Contest Winner: in More Ways Than One

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2013 by David Michaels

Fiction Sex Story: I entered a contest to win tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and foun much more than I was expecting, including a new job.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   mt/mt   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Celebrity   Brother   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Chapter 1

Contest Winner, and Then Some

Ok, so at 46 I really had no business trying to win Justin Bieber tickets. Save for the fact I wanted into the after concert party, and OK a chance to meet Justin and maybe some of his dancers. It was really the after concert party I wanted into, his road crew and his backup talent is just as hot as he is and who knows I might just get lucky with one of them. As the title suggests I did win, my sister and most of my friends we pissed, to say the least, until I mentioned I could take a guest.

The night of the concert, I was getting ready with my guest and partner Joseph. He still could not believe I won, had convinced him to go and we were getting ready to go see a teen pop star. We picked out nice casual clothes, polo shirts slacks and we bought new tennis shoes just for the show. The limo showed up around 6pm and drove us to the venue; the contest sponsor was waiting with our tickets, all access passes, escort, and photographer. The concert was OK, lots of screaming little girls and plenty of and plenty were all over my partner and I when they saw our all access passes. After his second encore, security escorted us backstage for the meet and greet as well as photos for the sponsor. Justin was nicer than I expected. We took the photos for the contest, and got to chat with him for almost half an hour. He seemed relieved that we were not little screaming teen girls. He finally excused himself to go change and wind down a bit, and we were escorted to the limo to head over to the hotel where he was staying for the after party.

Joseph and I found ourselves having a better time at the party, than at the concert. Don no get me wrong I love the way Justin sings, but both Joseph and I really hate crowds, this was much nicer, maybe two dozen people, mostly his crew, but a few other contest winners as well. At one point someone had the Xbox going on the 72" TV with a Kinect and some dance game. They were playing winner stays, and I made it 4 rounds and Joseph made it 5, which established us as the cool 'old' guys. When Joseph finally lost, we snuck out to the patio for a smoke. There we met Dustin, one of the dancers. He complimented us on our dancing ability, considering our age, and some small talk followed. It was during this that he hinted he might have something others than a cigarette to smoke if we wanted to follow him to his room. Joseph and I both smoke occasionally so figured why not. We chatted some more as Dustin rolled a fat blunt and lit it up. We passed it around twice, and on the third round Dustin complained it was hot and removed his shirt. Here were Joseph and I sitting on either side of a half-naked teen dancer. He had blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a well-defined body with no hair at all, well just a bit of a treasure trail and a little under his arms. As the blunt made round four, he hinted that he was interested in more than smoking a blunt. He then offered us both a shotgun, which we gladly accepted. As he blew the smoke into Josephs' mouth, he got real close, and even closer when he blew it to me. He turned back to Joseph and took the blunt out, we assumed to catch his breath, but instead he leaned in and kissed Joseph. He then turned and kissed me. He then pulled my polo over my head and whistled. He leaned in and kissed me again, this time opening up and offering me his tongue. He ran his hand over my 46 years old chest, flicked my nipples, and rubbed my trim firm stomach. "Not bad for and old man," he said. "Hope I still look that good when I reach what 30, 40?"

"45 actually," I replied "and you don't have to use flattery to get anywhere with us."

"It's not flattery; I really thought you two were in your late 30's maybe." He kissed me again, turned his attention to Joseph, and pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his furry 37-year-old trim body. Joseph has quarter-sized nipples and enough hair on his body to knit a small rug, which is one of the things I like about him. "WOW, smooth is good, but I see enough of that, I love the fur." He said as he dove into Josephs' chest. He spent some time just running his hands through the furry body before him, and finally bent down and took a nipple into his mouth. We all spent time exploring bodies, licking and biting nipples, ears and lips. I loved the fact Dustin liked having his pits licked, I love a nice clean guy, but Joseph thinks it's weird, so I don't get to do it often. "Alright enough foreplay, I want to see below your belts," said Dustin.

