Stage Daddy

by T.S.Severe

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: Fifteen year old Ashley is a sexy teen transsexual who loves to pose for the camera, but when Miles and his crew want her to try something new, something a little more adventurous than the young model is used to, Daddy has some big decisions to make.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   TransGender   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

"Oh, that's nice!" Marco smiled at me from behind his camera as Gary, the wardrobe guy, slipped the bathrobe off my shoulders.

Gary was a serious fag too, like a stereotype, and older the others. He was the only one there who wasn't interested in me, because I was mostly a girl and he only liked boys. He seemed to like my dad a lot, even though I told him Daddy wasn't queer. All the guys ignored him since they were pretty much only into girls, so Gary pouted a lot and sat in a corner reading magazines mostly, or doing his nails ... It was kinda funny. I never really liked draq queens either, they sorta weirded me out, you know?

"Are you okay, Ashley?" Daddy asked and I nodded.

"She's sweet, look at that!" Jake, the lighting guy, was smiling too.

"No doubt, bro," Mickey agreed and he was the assistant cameraman and video guy.

He and Jake were brothers. They were both tall men and in their early twenties, big with hard bodies and real muscles. Jake was the handsome one with his strong face, well defined and smooth. Bright hazel eyes, dark hair and a playful smile, he had a sexy curve to his lips and I bet his girlfriend was hot, whoever she was. Mickey was the cute one, a little softer in the chin and cheeks, with brown eyes and unruly hair that was longer than Jake's. Mickey was one of those outgoing guys who looked like he was going to start laughing any second and he made me feel warm all over, like he'd make a great teddy bear. It would be really hard to pick between the two brothers, if a girl absolutely had to.

"Like a thirteen year old girl," Miles, the owner of all this and the guy who was paying me to do what I was doing, was sitting in a chair, chain smoking cigarettes and nodding. He thought I was hot as hell, at least that's what he kept saying, and Miles wanted me. They all did, but I was sorta used to that.

That I was really a fifteen year old boy didn't seem to bother any of them, not even my dad, but why should it? I was wearing a bikini in a studio with a large canvas backdrop that was supposed to look like Miami Beach behind me. The lights were seriously bright. Hot too and I kind of winced as Jake turned them all on. At least there were a couple big electric fans blowing on me, so that was nice.

"Okay, everybody ready to do this thing?" Miles wondered, although his only real job was to sit there and watch.

"Okay Ashley, I'm gonna take some light readings," Marco was saying, holding a meter and moving me around.

"Let me get some video, here ... Hmmm ... Fuck, you're sweet, Ash," Mickey grinned at me. "Give me a smile, baby. A little wave too, huh?"

"Hi!" I smiled at the camera he was holding, shrugging my shoulders and wiggling my fingers. "I love you!"

"Heh!" Mickey laughed. "Tell us your name, honey."

"I'm Ashley!" I sighed, rolling my eyes a little. "I'm fifteen and I love the beach!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Jake called out with a chuckle.

"No," I gave the man a pout, "I'm shy."

"Right," Marco grinned at me, holding a meter next to my face.

"Jesus, you're a natural," Mickey sighed. "How long you been a girl, sweetheart?"

"Ummm ... Since I was about nine?" I shrugged, "That's when I did my first photo shoot as a girl."

"Okay, I'm about ready to burn some film here," Marco was saying. "Get a beach ball, a couple of them, Jake. What else ... The hula-hoop too, yeah..."

It was a pretty basic shoot for the first hour or so, just me playing like I was on a beach. Showing off my slender body, looking like a tomboy more than anything else. My hips were narrow, my body slender. Nice long legs though and a firm round butt. Small puffy breasts because I'd been taking hormones for nearly two years already. I couldn't get implants until I was sixteen, but Daddy had found a clinic to give me pills anyway, so that was cool. I didn't need big tits anyway, little ones were better. My hair was long and blonde, wavy like a golden mane around my pretty, heart-shaped face. Bright blue eyes and a wicked smile, like pouting and full of sexy promise. Some people thought I'd gotten my lips done, but I hadn't. They were bee stung all by themselves and it was really cool.

I was tan all over, except for my bikini tan lines, because I'd just spent two weeks in Hawaii and it was great! I'd had so much fun it was unreal and Daddy had totally spoiled me. I was paying for it though, with my money, and we both knew it. It was kind of funny and I didn't really understand, although he'd tried to explain it to me. I'd figured there were a million girl models out there already, so why would I want to be one more? But the funny thing is that there aren't very many pretty boys pretending to be girls, like only a couple of us, and I was the prettiest one of all. That made me worth a lot of money to men like Miles and he was here to make sure I was worth it.

