Candy Az

by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Science Fiction Sex Story: Candi is the hottest girl on the planet and determined to prove it, much to the delight of her junior high school classmates...But that isn't really great news for Jack, is it?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   School   .

"Here comes Candi!" Ritchie exclaimed.

"Oh shit!" Mark jerked away from his locker, dropping a half-dozen notebooks to the floor.

"Where?" Todd whipped his head left and then right. "Oh yeah!"

All three of my best friends stood there in the school hallway, lined up like soldiers for inspection. Sucking in their guts and pushing out their chests, as if eighth grade boys had any. Well, Ritchie was sorta chubby, but you get the picture. They smiled and giggled like nervous little girls, glancing at each other just to make sure they weren't alone, but mostly keeping their eyes glued on the hottest girl in the universe.

"Hi Candi ... Hey Candi ... What's up, Candi?" they all said at once.

She smiled back, sparing each of them just a fraction of her attention, because Candi never completely ignored anyone. She gave them a wave, a flitter of her eyes and a flutter of her fingers, just a little pink tongue between her pouting red lips. Only enough to give them a sliver of hope, like maybe they had a chance, which they did, to be perfectly honest about it. Anyone with a hard cock and less than five legs had a shot at Candi, but this morning the girl only had baby blue eyes for me.

"Hey Jack," she said, stepping close enough to rub her perfect tits against my chest. "I forgot to give you something..."

Candi's left thigh, bare beneath the short pleats of her cheer skirt, slid between my legs and upward. I offered her an involuntary gasp as she found my crotch, my balls and throbbing cock, giving me a serious rub with her leg while her hands reached around to grab my ass. I had no choice except to take the teenage girl by the hips. She'd have fallen at my feet otherwise, but I'm sure the thought hadn't even occurred to her. Candi knew I'd catch her; boys always did.

"Uh ... What's that, Mom?" I asked, feeling my face redden with the word.

"Your allowance," she breathed, looking upward to find my eyes. "It's Friday. You should have reminded me."

"Sorry," I mumbled, wincing slightly as Candi's smooth, tanned thigh moved against my aching dick.

"You're so tense!" She giggled, massaging my butt through my jeans, really digging her small fingers into me. "Do you want Mommy to take care of that after homeroom?"

"Uhhh..." I blinked and gave my head the tiniest shake. "No, Mom ... I'm, uh ... I'm okay."

"Well..." she sighed doubtfully. "You just let me know if you do. Give Mommy a kiss now."

I tried to kiss her cheek, knowing I had no choice. Candi got what Candi wanted and it wasn't a peck on the dimple. She caught my mouth with hers, slipping her long, delicate tongue between my lips and we Frenched out hot and heavy for thirty seconds at least. Candi's tits, those amazingly large, firm breasts that had no business being anywhere near a junior high school, pressed against my chest through her cheer top. The bulge of my erection found her taut belly, and my family jewels rode her thigh with an instinctive grind of pure pleasure.

"Oh!" I gasped, blinking rapidly as I suddenly spilled in my pants.

"Jack!" Candi giggled and licked her lips, feeling my cock spasm violently within the warm, and now very wet confines of my underwear.

"Oh Man!" Ritchie laughed.

"Did he blow?" Mark asked nobody in particular.

"Jeeze, Jack!" Todd shook his head. "You shoulda jerked off this morning, dude!"

"He should have!" Candi agreed, pouting as she let me go, planting both feet firmly on the floor. "Alright, young man. Come on, let's get you cleaned up before the bell rings."

"But, Mom!" I frowned, blushing beneath the stares and whispers of fifty kids. The hallway was crowded and Candi always got a lot of attention anyway.

"No buts!" She reached for my crotch and I shivered as she gave my still spurting cock a squeeze. We both felt the semen squishing around my dick and balls. I came a lot.

She led me by my trousers, by my penis really, pulling me behind her like a little kid at the mall and into the lavatory. A dozen other guys followed us in, of course, but nobody was going to say anything. Candi probably spent more time in the boy's bathroom than she did in the girl's, and the principal didn't even seem to care. Maybe because she always ate her lunch in the teacher lounge, I wasn't sure.

"Take off your pants, Jack," Candi told me, but I didn't know why. She was already on her knees and unbuckling my belt all by herself. "I've told you a thousand times, a boy your age has to jerk off before breakfast!"

"I know, Mom." I nodded, looking up at the ceiling and biting my lip, burning with humiliation.

"That's why I gave you those pictures of me," she sighed, unsnapping my jeans and dropping the zipper. "You didn't sell them, did you, Jack?"

"N-No, Mom!" I cleared my throat. "I like your pictures a lot, but..."

"I guess I'll just have to start jerking you off myse ... Oh! Jack! What a mess!" Candi clucked her tongue as she peeled my briefs down my thighs.

My cock, which hadn't gone soft at all, sprang out immediately, slapping my mom's chin with a loud, wet shmwap!

"Sorry," I breathed.

"Hey!" Candi said at the same time. "You're not going to cum again, are you?"


"I'd better make sure," she decided, taking cum soaked erection into her warm, wet mouth. I felt my knees weaken as her tongue tickled the underside and then swirled around the sensitive head.

"Oh! Ummm ... Mom!" I shivered and my hands went to her head, my fingers digging into her thick, golden hair as she slid her lips down the shaft.

"Umph!" Candi opened her throat without much more than a soft swallowing noise, and every inch of my penis was buried in her beautiful face. Her pert, upturned nose poked into my stomach, my balls were tight against her chin, and Mom's luscious lips were snug around the very root of my aching manhood.

"Oh shit, dude!" Ritchie said.

"I can see it going down!" Mark told everyone. "She swallowed his dick!"

"Fuck!" Todd laughed. "She's licking his balls too!"

That was a fact. Even with my cock stretching Candi's tight throat, with her moist lips sealed around the base of my straining prick, she somehow managed to push out her tongue and tickle my semen stained ball sack. If I hadn't just blown a huge load five minutes before, I'd have totally lost it! Candi's throat muscles seemed to ripple around my cock, squeezing the head and shaft. She made swallowing noises and I felt the contractions tugging at my manhood like the softest, most gentle fist imaginable. My mom was the best cocksucker in the world, no doubt about it!

"Mmmmwaaah!" She pulled off my cock with a happy gasp, flushed and breathing hard.

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