by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2001, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Erotica Sex Story: A young girl's skiing adventure takes a twist as a result of an avalanche. Her rescuer teaches her about life. She is an apt pupil.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fiction   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Date of first publication: Friday PM, April 06, 2001

Finally sufficient snow has fallen. The ski team leader has us booked at the ski lodge as part of our continuing training. The only unknown is amount of snow on the runs. Mother Nature must have heard our prayers and answered with a two-day snowfall. The ski lodge provided an update that all trails are open and in excellent condition. Being the youngest female ever to be accepted on our high school completion team I am excited to be going on the trip. At fourteen I am strong for my age and can cross country and downhill with the best of them. Last year I won a number of the middle school championships.

My name is Nia Raven academically I am considered as somewhat of a brain. My teachers have attempted to hold me back due to my age but I won out. Apparently the powers to be didn't think I would be able to coup in the upper grades in high school, they were wrong. My personal goals are much higher than my peers, I consider myself a failure if I don't achieve 98 percent on every test or project. Fortunately I haven't failed yet. Being the youngest in all my classes was a bit apprehensive at first. Some are jealous but most appreciated the gift I am blessed with. Fortunately the ski team isn't concerned about my age or intelligence but only about my ability to compete competitively on the ski trails and hills. They treat me as an equal.

My good friend Tembi Clark is also on the team. We are always competing with each other, equal in talent, but she is not as aggressive as me. Some events Tembi wins others I do. It keeps both of us sharp, always looking for any weakness of our competitors. We made arrangements to share a room at the lodge. It's going to be a lot of fun. The chartered bus will be leaving the school grounds at two o'clock Friday. Let the fun begin.

My parents came to see me off. My bags and ski equipment are now packed in the luggage compartment. Tembi saved me a seat beside her.

"Oh Nia, this is going to be super. It is the first time I am going somewhere overnight without my parents. It feels great."

"Me too, the practice times are great. It leaves us a lot of time to ski on our own. Maybe we'll meet some guys."

"Don't you think Kevin McKay is a hunk? He can be my snow bunny any time he wants."

"You're full of it, what would you do if he comes on to you at the lodge?"

"I will never tell. I hear he really knows how to kiss. The rumor is he likes to use his hands, wandering fingers."

"Have you ever been felt up Tembi?"

"Yes. It wasn't very nice. I don't think Sean knew what the hell he was doing. All he did was grope. The jerk hurt my tit."

The bus starts to move. From the window I wave to my parents. All the excitement of the trip has me feeling eager and happy. Tembi has snuggled into the seat, her eyes closed. There was a smile on her face. I can't help but notice she has a jacket covering her lap; her hand under the jacket is moving slightly. She has to be playing with herself. That thought makes me tingle, wishing I had the nerve to do it as well.

Tembi's breasts are nice but mine are bigger. My mom says I have the biggest nipples she has ever seen. She teases me about how large they will be when I grow up. Currently we have the same bra and cup size.

Kevin McKay is sitting three rows in front of us in an outside seat. I wonder what it would be like having his hands running up and down my body. My pussy is tingling. I wish I had Tembi's bravado as I could sure use a hard climax.

The trip takes about three hours. We can see the mountains in the distance. They appear to get bigger and bigger as we travel towards them. As the bus winds along the mountain road the view is breathtaking, some of the mountains seem to go straight up into the clouds. We can't see the top of them from inside the bus. Tembi is leaning over me trying to see how high they are. Her breasts are rubbing my arm. I can feel their heat. When I absent-mindedly cup one, Tembi looks surprised but doesn't move. Then I realize her boob in my hand; I give it a a squeezed, it is so soft but her nipple is rigid. Tembi smiles and softly says.

"That felt good, much better then when Sean groped me. I wouldn't mind if you did that again."

"You do feel nice; I never thought I would touch another girl like that. I don't think we should do anything more on the bus but if you like we can in our room tonight."

