Q Is for Quest Academy

by BIC

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BDSM Sex Story: Innocent but naive 14 year old Amelia is tricked into being naughty. Her step-daddy sends her to a school specializing in discipline for promiscuous young ladies. She is trained to do as she's told.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   DomSub   Rough   Humiliation   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   School   Nudism   .

Quest Academy for Wayward Girls specialized in teaching and disciplining naughty girls between the ages of 14 and 16. What the girls learned was to accept their discipline and submit to all figures of authority. At the end of their training they would be sent back to their parents or guardians who invariably were delighted with the results and never regretted the tuition costs.

The school, staffed exclusively by men, did not strive to purge its students of their naughtiness. Rather its regimen was designed to probe, exploit, heighten and re-direct the girls' sexually promiscuous tendencies to suit the school's mandate: To develop the potential within naughty little girls and help them shape themselves into their personal idea of themselves.

Quest Academy provides an education in the classical sense while relying on traditional training methods. The education is a combination of rote lessons on desired behavior (hypnotic in nature) to reinforce the girls' inner desires to be naughty, and strict training methods which would vary depending on the girls' individual natures. However, the training methodology is consistent with bondage and discipline principles employed to engender submission. The young girls were whipped into shape.

By the second day, entrants at the academy were made aware of the school's rules and regulations as well as the Quest motivational mandate. None, however, were apprised of their parents' purposes until such time as they ( the girls ) had reached that stage in their training that they automatically submitted to their fate.

Their training would be catered to what was expected upon graduation. For instance, some parents / guardians wanted a totally obedient servant. Others wanted a guilt-ridden shadow of a woman whom they could torment for whatever reason ( vengeance or envy usually.) But most girls had been sent to Quest to sharpen the naughty and lewd behavior they had ( often for years ) shown at home or in other boarding schools. Only rarely did the Quest Academy accept into the program girls who were utterly innocent, chaste, well behaved and demure. But there's always an exception to the rule and Amelia was one such exception. She had just turned 14 when her step-father brought her to Quest.

Amelia had been at a private boarding school in Geneva a few weeks earlier and was doing very well academically as well as socially. It was a co-ed school with male and female dorms separated by 30 meters of well-tended lawn and two vicious Dobermans. The School motto, " Chastity and Vigilance " was probably embossed on their dog collars.

Amelia needed no such guard ... that is, she didn't until one night when upper level girls decided to play a nasty trick on her. Long story short, Amelia found herself naked doing the 30 meter dash from the boys' dorm entrance way back to the girls' digs. She was a good runner but not as fast as the dogs. The Dobermans were trained to growl menacingly and corner their prey until their barking raised the alarm. They would only let up on verbal command from their human trainers. They would never bite, but the boys and girls didn't know that. Not the ones who stripped Amelia and dumped her on the boys' side of the quad. And certainly not Amelia who stood frozen to the spot as Sister Francesca and Brother Dominic arrived on the scene to release the dogs and bring the offender to the Headmistress' office.

That was two months ago and Amelia still remembered how ashamed she'd felt. Not ashamed for being naked by the boys' dorm nor ashamed for being caught. Amelia had felt ashamed for ratting on her 'friends' who had tricked her with what seemed and innocent game but which left her in hot water. She had named names.

The next day her step-father heard her side of the story and was aghast at his step-daughter's disloyalty to her friends. He was especially interested in the fact that Amelia had expressed little concern about being naked and not the least embarrassed by the fact that she had attempted to enter the boys' dorm at night. Her step-dad had misunderstood her intentions and state of mind completely.

So Amelia now found herself out of Geneva and at Quest. Unbeknownst to her, the application form contained certain questions as to the nature of the student's waywardness. In answering this, her step-dad expressed a desire to have the academy discover if his seemingly innocent little girl was a depraved nymphomaniac or not. And if so, how he might intensify and control her proclivities in a manner most advantageous to himself. He wrote:

"Sir, I am most interested in discovering if my 14 year old step-daughter is really capable of sexually depraved acts and, if so, can she be made to submit to the sexual demands of someone in authority, such as yourself or, perhaps, myself. Also, I confess I have not the heart to use excessive physical punishment on Amelia, but I have no qualms about you administering such punishment if it will achieve the ends we both desire. Depending upon the results of your investigation, I will give instructions as to how you are to proceed with Amelia's training leading to her submission to sexual demands of her own free will."

