Sharing Rob's Secret

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2013 by Wayne Gibbous

Coming of Age Sex Story: My best friend has his sister help me get to sleep.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

When I moved to Dayton, Ohio, I was in my second year of high school and made friends with Rob Green who, it turned out had a lot in common with me.

So, this whole thing started one night when I was spending the night at his house and about eleven he told me he remembered something he had to do and went out from his room. It was several minutes and I needed to go to the bathroom so I went out into the hallway and was quietly going past his sister's room when I saw the door was open slightly.

Being a guy, of course, I took a look in and what I saw was incredible. Rob's sister, Dana, was kneeling over him sucking his dick. I knew I couldn't risk watching even though I wanted to see every suck and lick she was giving him. They were both naked and her butt was facing the door so I could see her pussy between her thighs as she sucked him off. I slipped down to the bathroom, pissed and went back to his room, taking another quick look; how could I not?

Wow. I'd never even thought about a brother and sister doing any sex together but I had to admit it was the hottest, sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Oh, by lots and lots.

So, I sat there with my knees up trying to hide my erection under the covers, so wanting to jack-off now to relieve myself after watching them when he finally came in.

"Just had a chore I had to do," he said as he got in his bed.

I sat there wondering if I should tell him that I saw what he and his sister were doing.

"I kinda had to go use the bathroom while you were gone," I said as he looked at me kind of funny-like. "I don't think you know that your sister's door was open a little."

Now he looked really nervous.

"Did you see anything?"

"Yeah, kind of. I did."

"Was it ... um, was she alone?"

"You were there in her room."

"And you saw?"

I silently nodded my head.

"Um, you'll keep it a secret, right? I wouldn't want any one to know about my sister and me."

"I wouldn't ever tell any one. After all that's between you and her."

"Did you watch long?"

"Not long, just for a few minutes."

"She's really pretty, isn't she?"

"I thought she was pretty when I first met her," I told him.

"No, I mean, naked, with nothing on. She's really beautiful."

"I saw her from behind. What I could see was beautiful. Your sister has a perfect ass and between her legs I could see everything she had. I hope you're not mad," I said hoping this wasn't the end of our friendship.

"Oh, her pussy is beautiful, just perfect. We give each other oral sex all the time. Not tonight, though, she just sucked me off so I could sleep good. She does it every night. You don't have a sister, do you?"

"No, but it sure must be nice."

"You could borrow mine. I could ask her, she loves doing it, I'll bet she would. I know she likes you."

"You're kidding, right?"

"No, have you ever had a girl suck you off?"

I told him I hadn't and he said, for me to wait right there and he went out of the room.

Could he really be asking his sister, I wondered. Soon he was back.

"She said okay. She thinks your cute, you lucky guy. Just wait, she's the best. Don't worry, I pay her back lots. Go ahead, you'll love it," he urged and I got up, my dick poking out my briefs like crazy, and pulled on my shorts and went into the hall. Her door was partly open and I went and slowly pushed it open.

She was sitting in her bed with the overs up under her arms and waved for me to come in and close the door.

"Hi, Dana, Rob talked to you?"

"Yeah, he says you've never had oral sex, right?" she asked, smiling as she sat up, the sheet falling away from her bared breasts. I shook my head no and she added, "Did he tell you it's something I really love to do?"

"Yeah, he kind of said that I think," I told her, my brain just a bit frozen by all this.

"Well, I do. Why don't you let me see it, Conor? It might just be worth your while. I'm wide awake now, let me see it."

So I pulled down my khaki shorts, then my briefs and stood there as she looked at me.

"Come over here, get close. I won't bite it, Conor, at least not hard. Maybe just nibble it a bit," she chuckled as I stepped closer. Her hand reached out and her fingers wrapped around my dick as she leaned forward to kiss the tip.

"You have a very nice cock, Conor. It's really quite beautiful. We girls think boy's dicks are quite amazing, you know. They just fascinate most of us, I just love them. And now you'll find out just how much I love sucking them and making them cum. Boys are just yummy, come get in bed, you'll sleep really good when I'm finished with you," and I crawled in bed with her and she got up on her knees bending over me, taking my dick in her hand as she began sweeping her tongue around and around on the tip.

Her head lifted up as she told me, "You can play with my boobs, it'll help you cum," then dropped back down to begin sucking on me.

She was totally naked, her boobs so pretty underneath her as she began sucking on the head of my dick while she swirled her tongue around it. I put my hand up under her to hold and fondle her breast, the first one I'd ever touched. I couldn't believe how incredible all this was.

She kept changing the way she was sucking me; sometimes just concentrating on the crown, other times sucking up and down the length, then licking along the shaft or little sucks and licks on that wonderful-feeling place right under the head, right underneath. Oh, Dana was good, really good.

Her eyes were looking up at me as she held my dick in her mouth sucking it so softly as I moaned. There was nothing I'd ever felt as good as what Rob's sister was doing to me, it was spectacular. And I knew I couldn't last much longer.

"Oh, Dana, oh, it's so good. I'm about ... oh, oh, I'm cumming..." I panted, "oh, UH, UH, mmm, oh, so good, so good," I groaned as she kept sucking, getting every last drop out of me. It was so wonderful, I almost fainted. I was awash with feelings of total, exquisite pleasure.

She lifted up, opening her mouth, showing me all the strings of my cum, then leaned up and kissed me, sweeping some of my cum into my mouth as her tongue went in and out.

Then, she pulled back, telling me, "That should help you sleep good, tonight, Conor, tell my brother thanks for sending you down, it was fun."

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