Mikey's Web Show

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2013 by Eros Alban

Incest Sex Story: Mikey's web show brings life changes

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Incest   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Size   .

Mikey was a true exhibitionist. He stated flexing for the web cam six months ago. He started off with the typical str8 boy poses. Shirt off pants saggin, showing off the tiny bits of muscle he might have.

Packages started showing up on his front steps. No return label, no note other than "For Mikey." Mikey didn't tell anyone be he knew it was from one of his followers. At first it was just nicer shorts or pants for Mikey to wear around town. Each piece looked hot on his firm young body.

But than the clothes got tighter and more revealing. Still hot, but not really something he could wear to school. Then he started getting shorts, then briefs and Mikey knew this was just for his special friends. Finally it was thongs and jock straps. All cut to display Mikey's fine young str8 cherry bubble butt. Mikey really liked this extra attention. His follower numbers went up and he even started a paypal account so others could send him cash. He was pulling in alot of fag ca$h easy.

Then other packages came. Bottles of lube. Poppers. Leather harness and collars. Messages about showing of his smooth hole. After his first showing of his cheery lips Mikey received a set of razor blades and a video on how to shave your ass.

Showing off his smooth hole while it was covered in shiny lube, brought in a ton of ca$h for Mikey so he started fingering his cherry hole. The pleasure he got from playing with his pussy lips got Mikey addicted. He rapidly played with his hole and more. Mikey didn't even wait for the packages of anal beads or thin dildos. He was now fucking his own ass with 3 or 4 fingers everyday for his interwebz followers.

Each week a bigger dildo would show up and horny people worldwide would watch each day as Mikey worked hard to get more up his tight hole. Every day he would get just a bit more before filling his jock strap with his young load. By the end of each week he would finally get the whole rubber cock balls deep only for there to be a new large fake cock waiting for him the next day.

This week's dildo was a massive 12 inches long and thicker than a soda bottle. With it was a note that he was to get balls deep on it within 24 hours. Mikey was scared of that idea but his cock and ass were in heat and so with only 4 hours to go, Mikey fully impaled himself on the massive cock. Cum shooting everywhere. Just as his cock was exploding Mikey heard a package being delivered. This time it was a small envelope that contained a note and a long thick metal rod.


You are coming along nicely. Get your cunt back on that cock, and keep it up your hole until I say. Also, shove this sound up your piss hole. It will prevent you from cumming again until you are given permission.


Mikey ran back to his room and once more on camera, he read the note to his followers before following orders. The massive cock in his ass made his cock rock hard, which made installing the sound quite painful. But once he was internally cock locked, the pressure in his balls made Mikey hornier than ever. He rode that rubber cock hard. He pounded his cherry str8? ass with the massive cock for hours. He felt the pleasure grew out of his ass until it consumed his whole body. At first Mikey thought he was cumming, but this was unlike any cum he had had before. Stronger, longer and more intense. He was having his first ass pussy-gasam.

All day every day for the rest of the week, Mikey laid in bed giving a free web-cast show of his transformation into a slutty bottom boy. Email requests had Mikey's shows reaching new lows of depravity and new highs of membership. By the end of the week Mikey was half out of his mind with lust and need.

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