It was a blank cheque set of instructions and permission to be filled in later.

Amelia was utterly amazed and more than a little frightened when, during her first week at Quest, she saw girls her age and older being stripped in class and given spankings and the strap by the male teachers. Usually the offense that brought this discipline on seemed quite minor. She was determined to memorize the school rules and stay well within them lest she be so horribly treated and humiliated.

But the rules were made to be broken. At least at Quest, the regulations were so complicated and arbitrary it was easy to come afoul of them when you had no intention of being disobedient. So by the second week Amelia discovered the consequences of not kneeling properly at chapel. Ten strokes of a switch, delivered at the altar, bent over the railing, her back to the congregation. Her skirt having been pulled up, panties yanked down to her ankles. In front of everyone she was whipped by the minister and made to stay that way ( red butt glowing ) until the end of the service.

Amelia was determined to never break another rule. But the very next day a prefect discovered a suspicious looking package in Amelia's private dresser. There were unannounced security checks at Quest. It turned out to be marijuana which shocked Amelia and she denied having any knowledge of it. In fact, it had been planted by one of her dorm mates on orders from on high.

The prefect, who was also under instructions, told the trebling 14-year old that this was a Headmaster Offense and would mean special discipline at his discretion and in private. The prefect leaned toward Amelia and whispered ' And we all know what that means, don't we?' Amelia hadn't a clue but she knew it couldn't be good.

Amelia was told to wait in Master Hitherbottom's anteroom until the head could see her. She was escorted there by to upper class mates who gave her sympathetic looks and sighed often, which was most disconcerting. Obviously they knew more than she. And it felt like she was going to the gallows.

While the escorts waited with her, Amelia begged them to give her at least a hint of what she should expect from Hitherbottom. But her guards hesitated and feigned fear at being overheard. They too were in on the plot. Finally they broke down and told her of the many torture instruments used to discipline girls who 'had to see the head'. The guards were excellent actresses and their performance was most convincing. Amelia begged them to tell her if there was anything she could do to escape this horrible fate.

Looking around to make sure they would not be heard, the guards sat beside the doomed girl and carefully whispered in her ears. One on the right and one on the left, they dropped hints at first, but when Amelia still did not get it, they bluntly told her what she must do to escape the scourge.

"The only way you can stop 'old Hither' in his tracks is to show him you are willing to do anything for him to avoid being whipped. He respects a girl who knows she's at her wits' end and is smart enough to negotiate her way out."

Amelia sort of got it but still needed clarification. " You mean I have to bargain with him for ... Favors? What kind? oh... " her voice trailed off as she saw the smirks appearing on her guards' faces. " But how far... ? I mean, I'm a virgin, you know ... and I have never done ... I mean ... what would he want?"

"Poor Amelia," the voice in her left ear consoled. " You have to discover that yourself."

"That's right.: said the right ear voice. " Don't let 'Old Hither' set the terms. You tell him a few things he might expect from you if he's lenient. Then see how he reacts and if he seems like he's considering, you just up the ante with nastier favors until you reach your own limit of what you'd be willing to do to escape the whipping of your life."

Just then the door to Hitherbottom's office opened and the two guards got up and escorted, nearly dragged, the sobbing and trembling little girl into the room. The Headmaster's back was to them as he was behind his desk and gazing out the window. He said but one word. 'Strip'

The guards patted Amelia on the back and left, closing the door behind them. Amelia took a deep breath and decided to start as she intended to go on: defiant, in control, and willing to accept the consequences if that meant she's escape the lash.

"Sir, I think I should remain clothed for the time until you have heard me out and we've worked out a mutually agreeable arrangement." Amelia's voice was quivering but as she took another breath she gained some courage. " I've been told you may be amenable to some compromise."

Hitherbottom kept his back to the girl so she did not see his smile. " Compromise?" he asked in a soft yet sinister tone.

"Yes," Amelia went on more self-assured. " Not that I want to be placed in too compromising a position. But I can ... ummm do things to please you, if you reciprocate with leniency and ... uhh understanding for my position."

Finally Hitherbottom turned around and walked directly to his wall cabinet and removed a bull whip from one of the many hooks. He almost never used the whip. Today it was more a prop than a tool. He worked it into his hands in a double loop and quietly said, " And what position, exactly, did you intend to take?"

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