Someday, I thought, I'd go back to being a boy. I kinda hoped so anyway, sometimes. Or maybe I just wanted to hope so, I wasn't sure. I didn't even know if I knew how to be a boy anymore, since I was a girl all the time. But now that I was fifteen already, I'd started thinking about stuff like sex a lot more. Before I was just a little girl, but now I was a teenager and growing fast, except I didn't know if I was supposed to like girls or boys. It was kinda confusing sometimes.

I have to admit that I really did find guys totally attractive, some guys I mean, but probably every kid feels like that. And girls, well, I kinda liked looking at girls a lot too, but having sex with one? I wasn't too sure about that. It might feel sorta weird, you know? It was confusing, as I said, and kind of a secret. Like who was I gonna talk to about that stuff? My dad? He was the one who got me started, because he'd been an agent his whole life for other people and when he saw how pretty I was growing up to be, well, he became my agent too. I was a girl because that's where the money was, according to my dad. My sex life? He wouldn't have a clue!

"You looked good out there," Miles said with a smile and I was having a coke, taking a break.

"Thank you!" I flirted with him, just a little because he was the money man. Daddy had told me to be extra nice to Miles. I sat like a girl with my legs crossed high and tight, my arms together in front of my breasts, giving me just a bit more boob to work with and he liked it.

Modeling isn't very much fun, except everyone thinks it is. Everyone thinks it's easy too. It isn't, believe me. I was getting about fifteen hundred dollars for that one day, but it was a twelve hour day easy and Miles was probably going to make like fifty times that off me. Seriously, he'd put my photosets and videos on his web sites, and who knows how many websites he had? More than four, I knew that, like really softcore teen model sites for guys into that stuff. He probably had other ones though, hardcore sites, you know? Miles sorta looked like that. Anyway, after a year maybe, when they were old, he'd license my photos out for fees to other sites, and later, when they were really old, he'd sell the copyrights to someone else.

Fifteen hundred was getting me cheap, but the price was about to go up.

"You ever think about doing some nude stuff?" Miles asked me. "Full frontal?"

"Ummm..." I held my smile and blinked at him, " ... Daddy!"

I don't pretend to know all the legal mumbo-jumbo, nor did I pay a lot of attention to the pay schedule, whatever that was. My dad was taking care of it, that's all I knew. I'd done nudity before, but not very often and mostly just topless, or maybe showing off my butt. It didn't bother me a whole lot because I knew a lot of people liked to see pretty girls like me giving away their secrets. I even got fan mail, which was super sweet. Some of it was bad, I'm sure, but Daddy didn't let me see those. Just the ones from nice men who really wanted to love me. Some of them sent me pictures of their cocks, which was funny, but sorta sexy too and Daddy would laugh when I printed out my favorite ones and put them up in my bedroom. He was cool about that stuff anyway, which was way cool for me. I don't know why I did that, but I did. I just liked it.

"Hey, Ashley ... How are you doing over there?" Mickey was filming me with his camcorder while Daddy and Miles talked.

"I'm kinda tired," I giggled. "This is hard work!"

"I bet!" Mickey agreed. "You're making me hard just watching you!"

"Oh!" I covered my small round mouth and gasped.

"Wait a minute..." Mickey pretended like he hadn't meant that.

"Don't listen to him, Ash," Jake said as he walked past us. "You need a hard time, you just find me. I'll give you one!"

"Thanks!" I stuck my tongue out at him and then smiled at the video camera. "See what I have to put up with?"

"Show us your tits, Ash," Mickey prompted. "Come on, just a peek."

"Ohhhh..." I pursed my lips.

"Please? Pretty please?" Mickey sang softly. "With sugar on top?"

" ... Okay, but don't tell my Daddy I did this!" I said with a giggle.

"I won't!" he promised as I pulled the small yellow cups of my bikini aside, flashing my nipples at the camera for about three seconds and then covering them back up with a big smile and a lot of tongue.

"How's that, huh?" I bit my bottom lip. "You should see my nipples when they're hard!"

"God, what a tease," Mickey sighed, working the camera down my body and zooming in on my bikini bottoms. "What else you got for us?"