She gave my thigh a squeeze as the bus rolled to a stop in front of the chalet. Our team leader tells us to line up beside the bus to make sure our entire luggage is located and loaded on trolleys, then calls out for all to double check. Tembi and I do as instructed. Soon we are standing beside a sizable pile. More instructions, we are to bring our skis to our rooms as well. Later we would be issued locks for ski lockers where they will be secure. We push our trolley to the front desk and Tembi signs in for both of us. Our team leader shouts that we are free till six when we're to have dinner as a group. That gives us four hours to unpack and relax. Our training starts early tomorrow.

The view from our room is spectacular. The mountains tower in the background. The downhill run is over to our left, I watch fascinated as skier after skier pass on the slope at great speeds. I can't wait to try it. Tembi unpacks, I follow her example. There is one large bureau with drawers down both sides. Tembi takes one side I the other. Her lingerie is very intimate, most of a soft silky material. She has a number of lacy thongs. My mom is not a fan of bikini or thong panties. She doesn't think they cover enough. Tembi has a number of sexy matching bras as well.

"Tembi I like your lingerie. My mom won't them, she thinks they are not lady like."

"My panties should fit you but my bras are certainly too small. Here try a thong; I brought plenty, as you can see they don't take up much room in my suitcase."

And they didn't.

She handed me a soft black silky pair. They feel soft to the touch. I can feel the blush of embarrassment and then head for the washroom.

"Hey it's only us girls here; you don't have to go to the washroom."

Now I am really embarrassed. My panties are damp after the excitement of touching Tembi and the thought of her masturbating on the bus. I was hoping to get some privacy so I could masturbate. I am blushing as I lower my slacks, Tembi watches as they slide to the floor. The odor of my sex hits me like a hammer. Now I am really blushing. Tembi is staring at my crotch, I really embarrassed.

"Your pussy lips are much bigger than mine. You trim your bush?"

"A little, if I don't it pushes my panties out and people would certainly notice the bulge. Don't you?"

"No, I don't have anything near what you have. Do you want to see?"

What do I say? Of course I want to see her pussy she has been rubbing it all day. I nod yes and watch as she strips down. I love her thong it is a soft powder blue and I can see dampness at the crotch. She is beautiful. This is the first time I have actually seen a girl undressing, other than the gym, they are usually a madhouse of girls trying to get changed and dressed, not really that sexy. Tembi has a shapely butt and hips, she turns facing me. I can see a faint sprinkling of fine hair above her pussy. Her luv lips are thin but partial open. Her inner lips protrude, awesome. There is a tingling between my legs. I didn't realize just looking at her pussy would make so excited.

"You look gorgeous Tembi. How often do you masturbate?"

"You noticed on the bus? I try and do it two or three times a day. I love it. And you?"

"The same; Do you have a dildo?"

"No. Do you?"

"Yes. Do you want to see it? It was a secret present from my Uncle. He told me every young lady should have one. It is a lot safer than letting some boy stick his thing in me. Mom would have a bird is she knew her brother had given it to me."

"You have it here? Oh yes let me see it. How far can you stick it in? Did you break your cherry with it?"

"Yes I brought it with me however I didn't know if I would get to use it. It is eight inches long and I have had it buried in me. My cherry is long gone. I am still a virgin theoretically. Here it is."

Tembi takes it and examines carefully. It is a replica of some porn actor's penis; at least that is what is said on the box. My uncle got off a site on the Internet. Tembi flicks the switch and there is a quiet hum. She has a surprised look on her face.

"It is vibrating. It feels funny."

"Well it feels good when it is inside of you."

She looks at me with an odd expression on her face.

"Can I try it?"

"Of course if you want to. I disinfect it after every use. I have a special antibacterial soap, my Uncle thought of everything."

It is mesmerizing watching her lay on the bed and spread her legs, I never realized the beauty between girl's legs. My body reacts to the view of her open pussy; I have strong desire to reach out and touch. Tembi is very wet so there is no resistance when she puts the end of the dildo in her pussy.

"It will only go in this far."

It is in about a half-inch. It is against her hymen.

"Your cherry won't allow it to go any deeper. Turn on the switch."

