Abby's Christmas Magic

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2013 by Honey Moon

Fantasy Sex Story: Abby Rhode had her life planned. Accepted into the Air Force Academy, she was set to live her dream. The lovely futa longed to lose her virginity first though. Just before Christmas she meets someone who can help. Armed with a witch’s portal spell, Abby plans on bagging a fertile virgin pussy. She’ll learn Christmas Day that things never work out the way they do in online sex stories.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Aunt   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

Abigail Scholarly Rhode, Abby, to her few friends, was indulging in her favorite past time. "She's a hottie!" she whispered as a busty older woman passed the window of the coffee shop.

"What's that, sweetheart?" her mother asked before taking another sip of her latte.

Abby hadn't meant to say that out loud! Her mother did not favor public displays of her daughter's obvious orientation. So many narrow minded people would talk! Thinking fast, she brought the conversation back to an old favorite subject. "Uh, why did you saddle me with such a dumb name? I don't even like the Beatles, mom!"

Her mother raised an eyebrow. "Darling, be thankful I gave you an English name. Your aunt campaigned long and hard for me to name you after her."

"Rue Morgue Rhode?" Abby shuddered. "Forget I said anything! I love aunt Rue, but she sounds like a character from the Addams Family! Besides, Rue means road. That's a redundant pun!"

"Repetitive, too." The older woman smiled. "I could have named you Amber, after me."

"At least only history buffs would get the stupid historical road pun in YOUR name!"

"Oh hush!" Amber looked at her watch. "I'm off now, sweetheart." She winked at her lovely seventeen year old daughter. "Don't try following me now. I have to finish my Christmas shopping, and I don't want you snooping. Santa wouldn't like that."

"Mother please, I'm not a little kid any more. I know you supply the Christmas presents. I've known for almost six years!" She giggled and gave her mother a wink. "Besides, Santa already knows what I want!"

Amber laughed with her daughter. "That's fine dear. Now, are you sure you don't need a ride home?"

"Mom, I'm perfectly capable of taking the train or bus! Now don't worry about me, and go enjoy your one true love ... Shopping!"

"I should resent you making me sound so shallow, but I simply must make the sale at Nordstrom!"

Abby watched as her mother hustled off. The beautiful blonde seemed oblivious to all the male heads she turned as she charged out of the coffee shop. Every eye in the place seemed locked onto the sway of her hips as the curvy woman sashayed out the door and back into the mall proper. Mom would insist on wearing such a short jacket over one of her vintage dresses. Good Grief. The sight of that firm round ass making gentle figure eights as she walked could cause traffic accidents!

"It's too bad these poor jerks don't stand a chance with her." Abby muttered as she fidgeted in her seat. There was no way mom would ever consider leaving the woman Abby knew as aunt Rue! They had been married long before the laws changed to actually permit such a loving bond and finally let her mother publicly take the name of Rhode. That was why mom was so wary of Abby drawing attention to her orientation. The world was still too full of puritanical fools and downright evil judgmental creeps that would love to cause trouble for anyone whose life didn't fit their neat little molds.

The redhead stayed seated at the coffee shop until long after she finished her drink. Thinking of mom and aunt Rue together had its usual effect. Abby had to wait for her erection to lose interest before she got up. She had forgotten to strap herself down, and would have made quite a spectacle of herself, running around with a big tent in her skirt!

Abby just wandered the mall for a while, enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers. She was an old hand at girl watching, and unlike the leering of most guys, could indulge in her passion without raising suspicion in the minds of the lovely females she adored. "Damn, I'd love to lose my virginity before Christmas!" she whispered to herself while casually entering a lingerie shop.

Abby loved to quietly observe beautiful women buying pretty bras and panties. That was something guys could NEVER get away with! Abby just had to make some small purchase, and nobody would be the wiser at her gathering of memories to fuel her nightly masturbation sessions. Heck, sometimes she risked it and went for a quick rub and tug in the ladies room right in the mall. It was safe enough, as long as she used the handicapped stall and kept a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth to muffle the moans.

She sighed, whispering to herself. "I'd really love to "do it" before entering the Air Force Academy"

"May I help you?" a very sexy saleswoman asked, causing Abby to nearly jump out of her shoes.

"Um, j-just browsing!" she gasped, before hurrying out of the store.