"You first" Joseph and I said almost in unison. Dustin stood and undid his belt, being the showman; he made a strip tease out of it. Running his belt between his legs, over his body and finally resting on Josephs' neck. He then undid his pants and pulled them down slowly, revealing more and more of his treasure trail. Finally, he turned around, removed his pants, and wagged his sexy ass in our faces, covered in his tighty Whities. He then hooked his thumbs in his waistband and slowly reviled his smooth ass and hairless teen hole. He turned his head and said"Ok, your turn." He kept his back to us as he watched us remove our pants. Joseph is hairy all the way through and was out of his pants first. "Wow, neatly trimmed and hairy, just what I was hoping for" Joseph had a nice chubby going after Dustin's attention and was showing about half of his thick 6" cock. As I got my pants off, my 7 — thick inches was standing proud in his nestle of dark blonde hair. "Looks like I hit the jackpot, one hairy and one big" said Dustin as he turn showing us his proud 7" uncut, nearly hairless cock. He was not as thick as either of us, but he was hard as a teen can be. He dropped to his knees to help Joseph get completely hard, and I moved over to massage his shoulders. When he had Joseph fully hard, he turned and applied his sensuous lips to my cock, and took almost the entire length at once.

"Seems you've had some practice" I said

"Yeah just a little," he replied, "you might even get to meet what I practice on" and he went back to work deep throating my cock. Joseph and I finally pulled him to his feet and took turns kissing his neck and smooth upper body. Joseph likes cock and I like ass, so we worked our way down the appropriate side. Finally Joseph had Dustin's cock buried in his throat, and I had my face in his ass. As we worked this smooth teen dancer, he moaned and groaned with pleasure. Finally, he said, "Let's head to the bedroom, so we can all enjoy each other." We followed him into the bedroom with a King size bed and all flopped down. We soon settled into a nice three-way chain with me working his ass and him and Dustin trading blowjobs. We had been at it about 10 minutes when the room door flew open. "Hey Dustin you in here?" we heard. Joseph and I attempted to cover ourselves, but Dustin just hollered back, "Bedroom." Our mysterious guest can in saying "Boss says we need to meet ... Oh! Let me guess, the contest winners?"

"You got it bro. David, Joseph, meet my almost twin Dawson. Dawson meet furry Joseph and 'old' David."

"Hi guys, I see Dustin wasted no time in making you feel comfortable."

Joseph and I replied "Hello Dawson."

Then Joseph asked "Almost twin?"

"Technically we are twins, but Dawson, get naked and show them what I mean."

Dawson stripped with no finesse or show he just stripped. He had the same blue eyes, same smooth toned dancer's body, smooth legs and nice firm smooth ass. However when he turned around he was showing a fat 8" uncut cock, and it didn't even look hard. As he approached the bed, it got harder with each step and by the time he joined us it was a massive 10" with a set of low hanging balls. Dustin kissed Dawson as he lay with us and said "By the way, David loves eating ass, and he's almost better than," but was interrupted by Dawson "You know the rules, no telling."

"I almost forgot, feels I have known these two longer than I really have."

"Smells like your high as well" said Dawson

"Just a shortie and we all three shared," answered Dustin "So where were we guys?" and with that he again went to work on Josephs' cock. I went to work on Dawson's cock and ass. He tasted just a sweet as his brother and his cock was certainly a mouthful. Soon you could only hear the sounds of sex in the room, sucking, moaning and ass eating. Dawson broke the almost silence with the age old question, "Who gets who's cock first? Dustin and I are both versatile, what about you and Joseph?"

"Joseph is more of a top, and I go either way, I like getting and giving."

"Cool. That means we can try our favorite," said Dawson as he retrieved condoms and lube from the nightstand. Dustin covered Josephs cock while Dawson covered mine. The brothers then settled into a 69 position and told Joseph and I to pick and ass. I took Dustin's ass, just because it was closest to me, and Joseph too Dawson's. "Just so you know we like it a little rough, ass slapping and hard pounding. Thinks you two can handle that?"