Tembi flicks the switch and I can hear the muffled hum. She gently moves it around her opening. You can see her luv lips get puffier as she continues to manipulate it. She pulls it out and rubs it against her clitoris.

"On Nia this feels wonderful. I am going to cum."

My eyes are latched onto her lovely slit as she rubs. Her hips rise and then she gives a deep sigh with a heavy expulsion of breath. Tembi has climaxed. She continues to shoves it inside her. She is using short pumping strokes bumping against her hymen. Then I notice it is in deeper than before. She has a surprised look on her face.

"That hurt. What happened?"

"You just broke your cherry. Can't you feel how deep you have it inside you?"

"Yes and it does feel good. Do you think you could ask your uncle to get one of these for me?"

"Well on Monday after school we can have a visit with him and you can ask. He likes young girls. I know he will be crazy about you."

"Has he done anything with you?"

"No unfortunately. I know he's interested because every time I visit him his thing bulges in his pants. He tries to cover it up but I like to embarrass him. I would love to see it."

"We had better get ready for dinner. We have to be on time or we will be in deep shit. Where is your dildo cleaner? I will wash it. I hope you let me us it again."

The skin-tight feel of Tembi's silky thong has me excited. I still didn't get to masturbate. At least I will not feel embarrassed tonight maybe we can do it together. I am really feeling sexy when we enter the dining room. The majority of our group is already seated. Kevin McKay is sitting at our table. He really does look like a hunk. The room is humming with excited conversations. Tembi starts to poke my leg under the table pointing at Kevin her facial contortions have me giggling. Fortunately no one notices. If today is any indication of what is going to happen for the rest of our time here it will a blast.

The meal is excellent. During dessert the group leader outlines the training schedule. We have to be up by seven o'clock tomorrow each morning and be on the hill at by eight thirty. The training and practice runs should be completed by two thirty. From that point on we can enjoy skiing or just relaxing at any of the facilities at the lodge. Just before leaving the dining room we were given a list of our groups. Fortunately Tembi and I are in the same one.

"Well since we don't know how much we will be doing tomorrow I think we should go to our room bath and watch some T V and make an early night of it. I need to be alert. I don't want anything to keep me off the team."

"Good idea, but first I am going to look at the shops here just to see what is available. Do you want to come, Nia?"

"Well as long as we are in our room by eight."

There are numerous shops not only for the skiing enthusiast but for gift and other shopping as well. I am surprised to find a lingerie shop. The window displays are very exotic. Tomorrow I may slip in and see if they have thongs my size, mom will have to get used to them. Tembi's feels so good on my body. I love the feeling in my bum. I hope they have a Laundromat; I will need to wash her thong. Finally we head for our room.

"Do you want to shower first Tembi?"

"No you go ahead. I will see if there is anything good on T. V. I wonder how many channels they get here."

Mom has packed a new body wash and sponge with matching shampoo. The scent is a soft spice. The cascading water feels great and the lather the sponge produces is lovely. I am lost in my thoughts when I feel a sight draft as the shower door opens. I gasp as Tembi moves in with me. Her titties may be smaller but her body is perfect, everything is balance. I can't believe how my body is reacting. It is difficult to take my eyes off her breasts and nipples. The perky ruby nipples are like magnets. They felt great under her clothing on the bus but now I would love to touch and squeeze them.

"I thought we could save some water. You don't mind?"

"No, you are beautiful Tembi."

"I wish I had your breasts. I love the size of your nipples. Look how small mine are compared to yours."

"You have lovely nipples. Sometime I feel mine are too big. Yours look great."

Tembi grabs my hands and cups her breasts. They feel so soft but her nipples are hard. The next thing I know is we are touching each other's body. Tembi is tenderly massaging my breasts then gently pinching my protruding nipples. We look into each other's eyes. Excitement tingles through my body but what to do next. Tembi solves the dilemma she passionately kisses me. Now I have been kissed before but never with the feelings of desire of that small kiss. Pretence is dropped as we embrace with a full kiss. Tembi tongue is in my mouth exploring, I do the same to her. My hands run up and down her back as the water pours down.