Trying not to run, the flustered redhead made her escape. "This is stupid!" she scolded. "All the futanari in Japanese cartoons and internet fap stories just take what they want!" she lowered her voice. "Why do I get so nervous around pretty girls? I should just grab someone in the ladies room, and screw her in a stall!" Abby's face went flush, and her stupid cock twitched and throbbed to attention.

Shaking her head, the teen tried to force her intense fantasies of glorious non-consensual breeding sex out of her mind. "I gotta watch that now that I was accepted! The Academy has a strict morals code, and they won't even consider anyone with dependants!" she sighed. "When I finally get lucky, I had better make damn sure to use a condom! I don't want any little mommy to squeal and tell them I'm a daddy, or sire, or whatever you call it. The brass will know I have a dick since I passed my physicals. They'd kick me right out if they discovered I knocked some girl up." She couldn't help a little grin. "At the very least, I better make fuckin' sure she'll never be able to identify me! I wonder where I can get some date rape drugs. It's a darn good thing my DNA isn't in anyone's data banks! One little slip and they'll toss me out. I'll never become an astronaut."

Coat buttoned tight, the teen walked to the train station. As with her mother, Abby was oblivious to the plentiful male attention her lovely face, blazing red hair, and long shapely legs drew. Thankfully it was winter. Her coat helped hide her ample bust from those staring hungry eyes.

She jumped when a hand slapped against her backside. Spinning around, she looked down into the laughing eyes of Lisa Chow, her classmate and only close real friend. "Hey Abs, you gotta keep aware of your surroundings." The lovely girl said cheerfully. "I called your name twice, but you didn't even hear me."

"Hey yourself, pip-squeak." The redhead answered, thankful that her petite friend had no idea that she had been practically drooling over the attractive mother and daughter she had been stalking, uh, walking behind. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Pip-squeak?" The beautiful raven haired girl stood tall, as tall as her four foot eight build would allow. "I should be angry at that, but I know the score. You're just jealous that I'm every guy's walking wet dream! Who would look at a big titty redhead if there's a seventeen year old China doll around, who could pass herself off as a delicious little loli ten year old?"

"Holy shit Lisa, you're a damn pervert!" Abby gasped, grateful that her heavy coat hid the sudden rise of her ten inch penis. After all, Lisa wasn't just a guy's wet dream star!

"Sorry Abs." She grinned wickedly. "I forget how much of a puritan you are." She laughed. "You're still coming, right?"

Abby's embarrassment was real. "You should have heard my mom!" She continued in a snooty voice. "You simply must stop reading those dusty old books. There is more to a young woman's life than studying. Make some friends!" She grimaced. "When she found out your New Year's bash was a slumber party for just a few classmates that sealed the deal."

"Dammit, being in an all girl school sucks!" Lisa grabbed Abby's hands. "Just don't breathe a word about mom and dad going out! They have their own party to go to! Colleen says she can get her hands on the key to her mother's liquor cabinet and I'm throwing in three bottles of rice wine someone sent daddy. They didn't know he only drinks American beer and Kentucky whiskey since he became a citizen."

Abby grinned, the ghost of an idea forming in her fevered imagination. Lisa was so tiny; it wouldn't take much to get her totally passed out drunk. If she stayed sober while the other girls got smashed too, and if she was very lucky, perhaps she could arrange some quality time with her friend during the sleepover! Her cock throbbed at the idea. Nobody would ever know! She'd just be sure to bring along a package of condoms so she wouldn't leave a mess behind to worry her friend the next morning, or more importantly, in nine months. "Lisa, I bet I can swipe a bottle of Vodka from my aunt Rue. She thinks I don't know where she and mom stash the good stuff!"

"Good deal! I'll see you later. I've got shopping to finish!"

Abby watched as her friend hurried off. "I wonder what she'd say if she knew just how much Asian porn I watch, pretending it's her. Too bad I can never admit what I am to her!" With a sigh, she continued on her way.

Hurrying on to the train station, she caught something out of the corner of her eye. Stopping, she turned and stared at a little shop. Just yesterday it had been dark and vacant. Now, it was a brightly lit used book store. Abby laughed at the sign in the window. "Life Before E-readers" was a great name for a used book store! Her eyes wandered to a card mounted on the door. "Psychic readings by appointment only." She laughed again. "You have got to be kidding me!" She went in anyway, having a weakness for the printed word.