"I know I can, and I'm sure Joseph won't have a problem with it either." We watched in amazement as the brother took each other's cock in their mouth, and were even more amazed at how much of Dawson's cock Dustin could swallow. While the brothers sucked cock, Joseph and I started sinking into the willing asses before us. Soon we were buried to the hilt in each ass. The boys paused long enough to let us know it felt great. Again, the room was filled with the sound of sex, moaning and this time slapping as Joseph and I pounded the twins. Dustin broke the silence this time with "Ok, Time to switch," so we did. I moved over behind Dawson and Joseph moved behind Dustin. He started to slowly insert his cock when Dustin piped up and said "I said rough" he grabbed Josephs hips and pulled him all the way in. "Now fuck my ass like you're never getting ass again" and he went back to sucking on Dawson's cock. Joseph like it a little rough so I knew he was not going to last long in the tight teen ass. I saw his face and knew he was close, so I reached over and twisted his nipples. He shoved deep into Dustin as he filled the condom. "Keep fucking me" said Dustin as he straightened up and pounded his cock. Dawson moved in closer, pulled his brothers balls into his mouth and sucked hard. Dustin shot in three big squirts, one hitting me, the next two covering his brother. He then leaned in and started licking his brothers clean. "David, tug my balls and fuck me hard" Who's to argue with that request. I wrapped my fingers around his balls and used them as support while I pounded his ass. He pumped his cock furiously, and shot a huge load all over his chest and stomach. I finally shot my load as well, filling the condom in his ass. As the brothers lay together catching their breath, I leaned over and kissed Joseph. "Still mad I made you come?"

"Hell no. This is the best concert I've been to."

"Hey you two," said Dawson, "here's a couple towels, the shower is there. Let's clean up and take a break."

Joseph and I showered and so did the twins. We all went out and smoked on the patio, and made small talk. When we got back in the room, Dawson rolled another fat blunt and we passed it around. As the joint made its last round, Dawson asked if we were ready for round two. Dustin wanted to know if we wanted to stay with them or head back to the party. Joseph and I agreed their room was much more interesting than the party.

Chapter 2

Contest Winner, and Then Some

We returned to the bed and soon had everybody hard again. "I think I'd really like to take that monster of yours Dawson." I said. "No argument here" he said and reached for a condom. Dustin and Joseph looked at each other and Dustin said "Fuck flipping, I want your cock buried in my ass again" As Joseph sank back into Dustin's ass, I straddled Dawson's monster. I sat far enough down to get the head in and paused. Dawson licked and kissed my nipples, played with my balls and jacked my cock. I relaxed as best I could and sank a little further. Dawson nuzzled my neck, and kissed my lips, that helped and I sank further. Finally, I was resting on his thighs. "Shit, Dustin, look here he takes it better than you." Between fuck me's and slap my ass Dustin managed to say, "I'm glad." I started grinding my hips and Dawson soon took the hint and started thrusting his cock in and out of my ass. "Fuck David, you're tight," he groaned. "Thanks I said, you're fucking huge" For a while the only sounds were "Fuck me", "Harder", "Slap my ass", and of course the sounds of skin on skin as Dustin and I got the fucking of our lives. "Hey Dawson" Dustin managed between grunts "show David what else a dancer is good at." Dawson smiled, leaned forward and with his cock still buried in my ass, swallowed my cock to the root. Now as I pulled off his thick 10" cock, I fucked my cock down his throat. What better way to spend an evening. I was close to busting a nut when we were interrupted by the sound to the suite door opening. "Hey D&D you two in here? Did you ever find the..." and with that Justin appeared in the room. "Oh I guess you found the winners. Fuck Dawson you must love an ass that can handle your cock."

"He takes it better than you or Dustin," said Dawson as he shoved in deep.

Joseph and I shared surprised looks. Justin, Dawson and Dustin laughed. Justin finally spoke, "Look we're horny teen boys and when I caught these two during our first tour, I had to see what it was all about. Messing around makes it much easier than trying to hook up in each city we visit. Not to mention, if I am fucking these two I don't have to worry about getting some stupid teen chick pregnant. I guess the limo can go, or do you boys think our guest will be leaving soon?'

"I don't think we'll be done with them until morning," said Dawson

"Yeah, this one fucks like I like it, so I really want to get a few loads before we leave," said Dustin.

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