"Maybe we should finish our shower."

"Sounds like a good idea. I have never done anything like this before. Have you?"

"Just once with Alishia: I did like it when you felt my boob on the bus. It was like being touched with a lightning rod. I have always found you very attractive Nia and I love your body."

Tembi grabs my sponge and lathers it. She gently washes me from top to bottom. I anticipate her every touch and wonder what will happen when she gets to my pussy and my bum. I close my eyes as she spread my luv lips and gently washes my inner area. My clitoris protrudes out of its' hood; Tembi touches it. It feels a hellva lot different, as her fingers explore me. I have to support myself with my hands on the sides of the shower. Finally she spreads my cheeks, and traces her finger on my rosebud. It feels crazy. When she is done she hands the sponge to me.

My head is whirling. I want to do the same thing to her and more. I wash her face and when she closes her eyes I kissed her. There is a beautiful smile on her face as I continue down her body. I just love her titties, her nipples are calling me. I wonder if I will have enough nerve to suck each one. I couldn't believe how much I am looking forward to actually seeing her pussy up close. Now on my knees, I gently have her spread her legs. Pussies are beautiful. I am shaking in anticipation. Her inner lips protrude outward, like a blossoming flower. They are so pink, so appealing. Now done and we towel ourselves. Tembi leans over to dry her feet and I am blest with a perfect view of her pussy and brown star. I have never felt this horny. Before we leave the bathroom we are in each other's arms. Tembi's warm soft body feels so good against me.

"Do you think we should put on our nighties?"

"You're kidding; they will just end up on the floor. I am so horny."

"Do you want to sleep together?"

"I was hoping. Do you?"

"Yep, we better make sure the door is locked. The last thing we would need is someone to stumble in on us. I want to enjoy every minute of this."

If someone caught us, I would die, mom would kill me. I have heard of the term lesbian, girls liking girls. But I do like boys. This is a new adventure. My eyes follow Tembi all around the room. She gets the controller for the T. V. and jumps on the bed. The smile on her face tells me she knows I am a bit unsure of myself.

"Have you done this before Tembi?"

"Yes with Alishia, her aunt taught her all about it. She is a very good teacher herself."

"Well I don't know what to do. You will have to show me."

She stretches out on the bed beside me. Her naked skin glows in the soft light. I am mesmerized looking at her thin matt of soft pussy hair. Then she takes my hand and puts it between her legs. I can feel her moist heat. The luv lips feel so soft and viable. My finger finds her slit and slowly sinks into her. What a feeling, she is enjoying it. Tembi spreads her legs wider, smiles at me then closes her eyes and emits a soft welcoming moan. Moving lower I have a better view of her opening. Her scent is intoxicating, her elixir slowly seeps out, down the crack between her legs. Propping my head with one hand, I explore her pussy with the other. It is like someone turned on tap, her pussy dew is flowing rampantly. Tembi lifts one leg, bending it at her knee. That movement opens her pussy and also exposes her puckered rosebud. Both openings look so awesome. I have a strong urge to lean over and kiss the moist inner lips. I really don't know what is right or wrong at this point. Her scent is a toxic mix of her body wash and her sexual essence, addictive gets the better of me.

Taking my life in my hands, I lean forward and kiss her luv lips. The taste of Tembi's love juice excites me so much I lap like a puppy, feasting on her offering; I can't believe this is actually happening. Her hands grasp the back of my head gently pulling into her pussy. With long tongue strokes I lick from the rosebud to her extended clitoris. Her body trembles and her breathing, uneven. Then she pulls me hard into her cunt. Tembi's hips lift off the bed and she expels a large breath of air. She had her first climax of this evening.

"Nia, that was wonderful. Are you sure you have never done this before. Your licking is so gentle much better the Alishia. Now let me do you."