"Oh ... You mean down here?" I asked innocently, cupping my crotch in my hand, my cock and balls tucked safely away inside that small bikini.

"Yeah, down there, Ashley," Mickey agreed. "Are you tan everywhere?"

"Uh-huh!" I giggled. "I'm all brown, all over! See?"

I turned around, showing the camera my perfectly pert round butt. I pulled the back of the bikini aside so he could film my dramatic tan line as I exposed half of my left butt cheek. I smiled over my shoulder at the camera and rocked my hips from side to side for a few seconds.

"You're not brown all over!" Mickey laughed, "You cheater!"

"I'm not?" I pouted. "I guess I'll have to work on that, huh?"

"Ashley? Come here, baby," Daddy was calling me, so I blew a kiss at the camera and fixed my bikini.

The next hour was just like the first, except I wore a one piece bathing suit and used other props, like a big beach umbrella, you know. For an hour after that I wore cutoff shorts and a t-shirt. A regular one until Jakes poured some bottled water all over the front of it, and then I was wearing a wet t-shirt! That was funny and that water was cold too. My hard little nipples pointed out like bullets and all the guys kinda grinned at me! And then finally Marco decided he had enough of the PG rated stuff and he was ready to start shooting for the adults in our viewing audience, as Miles liked to put it. I guessed he'd made the deal with my daddy and it didn't surprise me very much at all.

"Yeah, sit on the beach ball, Ash ... Look at me and play with your tits, baby," Marco was saying. "Just ... No, don't show us anything yet, just tease ... Look over there and turn your head slow, all the way ... Cup your tits ... Nice..."

I was doing that for awhile and it really is the most boring thing in the world. Sitting on a beach ball with five guys standing around and staring at me while I pulled my wet t-shirt up slowly, just enough to show the swell of my smallish breasts. A little higher and I covered my nipples with my fingers, smiling happily, sexily, lovingly, with a pout and a frown, and playful too. Whatever Marco could think of, I had to find the right face for it. After awhile I started making funny faces just because I was going a little crazy trying to give Marco what he wanted all the time.

"Come on ... Love the camera, Ash ... Fuck it, baby ... Fuck it hard, use your tongue ... More, uh-huh ... Beautiful ... Pinch your nipples, both of them ... Pull ... Straight out and up and ... Hold it! Hold your nipples, pinch them nice, Ash ... Harder ... And let go! Try it again ... Let go! One more time, let's get some jiggle ... Let them go! Perfect!"

"Arrggghhh!" I screamed and fell off the beach ball.

"Break time?" Marco laughed, "Okay, take five everybody."

"Ashley, I gotta ask, cause we're all curious ... Are you a virgin?" Mickey was there with the video camera and I was lying on the floor, with the hot lights off, thank God!

"I'm not gonna tell you!" I gasped and covered my face, peeking through my fingers. I was just wearing my bikini bottoms and he kept zooming in on my tits, but I didn't mind. I had my arms spread like angel wings and my nipples were sorta dark and swollen now, long too after all that pinching and stuff I'd been doing to them.

"So you are!" Mickey chuckled. "I knew it! You owe me five bucks, Jake!"

"What?" Jake looked over at us.

"I am not!" I said and then covered my mouth and widened my eyes.

"You liar!" Mickey laughed.

"How do you know?" I sighed theatrically. "Maybe Jake knows something about me that you don't!"

"What?" Mickey frowned.

"Maybe Jake's the one who..." I pursed my lips, " ... Well, you know."

"I don't believe you," Mickey said. "You never did it!"

"Give me the camera. Let me have it..." I took his video camera away. "Now, you go over there ... Go on. I'll tell the camera the truth and you can find out later without embarrassing me, okay?"

"Promise?" Mickey asked and he was walking away from me backwards.

"Look..." I whispered, smiling into the camera as I filmed myself. " ... I'm a total virgin! Don't tell anybody! Especially Mickey!"

Halfway through the next hour I was pulling my bikini bottoms aside, a red thong bikini now, and smiling seductively as Marco took photos of my pretty fifteen year old cock peeking out between my soft tanned thighs. I had my top off already and I was playing with my tits too, my nipples seriously hard and puffy now, and I was focused more on the camera than anything else, trying to ignore the men watching me because they weren't very bored at all.

"Make it hard for me, Ashley," Marco was saying. "Play with it a little, sweetheart. Let me see you angry."

