Follow the Leader

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: At a swingers do friends discuss the introduction of a once reluctant wife to their activities and later the wife with her good friend engage three African men and finally the husband with his friends enjoys the wife at a BBQ

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Slut Wife   Swinging   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Heather shuddered as the cock in her mouth exploded. She knew that she would only be released when every drop of cum has been squired into her mouth, however, in this case she also had to accommodate the bloke behind her who was ravishing her bum. Cum and saliva seeped past her tightly closed lips, however, when she felt the hot cum burst in her bottom she was released. She jack knifed up. From her open mouth a deluge flowed. The bum fucker just fell exhausted onto the mattress, one of many that occupied the floor of the 'swinger's room'. She got up, her sweat and cum covered tits swinging back and forth. 'I'm fucked', she muttered to herself as she stepped over a couple going 'full steam ahead'.

She reached the kitchen; although she had wiped her mouth, she was still leaking cum. A chap turned who had just made himself a coffee. "Hello! Heather", he said. "You have the tell tale signs of a woman who has been totally ravished". Heather managed a smile. "I think every bloke in the place has been through me", she grumbled but with a smile. "Now I need a drink", she concluded.

"I would suggest you rinse your mouth first; you are still dripping cum", Again she ran her hand across her mouth. "Fuck! He must have emptied a tank load. I couldn't contain it all, he was still spurting despite the fact I had a mouth full. Be back in a minute", she said. The man gave a nod. Heather was only away for a short time. She had washed her face, but the rest of her body still gave evidence to massive sexual activity. "Tell me Trevor", she said as she poured a drink. "Where is your wife, Alice?"

Trevor pointed to a collection of bodies. "I think she is under that lot", he said. "She doesn't get much of a rest, as one bloke gets off, another gets on". To reinforce his statement, a bloke pulled himself from between two well spread female legs and just before another bloke took his place the great triangle of hair, now glittering from sweat and cum appeared. "How long has she been in a sandwich?" Heather asked.

"How the fuck do I know", Trevor replied. "I came here to fuck, not wonder who was going through my wife, but as far as I know she has been in a sandwich most of the night".

"She is a real slut", Heather smilingly said as she remembered the night she introduced her friend to a gangbang. "Tell me Trevor", she said. "Do you remember the first time you fucked her?" Trevor put down his drink. For several seconds he didn't reply as his mind flashed back thirty years. "Do I ever", he replied. "We had gone up to the snow. I had only been in Melbourne two months. We didn't have snow up on the north coast of New South, my wet weather gear wasn't suited to real snow; by the time I got back to the guest house I was staying in; I was soaked. Alice was in the room with me. I stripped. She was shocked, her mouth opened and an expression of bewilderment clouded her face. She gargled. "I ... I'll wait outside".

"Rubbish!" I replied. "I was wet and cold and I reckon you should do the same". She fumbled, unsure of what to do. She was wet also Heather. I stood her up, pulled down her slacks and panties. I supposed that triangle of dark hair was the key that opened the door. My cock sprung up, I pushed her back and within seconds had rammed my prick to the utter depth of her cunt; boy did she buck. I supposed you would say, she fought; but I was in and I wasn't getting of, despite her pleas. I think that for months I hadn't really touched her, now everything exploded. I know I pulled her brae up and went down on her tits and I know I snapped at her. I told her she was a silly cunt and that if she wanted me to stay she best bloody well start fucking."

"What happened after that?" Heather asked.

"Well after I got off, she was still stunned and just lay with her legs wide apart and that triangle of hair on full display as was her tits, well two blokes who were also residents of the guest house happened to drop in at that moment, well there it was, an open invitation, well what do you expect happened, they mounted her and fucked her. One of the blokes bought a woman back every Friday night. He went to the local dance and his room was next to mine, the walls were paper thin. He would come home a bit after midnight, turn on the radio, which did annoy me and then shortly after that came the 'thump, thump' of his bed and the gasps and grunts from a female throat. I think he thought of himself as a sort of 'play boy', but I'm say one thing for him, when he fucked Alice she rose off the bed like a rocket; he had a decent size cock on him and she took the lot. Well after they had finished I got on again and by that time all fight had gone out of her and she just lay like some doll, finally I took her home; she was crying and almost leapt out of my vehicle. I really didn't expect to hear from her again. It was during that period of decision making, 'would I stay' or 'would I go back north' that you rang.

"Ah! Yes!" she replied as she poured another drink. "When Alice came to work the next day, she was moody and very distracted. In other words she was definitely 'not with it'. I asked her what was wrong. It took only a short time before she bawled out that you and your friends had fucked her".

"Did she say 'fucked'? Trevor asked.

"Not at first" Heather smiled. "But when I said 'you mean they had sex with you'; she nodded. "Well then my dear", I said. "They fucked you. She then exploded; she almost screamed. "Yes they fucked me. They pushed me onto the bed and fucked me. They wouldn't get off me till after they came. I felt cum gush into me and I can still feel it. She then began to cry."

"What did you do?" Trevor asked just as his wife slowly immerged from the tangle of bodies around her. "Took her aside and gave her a good talking to. I told her that I had been fucking since I was twelve. I told her about the first bloke. I told her about the first time I had coped it up the bum and about the time I had sucked and coped a mouthful for the first time and I told her the time I was in a sandwich for the first time. By the time I had finished I had convinced my dear friend that fucking was fun and was to be enjoyed."