I am still licking Tembi's juice off my lips when I feel her hands on my breasts kneading them also tweaking my nipples. It feels like a branding iron when she latches on a nipple and starts sucking. What a marvelous sensation as her mouth manipulates one nipple then the other. The feelings are all new but wonderful. She continues massaging my breasts as she sucks and tongues my nipples. Butterfly kisses explode on my body downward. It feels funny when she put her tongue in my belly button. My whole body is trembling with anticipation. Then she touches my pussy with her tongue. The searing feeling is unbelievable. A tongue is better than my dildo. I nearly faint when Tembi starts sucking my clitoris. When she touches my rosebud I couldn't believe the sensation. When I finally climax it is strongest I have had. After cumming I am surprised to feel that her finger is deep in my anal opening, her finger is slowly sawing in and out. It feels so good.

When we wake next morning we are still in each other's arms. My pussy is still tingling from the workout Tembi gave me last night. Can you imagine the rush two girls are in when they are ten minutes behind schedule? Our showers, were just that a shower, no touchy, fellies. Before we left the room we did kiss; Tembi has good tasting toothpaste.

I don't know how but we manage to make it to the starting point on time. Today they have a cross country run planned. It will be judged by times and since no one has ever run it before the times will be interesting. A skier is out of the starting gate every two minutes. If feel good about myself this morning. I know I will do well. The course is very challenging with many dips and small hills. All my jogging and bike riding in the summer will pay off. When I look up I can see the skier who left the gate before me. I use a surge of my energy to overtake him. It is Kevin. He graciously moves over to let me pass. Finally I see the finishing line. Once I cross I remove my skis and sit down gulping air. I watch as Tembi crosses the line.

"How did you do Nia?"

"Good I think, they will be posting the results in the lobby shortly after the final skier crosses the line."

We watch as the final skier crosses the line. Everyone slowly walks to check the results. A lodge employee hands out bottles of ice-cold mineral water from the lodge's artesian well. It really hits the spot. It takes a while before we can get close enough to the bulletin board to read the results.

Tembi came seventh, which is good considering there were thirty-three on the circuit. I can't believe I am second. Our team leader is the only one that beat me and he has been in completions for years. I really feel good. Kevin who I lapped is seventeenth.

"Nia you really beat me today. I guess I was too tired. I will have to get to bed earlier tonight."

We both start laughing. We will likely be to bed early but not to sleep. Kevin comes over to us.

"Girls you were great and Nia with that second place finish on the first day is awesome. You will likely get stronger as we practices. I am going to have to really start bearing down. But the way would you girls like to join me for a cappuccino after dinner."

Tembi eyes are telling me to say yes.

"Well we would like that but we have to get to bed early. Tomorrow we will be on the downhill. It is supposed to be a real challenge."

"I promise you will be in your rooms no later than eight."

"Ok we will see you after dinner."

It is only one thirty when we enter our room. Housekeeping had been in and gone.

"What do you want to do Nia? Dinner isn't till six."

There is a sparkle in her eye. She wants what I want.

"Let's shower and lie down and rest."

It is a very fast shower for both of us then we are in each other's arms kissing. Warm skin against bare skin what could be better. This time Tembi has my dildo and she is showing me a tube of KY jelly.

"What do you need that for?"

"You will see."

I watch as she coats the dildo. What is she up too? When she rolls me on my tummy I have inkling. The tip is at my brown star and I feel the pressure. Slowly it penetrates me. Once the initial shock of something that large is entering my asshole I push against it. I feel so full.

"Tembi I never knew it would feel so good. I thought about doing something like this but always chickened out."

"I was hoping you liked it as much as I do."

Slowly she pumps the dildo in and out of my ass. Her finger is on my clit. The combination of feeling ripples through my body.

"Oh Tembi I am cumming."

The crescendos of stars and light flashes run through my mind as the pressure of the climax is released. I didn't know I had that many different flash points in my body.

"Now it is my turn Nia."

It feels funny now that I do not have the dildo filling my anal passage. It feels like something is missing. Tembi hands me the dildo and rolls over on her tummy. She reaches back and spreads her cheeks. I must admit she has a beautiful asshole. When I touch it I can feel its heat. The edges are smooth. Tembi is breathing hard. The smooth jelly recoats the dildo and I cover my finger as well. With my finger on her anal ring I apply pressure then watch as my finger slowly disappear in the warmth of her being. I can feel her muscles squeezing me. This is neat.

