Those Incredible Lengths

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: A reluctant wife taken by surprise becomes a very popular woman and takes that experience onto a cruise on a paddle steamer down the Murray River.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Rape   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size   .

Charlie knew his marriage was pretty well a 'sham' and that the sexual side of it had disappeared almost from the moment it had begun. He had stuck to it for he didn't have another woman on his radar; in fact his association with women wasn't great. Unfortunately the absence of that sexual side had finally rendered him 'impotent'. This was a situation that he kept to himself but it was a condition that he had put to the test on a couple of occasions, only to find he couldn't rise to accommodate what was on offer and this was despite couples who were actively fucking almost at his feet. One woman did at least suck him off, he managed to keep his cock in her mouth while she performed and give her a mouthful when he emptied his balls, but it was not hard or thick enough to be able to penetrate those hairy cracks or the many female bums at the swingers do that were constantly being advertised.

Over time he began to get more annoyed and when he was in the bathroom when his wife undressed for her shower he longed for a length to take her up the arse, for her bum was very attractive. Maybe it was that hidden desire or the results of a row that made his wife tolerate him giving her tits and that forest of hair at her groin a feel as she paused before entering the shower; but what ever it was his prick began to take notice, but never to the point of becoming active. It was start, a start that over time may bring forth the delight that he craved.

Each morning she paused at the shower, each morning he gave her tits and hair covered crack a feel and each morning his prick grew a little harder and longer, till the head actually touched the crack of her bum. After each endeavour he felt rather giddy for his activity did seem to bear fruit, it would take time for he hadn't experienced an erection for decades, so for a number of weeks, missing some mornings, but generally daily he continued with the daily massage and his wife didn't object, although he sensed she just tolerated it.

Then one morning his prick rose, jutting out like a lance and the throbbing was fantastic. Just behind him was a bottle of liquid soap, in the seconds he had before she stepped into the cubical, he covered that throbbing length with the lubricant needed and then pushing the cock head into the crack between the cheeks, he gripped her around the waste and shoved.

In those seconds the first thrust was met with a surprise grunt, but the second and finally the third that opened her up, she erupted, she bucked; like any horse being broken in but no matter how she performed or what she said made any difference, he was in, he was doing something long desired, something so long denied, he was fucking his wife and he was fucking her up the bum. For many, many minutes he ravished her till all protests ended and till he blew his balls he just serviced her, sliding his prick in and out with every thrust going deeper till his entire length was buried and only his balls were out. He came with a gush and a thrust that even produced a grunt. He slowly pulled out, wiping his cock over her bum and whispering, "That was fantastic, let's do it every day; your bum was magnificent". He then left her sprawled over the bath edge.

He had no idea of what the results would be, he did expect a major row and had ample ammunition ready for she had always said 'no' to his advances and this mornings behaviour was a result of those constant refusals. He also knew that in the media of recent times there had been a lot of discussion on 'domestic violence. Whether what he had done would be put under that description he didn't know, but because of the coverage he did suspect that he could be held to account.

She was in the shower and bathroom for a lot longer than usual, finally she came out and he braced himself for the onslaught; it didn't come. In fact she made no mention of it and performed as she would normally do and this was certainly a surprise and all day he waited for the storm that surely must come for she was done, fucked, something that was alien to her and on top of that it was her bum that was targeted and now she said nothing.

The wife was so lost in her belief of what had or hadn't happened. It was a fog that she couldn't understand or find any departure from. Did what she thought happen, happen? Did she get a cock up her backside or did she imagine it. She was in a room of total confusion and all she could do was wander around, trying to find her way out of this fog that surrounded her and each time she passed her husband, she grinned and she didn't know why, for grinning at the man who may be her husband, but one that she really had no regards for, was as alien to her as that fuck up the bum, if of course it happened.

As for himself he let the situation slide, he didn't remind her of the event for after all he was waiting for the storm, but the next morning as she again prepared for her shower and hesitated at the door of the cubicle he gave her such a length that there would be no doubt as to what had happened, she was fucked up the bum. As he thrust her reaction was not a violent eruption, but a grunt and as he worked his prick up to his balls, ramming and withdrawing it, she found herself working in rhyme to what was happening to such an extent as he massaged her tits to say. "You like it don't you, you like a cock up the bum". Her reaction was a gasp and grunt. Finally he emptied his nuts with such a thrust that this time her response was a loud 'Ahhhhh!'

"That was fantastic", he said as he slowly withdrew his prick and as he wiped it over her backside said, almost in a whisper. "Have a shower, but don't dress, just put on your dressing gown. You don't have any engagement for the day, so let's just fuck till you want nothing but cock". He left her still half in and half out of the cubical after giving that hairy triangle a decent feel.

He didn't dress, just wore his dressing gown and hoped that she was now conditioned to dress as he asked. She eventually came out and to his delight was just wearing the dressing gown that flapped open, revealing her womanhood. "You are wonderful", he said as he felt her tits, massaged the erected nipples and played with and fingered her cunt till he was hard and erect and then pushed the head of his cock amid the hair at her groin and just let her feel it, till she began to response, by pushing herself against the hardness.