"Angry?" I giggled and I was pulling my penis, which isn't a terribly large one anyway, being just fifteen years old, loaded with female hormones, and pretty much mostly a girl inside anyway. But it was pretty and I liked it.

"Angry! Grrrr..." Marco grinned. "Let's see that sweet little cock of yours all worked up, huh?"

It took a little while, but I finally did get hard, masturbating in front of those five men, one of them my own dad, and all the cameras. Teen transsexual Ashley jerking off would be a ten minute video clip on some website somewhere and Miles was smiling. I was smooth down there too, soft and pink, my skin pampered with scented lotions and the most wonderful creams. My balls were really pretty too, everyone thought so, and I was on my hands and knees for twenty minutes while Marco was behind me. He got some nice shots of how they hung down between my thighs, sweet and sexy with the smooth soft skin reaching right up to just beneath my little pink butthole.

"Look over your shoulder, Ash ... Yeah ... Smile, honey ... Sexy smile, baby, and wiggle that ass for me ... Reach between your legs, uh-huh, play with your balls ... Go on ... Perfect!"

He had me take my hairless balls in my fist, gently of course, and pull them down. I wasn't sure why that was sexy, but I guess it was as the skin was drawn tight and it felt kinda good too, actually. I didn't mind. I rolled my balls around carefully, giggling over my shoulder and then trying to look serious, you know, sexy and pouting. I had to look like I was dreaming of some big, strong man watching me, maybe taking my balls in his own hand and massaging them for me, squeezing my pretty pink sack while I rolled my hips and spread my ass cheeks for his tongue and later his swollen cock ... Hmmm ... That was pretty fun and I forgot all about being bored for a little bit.

I really did want to try sex, being at that age when my body was super ready for it. Making love, maybe, but just fucking would be pretty good, I thought. I had a lot of romantic daydreams, like any girl has, maybe boys too, but a lot of time I just wanted to know how it would feel to have someone holding me. A man pressing his cock inside me slowly, kissing me while he took my virginity. That always got me hot and so Mickey was getting some good video of me. He was staying out of the way and using his zoom, and it was a little strange because this was a little more than I'd ever done in front of a camera before. I'd catch myself, like waking up from a dream, with all those guys telling me how hot I was and I had to fight to keep from giggling then, feeling my face get a little red because I'd been really getting off on it.

"You're beautiful, Ash," my dad said, watching me intently with a smile on his face and an obvious bulge in his trousers. I pretended like I didn't notice, but I liked it. "Everybody wants to fuck you, Princess."

"No shit," Jake chuckled, holding a bouncer, a big round reflector for the lighting. "She's gorgeous. Got my dick hard as a rock, Ashley!"

"Put a finger in your ass, baby," Marco was telling me. "The middle one. Just a little ... Hold it ... A little more."

"Ummm..." I giggled nervously and my dad just nodded. "Like this?"

"Yeah! Fuck yeah, Ashley," Marco said. "Not too much! Just a little slutty smile now ... Hold that ... Now deeper, hold ... In and out, baby ... Get off on it, there you go. Fuck your finger for me ... Perfect!"

I fingered my ass slowly, just going in a little and stopping while Marco took some pictures, and then a little more and stopping. It was slow and it took ten minutes until I had my middle finger all the way inside my butt. It didn't hurt, cause my finger was really small anyway, but it felt sorta funny and I liked it. My thin finger was being squeezed, almost like my butt was sucking on it, and I was really hot in there too. I was really starting to like it a lot when Marco had me pull it back out slowly.

"Put it in your mouth. Suck that finger, Ashley ... Close your eyes and arch your back, honey. Mmmm ... Let me see some tongue. You love licking your finger clean, huh? Yeah you do! Pretend it's a cock, Ash ... Yeah, in and out. Tight lips, there you go ... Hold that, give me your eyes ... Fuck!"

"What would you think about posing with someone else?" Miles asked me and it was lunchtime, finally, and I was hungry.

"I never did it," I shrugged, taking a bit of my sandwich. Miles had ordered some delivery from a deli and it was good. "Did I, Daddy?"

"No, you've always done solo shots," Daddy agreed and he looked at Miles. "What do you have in mind?"

"I thought maybe we'd get Jake in there, get some action, you know?" Miles smiled at me. "She's gotta break her cherry sometime."

"Me?" Jake grinned, "Do I get paid extra for that?"

