Life Goes On

by Sam

Copyright© 2013 by Sam

Fiction Story: Peter was always a little different. He came from money but to him it did not mean as much as friendship. When his parents were killed, it took a long time for him to heal. That started when he began to help others. He found his own life started again.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Workplace   .

Peter finally got home. Well, at least to his New York home in America.

His trip had been fairly successful. Three deals had been agreed to and one finalized. Two had fallen by the wayside as greed and an over-bearing superiority complex had caused the two sellers to try to 'beat' the youngster.

Both older men had almost laughed when Peter had walked into the boardroom to finalize a 'deal'.

His legal beagles had stated the terms and parameters and he had added the two meetings to his already extended schedule.

The minute he saw the look on each man's face Peter knew that they would try for more. When that eventual, "That has all changed" phrase was spoken, Peter rose, extended his hand, which was not taken, and calmly walked out to the astonished look on the current owners face. Each would have walked away with over $150 Million, with another $525 Million going to the other owners. In one case, the entire firm was all family owned. The law firm indicated that several frantic calls were taken later that day, only to be told that there was 'no further interest' to deal with them. The 'prize' for that trip had been the $2.6 Billion offer for 59% of the shipping giant 'Misa Haru'. The negotiators had welcomed him to their country, shown respect to the young man, and re-iterated that all the conditions that had been discussed were still agreeable.

The money his parents had left him would now ensure him a sound future. Peter looked at the older man who was the CEO and noted a small tear in his eyes. He asked why he would sell Peter control of such an obviously sound company. The man looked at Peter, thoughtfully said something to a younger man next to him who left then returned followed by a very young lady who leaned over kissed the older man and stood behind him; the older man then spoke in English. "I lost my son, wife and Miko's future husband when they went skiing. Miko would have died too but had taken ill. When that happened, my life ended for me. Your people here have been trying to buy part of this firm for quite sometime. I knew you parents, quite well in-fact and we exchanged these offers to buy each other out for many years. I was sorry to hear about their deaths, they were my friends. When I lost most of my own family I asked my daughter what to do. She is the one who told me to sell the controlling interest in this firm to you and to end my days in peace. She will inherit the remainder of this company and did not feel a woman would be able to take it forward, especially one who too has recently lost someone. So now she looks forward to travel and fish with her Papa as we both remember those we have loved and lost."

The man lowered his head, tears running from his eyes, Miko placed her arms around his neck. I stood up and looked away, saying, "No, I cannot, in good faith do this!" There was a moment of silence. "I am too young to run this company alone. I must insist that you and your daughter remain and show me how we can grow this business!"

They looked at me, then each other. "I will be President, you Sir will remain CEO and Miko must become COO and make all the decisions with our input, of course, after all, business could never be something a woman would know, correct Sir. I will place my voting shares under her control, if after 5 years we see no improvement, then ... then you both owe me a huge dinner and she serves us. I fail to see how this company, that you built could grow under any other leadership."

Both father and daughter took on a glow like a child let free in a toy store. Instead of a kiss and hug from Miko that would have been nice, I got two bows, smiles and heard the words, "Done Deal" as Miko now sat down. I tried to break the ice.

"Is there someplace near here I can get a burger and fries, that dried squid and Orange NeHi at the airport just does not do it for me. Miko began to laugh. Both her father and I knew a new CEO would not readily be accepted. Business was done between friends and family. The fact that the faces, decisions making and control of the company would remain the same made this merger much stronger.

Looking ahead, a Nakamura would remain in control of the Company, for many years to come. As I was leaving, Miko came up to me, gave me a wonderful hug then said, "Thank You". It was never a decision I ever regretted making. By the time I was 35, Miko was running the company. I visited with her after her father's funeral. She asked me, "What now?"

"I guess you will have to name a new COO to replace you, Madam Chairman!"

The company was now worth over $100 Billion. "I was looking forward to that dinner too, Miko!" She hit my arm. "Dried squid for you Peter." We had become good friends.

Every stop after that on that trip became a non-event. I could care less if it closed or not. Seeing the Nakamura faces when told the Company would remain under their control was priceless. It was a short time after that day that a multi-year contract was awarded to Nakamura Industries to ship arms and supplies for all military locations. The Emperor had suggested his old friend would provide any service needed.

