L Is for Love or Lust

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Sex Story: Jane put everything into her blind date, She got more than bargained for but less than nothing in the end.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Horror   Violent   .

Jane looked her best just before a date because she put so much time, hope and heart into it. Tonight was no exception. The 18 year old 5 foot 3 blonde was Kansas County Fair Beauty Queen 2010 and had the sash to prove it. Not that she'd taken her sash ( or much else, for that matter ) with her to Chicago where she now worked part-time days at a McJob serving grease/salt/sugar in the form of meals to people busy with real work to go to.

Jane managed to sweat the rent with another part-time night job but there never seemed to be enough money to take time off for what she desperately wanted to do, make a somebody of herself. Being pretty, Jane had no trouble attracting men of all ages. Nothing romantic, as in falling in the "L-word" as yet, but a friend had arranged for a blind-date for her tonight. She had been going out on a lot of dates with losers lately and she was hoping this one might be different ... not necessarily Mr. Right ... just not Mr. Forgettable.

"First, get naked ( giggle )" she said to herself as she ran the tub in her bachelorette apartment. Bubbles formed in the tub and over her head; at least how she pictured it. Which would last longer was anyone's guess.

Bubble One hovering overhead: ' The guy will be like Clooney only younger and he'll be surprised at how pretty I am because he heard I was top of my graduating class and thinks girls can't be smart and look smart at the same time. ' POP!

Bubble Two hovering overhead: " He'll drive a sports car but not act like he does. And He'll open the door for me like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. And his car ashtray will be immaculate because he doesn't allow smoking ANYWHERE near him. He'll smell of Eternity Aftershave and his nails will be clean ( not like the last two dates ... yuk ugh and double YUK ) POP!

Tub bubbles full and sweet smelling and Jane eases her bare butt down and her bald pussy tingles in the hot somewhat oily water. Cucumber bath oil reminded her of home. Just a twenty minute soak then a body wash shower and then time to apply la piece de resistancance, her make up and wardrobe. All in good time.

Bubble Three hovering overhead as Jane pings at tub bubbles and counts imaginary daisies and plucks prophetic petals: " He loves me, he fucks me not; he fucks me, he loves me not; he loves me, he fucks me not; he fucks me, he loves me not ... Last one! he loves me... ( blush beneath the bursting bubbles ) He loves me ... so I let him fuck me yes." ( smiles and worry lines compete for face space as bubbles everywhere burst in Jane's mind and in her tub. )

Out with the plug. And how many times has that thought occurred on her previous dates! It's not that Jane's a soft touch, just too trusting and desperate to please. She was almost a virgin when she arrived in Chicago last month. But she soon got her Dorothy moment on the first blind date Gerald at work had arranged for her. The man was nice and had bought her dinner and lots of drinks and she must have liked him a lot because Jane had never let a guy feel her up on the first date and she actually felt sorry for him when he tired to make his thing get big.

She did have Kansas experience in a certain department behind the barn with Jimmy Chambers so she gave that first date a hand job through his pants but he was really old, like 40, so he had to make it flesh on flesh contact to, you know, get it up. But that didn't seem to work and he suggested aloe lip balm would work. Jane didn't have any in her purse but had applied lots of lipstick with aloe ( got it at the health food store ) and she worked it in on his flaccid penis skin. It seemed to work like a charm.

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