D Is for Discipline

by BIC

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: After arranging an oral-sex orgy for her friend, 18 year old Riana is caught and sent to a new school where strict discipline is the subject and means of learning

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Brenda Buttsmit was the lucky one. As she was a mini-minor, that is under the age of 16, at the time and was considered an unwilling participant/ victim in the incident, the only court-ordered repercussion from her Labour Day weekend party was psycho-therapy. Her reputation in the community was another matter. But that became a moot consideration within a year as her family, disgraced and humiliated by her well-publicised actions, chose to move out of town to a land far away.

Brenda was lucky. Not so the six boys who eventually showed up at the Eastward home that weekend. They were all over the age of 16 and therefore subject to sex-crime legislation that would have them tried in Criminal, not Family Court.

Although neither Riana Eastward nor Brenda Buttsmit would testify against them, the photo evidence alone was damning. Riana had not only recorded the party on her cell phone, she even posted the images on line. News of how they orally 'gang-raped' a 14-year old virgin soon spread. Brenda swore she had been complicit, but the law did not recognize her as being old enough to freely have sex ... even oral sex.

As youthful offenders, the boys names could not be released through the press, but social networking and the jailhouse grapevine was more active and faster than mainstream media. They could look forward to much rough justice in the shower stalls at the Federal facilities they'd be in for the next three years. Their punishment would fit the crime and then some.

It could not be proven that Riana took the photos although they were recorded on her cell phone. She claimed to have been the victim of a home invasion by the boys from the swim team and made to send out invites to the oral orgy. Nobody believed her story, but the Prosecution couldn't disprove it beyond a reasonable doubt. It should be noted that neither Brenda nor any of the boys ratted her out. In fact, the swim team members actually backed up her story and took the blame. So Riana got off with no criminal record. Instead, her punishment would be meted out by her enraged and humiliated parents.

Riana was scheduled to start 12th grade at Gottoget High that fall. But the investigation and trial took several months and it was June before she was free. By then her father had arranged for the family's relocation and new jobs. As well, Riana would begin summer session at a new institution of learning, one more appropriate in addressing what the 18 year old girl was obviously in sore need of: discipline.

Riana would be learning to behave at a boarding school designed to deal with such misbehaving brats as their daughter. While it formerly catered to girls between the ages of 14 and 16, it now had special quarters and training for older girls. Quest Academy for wayward girls was a private institution and located in a country which still allowed both corporal and humiliating punishment, especially for girls who brought shame on their families.

Mr. Eastward was impressed with and more than a little aroused by the school's flyer which boasted:

While Quest Academy is an all-girls school, the faculty and staff are all male. We administer discipline through with strict punishment and humiliation. Corporal punishment is always on the bare and in full view of classmates. Correction of naughty girls who have shown low moral turpitude can expect appropriate punishment at the hands of teachers and the worst behaviour warrants discipline administered by the Head Master himself in his private quarters.

So one fine June morning Riana Eastward found herself standing before the Head Master's door. She had a small travel bag with toiletries and nothing else. Her uniform would be provided and no other clothing was allowed. Her books and writing implements would be in her cell along with her cot, washing ewer, and straw mat. She knocked on the door and a baritone voice intoned ' Enter'.

The Master's room was dark and sparsely decorated with a large Secretary Desk in the middle of the room, two Victorian Wing Chairs in front of and on either side of the desk, two tall lamps with directional cones and a wall cabinet with both glass and closed wooden doors. The Headmaster was seated in a swivel chair behind his desk; his back was to Riana as she entered. On his desk was an ornate name plate fixture. In capital letters was the Head Master's name, Henry Hitherbottom.

Professor Hitherbottom had been quite the celebrity at Suffolk U. in the old country. But a number of law suits filed by the university forced him to seek employment and enjoyment elsewhere. His surname alone perked the interest of the Quest Board of Directors, but his theories of Sexual Female Discipline and his course outline for Primitive Rites and Modern Rituals struck them as fitting Quest Academy's mandate and perspective. They were right; Professor Hitherbottom hit it off right away and he was given freedom to expand the school's discipline agenda. He quickly rose to the top post where his theories were practiced as often as he liked, which was very often.

Riana stood about two feet in front of the desk and, waiting in silence for a minute, sought to gain his attention by clearing her throat: " Ahem, Sir?"

Slowly he turned and faced her. His grim look turned to a smile as he gazed on the young girl. In his hand he held her registration file on which he had made notes and underscored with a yellow under-liner.

"You're out of uniform." He whispered in the sweetest of voices. " That won't do. Also you spoke before being spoken to, you addressed me as 'Sir', instead of the appropriate 'Master', and YOU ARE STILL WEARING YOUR CLOTHES!"

With that outburst Hitherbottom rose from his seat, Riana burst into tears and her Master quietly resumed, "Am I not making myself clear? Take off every stitch of clothing and put your hands behind your head."

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