He was sitting very close to me, like his brother Mickey, the three of us on cheap lawn chairs with me in the middle. We were all sitting around a couple card tables with food and papers and stuff. My dad was to my left, eating thoughtfully while Miles sat across from me and he was all smiles as his two employees teased me. They had some Gorillaz playing on the stereo and I was kinda grooving with it, you know, grinning while I ate and teasing Jake and Mickey. Or they were teasing me, more like.

"Stop it!" I giggled at Mickey as he was sliding a hand up my thigh, under my bathrobe.

"I don't know," Dad frowned a little. "Ashley's only fifteen."

"You stop too!" I slapped Jake's hand as he was reaching for my other thigh.

"We don't need anything hard," Marco shrugged, looking back and forth between my dad and Miles. "Just a little dynamic, a big handsome man for Ash to play against. She's a beautiful boy; all she has to do is give us the looks."

"No touching?" Daddy asked him.

"See?" I giggled at Mickey and God! He was seriously cute. "No touching!"

"Hey," Jake whispered and he was seriously handsome, and between those two attentive brothers I was dying of happiness!

"What?" I turned my head and he stole a kiss! "Hey!" I giggled, licking my lips while the man grinned at me.

"Well, maybe Jake could put some lotion on her, just hands; maybe jerk her off a little?" Miles looked at Marco.

"Yeah, we put her on a recliner, on her stomach, let Jake undress her..." the photographer shrugged, " ... We see what happens, huh?"

"See what happens," my dad drew a breath. "I haven't looked at rates for this kind of thing, Miles."

"You're so hot, Ashley," Jake was whispering, his hazel eyes looking into mine. "I couldn't help it. Do you want to go out with me sometime?"

"Don't listen to him," Mickey was turning my head with his soft voice. "Let's go out tonight, just me and you. We'll have some fun. We can hit the boardwalk, I know the bouncer at Pink Cadillac. You like dancing? I can get you in."

"We can work something out," Miles was telling my dad, but I could only get little snippets of their conversation.

"I'll take you dancing, Ash," Jake was playing with my exposed left nipple, making me shiver as my robe fell open and I was naked underneath it. "I'll make you see stars, we'll dance so good."

"You could dance with both of us, Ashley," Mickey whispered.

"No, I don't think Ashley's ready for that," Daddy shook his head at Miles. "He's only fifteen."

Mickey had my other nipple out, my little A-cup tits burning beneath their fingers and I was giggling, looking between them and squeezing my thighs together. My tummy was doing cartwheels and my heart wouldn't stop pounding. I was ready for another kiss and I was looking at Mickey, wondering if he would read my mind and give it to me.

"Mmmm..." Mickey did kiss me, softly and the tip of his tongue touched my lips, but I kept them closed and giggled when he pulled away.

"My turn again," Jake turned my head, his fingers in my hair and I smiled as he kissed me again, his hand cupping my breast now, squeezing me nice. I opened for his tongue that time and ohhh!

It wasn't my first real kiss, but it was maybe the best one I'd gotten so far. Jake's long wet tongue slipped into my mouth and tickled mine, making me shiver as I tickled him back. He pinched my nipple, making me press my boob against his hand. Jake's tongue was so soft too, not stiff the way I might have expected, but relaxed and comfortable and he explored me for a long happy while until I really needed some air.

"I'll make it worth your while..." Miles was smiling, " ... Look at them. She wants it bad."

"Let me try again," Mickey grinned and then his tongue was sliding into my mouth while I arched my back to give him as much of my puffy right breast as I could. He was just as good a kisser as his brother and I moaned softly into Mickey's mouth as he licked the insides of my cheeks and then the roof of my mouth, and finally he just decided to see if he could get his tongue into my throat. He went deep, God! That guy had a long tongue and I almost gagged on it, except I didn't. I just tried to swallow it and that felt so weird, but sexy weird, you know?

"Hmph," Daddy was watching me make out with those two men and I gave him a guilty, breathless smile. "I guess we can try, but it's going to be expensive, Miles," my dad agreed slowly and the other man just smiled at that.

"Jake ... Gary, where you at?" Miles was yelling some ten minutes later. "Need you two! Get busy..."

"Hmmm..." I smiled nervously and I was back in my yellow bikini now and my face had been redone by Gary, who'd been going off on how hot Jake and Mickey were and how I was a little slut for keeping them all to myself. I just rolled my eyes. He was such a total fag and probably some people would think I was too, but there was a difference between me and Gary. He was a guy, inside and out, and he always would be. I was a girl inside and someday, maybe, probably, I'd be a girl on the outside too.

