I Is for Initiation

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Erotica Sex Story: Ashley, a 14 year old girl pretends to be 18 in a high school sorority initiation. In a sex video store she fulfills her pledge

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   Nudism   .

George stared blankly ahead into the DVD / Video tape aisle displaying and offering scenes beyond his wildest experience but not far from his dearest dreams. George was the assistant manager at Adult Video Warehouse in Ottawa. He sold a lot of exciting material for various vicarious kinky clientele. But his job, his dragging time behind the counter and his life in general was anything but exciting. That is, until today.

At 3:45 p.m. on this warm September day, four girls waltzed into the sex-toy and video store and proceeded to browse through the aisles of X-rated movies and looked musingly on the sexy clothing and toy/tool displays on the walls.

George cleared his throat and adjusted his jeans which were bulging in front; these young ladies were all gorgeous, young, and scantily clad in tight-fitting clothing and in such way as to best get a near near-all tan. All of them except one who, while a very lovely girl, was dressed in neat and clean but definitely drab gear. Also she looked to be the youngest of the foursome.

"Ahem..." George tried again to get their attention, he pointed to the sign over his head; it read " No minors allowed. You must show ID when asked!"

One of the girls gave George such a big, sexy smile that the poor 27 year-old clerk blushed and could only stammer, " It's store policy ... and the law, too. Honest"

Three of the four sauntered up to the counter and pulled out driver's licenses from their purses and hand bags. The photo ID looked legit but showed each of these girls had turned 18 no more than five weeks ago. He also was shown their High School ID cards, proving they all went to the same school and were seniors there.

George nodded his 'ok' but then hesitantly asked abut their companion who had hung back all this time. Unlike her friends, this mousy dressed girl had not been giggling nor shown prurient interest in the movies on display; in fact, George thought she was eyeing the titles with disgust and even fear.

"Sorry, Miss," George said with as much male authority he could muster ( George was, in fact, feeling somehow intimidated by the young, sexy girls and his normally ballsy voice came out in a shrill tone ) " But rules are rules and I'll have to see your proper identification."

The girl, Ashley, was indeed the youngest of the four. She was only a freshmen at Glebe Collegiate Institute and just 14 years old. Nonetheless, a few weeks ago she had been invited to join the secret Sigma Sorority of Sinful Sisters ( technically not allowed but still thriving at the school ) and had jumped at the chance to belong to the legendary club where membership bestowed privileges only teenage girls could fathom and appreciate.

The other girls were giggling like mad as Ashley fumbled for the fake ID she'd been provided. Denise, who was clearly the leader of the group, chimed in with " Yeah, Ash, rules are rules, right? So show him all you've got ( giggle ) prove you're a big girl now."

Both Ashley and George were blushing now as Ashley timidly handed over the amateurishly altered ID claiming the bearer to be 18 years plus a day. Legal ... unless this was a fake which it so obviously was. But before George could speak up and do the right thing, Denise grabbed Ashley's fake ID out of his hand and put her face just inches from his and said in a sexy but domineering tone, " You've been shown ID, so your ass is covered. Just listen and go along with what you hear. Believe me, you won't regret it."

George took a good three seconds to assess his situation. There were no cops around, his boss wasn't due in today, there were only two male customers in the store right now ... they wouldn't rat him out ... George did the less than noble but highly intuitive thing. He shut his mouth, watched and waited to see what would develop.

The three girls who really did look 17 or 18 walked about the store talking among themselves as if Ashley, silent as ever, were not there. But she was the very topic of their conversation which was peppered with giggles, guffaws and gut wrenching laughter.

"Rules are rules." Denise repeated talking at Ashley but to George as the purpose of their visit to Adult Video Warehouse was explained. The assistant manager and both his male customers listened in rapt silence as Denise spoke. She directed her comments to the male audience by way of reciting all the parts of Ashley's pledge tasks needed to complete before she could become a Sigma Sister of Sin.

"Ashley, the first part of your pledge requires you buy the sex toys on the list." Here Denise handed the reluctant girl a hand-written list of four items. This was the first the freshman had seen what she had to buy and she gasped, swallowed hard and blushed even deeper. But her humiliation was just beginning as her sorority leader insisted she read the list out loud so all could hear what a slut she really was.

For this first time, George heard Ashley's quavering voice and almost felt sorry for her; but the growing cock inside his jockey shorts betrayed his deeper feelings as the young girl read...

"One, a black, sleep-mask blindfold. Two, a pair of Luv-cuffs. Three, a pair of nipple clamps. And four..." Here Ashley had a hard time getting the words out as tears were forming in her eyes and that blurred her vision. Wiping them away, she continued. " And four, a string of Ben-Wa balls."

"No need to bother yourself getting them, Ashley," Denise said in the sweetest and least sincere of voices, " Pam and Ginger have them ready for you to try on. Oh, first I better explain the next few rules. As a consumer-conscious pledge, you must try these on before buying to make sure they fit and are suitable to your initiation needs. And, did I mention? You must wear all these items ... and only these items while we and these fine gentlemen check you out to make sure they suit you. So, quickly now, Ashley, put on your sexy new outfit ... but first, STRIP!"

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