Abby smiled at the rather attractive older woman shelving books. She was in her late fifties, maybe even early sixties, but had the tight youthful body of someone who took good care of herself, and enjoyed plenty of vigorous healthy exorcise. Her long black hair had a rather stunning streak of such pure white; it glistened almost like silver beneath the overhead lighting. While not quite as large as Abby's bust, the woman's breasts filled out the tastefully tacky Christmas sweater she wore quite nicely. Abby didn't think the woman was wearing a bra judging by that quivering bounce, and yet they rode as high and proud as her own. Snug fitting skinny jeans tucked into the tops of thigh high boots gave the woman a sort of casual sexy look that suited her well.

When the woman turned to pick up a book, the teen's heart thumped. Damn, now that was an ass! Abby's hands gave an almost imperceptible twitch as she suppressed the urge to actually reach out and cup those firm round cheeks. MILF or GILF, Abby certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers! Keeping the smile on her face, the teen indulged in a sort of hobby. Any time she saw any shop or stand claiming that the proprietor had any kind of psychic ability, she did the same thing.

Picking up a random book, Abby pretended to flip through it, while thinking hard of every vile disgusting thing she could imagine. Just when she began to concentrate on the woman letting a big smelly goat fuck her asshole in the middle of the busy street, the woman spun around and slapped her face!

Stunned, Abby dropped the book and staggered back to fall over a stepping stool provided for shorter customers. "What the fuck was that for, you bitch?" she stammered while sitting on the floor. Putting a hand to her cheek, she could actually feel heat radiating from the sore stinging flesh. "I should call the cops on you!"

"You're a vulgar little child!" The woman shook her head. "Is that what you young people learn about while twittering and frittering away your lives on the facebook?

"What are you talking about?" Abby asked, suddenly feeling a bit frightened. "I didn't do anything!"

"Young lady, I may have many interests, but a bestial rendezvous is not one of them!"

"W-What did you say?" The teen asked softly while rubbing her cheek.

The woman crossed the shop and began rummaging through a stack of old vinyl records. Abby's blood ran cold when the woman began to sing in a clear sweet voice. From years of teasing, she recognized the lyrics instantly. "Here come old flattop, he come grooving up slowly, he got joo-joo eyeball, he one holy roller. He got hair down to his knee. Got to be a joker he just do what he please."

Returning, the woman handed Abby an album. "You, you didn't just do that!" she gasped, looking at the iconic image of the four Beatles walking single file across the world famous pedestrian crosswalk. "Someone, someone told you my name, right?"

"No child, I knew nothing of you until you walked into my shop and insulted me."

"I don't believe you!"

"That's up to you." The woman's steely gray eyes flashed. "Tell me child, if we have a white Christmas, will you write your name in the snow?"

The album fell from Abby's suddenly trembling fingers. "What did you say?" she repeated herself, while scrambling to her feet. Fear gripped her. Was this old bat going to blackmail her?

"Calm yourself, child. This old bat has no wish to declare secrets that are not hers to disclose."

Not quite convinced, the teen backed away from the smiling woman. "You, you really do know, don't you?"

The woman sighed. "Yes child. It is your own fault though. Usually I just get a few stray surface thoughts. While you were concentrating so very hard on filth, I got several clear flashes of you standing naked over the unholy union you imagined, while frantically stroking your member."

"Shut up!" Abby hissed, looking all around as if expecting people to pop out of the bookshelves. "Don't ever say that out loud!"

"Abigail, calm down." The woman smiled. "Do you think anyone would believe me if I told of what I saw in such a sweet innocent girl's mind?"

"I suppose not." The teen took a deep breath. "Wow! You should go on TV! You could be rich and famous!"

The woman laughed. "I have what money I need. I won the lottery several years ago. I work for pleasure, not for gain. As for being famous, I think not. Throughout history, those with the gift have never fared well. Remember the Salem Witch trials?"

"This is fantastic!" Fast forgetting her fear, Abby smiled. "Hi, I'm Abby, but I guess you know that. What's your name?"

"You may call me Amara."

"Okay Amara." Abby looked around. "Can you do more than read minds?"

