned wide at the 12 year girl whose nudity was only prevented by the skirt she wore.

"It's time to strip off your skirt." Silence. Tears formed in Judy's eyes. She shook her head slowly and her shoulders were shaking. But the circle remained tight; Lucy looked determined. At last, Judy undid her skirt button and side zipper. She let the skirt fall to the ground.

"Pick it up and hand it to me." Said Lucy. Judy obeyed with hot, salty tears streaming down her face. Naked as the day she was born, her only clothes now tossed out of the circle and a good dozen feet or more away. Judy stood with her hands atop her head, completely exposed and feeling utterly vulnerable.

Fifteen minutes in the nude. More photos were snapped by Lucy and two other girls. They had lots of pictures of Jude the Nude. What was worse, every minute or so one of the girls would kneel down to tie ( or pretend to tie ) her shoe lace. So there was always one of two gaps in the protective circle that was supposed to shield Judy from view. She was noticed by other girls on this, their side of the playground. Laughter could be heard. Until the bell to end recess sounded. Again all the girls in the circle walked away leaving Judy exposed, but this time instead of just heading to the line ups, some of the girls stooped to pick up Judy's shoes, skirt and blouse; they carried them a ways, then threw them in different directions.

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