The Wife and the Neighbours

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A wife who accommodate the neighbours but denies her husband is finally taken by the husband and also his friends. A neighbour also accommodate the husband and finally all work together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Rape   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   Big Breasts   .

What made the husband flip that morning is not known. It could have been many reasons, like the washing up not done, the bed not made or even the washing not hung out, or it could have been a bit of jealousy against the neighbour who got more consideration from his wife than he did which made him wonder if the neighbour was fucking her, a couple of times he even considered asking him but the opportunity didn't arise at the time.

He knew she often got an invite into the neighbours for she had been friendly with him since he moved in. She was always quite cheerful when she returned after a visit and always very open with a praise for him. "He had such a hard time". "He lost so much in the Balkans War etc. etc." One afternoon the opportunity did eventuate, the neighbour was out in his garden and after a bit of chit-chat the conversation got onto his wife. "My wife had a great regard for you, especially how you suffered in that Balkan conflict. I have just one question, are you fucking her? She can't stand me near her". The neighbour nearly chocked; for the question was very close to the mark. He hadn't fucked her but she had sucked him and his son off a number of times. They were sucks that one didn't forget.

As usual his wife had a morning shower and occasionally he was also in the bathroom, although this was not viewed on favourable, just tolerated. However, this morning he was angry and as his wife bent over to remove her panties, he took the opportunity to show his displeasure; although he knew it would have a very unpleasant ending. He soaped up his erection, positioned himself behind her, levelled the head of that vibrating cock at her bottom, gripped her large and wobbling tits, and shoved – not once, not twice but three times till her bottom opened and the fucking began.

It wasn't the first time he had taken a woman up the arse, those times had met with moans and grunts from saliva dripping lips and their bums worked in rhyme to the thrusts of the ravish cock, but not this morning. Only gasps and cries of surprise and disbelief came; she bucked and struggled, doing every manoeuvre in the books to dislodge him. She was like a puppet on a string or a pig on a spit, her antics were comical but no matter how much she performed it was all to no avail.

He rode her, forcing her down till finally the struggling stopped and her cries of displeasure were mere whimpers and there he fucked her, boy did he fuck her. Finally with a gasp and thrust that almost tipped her into the bath, he emptied his balls. Slowly he pulled out, enjoying the tightness of her arse, he wiped the cum covered cock over her bum and knowing that there was nothing more to loose said with a grin. "Your arse was fantastic, best bum I have fucked in ages".

It was some time before she came out; however, the most surprising bit was that she hadn't dressed; she wore only her dressing gown which was undone, revealing her attractive melons of tits and the great forest of hair between her legs. "My bum is sore", was her comment as she stood and cried. Nothing like what he had expected. He was not to know that her entire moral apparatus that had governed her for decades had been blown away the first time she had sucked the neighbours cock quite some time before. Sucking was one thing but he hadn't fucked her and she had never had a cock up the backside, all she was aware of now was that her bum was sore. "Why is that?" he asked, surprise definitely in his tone as he took and held her feeling her tits and working on her nipple which surprising was hard. "You stuck your cock up my bum and fucked me", she blabbed. She rocked against him as he massaged her tits and then began to rub her up at the groin; slowly working his finger into her hair covered cunt. "I have a suggestion that will ease your sore bottom", he said with a grin. She stopped whimpering and softly asked him how. "I could lubricate my prick again and ram it up your bum again, the more times I did that, the more times your arse was fucked, the less sore it would become".

She removed her gown, bent over the table and then turned and said. "Well lubricate it and bum me again, take away the hurt". He did her very slowly and over time it was sliding in with ease and her bottom began to work with his thrusts, working in rhyme, only the final thrust that emptied his balls made her give a gasp and cry. He didn't withdraw immediately, let it soak and then as it fell out and he helped her up and asked. "Was that better?" Her reply was more positive so he suggested she go and rest and he would make her a drink. He took her to the bedroom and there fully naked put her to bed and after her drink tucked her in. "I'll check on you later and if your bottom is still a bit sore I can pump it again", he said with a grin. She gave a grunt and he left her.

