A Is for Ass

by BIC

Copyright© 2013 by BIC

Humor Sex Story: A college class in cultural psychology takes a look at the universality of sexual customs and rituals. Fear of and desire for sexual humiliation is demonstrated in both theory and practice.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Spanking   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   School   Nudism   .

Professor Hitherbottom looked out at the sea of freshman faces in his first-ever simul-class at Suffolk U. He was as sure of himself as they all seemed eager. Hitherbottom's field was cultural psychology and the specialized area he had studied was universality of sexual customs and rituals.

For years he had taught the usual curriculum, blending sociology with speculative psychology. It was done in the usual manner with time-honoured texts, mimeo-regurgitated tests, and essays justified as logical on the most specious pretexts. Poorly attended in both numbers registered and minds present, his classes sucked and were boring as could be.

But not this year, Professor Hitherbottom has revised the syllabus and convince the university administration to allow him to experiment in a new approach to teaching and to financial compensation. This year he would receive no salary, benefits or perks form Suffolk U. He was on his own as a contracted-out learning advisor who agreed to use the campus facilities and cross-department resources to generate fees ( 20% of the net proceeds of which being kicked back to the University ) It was a win-win ... No, a win-win-win situation for the Professor, the university and the students ... I'd say student body, but that would be taking irony and word-play too far.

There were 120 boys and girls in their late teens crammed into the lecture hall. That was five times the number in old, boring lecture courses. The students' interest had increased when he'd changed the Course Title from Primitive Rites and Modern Rituals to the cheeky, sassy and sex-savvy moniker Social Spanking can be fun! It's subtitle was Assignments for class, from beginning to end. Word spread and, although registration fees had jumped to $200 per, the class was filled in 24 hours.

But Professor Hitherbottom went further by reaching out to cyber-space with the rapidly growing teaching approach, on-line lectures. He was tabulating the latest figures on his lap-top even now, just five minutes before the start of class: 145,760 Pay-pal/ pay-play hits ... with no cut-off for the next 100 minutes of his two hour Spankanar; that was how it was advertised on all the social media the professor employed. At $2 a view, he expected this one opening lecture to net him just under 400 grand ... The university would get it's 20% and there were some expenses ( like lawyer fees to ... ahem, cover his ass, so to speak ) but Professor Hitherbottom had everything in hand.

The first ten minutes or so were spent describing the course purpose and methodology. It would be hands-on learning about the role of bare-bottom spanking in maintaining cultural control of sexuality for both genders and its influence on masculine and feminine archetypes. In the spirit of the scientific method two methodologies will be employed to confirm and test the theories presented. On-line, students who had downloaded the interactive data forms would be answer a series of multiple choice questions related to what they saw, often these would pertain to the students' reaction, but sometimes posing speculative observation/ causation criteria. This, of course was pure bull shit, but as it was in the form of multiple choice of 1 – 5, even the on-line participants who weren't enrolled students could do it. Not that it mattered, what was important was the money generated.

The first half hour was a power-point presentation that outlined the course premise and showing a number of images to back up the thesis. These images elicited giggles, gasps and guffaws in the lecture hall from boys and girls alike. On line, the reaction must have been even more physical as the cartoon images of girls spanked over daddy's knee changed to photos of nude girls touching toes with legs spread, their asses streaked with red lash marks. The videos that followed from BDSM websites likely encouraged the cyber-students to pay close attention and take themselves in hand. And that was just the start!

Half way through the lecture it was clear that, while everyone was taking note of what was going on, no one was taking notes. Professor Hitherbottom entered the next stage of his pedagogic / pornographic pursuit by asking for one male and one female volunteer to step up and help demonstrate his ideas. There were 49 hands that went up ... all were girls' hands. The professor had to select a reluctant boy from the lot before the class could continue.

The boy was a blushing 18 year old Cree lad by the name of Randy Youngblood. The lucky girl was 17 year old Anita Strappe. The two stood facing their fellow students on a platform. Three cameras from different angles caught their images for the cyber-students. Professor Hitherbottom continued where he'd left off.

"As I was saying, punishment and discipline are deeply rooted in society's image of male and female intuitive needs and roles within the culture. The forms that rituals will take reflect that communal understanding. This explains why warrior men, pumped up with the need to defend their women and chattel and pumped up with testosterone, will need war-like disciple adapted to suit the age of the boy as well as the transgression. Therefore, some sort of ' taking out to the wood shed' beating is administered to males to stress their masculinity while at the same time reminding them of their submission to disciplined life in society. Their manhood duty is beaten into them and their transgressing behaviour is beaten out of them ( literally) in a very male way. Therefore, boys the world over have pain and emasculating exposure of the male genitalia."

"Offending women or naughty little girls, on the other hand, receive a complementary female discipline treatment. Their female natures being essentially fertility oriented and their social bearing being that of temptress, tease, slut ... whatever, so her punishment, while similar in many ways to the boy's, reflects her gender's role as sex object. The important aspects in common for both boys and girls is as follows:

Humiliation by being stripped naked in public

Total exposure ( no covering up with hands, for instance )

Visual and tactile emphasis of the buttocks and genitals

Punishment administered directly and repeatedly on the boy's or girl's ass.

"Randy and Anita will now demonstrate. First Randy."

At his point all eyes were on the lad who shrugged his shoulders and, at the professor's urging, removed each article of clothing until he was buck naked and facing the class. He was sporting a hard-on at which the girls giggled and gazed with glee.

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