M Is for Masturbation

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Sex Story: Jack is 14 and has his sexual needs in hand. His older sister, Jill, has a camera in her hand. For Jack, things get out of hand because Jill has the upper hand and is very underhanded.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Blackmail   Humiliation   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

When 14 year-old Jack King was alone, he wasn't lonely; he was just beside himself. Jack loved to keep in touch with what was important. And the biggest thing in his life at that age was something he was learning to handle.

Jack knew all those old-wives takes were a bunch of hooey. He could see just fine. His masculinity had developed rather early, and he had managed it as best he could. He took himself in hand and went right to it. So, three times a day Jack played with himself. He practically kept Kleenex in business and his eye-sight was still 20/20.

But, in hindsight, he should have been more discrete. The night of his utter and on-going ( to say nothing of 'on-coming') humiliation was one he will never forget. Jack's older sister, Jill caught him with his pants down. Not that the fifteen year old cutie hadn't seen Jack naked before. In fact, she had been spying on her younger brother for some time. But mostly she just saw quick glimpses of him through 'accidentally' opened bathroom and bedroom doors. Those swift flashes revealed Jack in either underpants just being pulled up or a towel around his waist. Tempting for Jill, but not the stuff of wet dreams.

But Jill knew boys played with themselves a lot. She had enjoyed a few sleep-over chats with a number of her friends who had brothers too And, of course, there was the internet. But pictures didn't do it for her so much ( butt pictures did for her friend Brenda, but that's another story. ) No internet images were nothing like what she saw that night when she walked unexpectedly into Jack's room.

Jack had been lying naked on his bed with his mind on a really hot web site featuring girls in and out of their school uniforms. His mind was racing in fourth gear and his hand was on the throttle. Jill walked in just as Jack was gritting his teeth, had closed his eyes squinty-tight, and was squeezing his cock shaft for all it was worth as shots of cum came streaming out, up in the air and down of his belly, chest and genitals. Jack kept his eyes shut as he moaned in self-satisfied delight.

Humming and with his eyes closed, Jack didn't see or hear his sister who just happen to have her cell phone in her hand. Jack did not hear the six clicks of her camera-phone ... some of them were close ups and all very revealing. Jill had made sure the long angle photos captured Jack's face as well as his still throbbing and erect cock, pools of dripping cum all over his naked body, and one rather artistic image of Jack laid out naked and clearly content.

Then Jill quietly left the room shutting the door softly. She ran to her room, got out her lap top for downloading and then she returned to her brother's bedroom and knocked on the door. She waited about a minute listening to Jack's scrambling inside before she opened the door and found him in his shorts but his stained t-shirt was lying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

"Hi Jack..." Jill said in a drawn out fashion ... sounding cute and mischievous. " Mom asked me to gather up any dirty laundry ... Here, that t-shirt looks well used ( giggle ) give it over."

Jack, nearly caught masturbating, was too stunned to react quickly enough and Jill had the cum-wipe t-shirt in her hands before he could stop her.

"Eeyyeww" she said, feigning disgust and surprise as she held the offending cloth at arm's length and by the tips of her thumb and forefinger. " I know what you've been up to! " she sing-sang with speculative slur at her blushing big brother.

Panic!!!! Jack blurted it out before he knew what he was saying, " Please don't tell mom, Jill."

"I can't keep this a secret! ( giggle ) Unless..." Jill had him in a corner. She held on to the evidence despite Jack's pleas that she give it back. " You know, mom said to pick up ALL your soiled clothes for the wash. Those underpants you're wearing look dirty, so hand 'em over."

Jack's jaw dropped but he didn't move.

"I will mom tell if you don't do as I say.' Jill sounded like she meant it too. "Take them off then put your hands on top of your head and close your eyes. No covering up, brother. We're going to have a little chat before I decide whether or not to tell mom."

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