R Is for Ravaged

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Sex Story: Jane stepped into the car and drove off on a blind date and into darkness. This story details the date and dark fate of a girl seeking Love and finding Lust but no Luck.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   BDSM   Rough   Snuff   .

Shortly before nine o'clock Jane was on the corner wondering what was keeping her blind date, when a fancy car pulled up and the driver leaned over to open the window. Jane leaned in and a few words were exchanged. Both parties were smiling nervously as Jane got in the front seat.

"Hi, I'm Jane. You must be John. I'm sorry if I'm nervous. Big city streets and neon at night is still new to me. I've only been in Chicago a little while. How about you?"

John wasn't paying much attention to what this young girl was saying. But he certainly took note of her ultra short skirt and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. That was fine by him and, if he wasn't mistaken, there seemed to be no panty line under her skirt either.

John replied, " Hmmm, not from around here, eh? But I bet you've been around the block a few times, right?" He was thinking to himself. " Maybe tonight's the night I score big time."

Jane was thinking, "Maybe tonight was the knight in shining armour night." What she said was, " Oh, actually not around this specific block, it's kind of ... strange, if you know what I mean." Jane wrinkled her nose to show her distaste for the depressed and depressing area of town which John had arranged for their meeting.

"But I've been more than just around the block back at my apartment. See, I'm a street-walker. I walk to work to save money and that must be at least 15 blocks. So, yeah, I've been around." Jane said this with some pride. Her answer amused and informed her escort. The car pulled away into the darkness.

Her previous blind dates had all ended in oral sex and Jane was expecting this one to be no different. But there was always hope that this guy, John would turn out to be Mr. X, her mystery man of romance who would woo her, win her, ravish her and renew her. She so wanted to know Love.

Jane had been impressed with John's shiny, new car, a Lexus, no less! She hadn't noticed his key fob that indicated the vehicle was a rental. But his expensive car seemed in stark contrast to the restaurant he'd chosen to take her. He said it was conveniently attached to a hotel for which he could rent rooms by the hour and get Air Mile points. Jane was impressed with John's sensible, cost-effective thinking; she was less impressed with the décor and menu at the restaurant abutting the hotel which was a three floor walk-up with no room service.

Blue-plate special for dinner with a fine domestic beer took all of 20 minutes. John suggested they cash in on the free in-room videos available until midnight. So, rather than bar-hop or go clubbing, John and Jane headed for Room 304 with its double bed, nearly fresh sheets and hot and cold running water.

The TV facing their bed was tuned to the pay-per-view movie channel. The titles on the selection menu seemed geared for women interested in travel as many were about a lady by the name of Debbie who toured around America 'doing' a number of cities. But John said he could take Jane places Debbie had never dreamed of 'doing'. And he could do it in the comfort of their fine half-star hotel.

Jane was feeling a little uncertain, almost nervous. The date was not turning out the way she'd expected. But then John dropped a bombshell and Jane went weak in the knees.

"I have only known you for a few hours, Jane." the tall, dark stranger told her, " but already I can feel a spiritual connection between us. Something in you is calling to me and something of myself is awakening to that call. I think it's Love. I love you, Jane."

Something in John's pants was certainly coming to life, but Jane hadn't noticed it because now her eyes were dancing on hypnotic waves of joy. Jane looked deep into John's brown (somewhat bloodshot) eyes and fell into a trance, fell in Love, fell for John's rather lame lines.

"And do you know what your soul is saying as it calls out to me, Jane? Can you hear it?" John's eyes were staring into hers but his fingers were busily pulling her skirt up as they sat together on the hotel room bed. "Pay dirt!" John thought to himself as his eyes batted, his lips smiled and his fingers touched bare, wet, and bald pussy.

"I think so, John." sighed Jane as she closed her eyes. She was lulled by his ballsy baritone and breathed in his manly scent which seemed to be growing more pungent around the area of his lap ... but then again, her womanly odour was wantonly present too.

"This must be love," Jane thought as she allowed John to unbutton her blouse and remove it. His left hand made fond, fondling love to her breasts as his right hand helped her out of her mini-skirt. As her pumps lay on the dresser with her purse, Jane now lay stark naked, a ravishing beauty.

Jane closed tight her eyes to better know her dream blind date. Mr. X under her lids was younger, more virile, sweeter and more tender than John. But while Mr. X was touching Jane in her dreamy state of unawareness, John was touching and stimulating a more down-to-earth set of feelings in her. Together, John and Jane's dream man, ravished the young girl who was so far from home and so close to becoming ... over the edge, over-excited, over the rainbow. Anyway, not in Kansas anymore.

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