The House Guests and the Desert

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: A house guests that turns into a co-operative woman. A male friend who charms the wife and turns her into every man desire.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Big Breasts   .

It all started with an e mail. "Your pal seems to be short of accommodation", the husband said one evening after opening the e mail area. His wife read the message and gave a bit of a 'tut', 'tut'. As she pondered the message he said. "Why not invite her here". For seconds the wife was silent and then excitingly said. "You don't mine". When that question was given approval she immediately picked up the phone and then for the next few hours busied herself in preparing the room and doing a general clean up, for she informed him that the invitation had been accepted and her friend, Wendy would arrive mid afternoon tomorrow.

It was after breakfast that his wife uttered a gasp. "Oh! I forgot I'm picking up Jane to take her to an appointment this morning. I can't cancel it, will you entertain Wendy when she arrived and apologize for my absence", she said. All he did was give a nod of acceptance.

He had met Wendy a couple of time before, he never took much notice of her; she was one of his wife's cronies and therefore an individual who had the same characteristics, certainly not his cup of tea. He took the time after his wife left to get a bit of gardening done. He wasn't doing it just because they were having a guest, but the lawns needed attention as did the guttering, plus the vegetables in their array of pots and in the hot house needed their weekly dose of fertilizer. By the time all that was completed he was dirty and sticky. 'Mid afternoon the wife said', he muttered to himself as he checked the time. 'I will have a shower and then put on a light lunch".

In the process of his chores he had left the front door unlocked and had forgotten about it. He wasn't in the shower for long, standing and getting warm was not part of his agenda. Wash and out was the way he showered; it not only saved time but the water bill as well. Because he was alone and with the wife away for the morning and her friend not expected till the afternoon he didn't close the bathroom door. He dried himself and was applying a lubricant to his skin which was quite dry. He turned around and was so surprised that he didn't utter any gasp whatsoever. Wendy was standing in the doorway, her overnight bag at her feet. There was no use in suddenly putting on the 'embarrassment act'; she could have been standing there for seconds or even minutes.

Maybe it was just a dark thought that decided his reaction. He didn't reach for his towel but took hold of his cock, shook it up and down and said. "Well don't just stand there Wendy, put your mouth around this and give my cock a suck". Whether it was the growing length that galvanized her into action or whether deep in her own thoughts she was already thinking of the request just asked; it didn't matter. She advanced, knelt down and gave his length an erotic lick and then took his cock inch by inch into her mouth and began to suck. "Oh! Fuck, that is nice", he gasped. He pulled her head hard into his groin and just held her, enjoying the pleasure that her mouth was producing.

He held her till with a loud gasp he pulled her head into his groin and emptied his balls into her mouth. Saliva and cum were seeping from the corners of her mouth but he didn't let her go till every drop had been accounted for; only then did he release her. She fell back, her mouth almost a fountain. He threw her a wet towel; she wiped the essence off from his balls and then smiling said. "Boy! That was quite a load Trevor".

The time for her being a house guest was not asked and she just settled in and it wasn't until he was passing the outside door that led to her rooms that he began to think that maybe she would fuck if the opportunity arose; after all she has sucked him off. The interesting thing about it she made no comment to his wife what so ever. It was as though the activities on her arrival didn't occur. However, what he heard convinced him that if that opportunity popped up she would spread 'em. "Fuck it" uttered the unseen voice followed by a "Fucking cunt of a thing". How to test that new found discovery was the next question but it came a day or so later when she commented that he went to bed very late and not with his wife.

She didn't have to have a university degree to know that this marriage was under stress. Although civil to each other there was no 'relationship' between husband and wife. There was no intimacy, like a touch, a smile or anything that would be considered 'a good marriage'. She had sucked him off but she knew men who were devoted to their wives, but wouldn't know back a quickie if the opportunity arose. However, this husband was different; he would seize that opportunity and couldn't give a stuff about his wife. When she asked about his late nights, mainly to put her observations to the test, he gave a very basic explanation. He explained that he had worked shift most of his life and going to bed late was just part of it and besides my wife and me don't have any intimacy and haven't for decades. This didn't surprise her at all but then his wife came into the room and the discussion changed tact.