"Go ahead and lay down on the lounger, Ashley," Marco was saying. "On your stomach, that's it. Turn your head the other way for me and, yeah, spread your legs just a little. Mickey, fix her balls ... Cover them up..."

"You're showing off again!" Mickey chuckled and I rolled my eyes as he tugged my bikini bottoms into place, kind of pushing my balls gently beneath the yellow nylon until they were safely hidden away. Then he smoothed my crotch with his fingers, petting me a little more than the man needed to and I wriggled my butt playfully.

"If you don't like something, you let me know, Princess," Daddy told me and I nodded. "I know this is new for us."

"New for me!" I giggled and I was a little scared, but a lot excited.

"I'll be nice," Jake smiled at me and God! I wasn't sure I wanted nice just then.

He was so hot, just wearing a pair of tight red Speedos that didn't hide much at all. Jake wasn't a body builder or anything, but he had muscles and well-defined ones too, like he was a real athlete and not just a poseur, you know? His abs especially, talk about a washboard! And smooth? He was hairless all over except on his head and under his arms, and maybe around his dick, but I hadn't seen that yet. He had one though, that was for sure! The little swimsuit Jake wore was stretched tight and I could see the unmistakable outline of a real big dick!

"You better be," I sighed softly, just drinking the man in and my own cock was getting hard, or at least thinking stiff thoughts.

That was the problem with taking all those female hormones. I mean, yeah, they made me beautiful and gave me a pair of sexy little tits, but they confused my penis like you wouldn't believe. I was totally horny, like ready for some serious love stuff, you know? But my pretty girl cock was only barely hard! That would change though. She just needed some attention.

You'd think for like action stuff, even little things, like pretending a hunky guy finds hot little girly boy on the beach and decides to help her put on some baby oil ... You'd think it would just happen and the photographer would click away, right? But it doesn't. Everything is posed, like all the time, and it was kind of boring, except Jake was with me, so it wasn't boring at all. It was a serious tease and we were going in slow motion, with Marco telling us what to do and when to freeze and how to smile. All that stuff. You gotta be crazy to want to be a model.

"Okay, now just touch her shoulders ... Stop ... Squeeze, move down, slowly Jake ... Give him some face, Ashley. Give him those big blue eyes, baby ... Nice! Hold that ... Down a little more..."

It was like that, and all the while Jake was rubbing my body, sliding his hot slippery hands all over my oily back, across my shoulders and down my spine. He was doing my legs too and my feet, massaging my little pink toes with red polish on them, kissing them while Marco took pictures of us. He even sucked my toes, which was ticklish and sexy all at once. I tried to look serious, like having a big strong guy like Jake washing my toes with his tongue was the best thing in the world, and it sorta was, but mostly I couldn't stop giggling and Marco was giving me dirty looks.

"Take her foot in your mouth, Jake ... Can you do that?" Marco wondered, and the man could.

Jake had a big mouth and my feet were really small anyway, and it was nice when he had all five of my toes between his lips. Like half my foot was in Jake's wet, warm mouth and his tongue was all over it. I had to close my eyes because it wasn't ticklish anymore. I sighed and swallowed hard, licking my lips as I tried not to breathe too deep or too fast. My heart was rushing and I never thought having my foot sucked by a man would feel so ... Intense!

After Marco got a bunch of those pictures, he let Jake do my other foot and it was just as good. I was laying on my tummy and Jake was sucking my left foot then, so I was rubbing my right foot across his chest, down his tummy. I could feel his hard muscles under my toes and I groaned happily, exploring the man blindly, enjoying this whole new experience. I moved my foot down even more, finding the hardness in Jake's Speedos and he was strong everywhere! I was pressing my toes against his cock, like rubbing him, trying to jerk him off with my foot and Marco was getting pictures of everything. He hadn't asked for that, but he loved it. So did Jake.

"Jesus," Jake breathed, letting my foot go. "You're gonna make me cum, Ash. Oh ... You give great foot!"

"Heh!" I giggled and opened my eyes, blinking at the lights and Marco was wanting to do something else.

"Aw man! Why do you get to have all the fun?" Mickey was grinning at his brother, holding the camcorder and filming everything we did.

"Clean living, bro," Jake grinned back and I giggled.