"Child, I can do MUCH more than simple mental parlor tricks!"

"Show me!"

Amara thought for a moment. "Since we each have our little secret, I shall trust you to keep mine, as I will keep yours." She went to the door of her shop and turned the lock. Flipping her hand lettered sign to closed, she drew the shade. "Come child. Come and see a wonder!"

Abby was thrilled! Magic was real! This was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her since she tore open the registered envelope and learned she had been accepted into the Air Force Academy! She followed Amara up a narrow flight of stairs to the small apartment above the shop. She giggled when she saw what was sitting on a small table before a rather old leather sofa. It was an actual crystal ball, resting on a stone base carved to look like some fearsome animal's claws. The glittering sphere was the size of a bowling ball! "What is that, HD? Can you really tell fortunes with that thing?" she asked with a grin.

Amara let a hand caress the crystal surface. "Technology is not the only means of communication, child! Now look!"

The grin froze on Abby's face when she saw her mother busy shopping within the now glowing crystal. "Oh wow! Those are the boots I wanted! Mom's the greatest! This is even better than TV!"

Amara laughed. "Actually, I can observe television broadcasts as well. I don't like to miss my stories."

"Can you see my future in it?"

"Yes, but the image is not nearly as, uh, HD as past, present, or broadcast television images."

"Then you really can see the future?" Abby clapped her hands. "You have to tell me something about mine!"

Waving her hands slowly about the orb, Amara peered into the sphere. Eyes wide in disbelief, she opened her mouth to speak. Changing her mind, she cleared the image. Turning her head, she coughed, to hide her disapproval of what she had seen. "You will live a long and healthy life." She said rather sharply. "Happiness can also be yours, but only if you make the right choices."

"Oh come on now! It was too fast. I didn't get to see anything." Abby protested. "That fortune is so vague it isn't funny. Do I get to go into space? Will I be in on the return to the moon?"

"Perhaps a later reading will reveal more." The woman shook her head as if dismissing something unpleasant. "Suffice it to say you should avoid taking the wrong steps in the next few weeks."

"Oh, okay already. When can I come back for another reading?" Looking around, Abby noted some rather ancient books lining the shelves along one wall. Intermingled throughout was a strange mix of old murder mysteries and much more recent fantasy and science fiction novels. "So, what else can you do?" she asked curiously.

The older woman eyed Abby closely while she thought. "Yes, perhaps it would be for the best if I did show you something." She sighed as she made up her mind. "I can reach across space and retrieve any small item I may choose."

"Oh, show me that!" Abby said excitedly. "Is it like telekinesis? Can you move things with your mind?" She blinked, noting the scattering of Steven King books her hostess also had on her shelves. "You're not a Firestarter, are you?"

"No, nor is my name Carrie, and I won't bake you a strawberry pie!" The woman laughed. "Now sit child. Close your mouth and open your mind."

Sitting on the sofa, Abby watched as Amara removed the crystal and set it heavily on the floor. She placed a large sheet of drawing paper on the table, knelt, and picked up a small stump of charcoal. "I could make the runes and markings permanent, but this table is rather dear to me. It's nearly four hundred years old, and I have no wish to mar the beautiful finish my father, um, the long ago craftsman achieved."

The teen watched as her hostess began to draw a large circle on the paper. "That looks like something from "Full Metal Alchemist". Are you going to transmute matter?"

"Hush!" Amara closed her eyes and thought a moment. "I need to chant the proper spell. It's been a while, so I had better consult the proper tome." Giving Abby a strange sad look, she rose gracefully from her knees and crossed to the shelf. Shortly she returned with a heavy old volume.

"Can anyone use those?" Abby asked as Amara flipped through the pages.

"Most women would be able to, if they only opened their minds and believed. The secrets have been lost to time, since the spells were separated from the runes needed to activate them." She paused and looked sadly at the young woman watching her. "Are you sure you want to see this? Perhaps there is another way."

"No, that is unless you really can't!" The teen grinned. "ESP is one thing. I doubt if you can really perform magic!"

Hardly glancing at the book, Amara began to recite. The sing-song chant went on for nearly a minute. Suddenly, the circle in the center of the diagram began to shimmer.