"That does feel good; but use the dildo. I want that full sensation. You can play with my asshole when we come back from dinner."

Out with my finger and in with the dildo. It is fascinating to watch as the inches disappear deep inside Tembi. Her bum is so soft and well-shaped. Reaching under her, my finger locates her clit. It is out of its hood needing attention. It is moist and feels hard to my touch. The sound of soft appreciation escapes Tembi. I did to her what she did to me. The results are the same. Her body trembles as she climaxes.

"That was so good Nia. I am glad we are roomies. We have to get ready for dinner. I wish we hadn't made the promise to Kevin. I know I am going to be pooped. I want to make a good run tomorrow. I have to beat you in downhill."

"You wish. If I feel as good as I did this morning I should do well. I looked at the downhill run; it is scary from the bottom. I hope I have the nerve to push myself tomorrow."

"Don't give me that Nia. I know you are one hellva competitor."

Dinner is a repeat of excellent fare. However the comments by our group leader take a different course.

"We will be practicing the downhill tomorrow. The hills offer a challenge at every turn. I have been told by the ski patrol to advise all our skiers to stick to the runs that are marked with blue flags. The recent snows have had the area on avalanche alert. Do not attempt to go down a run with red markers. The red indicates the possibility of an avalanche. There is very little warning and they can be deadly. I want every one of you to enjoy yourselves and not take any chances. See you on the hill tomorrow morning at eight thirty sharp."

As the we mill about in the crowd, we look for Kevin.

"Girls over here."

Once we're beside him he grabs us by the arm and leads us to a small coffee shop. The smell of fresh coffee hits us.

"Please be seated ladies I will get the cappuccinos as promised."

It's actually nice to talk to Kevin. He's over six feet tall and well put together. During our conversation I can't help thinking of his cock and if it would feel the same way as the dildo did. Three times Tembi had to kick me under the table to bring me back to reality. We thank Kevin for the coffee and promise we would love to do it again when we have more time.

Again we use one bed. Tembi latches onto one of my nipples and starts to suck. I can believe the feeling going through my body. The next thing I remember is the alarm ringing.

The ride on the lift is frightening; it feels like we are going straight up. This slope is higher than anything I have ever skied. There is only fourteen out of the group that have signed for downhill. Tembi is beside me as we listen to the final instructions. The view is incredible. Large expanses of white snow cover the mountains to the top. There is the odd outcropping of stone but it mostly new fallen snow. Two of the five runs have red markers at the gates as sign of possible avalanche activity. Looking up the side of the mountain large overhangs of snow are obvious. It looks about a mile down to the tree line. Then I notice something odd. To the left at the tree line on a secondary hill I think I see smoke rising lazily into the sky. I remember wondering who would be in that isolated section of the woods with all this snow. It is in the middle of nowhere.

I am second down the slope. At least I will have a track to follow. As soon as I leave the gate it feels like I am riding a jet. For those people who haven't skied there is no way to describe the rush. Once through the finish gate I plow snow for nearly a hundred feet before I finally stop. My heart is beating. I can't believe the speed.

"Nia you aren't going to believe this but your speed is two one hundredths of a second slower than the hill record. How in the hell did you do that?"

"I don't know but it was exhilarating. Can we do it again?"

I ski the downhill seven more times. When we finally stop and I realize it is over it's a real downer. No one comes close to my speed that assures me a place on the team. Our leader still can't believe I beat him.

"Nia I have never seen anyone ski like you. It's like you have ice water in your veins. If you ski like that in our completions we will win."

Tembi and I head for our room. I really feel good about today.

"Nia I watched you. You're crazy. The way you challenge the hill, I never seen anyone as aggressive as you. Compared to you I must have walked down the hill. My times were terrible."

"I felt like I was flying. It was exhilarating. I never thought I would be able to ski at that speed."

