The Mortification of Millie

by Clowns

Copyright© 2013 by Clowns

Fiction Sex Story: A dedicated mom and wife is forced into a world far beyond her "June Cleaver" life-style.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Incest   Mother   Son   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   First   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts   .

It was fifteen minutes from quitting time when Millie got called into Mr. Carrolton's office. In the fifteen years of working her way up through the ranks at Carrolton Manufacturing, this was the first time she had ever set foot in his office. She was very nervous, as people rarely got called into that office for good reasons. When she entered, she immediately saw Mr. Carrolton sitting behind his very large desk. Mr. Wallace, her immediate supervisor, was in a chair to her right. Millie was recently assigned as Mr. Wallace's assistant.

Mr. C: Have a seat.

Millie is pointed to a small metal folding chair directly in front of the large desk. It obviously wasn't part of this plush office.

Mr. C: Well, Mrs. Morgan, I am not going to draw this out any more than it needs to be. I want you to take a look at these pictures.

Millie feels her face redden as she sees her image in the picture taking money out of the petty cash drawer in Mr. Wallace's office.

Mr. C: I am very disappointed in you, Mrs. Morgan. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Millie: Well, I... , since I started working for Fred, I mean Mr. Wallace, I always seem to end up having to stay late on Fridays and I miss getting to the bank before it closes. I mean, it was Mr. Wallace that suggested I borrow money from the petty cash drawer in the first place. I always put the money back first thing the following Monday.

Mr. C: So Fred, she seems to think you're responsible. Is that the case?

Mr. W: No. I never suggested such a thing.

He lied

Mr. C: So your claim is you simply borrow money but then repay it. If that's the case, then why is over $500 missing from the account?

She looked surprised. She truly had always put the money back. She looked over to Mr. W for support but clearly founds none.

Millie: Does this mean I am getting fired?

Millie is fighting back the tears that are welling up in her eyes.

Mr. C: I am afraid it is much more than that. I am going to have to send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. The police will need to get involved. I would imagine you're looking at some serious jail time.

Both men sat in silence as they watch the poor woman completely lose it, sobbing uncontrollably. Finally after several minutes, Millie tries to compose herself. Her thoughts go to her husband, but he won't be back for four more days.

Millie: Is there anything I can do? You can take deductions from my pay until it is paid back.

Mr. C: That's just not an option. You were caught red handed stealing.

Millie: B ... But, my family needs me. I can't go to prison. Please, there must be something...

Having her head down, Millie does not see the wicked smirk shared by the two men in the room.

Mr. C: Well, there may be something. If you are willing that is.

Millie raises her head to look at the man. For a brief moment she finds hope.

Mr. C: You seem to go to great lengths to hide them, but I guess when they are that big, it can't be easy. Just how big are those tits of yours?

Millie feels her face redden. At first she thinks she must not have heard correctly. But when she sees both the men staring at her chest, she knew.

Millie: Thir ... Thirty-eight.

She soon realizes that more of an answer is expected.

Millie: 38EE

This time Millie did notice the look the two men gave each other and she found that she did not like it.

Mr. C: Well, Fred and I have a bet that you can help us settle. See, Fred figures those tits of yours probably hang down to your knees where as my bet is they don't go much further than your cunt. Why don't you be a good girl and help us out here.

When Millie hesitated, not knowing what she should do, Mr. C makes it clear what is expected of her.

Mr. C: Stand up and take your clothes off for us. Don't make us wait.

Millie soon realizes they are serious. She looks to the phone and back to each man before she finally starts removing her clothes. The fog that encircled her mind clears suddenly as she feels her left nipple being suckled. She realizes the whimper she just heard came from her. Mr. W has both hands gripping her left breast while his large lips suck on the blood-engorged nipple. Mr. C has her right breast, but he seems more interested in analyzing the tit flesh, gently kneading the spongy dough-like mammary.

Mr. C: Nice. Very nice.

Soon, the threesome makes their way around the desk where Millie is pulled into the lap of the now sitting Mr. C. With her back to Mr. C, he has full access to both her large breasts which he takes full advantage of. As he milks the large udders, Mr. W has now moved his attention to Millie's pussy. As his finger rubs along the folds of her vagina, he smiles at wetness found between this married woman's legs.

It should be pointed out that Millie's sex life began with her soon to be husband in the back of his parent's car. The whole event was rather quick, but she loved him and that's what was really important. Over the years, after having three kids, their sex life evolved into what she referred to as 'The Saturday Night Special'. Since he was gone 5 nights a week (he was a trucker) and was too tired the first night, sex defaulted to Saturday night. This consisted of Millie lying on her side while her husband mauled her breasts and fucked her from behind. After a minute or so, he comes in her, pulls out, rolls over and falls asleep, leaving her to deal with the wet spot.

But now, as Mr. W slowly works two of his long black fingers into her hot snatch, Millie soon realizes that Mr. W's fingers go deeper than her husband's penis and what's more, it feels good. Part of her brain was screaming that this should not be happening, yet another voice was emerging that liked these new sensations.