A few nights later after she and the wife had finished a game of chess; the wife retired and he was busy with his research. This was the opportunity to test her theory. Wearing only a dressing gown she appeared at the door of his study. "The shower head has come loose", she said. "Right! I'll get a spanner", he said as he got up. The shower head did have a slight problem and he had on a few occasions had to tighten it. It didn't seem that loose but he gave it an extra twist and then turned to report, but he found it was only to observe. She had removed the gown and was standing totally naked. "You best close the door", he said as he put the spanner down and undid his trousers and with his prick that had risen to meet the circumstances throbbing and sticking out said. "You best lubricate it first, give it a good suck, like you did a few days ago".

What ever her history was regards sex he didn't know, but she knew how to pleasure a cock and for several seconds gave his cock a thorough sucking. "Keep that up and you will get a mouthful", he said as he picked her up, turned her around and bent her over the toilet and as that hair covered crack came level with his saliva covered cock, he rammed it up and with each thrust she responded with either an 'Ahhhhh!' or 'Ohhhhh!', but what ever gasp it was, she worked in rhyme and as he pumped turned and in between gasps, said. "Talk dirty to me; call me a cunt while you fuck me". Shocked was something he didn't become, surprise – yes, but he accommodate her request and as he gave the thrust that emptied his balls said. "Like that cunt, like a belly full of cum. If I get this opportunity again I'm going to shove my cock up your bum and fuck the arse off you". She groaned in appreciation.

Over the following days they fucked at every opportunity; he serviced her bum almost as many times as his cock travelled up that hairy crack and she sucked him off almost as many times. Not once did his wife expect anything for with his wife Wendy was the perfect guest who could match his wife's beliefs with the same enthusiasm as herself, so in a way when she finally left it was the husband not the wife who was going to miss her company.

It wasn't long after that event that he received a call from a friend who he had known for ages and that friend was in Melbourne staying in one of the city hotels. "How long are you in town Peter", he asked. On being told that it was for ten days he suggested a get-together. "There is a nice coffee shop near that hotel. If you are free we could meet there", he concluded. A time was set and after telling his wife about the conversation and that he had arranged a meeting to catch up on old times, he left to drive into the city.

"You know mate" he said. "If I had passed you in the street I would not have recognized you. It is a good thing we arranged to meet here otherwise I would have been at a loss, for it is decades since I last saw you and you certainly have changed". His friend laughed as the waitress bought them their coffee. "You have aged a bit also Trevor", he said. "You used to have a lot of hair and didn't wear glasses and were a lot skinner than you are now. But I would say just by your general appearance that you are quite fit" Trevor smiled and just mentioned bike riding and the race that he had been in. "Didn't get a place or anywhere near it, but the ride was good". There was silence for a few moments then Trevor asked. "What do you do with yourself now Peter, are you still working or have you retired?"

"I'm a hypnotist", he said. "I was working in one of the main public hospitals in Sydney, but then went out on my own. It was the best choice I have made. It has been very rewarding in all areas, especially with women clients." He concluded with a slight smile. Trevor may not have had must sexual activity with his wife, but that didn't mean he was starved of sex, far from it. "By that smile I gather you give the women a bit more than is on their principal agenda?" he asked. Peter smiled as he leaned forward. "There is not one female client I have not fucked. In fact as I get them to make additional appointments I have a constant supply of very co-operative women and the nice thing about it, the poor cunts haven't got a clue they have been screwed.

They come to me with a form of depression that makes them unattractive or hostile to their husband's advances. By the time I deliver them back to their husbands they are very co-operative. All the husband have openly praised me for my work and told me that it was the 'best investment they made' in getting their wives to visit me".

"What method do you use to put them under?" Trevor asked.

Peter explained that the art was more advanced now it didn't need a direct command, just a hint or a suggestion to achieve the desired result. As Trevor considered that answer his mind began to form an idea. "You said that you were here for ten days and that you are staying at a hotel", he paused as he order another cup of coffee. "I have a suggestion", he said. "My wife is opposed to sex, that is with me for I do get a bit suspicious that she and the neighbour are just a little too friendly. However, what I would like is my wife to become like your clients. To achieve that how would you like to cancel your hotel booking and stay with us. The wife just recently had one of her friends stay so she can't complain if I invite a friend under the same circumstances", he concluded.

The invitation was accepted and on arrival he introduced Peter to his wife. She smiled and from then flapped around like a mother hen, going out of her way to make a good impression. For the first time in ages, she did the cooking and presented a reasonable tea for his first meal. Following instruction Trevor didn't involve himself in the general conversation unless he was asked a direct question, so the floor was occupied by the hypnotist.

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