The group practiced for three more days, my speeds continue to be in the top three. I was surprised at the number of other people that were actually watching our trials. My costume is a soft pink from head to foot. I guess I stood out coming down the hill. In the evening people would come up to me and just talk about the day's runs. Tembi speeds continued to be in the lower of the pack.

Our nights are something else. When our room door closes for the evening, memories of this trip continue to be made. Every night we fall asleep exhausted from skiing and our lovemaking. We have the best of both worlds. Friday night our leader advises the group that Saturday and Sunday are free days. He is so impressed at our development they curtail the practice runs for weekend knowing that we will be skiing for personal enjoyment.

Saturday morning we woke to the sun shining and eight inches of new powder snow. It looks like a winter wonderland. Tembi tells me to go it alone she is going to catch up on her sleep and will see me later.

The first runs in the new snow are a real experience. On the third trip up the lift I notice that blue markers have replaced the red one on a hill I haven't skied. My ski partner is Dave our team leader.

"Dave I would like to try that hill. It has been opened to general skiing."

"I don't know about that Nia. They call that run Suicidal Folly are you sure you want to try it?"

"Yes. What can it have that we haven't already experienced?"

"Well we are about to find out."

The comments about the hill are correct. The trail is nearly straight down with a few dips. The speed is unbelievable. My heart is pounding when I ski up to Dave.

"Let's do it again. Boy that is some run."

"Well Nia once is enough for me. You really have a lot of guts for one so young. You have all the confidence in the world. I am proud of you. Go ahead and enjoy yourself."

I am the only one to attempt the run for a second time. A number of other skiers have gathered at the bottom of the run to watch my finish. This is fun. I continue to ski. On the fifth run at the midway section there is a tremendous roar, I can hear it over the screaming airflow as I streak down the hill. There is a wall of snow chasing me, it is an avalanche I am caught in mid-course with nowhere to go but down.

The last thing I remember is a force hitting me from behind knocking the air out of my lungs then everything went black.

When I return to the land of the living, the first thing I sense is wood smoke. Then I realize I am naked under heavy blankets. As my eyes start to focus and my senses return I realize I am not alone in the bed. There is a hands cupping my breasts and there is something solid pushing into my buttock. The soft heartbeat of whoever is with me pounds my body softly. Then I realize both my hands are bound with bandages and splints. Now I feel the pain. My wrists hurt like hell. My movements alert my bed partner.

"Well back to the living. Don't move too much you will feel pain all over your body. I have some painkillers if you need some."

"Where am I?"

"About six miles from the ski lodge. You will be able to can see it from the window when the wind and snow storm abates."

"What happened?"

"You got caught in an avalanche. I got lucky and found you at the bottom of a ravine where the avalanche dumped tons of snow. I was listening to the emergency channel and it was alive with comments of the skiers that had been caught. It was luck or divine providence that I located you. Your ski was sticking out of the snow. I located you with a probe and shoveled until I reached your body. I don't know if you were living or not. Fortunately you were alive but your pulse was weak. Your wrists were still in the ski pole loops, that is what caused the serious strains and pulled muscles in your wrists and arms. They are going to hurt like hell for a while. I have no idea how long you were under the snow. Your body had lost a lot of heat. I carried you to my cabin and undressed you, bound your wrists and had to lie beside you to get heat back into your body. You have been out for over six hours. I could feel your body absorb my heat. I thought I was lying beside an ice cube. Finally your breathing got deeper and stronger. I knew I had won the battle. I bet you are hungry."

"I have to pee."

"Well you can do that too. The facilities are a bit crude. I don't get female visitors here very often. Actually you are the first one."

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"Who am I? Don Parson. What am I doing here? Well that is a long story. I am a writer. I found this area while hiking nine years ago. I filed a mining claim and have been coming here off and on for that last nine years to work my claim. Actually I have to do so much work on the claim to keep it active. There is nothing here but for as long as I want to keep coming back I work the claim for two or three days a year. All I have is a big hole in the ground. If rocks were worth money I would be a millionaire."

"I am Nia Raven. When can I go home? And I still have to go pee."

"We will take care of the peeing right now. Do you need some help to get out of bed?"