All at once, Mr. C stands. With her back pulled tight against his chest, her breasts mash together and push forward between her thighs which are now pulled back to her shoulders. Her entire weight is now supported by Mr. C's arms under her knees. As she is held there with her pussy spread wide open, Mr. W begins his finger assault into her hot snatch. Three fingers ratchet in and out rapid fire as Millie feels her first orgasm takes shape and builds to the point where she is soon writhing. Never in her life has she felt such pleasure saturate her entire body. With a scream of joy, she passes out.

She awakens to something hitting her in the face. As she opens her eyes, images of an elephant trunk hitting her face are soon replaced by the realization that it is actually a large black penis; a penis that is at least twice the size of her husbands in both length and girth.

As she looks around the room, she finds herself on her back on top of Mr. C's desk. When she feels something going on between her legs, she looks down to find Mr. C rubbing his cock along the slit of her pussy. Although not as big as Mr. W, Mr. C's cock is still much larger than her husbands.

Once he sees she is awake, in one stroke, Mr. C rams his entire cock into her wet pussy. The moan that escapes her lips is soon muffled by the large black cockhead that forced itself between her lips. At first, she panics as her lips are completely sealed around the large cock being sawed in and out of her mouth and she thinks she is being suffocated. But soon, with her nostrils flared, she realizes if she just relaxes and breathes through her nose, she can handle the large piece of cock violating her mouth. Of course having a cock pistoning in and out of her pussy is not helping, but once again she can feel those new found sensations forming in her nether regions, building and building until she feels her body lose control once again. She is coming again and again as the two men continue to use their new play toy.

When the night was over, she lay there with cum running from her three holes. It was a night of many firsts for her. Never before had she had a cock in her ass, nor one in her ass and pussy at the same time. She even managed not to puke as she sucked their dicks clean seconds after they had been buried deep in her ass or pussy. Even as they took a break she was busy bobbing her head up and down on their respective cocks, getting them ready for another round. They were obviously disappointed that she could not take the entire lengths down her throat but they seemed confident she would soon be able to – with practice, and they planned on giving her plenty of practice.

Millie was thoroughly used when she managed to dragged herself through the front door of her home. All that remained of the conservative outfit she had worn when she left that morning was her high heeled shoes and her white blouse which was missing most of its buttons. Gone was the skirt, the jacket, the hose, the panties, and of course the bra. They especially had to keep the bra - as a trophy.

She gave a moment of thanks as the house was dark which meant both her boys were in bed. Her daughter lived on campus. As much as she wanted to take a nice hot bath, she realized she had to be up in only three hours. They had already told her that calling in sick was not an option.

As she reached the top of the stairs and turned to go down the hall, she ran straight into her youngest son, Josh. In her condition, she fell back on her already sore butt. As Josh looked down at his mom, he was immediately hit with the strange smell. Her blouse had fallen completely open exposing her large breasts which he noticed had several purplish bruises. As he scanned down he saw the matted hair between her legs, which seemed to match the matted hair on her head. Being 13, he didn't realize the substance she was drenched in was cum or that his mom's boobs were covered in hickeys. As he caught himself looking at the gaping hole with the white goo dripping out – his first look of a real life pussy, he jerked his head away, told his mom sorry, then took off for his room – completely embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as his mom, who slowly managed to get to her feet.

Millie woke the next morning feeling as if she had been beat with a stick. Every muscle seemed to scream out in pain. Her pussy was sore but her ass felt like it was on fire. The thirty minutes she spent in the shower did little to help feel clean. She wondered if she could ever be clean again.

She managed to feed her boys (albeit cold cereal) while avoiding eye contact, especially with Josh. Both boys knew something was up but chose not to say anything. She started to tear up when they kissed her cheek as they always did before leaving for the bus. She grabbed them both to give them a hug, which she did for the right reasons, but proved to be a bit painful on her sore nipples.

When she got to work, she immediately went into the bathroom to remove her jacket, bra, and panties. This was one of her new rules. She hadn't managed to sit down yet, weary of her sore butt hole, when she got called into Mr. C's office. As she made her way to the other corner office past the cubicles, she soon realized that all eyes were on her large jiggly breasts. She could hear the whispers and the snickering as she past them.

When she finally managed to make it to the office, she felt the dread as she walked in to find both Mr. C and Mr. W sitting as before.

Mr. C: Come in. Shut the door. Have a seat.

No longer was the small metal folding chair there. He pointed to a plush chair like Mr. W was seated in.

Millie: If you don't mind, I would prefer to stand, Sir.

Mr. C looked at her and smiled.

Mr. C: Of course. I understand completely.

He stood and walked around towards her, stopping once he was in reach, and then reached up to squeeze her boobs. When she grimaced in pain, he begins to unbutton her blouse.

Mr. C: Pretty sore?

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