"Okay, come on ... Go ahead and straddle her Jake, her thighs, yeah ... Get yourself right up there by her ass. Fix your cock; I want a real bulge in there..." Marco was saying and I was giggling. Jake already had a real bulge!

Jake was sitting on me, sort of, the unmistakably hard lump of his penis pressed against my ass through our bathing suits. He massaged my back some more and this time Marco was just letting Jake do it, which was nice. I moaned softly, making little grunting sounds while the man's fingers worked my taut little muscles this way and that. I was so into it that I barely noticed when Jake untied my bikini top and now his hands just went up and down, all the way without any annoying strings in the way. He was sliding his thumbs beneath the back of my bikini bottoms too, playing with the top of my ass and that made me bite my lip, which Marco loved.

"Go ahead and untie the bottoms ... Slowly, Jake ... Real slow, yeah..." Marco directed and I looked over my shoulder, giving the camera all my different looks as Jake pulled at the strings holding my bikini bottom together. Surprise, shock, nervous, happy, excited ... I was trying to look like all of that as Marco got it on film and it wasn't hard; mostly I was feeling all that stuff anyway.

"Fuck, you're beautiful, Ash," Jake whispered and he unwrapped my fifteen year old ass like I was a Christmas present. Marco was snapping away over the man's shoulder as Jake began to play with my butt. Mickey was getting everything on video too and I was only barely aware of anything else but Jake's gentle hands on my bare naked body.

Gary handed Jake another bottle of baby oil and the man started pouring it all over my ass, holding the bottle high and making a mess, but that didn't matter. It was all for the camera. He was grabbing my ass with both hands and squeezing me, massaging the firm, round globes with his fingers while my cock and balls lay exposed between my thighs. Jake's cock was hard as steel by then, straining against his skimpy Speedos and I giggled as the swollen head pressed up and out of the waistband. He was really huge, I thought, because Jake had a very long, very fat cock and I just stared at it and licked my lips.

"Go ahead and take your suit off too, Jake," Miles suggested and he and my dad were standing close by, nobody was sitting down.

"We're not going too far with this," Daddy said. "Remember?"

"Yeah, I know," Miles was nodding. "Let's just see how it looks, huh?"

Jake did as he was told, neither of us complaining at all as he stood up and peeled his Speedos off. I helped, just so Marco could get some shots of that. I reached out with my left hand, grabbing Jake's swimsuit and sorta tugging it down in the front. Marco made me hold the pose too, like I was gasping with surprise. My baby blue eyes were big and round. My mouth made a tight little O shape as the man's large cock was uncovered slowly. It took five minutes and about thirty pictures to get him completely naked and Jake stood close by my face as I lay there, his erection dark with excitement and my too small hand was wrapped gingerly around it.

"Oh my God!" I breathed, because this really was the first time I'd ever touched a man's penis before.

"You like that, baby?" Jake was watching me intently, smiling and nodding slowly as I worked my fist back and forth tentatively.

I couldn't answer. My heart thumped like crazy and my tummy had gotten all kinds of tight with excitement. This was a real man, with a real cock filling my hand. It was hot and surprisingly heavy and I imagined I could feel it throbbing just for me. He liked me. Jake wanted me and so did his cock. I thought it was the most amazingly coolest thing ever! It was so completely different than mine. I had a small, pink girly cock. I had soft pretty balls and no hair at all, just smooth baby oiled skin. Jake's cock was strong and manly, and dark with thick veins beneath the velvet soft skin. His balls were large and heavy too! Jake had big, sperm filled testicles in a sexy scrotum covered with dark public hair. This was a real man's cock and perfectly made for fucking pretty little girly boys like me. I was totally in love with it.

"Turn over, that's it. Sit up a little, Ash ... Keep your legs spread, not too much, just ... Yeah, we want to see that hard little cock of yours, honey," Marcos told me. "You love Jake's big dick, huh? Yes, you do ... Show me, look up at him and tell Jake how much you love his cock."

"God, I love your cock!" I said, looking up into the man's eyes while I rubbed my thumb over the head. It was wet already with precum leaking clean and clear from the tip, making my fingers slippery as it ran down the shaft.

"Get it closer, Jake ... Step up, there you go ... Put it close to her face ... Ashley, pull your hair back ... Look at me, pose with it. Cover shot, you and that big dick, baby!"