"Holy cats!" Abby gasped. The paper fluttered slightly as a gentle breeze wafted from what now appeared to be a four inch wide hole. Daylight was shining through. Bending over the table, Abby saw the branches of a tree. Dropping to her knees, she looked under the table. It was solid wood underneath. She even rapped her knuckles painfully against it to be sure. "Am, am I really seeing what I think I'm seeing?" she asked softly, returning her gaze to the paper portal.

"That child is a cherry orchard I once visited in Japan."

"It's not just an illusion? That's really an actual real portal?"

"Go ahead child. Reach in. You will come to no harm." Her voice dropped to a low husky drawl. "No one will be the wiser. Go ahead. Pluck yourself a sweet ripe cherry through the portal."

Doing as she was told, the teen slipped her hand through the opening. Fingers trembling, she lightly grasped a cherry and gave a quick little tug. She felt a slight resistance, but claimed her prize as resistance gave way and the stem parted from the branch. "I, I did it! It was just like you said! I plucked a Japanese cherry!" She bit into it and smiled. "It tastes good!" That's when she almost choked. Yes, she had plucked a cherry! Several nasty stories came to the forefront of her mind. Erotic science fiction stories and Japanese comic books that involved people miss-using portals for their own personal sexual gratification. Could she use this to "POP" a cherry as well?

Amara stared at Abby as the child absent mindedly chewed, daintily spit out the pit, and swallowed. She sighed as the girl so obviously responded to her not so subtitle innuendo. Just as that cherry stone could grow a whole tree, she had just planted an idea in the unique girl's mind. "Do you believe I can cast spells?" she said softly.

"Oh yes!" Abby grabbed the woman's hands. "Does this work on anything? How do you focus in on a target? Will it stay locked on if the target tried to run away, um, I mean moved? Please, you have got to pick a new target!" Her voice dropped to a whisper. "This could be the answer to all my problems!"

Amara sighed again. Should she go through with this? Was it worth the risks to help cleanse the young woman's mind of such darkly sinful desires? "Child, I can see within you. I know what problem you wish to alleviate. I can not allow you take such advantage of another young woman! I will not target an innocent girl to become your carnal plaything!"

The teen blushed. "Then teach me how to do it!" she snapped. "You know I'm a freak. This is like a dream come true! I can lose my virginity, and nobody will ever know it was me!" Eyes closing to slits, she went on in a quiet calm voice. "I'll tell everyone you're a witch if you don't teach me how to use this spell."

"No, I can't let you do that." Amara said quietly, making no move to stop her young guest.

Abby yanked her iPhone from her coat pocket, and began to make a video recording of the portal. She stuck her hand back through and turned the device as far as she could in every direction. She almost laughed when she saw a young Japanese man on the phone's screen. There must have been a festival going on. He was dressed like a peasant, and wore those curious old fashioned glasses that relied on a silken cord tied behind the head, instead of actual metal or plastic earpieces. He stared in pure terror at what must have been a disembodied hand up in a tree. Then she pulled her hand back out and focused on the pages of the open book. "I'll post this all over the internet! Somebody will believe me! I bet within a few days people will be knocking down your door to learn all of your secrets! Teach me this one spell, or you'll be going viral!"

Abby didn't notice that Amara didn't look scared or upset. The older woman simply sighed. "Let it be on your own head, child." She said softly. "Do you have any artistic ability? Can you draw?"

Abby picked up the bit of charcoal, looked at it, and tossed it aside. Instead she rummaged through her coat pockets until she found one of her ever present fine line markers. Concentrating, she commenced to rapidly sketch on a blank corner of the portal paper. In moments she had drawn Twilight Sparkle giving Princess Celestia's long slender horn a blowjob. She even drew an insert showing an X-ray view of the Princess's horn shooting magical sparkles down Twilight's tight grasping throat. "My rule 34 art is very popular on 4Chan." She bragged. "People love when I draw their favorite female characters with a dick as big as mine!"

Amara shook her head. "That's filthy, but you do have the talent needed to render the runes. I will teach you a lesson."

"Oh, thank you!" Abby gushed, missing the almost sinister connotation of that simple six word sentence. "When can we start?"

Amara sighed. "Come back tomorrow, and I'll teach you how to control the portal to gain your just deserts."

Abby looked at her crookedly. "You aren't trying to weasel out now, are you?"