"What happened then for if I remember you said to give her time to consider the events and not just to pull the plug".

"Yes! That's right", Heather said as his wife passed on her way to the showers. "I encouraged her to come to a party. It wasn't a real swingers do, like this is, but I knew that the women were fucked there. I knew this for I had been on my back with my legs apart quite a number of times. I asked one of my friends to arrange it so that she would be absolutely serviced. Naturally she had to be 'stoked up' as you might say. I gave her a punch and told her, because I knew that she would flatly refuse an alcoholic drink, that it was a fruit punch. I told her that it was made of an assortment of fruits and would have quite a tang. It was a very pleasant drink, but literately a mind blower. It didn't take too many before she was tipsy. After that it was just a matter of pushing her into the waiting embrace of very randy individuals."

"I gather they fucked her?" Trevor said as an older woman came up to him and began to play with his balls. "Fucked her", Heather replied with a giggle as the older woman began to suck on Trevor's fast growing prick. "That would be an understatement. I know for certain ten blokes when through her. I know she copped it up the bum at least three times and I can still recall the first cock she sucked and the first mouthful she received. She was flapping like a crow, but she was going no where fast. The bloke whose cock was somewhere down her throat, was going to hold her till his balls were empty and even if they were, dear Alice was going no where for a black had rammed a eight inch cock up to his balls in her, now very accommodating bum. Yes Trevor your wife was totally and absolutely fucked."

"What happened after that?" Trevor asked as he pulled the woman's head closer to his groin and thrust himself forward. "It was then just a matter of conditioning", Heather smiled as she began to feel the tits of the woman who was sucking his cock. "Party after party till she was so molded that she didn't wear underwear any more and would let fly with the 'cunts' and 'fucks' as good as myself. Finally I got her to ring you and I gather she did?"

"Yea! ... Yea!" he grunted. He pulled the woman up, turned her around, bent her over a stool and rammed his now very lubricated cock up her cum covered cunt. As he pumped he continued. "I was in the lounge room of the guest house when I was called to the phone. After I introduced myself she told me who it was. She also apologized for the way she had behaved and asked me if I would be interested in renewing our relationship. Alice was and still is quite attractive, I said I would. However, I did add the condition that 'she fuck'

"What did she then say", Heather asked as Trevor emptied his balls and the woman gave a gasp of appreciation. "A short group of words, they went like this. 'I'll fuck, I'll suck and I'll also take it up the bum'. With a statement like that my dear Heather it wasn't long before she was again in my room and I can tell you it was absolutely marvelous to be standing while she sucked, taking my whole cock into her mouth while saliva bubbled all over it. I let her suck me off, holding her head till I emptied my balls and then released her. She sat and just let it flow, down her chin, over her tits and stomach. An hour or so later I doggied her and later still 'bummed her' She stayed the entire night, we fucked most of the night away and she sucked me off at least three times in those hours. I have no idea of what you told her, but I'm very grateful".

Heather smiled just as his wife came up. "What is so funny she asked?"

"Oh! We were talking about you and the time you first started fucking". Alice smiled. She rubbed herself up against her husband and then, smearing the hair between her legs with the remains of cum that still lingered on his cock, from fucking the older woman, smiled. "I had a good teacher", she said as she went down on that erect cock and sucked him dry and as Trevor filled her mouth he gasped. "Yes Heather you were a good teacher".

After a full on swingers do both Trevor and Alice had an unwritten law that a day or so should pass before that fucked each other again. It was during that off period that Heather rang and suggested a weekend away. "Just us girls", she smiling said. She arrived early on the Saturday morning; Alice was all set to go. She gave her husband a quick kiss as Heather called. "We should be back late Sunday evening or maybe Monday. As I'm not working, however if it is nice we could push into Monday. Trevor gave a wave as the car pulled out.

"Well Alice", her companion said. "I have a bungalow that overlooks the rocky coastline; there is a small beach down a path and we can have a dip if it gets to hot", she said.

"Oh! I didn't bring any swimmers Heather", Alice replied. Heather smiled as she changed gears to pass a lorry. "It was only a suggestion Alice", she said. "We will have plenty to do and besides I do have a couple of suits, you are about my size so we can swim if we decided to. However, on the other hand the bungalow is isolated so if the swimmers don't fit, we could always swim nude", she concluded. Alice's reaction was what Heather expected. The licked lips and the sparkling smile; she knew what she was thinking. 'naked women, maybe naked men and sex, plenty of sex.'

The rest of the trip was just general chit-chat and the time passed quickly, they arrived a little after five, two hours after leaving Trevor standing in his driveway. "I have no intention of cooking our first meal for there is a nice 'fish and chips' restaurant in town. It is not large, but nice and comfortable", Heather said as she dumped her bags onto the large bed. "But first cab off the rank is a cup of coffee, then a bit of a wash up and then a change. We may be at a beach but if we are going out, we look our best, after all you never know who you may pick up", she said. The idea of spending the entire weekend without a bloke between her legs was out of the question and she was sure this applied to Alice as well. She had a very active sex life; her husband was very co-operative; they fucked at least once a day, her bottom copping it almost as much as her cunt, for she really appreciated a cock up the bum.

"Oh! Alice", Heather gasped. "Is that the best outfit you have? Goodness you can't go out in that".

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