The Bad Deal

by R. J. Richards

Copyright© 2013 by R. J. Richards

Humor Story: This is a very short,humorous story. We all make bad deals in our lives. This is what can happen if we aren't careful. There's a lesson here (particularly for those who are lucky enough to be husbands).

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The whole deal went sour, and had you put any thought into it, you would have known it almost from the beginning.

Everyone knew it would happen at any day. Some expected it sooner, so you shouldn't have been so surprised and disgusted when it did go bad.

Of course you got away with it that first day, and you thought all was well if you even bothered to put any thought into it at all. It wasn't until the third day when it started to go sour, but even then you didn't do anything about it. You even told the others not to worry and that it would be all right. Were you in denial, or did you really think that everything would still turn out okay?

"Just one more day," you said, each morning of the week, and now look what happened. You of all people should have known better, and now you have no one to blame but yourself.

I know you're standing there thinking of all the time and effort that went into it, not to mention the expense. Don't forget the disappointment either. Remember how sure you were that everything would work out?

One of the biggest problems is that it not only affects you, but it has a tremendous impact on the others in your family as well. Everyone was expecting it to be there, counting on it in fact, even you and now it's simply gone. Can't you see the disappointment and anger in their faces?

"What are you going to say to them? What is done is done? What good will that do? You needed it and so did they, and because you weren't careful it's not there. Sometimes being sorry doesn't cut it. Isn't that what you've told your children time and time again?

You know now that the deal stinks and standing there looking disgusted won't help matters any. It certainly won't do anything to placate those around you. Too bad you didn't think about what could have gone wrong earlier.

I suppose your only consolation at this point is knowing that you're not the only one whose been duped. It's happened many times before and will certainly happen again. There's always someone around who hasn't learned the lesson and are doomed to repeat your mistake.

"What a waste," you say? What makes you think that will make anybody feel any better, to know that you now realize the thing went south? Saying it's nothing but a waste won't help you at all, and it won't do anything to avert their accusing eyes either.

No. You're just stuck there mumbling to yourself. Oh sure, you could start over. In fact, in spite of everything, you will for you have no choice. Of course, you know that if you do it right, it will help you in the future. Even so, it still won't help you now because now is when you need it.

"Next time it will be different," you tell yourself. "Next time I will be more careful and pay attention to what I'm doing."

You can tell yourself that, but in reality you know that any new deal could go sour just as easily as this one did.

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