"Child, I give you my word. I said I'd teach you a lesson, and I will teach you a lesson!"

"This is fantastic!" Abby shook the woman's hand and grinned. "I'll be back tomorrow at noon. See you then!"

When the teen had left, Amara shook her head. "I must save that poor child." The latent presence of the girl was still in the room. That and the glove Amara had deftly pick-pocketed as the girl was leaving, and one long shimmering red hair she had left behind would be enough. Setting up a surprisingly modern digital video camera, she focused in on her crystal.

Amara forced herself to watch as she recorded the teen's possible future. The redhead carried a smaller girl into a bedroom obviously belonging to someone who had only just left girlhood, to embrace the life of a young woman. Placing the beautiful Asian onto the bed, the witch's young acquaintance stared down on her dainty slumbering friend. "Oh, don't do it." She breathed, as the redhead slowly unbutton the prone girl's form fitting jeans, and pulled them down shapely but almost childlike legs.

Feeling undeserved guilt as her own body responded, Amara couldn't tear her eyes away as Abby gently ran her fingertips over the unconscious girl's thighs to finally slip inward and lightly touch the sweet delicate lips between. "Please child, let it end there." The witch breathed, but it was useless. She already knew how this shade of what could yet be would play out.

Amara just shook her head as Abby unbuttoned and slipped out of her skirt. The redhead fumbled at some form of harness about her waist, and then it sprang free. "Merciful stars above!" the witch gasped. She had known many men as her long life played out on this Earth, but few of them could compete with the thick ten inch organ protruding from this lovely girl's loins. "I had thought her size in the nasty imaginings she saw fit to inflict on me was just her ego distorting the image." The woman gasped. "The child is going to try and force that into an unprepared virgin? How could she be so thoughtless?"

Face flushed, Amara had to force herself to keep breathing normally as the redhead kicked off a shoe, and bent to retrieve a small square package from within. "At least she thought that much of her friend." The witch whispered as Abby tore open the package and then inexpertly rolled the condom down the length of her shaft.

After only a moment's pause, the sheathed hermaphrodite climbed onto the bed. Scrambling over the Asian, she used her knees to lever the prone girl's legs wider apart and placed the rubber clad head of her cock at the still girl's vagina. Amara flinched as Abby entered her friend with a sudden swift thrust of her hips.

The slumbering girl's stillness was shattered in that instant. Her eyes opened wide, and she let out a scream! "Abby no!" she cried, as she slapped at the thrusting rutting redhead. "Oh God, you hurt me!" Understanding dawned. "That's a dick! Oh my God! You're a boy!"

Abby moaned. "No, I'm a girl! I just have a penis! Lisa, you feel so good inside!"

"Get it out! Oh God, get it out of me!" Lisa wailed. "Help, somebody help me!"

"Quiet!" the redhead hissed. She picked up a pillow and tried to put it over the struggling girl's mouth. "Lisa, keep still! You'll like this! Please, let me finish! You're so tight! It feels so good!"

That's when the door burst open. "Oh fuck!" a pretty blonde shouted. "What the hell are you doing?"

Lisa screamed again. "Get her off of me! He, she, she's raping me!" The girl cried, words muffled as the pillow descended to cover her mouth.

"Oh, you sick bitch!" The blonde lunged forward, and a couple more girls rushed in. "That nerd girl cunt is trying to kill Lisa! Let's get her!"

The blonde grabbed a fist full of Abby's long red hair. Giving a sharp tug, she snapped back the still thrusting girl's head. The others helping, they swiftly pulled Abby from Lisa, and dragged her off of the bed. Amara couldn't help staring at the twitching jerking staff as the condom ballooned out and filled with a truly massive amount of thick white liquid. The condom burst, and spattered the rescuing girls with gooey semen.

"Oh my God, she's a dick-girl freak, like from one of those disgusting Japanese cartoons my brother thinks nobody knows he faps to!" The blonde wiped at the slime on her silk blouse in obvious disgust. "Lisa, call the fuckin' cops! We'll take care of the monster until they get here!"

"No, wait!" Abby cried, but it was no use. The blonde balled up a fist and smashed it right into the redhead's mouth before she could utter another word.