I was about to say no but when I tried to move everything started to ache. I couldn't use my hands for support or to lift my body. I had to nod meekly yes. He moved gracefully and with a swoop of his arms I was floating in the air. He cared me to a corner and sat me on a potty.

"I will go to the other side of the room if you are self-conscious."

As I sat on the potty I survey the cabin. It is platonic with no frills very neat and clean. There is a shelf full of books, a small two-way radio and a lap top computer. The large old cast iron stove has a large container on its surface. I watch as Don places two more logs in the opening. He is naked. I can't believe the size of his penis standing out from his body he has a large sack hanging below his penis which I assume are his balls. It is the first real one I have seen. I feel so helpless but the view is fascinating.

"I am done."

Don comes over with his penis bobbing and wipes my pussy with a tissue. This is so embarrassing. Again I am in his arms as he carries me back to the bed.

"You asked about going back to the lodge. As soon as the storm abates I will take you. However just before my antenna was blown down I got the weather report. The storm is here for at least a week and the possibility of more avalanches is high. No one will be looking for bodies until this storm abates. As soon as you are stronger and feel like moving you can sit by the window and watch the storm. When it is clear I often watch the skiers through binoculars. It must have been you I was watching this morning in that pink outfit. You have a lot of nerve for one so young. I have seen full-grown men purposely fall so they wouldn't have to finish that run. You skied like it was kid's run. You are very good by the way how old are you anyway?"

"Thank you I love the feel of the wind on my body as I come down. The speed is intoxicating. I will have my fifteenth birthday in two weeks."

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"Anything. I can eat a horse."

Watching Don as he moves around the cabin is interesting. He is still naked. I think he must have sensed I was concerned as he slips into a loose pair of jogging pants.

"Did my being naked bother you? I am sorry; living here by myself I get complacent."

"Well it is the first time I ever seen a man naked. Your penis is so big."

"And you have seen so many to compare it too: Right."

The jogging pants didn't do anything to help. The tenting is even more distracting then seeing it naked. I wonder what it would be like to touch it. Then I think of my dildo and wonder if it would be a better replacement. I start to tingle.

Don moves around the cabin with ease. There is an old fashioned pump on the make shift counter for water. He is making pancakes. Soon the odor of fresh frying and coffee fill the cabin. I am hungry. Once he has a large stack prepared he looks at me.

"Well I guess I better get something for you to wear. I must admit you have a beautiful body for one so young."

He ruffles through a box and comes up with a large oversize sweatshirt. He assists me but putting it over my head. It comes down to just below my bum. Don helps me up but I walk without assistance to the table. My hands are still useless and I look at him.

He has a smile on his face and place two large pancakes in front of me. The maple syrup and the pancake odor have my mouth watering. How am I supposed to eat? Don cuts a piece and forks towards my mouth. He feeds me five large pancakes and syrup, lots of syrup. This is followed by some of the best tasting coffee from an old beat up coffeepot.

"Feel better?"

"Yes you are a good cook."

"No really, you were just hungry."

"Do you have enough food to last out the storm?"

Don is laughing at the question.

"Have no fear we could live here for nearly a year without having to go to town. Mind you we would run out of some of the finer things. After living here for the most part of nine years I am prepared for anything. There is a large storage hole under the cabin below the frost line. There is meat frozen in the wood shed. We will have a venison roast tonight."

I really feel uncomfortable due to the fact I can't do anything for myself. My face is sticky from the syrup. Don must have sensed it.

"Would you like to clean up?"

"Yes please. I feel yucky I didn't have my shower last night."

"Well I don't have a shower but I do have an old fashioned wash tub that does the trick."

I watch as be brings in a large tub and partially filling it with steaming hot water from the large pot on the stove. He keeps touching the rim, and then I realize it he checking the temperature of the metal. Once he has it right he looks at me.

"Bath time."

Then I realize I can't do it myself. Don plans on bathing me. How embarrassing. Lifting me to the edge of the tub he slips off the sweatshirt. I can feel the blush starting from my toes and quickly is at my face. Don lifts me and places me standing in the tub.

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