"It's huge!" I giggled and I was smiling at the camera, holding what had to be at least eight inches of hungry man cock in my fist. It was so thick my fingers wouldn't even go all the way around it. I tried to imagine what fucking Jake might be like and it made my tummy flip-flop with nervous anticipation. That would probably hurt, I decided, but only for awhile and then it would feel nothing but good. Probably.

"Nice, huh?" Miles was chuckling. "We're gonna spam the shit out of that picture."

"Give it a kiss, just the tip..." Marco suggested and I licked my lips, glancing at my dad.

"Are you okay, Ashley?" my father wondered and I nodded.

"Uh-huh," I breathed with a nervous smile. "Can I do it, Daddy?"

"Yeah, Princess," he agreed softly. "Try it. Give it a kiss."

"Okay," I giggled and Jake was smiling down at me as I pursed my lips and touched them to the head of his cock. I'd never even touched a man's cock before, not like this, and now I was kissing one! In front of my dad, in front of four other guys I'd just met that day. Heck, I'd only known Jake for like eight hours or something, and now I was tasting his precum? That was insane and I tried to think of it as just modeling, but ... Wow! I was kissing Jake's cock and Daddy was letting me do it!

"Hold that ... Just keep it on your lips ... Bring your other hand up, hold those big balls of his, baby. Feel his balls, there you go ... Now ... Turn your head, look at me ... That's it, keep that cock right there, against your cheek, honey. Smile now ... Little tongue for the camera ... Perfect, beautiful, Ash..."

"Can she lick it a little?" Miles asked my dad. "Any problems with that?"

"No, it's okay," my dad agreed after a second's hesitation. He was rubbing his crotch and I knew Daddy was getting turned on watching his sexy fifteen-year-old son play with a big, beautiful cock for the very first time.

"Let's play ice cream, Ashley," Marcos laughed. "Some nice long licks, baby ... Push out your tongue first, yeah, gorgeous ... Let his cock sit there on your tongue ... Now lick it ... Lick it all over ... Jake, grab her hair, no, nicely, that's it ... Be a gentleman, you've done this before..."

I spent fifteen minutes doing nothing but licking Jake's huge cock and plum sized balls and he did have some nice pubic hair, a soft dark cloud of it around his cock and covering his scrotum. It tickled my face a little, but I didn't mind. I worked my tongue everywhere, tasting him a little salty with sweat maybe, smelling of musk and all manly. My little penis was throbbing now, finally as hard as it ever got, and it was difficult not to play with myself. I had to keep my legs apart so Marco could get my girly dick in the pictures too, all the guys would want to see that I was excited by what I was doing, Marco said. I wasn't faking it, obviously, and that's what the customers liked the best. A sexy teenage transsexual sucking her first cock, and loving it! That's what this was all about and it was pretty hot.

"Open your mouth wide now, Ashley. Let's get him inside," Marco told me and if my dad was going to object, this was the time.

But Daddy didn't say anything and I didn't think he would, not the way he was massaging the bulge in his trousers. It was sorta weird, since he was my dad and all, but I couldn't blame him for being turned on. I knew I was sexy. I was beautiful like a thirteen year old Lolita, except for my cock and balls, but that just made it even better somehow. Oh yeah, it would have perfectly okay for anyone's Daddy to like what he was seeing, and maybe it was even okay for me to like the fact that he was there. Turning my dad on was kinda cool and now he was gonna watch me suck Jake's cock!

"I never did this," I laughed nervously and my mouth felt dry. "Can I have a drink of water or something first?"

"Yeah, Gary get some water for her," Marco nodded. "Jake, rub your cock around her lips for a second, and pull back ... I want some precum ... See if you can get a nice long strand ... Yeah ... Fuck yeah!"

I had to stay very still as Marco got some pictures of a silvery string of precum stretching from my slightly parted lips to his swollen cock. That was hard because it would always break after just a few inches, but Marco was happy and he let Jake paint my lips with his cockhead, getting me wet all over with the clear fluid before he'd let me have a drink of water. Marco even took pictures of that too, me sitting there drinking bottled water and giggling, while Jake rubbed the tip of his penis over my puffy nipples. We were just joking around, but I guess it was sexy too.

"Open your mouth, now ... Wide, really wide, baby and take him in slowly ... Hold it ... There we go," Marco took pictures of Jake's penis filling my mouth and it was gigantic! "Love that cock, Ashley ... Gimme your slutty look, come on ... You dream about sucking cock ... Show the camera, Ash ... Give me some eyes ... Beautiful..."

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