The dam broke. Three healthy fit teenage soccer playing girls encircled Abby. Fists flew as they pummeled the panting moaning hermaphrodite. When she dropped to her hands and knees, they began kicking her with all the force years of wholesome sports had given them.

"Lisa, make 'um stop!" Abby moaned indistinctly through swollen and bleeding lips. Her gasping plea fell on deaf ears.

Hand shaking, Lisa picked up her bedside phone. Turning away from her former friend, she punched nine-one-one. "Please, send someone quick!" she said in a wooden voice. "I, someone, someone raped me!"

Amara couldn't stand watching any more. She waved her hand and the crystal shimmered, changing the scene to outside on a cold winter night. There was Abby, still wearing only one shoe while being dragged away in handcuffs. Her once beautiful face was battered and swollen, sporting two black eyes and a bloody nose. She had a blanket wrapped around her, somewhat hiding the fact that she was still naked from the waist down.

Next, the witch focused on the paramedics wheeling a young Asian girl away to the waiting ambulance. The lovely girl's soft sobs were heart breaking. After that, she recorded the detectives talking to the soccer playing avengers.

Their testimony was damning. A statuesque woman with hair just as long and red as Abby's looked sickened at what she was hearing. She turned to her partner. "Bobby, I can't deal with this. She's family. I can't be involved with arresting her. People will accuse me of trying to cover it up."

"I got it Rue." He sighed. "You better get home and break it to your wife before the press gets a hold of this."

As the detective stormed off, a shivering Abby looked up from where the uniformed officers were handing her into a squad car. "Aunt Rue! I swear I didn't hurt her! I even used a condom!" she wailed, blood shining brightly on her chin as it flowed from a split lip. "It wasn't my fault! She wasn't supposed to wake up! If she stayed passed out, nobody would ever have known anything happened!"

The detective spit on the ground at the girl's feet as she strode past. "See that she gets checked out, and then isolate her after booking." She snapped at the officers. "You've seen her, uh, difference. She might not make it out alive if anyone knows what she's done!"

Amara sighed at those prophetic words. She waved her hand again, and the image changed to a lonely battered young woman in a holding cell. The teen had insisted she was okay except for her spectacular but non life threatening facial lacerations. She had refused any form of medical aid. Now her breathing was labored, and sweat beaded her flushed face.

Nobody was there to see her slip off of the stainless steel bench and sink to the floor. By the time the guards checked on her, it was too late. The coroner's inquest would later clear the three young soccer players of any wrong doing. Abby's death due to a ruptured spleen and damaged kidneys would simply be declared a direct result of her heinous crime.

Amara wiped her eyes and blew her nose after pulling the memory card from the camera. "It will be a harsh lesson child, but I think you are worthy of saving. I hope this recording will enable you to forgive me for directing your life path away from such a ruinous end."

Abby hurried home, filled with good cheer. She was gonna gat laid! She was very soon going to be able to sink her cock into a warm snug pussy! Whistling a snipped of "Frosty the Snowman" she used her key and let herself in and shouted happily. "Hi aunt Rue!" when she spotted her beloved sire wrapping a Christmas gift. It looked so funny when she panicked and tried to hide what she was doing.

"Hey kiddo how goes the day?" the elder redhead said while hastily taping up wrapping paper.

"Simply wonderful!" Abby laughed as she pulled off her coat.

Looking at her daughter, Rue clucked her tongue. "Abigail, you know better that that." She chided not unkindly. "You know we shouldn't go around flaunting our little secret. There are still too few futanari in the world for any of us to show off so shamelessly."

Face nearly as red as her hair, Abby clutched her coat to her midsection to hide the obvious tilt of her skirt. "Oh shit! Sorry aunt Rue! I forgot to strap down when mom and I went shopping!"

"Watch the language, kiddo." Smiling to take the sting out of the words, she continued. "Don't forget, I know what you're going through. Our drives are so much stronger than any males. I've been there myself lots of times. I'd be the talk of the force if I didn't take pains not to show off my boner every time I interviewed some scantily clad hooker or drunken club girl."

"But you have mom to come home to!" Abby blurted out. "I'll never have someone I can be myself with!"

"Abby, you know that's pure nonsense." Rue went to the flustered girl and gave her a quick hug, being careful not to press her daughter's penis against her body. "I thought the same thing while I was growing up, and look how things turned out."