Overall I had been away almost three weeks, in England, France and Japan. Mother had a family home in France, Dad had moved to America and commuted for a few years. Their cruise was to be the start of his retirement. Grandfather had been an artist and had designed quite a few thing for the US Government, in their effort to gain global recognition.

It was late when I got to my building and the doorman let me in.

"Hi George, I'm really glad that is over for a while. Anything important come up?" "Well nothing actually, Mel came over a few times, said you 'exist like a caveman' and brought over some things for you to eat."

I nodded over to the girl lying on the couch in the lobby. "Don't ask! She moved in with Miss Princess yesterday and I don't think she likes the kind of 'boyfriends' that come over there."

I shook my head. Miss Princess was the lazy, good for nothing, spoiled daughter of a New York Socialite. Rumor had it her mother had suggested she get her own place when she found her new husband and Jennifer in bed together. Just sleeping of course. Not to cast dispersions but one finds it hard to imagine Jennifer just sleeping in anyone's bed. Her suite was like Grand Central Station if half the stories were true.

I went up to my place. About an hour later, I went back down to have George send something off for me to the Nakamura's. It was an old scroll father had left me.

On the way back up, I noticed the cover had fallen off the girl on the couch. Her dress had risen up and she was showing a lot of leg. I went over, picked up the blanket and started to cover her. "Daddy" I heard as a warm hand reached out and held mine close to her face.

It was now easy to see she was a young girl, a young and very beautiful girl, 17 or 18 years-old, blonde hair, freckles and a dimple on her chin.

"No Dear, not Daddy. Are you OK?"

Her eyes began to open and a look of panic spread across her face. Her hands gripped mine tighter. George stood over us. smiling, "No Miss Samantha, he is not your Daddy, but from the look on his face, Peter wishes he were related to you."

"Hi, I'm Peter. Samantha, that is a beautiful name. it does you justice. What is wrong? Why are you sleeping on a couch here?"

They tell you never ask a question if you don't want to hear the answer. For the next 45 minutes I learned the life story of Samantha Jane Alcott, Sam as she told me to call her.

It seems Jennifer and Sam's families were neighbors. Each woman had remarried, Jennifer's mom and dad had divorced, while Sam's had died. When Jennifer's liaison with her new step-dad was confirmed by her mother, Sam was told in no uncertain terms to 'get the hell out'. Guilt by association. She needed a place to stay and Jennifer had told her to come over. It wasn't until that night that Jennifer's 'boyfriends', plural assumed she was included as their entertainment and started to maul her, while Jennifer watched and laughed.

It was not rocket science. Peter called George over, whispered something and then told Sam to get up and go with George. Tomorrow they would try to straighten things out for her.

Groggily she followed George up to 3-C. It was the suite that Peter has arranged for the maid, when he ever got around to hire one. Mel had been looking after him for a year now.

He had hired Mel to be his 'Girl Friday'. She was now single, energetic and as Peter found out, did not need much direction. This girl just seemed to always do the right thing. It did not hurt that after a few weeks working miracles across the globe for Peter, that she was now making $300,000 a year, had a furnished apartment in the same building as Peter and both could walk to work, two doors away. There was never anything she did that Peter found in error. She walked on water as far as he was concerned. Mel felt the same way about Peter. Her husband had always told her she was worthless. He abused her, cheated on her and flat out treated her worse than a dog in the pound. One day she responded to an ad for a gopher. Peter was a 1 man office in America. He had weeks if not months he would need to travel to adjust to now being alone.

Mel just knew she would never get this job. She looked and acted just like she felt, a scared little puppy. Peter knew the look, it had been his when his parents had been killed. He asked her what was wrong, she told him, leaving nothing out. Peter just told her not to worry, called his lawyer, his banker and George at the apartments.

"Mel, I need to travel, can you watch over everything and keep things going for me?"

She sniffled "Yes Sir."

With everything signed, he introduced Mel as his Executive Assistant. handed her a stack of cheques, keys to the office and his Apartment down the block and told her to have the lawyer handle her divorce.

She had needed to be told what to do regarding a divorce. The banker had her sign a card for the cheques then another giving her access to more than $5 Million in a corporate savings account. Money had never been an issue for Peter.

It was the first time anyone had bothered to ask Mel anything and let her alone to do it. When they were alone Peter told Mel how much he needed her. That she would do many things, if she wanted anything just buy or rent it and that when he returned George would have another place for him, the existing apartment was hers now.

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