To say he was over the moon was well off the target, he was on clover not only because he had done her up the bum but because she was not objecting and had even used a four letter work, something that was as alien to her as the man in the moon. It was a situation that he was going to exploit for he had no idea how long this co-operative wife would be around. A number of hours later he slipped into bed, she was facing upward, he kissed her and began to stretch and massage her nipples which were erect and hard and then moving to that forest he kissed and almost chewed the nipples while playing chop sticks on the lips of her cunt before giving her a fingering job; her reaction were a few grunts but she did slightly open her legs so after a number of minutes he hopped on top, pushed her thighs apart and began to rub his erection up and down those hairy lips.

"Feel good?" he asked as she began to lick her lips. He then pushed the head in; just let it hover as she began to work pushing upward. "Like a fuck, like me to fuck your cunt?" All he got was a number of 'Ahhhhh's!' as he drove his prick in and began to root. She responded, boy it was good. Now he wanted to drag her down, payback time. "Come on wifey, you can do better than that, come on you cunt, fuck", and fuck she did so by the time he filled her she was in a sweat and the bed was rocking but her face registered enjoyment so that when he asked her if she enjoyed having her cunt fucked, she replied. "I loved you fucking my cunt'. From then on she fucked and in the mornings she would tell him when she was going to have a shower and wait till he lubricated his prick and then bend over and with a smile say. "Give my bum a fuck, I like it up my arse".

Sucking was the next agenda but it took a couple of attempts till she copped her first mouthful, but sucking was mainly used to now lubricate it before banging her bum or to harden it for the morning screw, but now an again she sucked him dry and was always in a fit of giggles as she fell away with the results seeping out of her mouth. Now totally conditioned and wearing no underwear she only has to life her dress displaying that triangle of hair or have her tits bared or begin to suck on her husband cock at the do's around at Harry's before he and his other mates stripped her and positioned her that she received two pricks at once and is sucking at the same time, while her husband just tell them to 'fuck the silly cunt stupid' and boy do they fore fill that request.

Little did he or his mates know that she had been serviced by the neighbour and his son, just days after he had bummed her for the first time. Weeks before on one of her invited visits to the neighbours she had been faced with an awkward situation. The neighbour had excused himself and had gone outside to fix a leaking tap. The son got up, stood in front of her, dropped his trousers and pushed his erection towards her face and said. "Suck my cock, suck my cock". She was stunned. She tried to avoid that throbbing length of flesh. However, the son began to get aggressive and his words got louder. "Suck my cock". To calm the situation she did what he wanted, she sucked his cock.

Just as the boy, gave a cry and pulled her head hard into his groin and emptied his balls, his father came in. She never got a chance to explain, the great smile on his son's face, her mouth dripping cum and the son's cock, now limp just in front of her mouth were enough for the father to want the same. She didn't get a chance to wipe her mouth before she was sucking again and within minutes received another mouth full so cum and saliva just poured out like a fountain.

One morning after her shower and naturally a good fuck up the bum her husband had told her he was off to Harry's. 'No doubt to boast', she thought to herself as she just put on a house coat and went across to the neighbours. The neighbour opened the door; she stepped inside, totally unrobed and said. "I have sucked you both off, now I want cock. I want you both to fuck me and I want a cock up my bum at the same time as one is up my cunt. She was home just minutes before her husband returned and not for a moment did he suspect a thing, she was where he had left her, naked on the bed.

He was now satisfied and really had no need for another woman;, his wife totally accommodated him so when the neighbour from across the road called to him and asked if he would start her lawn mower he didn't knock her back but sex was not directly on his mind. He had chattered briefly to her and always hoped that something would eventuate for she had on her a set that he wondered how she maintained her balance, they were enormous, but then she also had a large bum, so both worked opposite each other so she didn't tumble over.

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