"That was just pure dumb luck! You and mom got assigned the same dorm room in college!"

Rue sighed. "I'm going to tell you something I've never told a single soul. To this day, your mother and I never even discuss it." She sat on the sofa, and patted the cushion beside her.

"Aunt Rue, I already know about the birds and the bees!" Abby protested as she sat down, arranging her coat over her lap to hide what was going on under her skirt. "You don't have to tell me about how you and mom hooked up and screwed all through college!"

"Abby, I wouldn't tell you anything like that!" Rue grinned sheepishly. "Besides, that's not even true. I was going to tell you what a damn fool I made of myself, and how I almost lost the most wonderful woman in the world."

"You almost lost mom? But you guys are so in love it's almost silly!"

"Let me talk, kiddo!" Rue took a deep breath. "You're right about one thing. When I saw who was assigned as my dorm mate, I could hardly breathe! I thought it would be heaven, but instead I turned it into hell." She looked pointedly at her daughter's wadded up coat. "It was murder trying to hide my true self from the girl I was rapidly falling head over heels in love with. She thought I was some kind of nut the way I would only get dressed while locked in the bathroom." Her face flushed. "Or just how many times I had to hole up in there, until I could, uh, calm myself down."

The younger girl shared her sire's embarrassment. "Aunt Rue, I know all about how masturbation is normal and all that! Uh, just tell me what happened!"

"That's just it." Rue looked away for a moment, feeling almost as humiliated as she had on that dreadful day. "Amber had left to go shopping with her friends. Even then she was busy perfecting her bargain hunting skills. I had the place all to myself! I could relax and just be me!" She sighed. "To put it bluntly, your mother forgot her bag. She came strolling in, right while I had one hand holding one of her bras up to my face, while the other was frantically jerking away. To make matters worse, for some stupid reason I had decided that doing it in her bed would make me feel closer to her."

"Oh wow!" Abby gulped. "I bet mom was all over you!"

Rue laughed. "Then you'd lose! Your mother screamed at me! I was damn lucky nobody came running in before I managed to get myself dressed! She called me every nasty name you could think of. In the end I had to take an off campus apartment for three months because she wouldn't let me even step foot back into the room we once shared! She wouldn't even let me come back to get my things. She just threw all of my stuff out the window."

Abby was stunned. "I, I didn't know that. Aunt Rue, how, how did you and mom end up in love?"

"In the end, I guess it was fate." The older woman smiled proudly. "I was walking home from the library, looking forward to a frozen dinner and a hot shower before turning in early. I heard scuffling in the bushes. When I went to check it out, I found your mother being pawed at by the school's star football player. For one split second I thought she was into it, and was about to turn around and head for my apartment. That's when Amber whimpered "Help." She said it so softly, but it sounded loud as thunder to me. I'm not exactly proud of what I did. I very nearly beat that jock to death. I felt better when it turned out my intervention helped assure his conviction after he was charged with raping three other women."

Abby let out a low whistle. "Wow, you were like a cop, even then!"

"Yeah, my interest in law enforcement began right on that night." She laughed. "Let's not get into that now. To make a long story short, after the campus police carted our unconscious friend off to the hospital, your mother and I had a very long talk. We started dating a few weeks after that. We took things very slowly and got to know each other. After a couple months your mother was kind enough to allow me to move back into the dorm. Things were cramped but it was so much better than my big lonely off campus apartment. When we got rid of one bed to, uh, open up some space in that tiny room, it was like heaven on Earth. We've been blissfully in love ever since."

Smiling, Rue tapped her daughter's nose. "After we graduated and began our chosen careers, you came along a few years later to brighten our world!"

Abby rubbed the back of her neck. "It worked out great for you guys, but how does that apply to me?"

"Kiddo, I'm just saying that you should bide your time. There's no rush. You're such a wonderful girl. I'm sure there's someone very special out there for you."

Abby grinned. "I'm slightly more than a girl, but I hope you're right!"

"Right about what?" Amber asked as she entered, laden down with boxes and bags.

"Uh, never mind!" Abby said with a wink for her sire. "Jeez mom, did you buy out the store?"

"Oh, very funny!" The happy blonde laughed as she stacked her purchases on the floor. "I'm just trying to boost the local economy! Don't forget. Some of these are Christmas presents."

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