He manhandled her into the bedroom, pushed her onto the bed and then for many minutes sucked her nipples, massaged those melons of tits, worked his fingers into her crack till she was whimpering and saliva was dribbling from her mouth. He then separated her thighs, rubbed his cock head up and down her hairy crack and then pushed the head into her cunt and thrust and as he drove it in gasped. "Now fuck wifey, now fuck". She rose to receive it with an 'Ohhhh!' that sounded wonderful and before the next utterance of pleasure muttered. "I'm fucking, I'm fucking".

He rolled off and after a short rest, got up and said. "Lunch?" He pottered in the kitchen just preparing a short snack and called her, she came out naked her large tits swinging back and forth and that forest of hair at her groin he found began to make his cock interested again. As she sat after finishing what he had given her, he massaged those udders, squeezing and pulling the nipples which were now permanently erect, he lifted her up, bent her over the chair and rammed his erection up that hair covered cunt. She grunted with every thrust and when he blew his balls she bucked and sprayed saliva over the wall as she responded with a loud 'Ohhhhhhh!' Slowly he pulled out and as she straightened up, smiled and said something that surprised him. "I enjoyed that. I like being fucked. He replied that it was her cunt that was fucked but later he wanted to again service her bum. She smiled and as she went into the bathroom said. "A fuck up the bum, I think I will like that - absolutely".

How to get her to suck was the next part of the programme. However, she was now conditioned and when it was explained she just gave a nod and took his length into her mouth, but as his cock grew in size and thickness she was surprised but quickly got down to the task of sucking even if he had to hold her tight and tell her in a bit of an aggressive tone. "Suck the fucking thing wifey, suck my cock". Her first mouth full did cause her to flap but it was just a mild irritation and from then took a full mouth load and then spat it out over his cock and balls, rubbing it in and then sucking him again and generally she got another mouth full.

However, she did find that a suck was to lubricate the prick and then with a smile she would turn around and say "Now my bum?" It was a question that was quickly answered with a thrust that opened her up and she responded with such glee that he only rammed it harder till every inch of that nine inch cock was rammed up her bum and as he ravished her he would say. "Fuck wifey, just fuck", and her reply was the way she wriggled her bum, guaranteeing that his prick would disappear in that large and attractive arse.

The introduction to his mates of his wife, who they knew but certainly not as she was now presented had them eager for what was on offer. All he did was lift his wife's dress up, undo the couple of buttons of her blouse and open it up. She wore no bra or panties and as those tits fell free and that great forest at her groin was bared it was mere seconds before she was copping the first of many cocks, for his three mates plus himself would guarantee her solid fucking for quite some time.

With her now doing what was required, he invited a couple of women who had been servicing him to one of their afternoons. These afternoons were generally just get-togethers after a BBQ lunch. Normally it had been an all male show; that was before his wife made it very plain that 'fucking' was now to be included and none of the men there were going to question her demand. The invited women had one major job to do and that was to cover any activity that he hadn't got his wife involved with. It was one of the invited women who suggested a 'competition' to find out which of them could suck a bloke off the fastest, which could last the longest in a double dip and which of their cunts could take the longest cock.

It was then that Ulta, a solid black from the dark continent and the neighbour was invited. For some time he had suspected Ulta of being more than the good natured neighbour; his wife thought he was very nice and one day he had even asked after a brief conversation of which his wife was mentioned. "My wife thinks you are a nice bloke, are you fucking her for she can't stand me anywhere near her". The question caused Ulta to splutter and gasp, he had no answer. That now was going to change. He had the opportunity to really show all, especially the women how special he was.

All the women were well conditioned and his wife had just taken the cock of his mate Harry, she still was well spread, cum sweeping out of her crack and was sucking and ball pulling when Ulta inserted his massive prick and shoved. Never had he witnessed his wife virtually lift of the ground, she almost swallowed the cock she was sucking as over twelve inches of cock with a circumstance of well over two inches was rammed up her crack. The size of Ulta prick didn't surprise him for he heard a woman interviewed as part of a sexual survey say that black men had cocks that were enormous, both in thickness and length. She said that she knew because she had experienced one. "I reckon I was bandy for a week, but I tell you and your viewers I was never fucked like I was that day. I was on cloud nine."

The fucking was incredible as that great length disappeared totally and for his wife she was beyond caring, it was a cock that was going to make sure she would be bandy for days, in fact she wandered around after as though she was riding a horse and it was ages before the cum that had poured into her stopped flowing. It ran down her legs, was caked over her stomach, stuck to the hair at her groin and even over her tits; so much had come out of that cock that her poor cunt couldn't contain it. She was fucked off the planet and the subject of such laughter that she was almost an embarrassment.

The competition began with all the women kneeling down; in front of each was an erection. "Now ladies", Charlies said. "The idea of the game is for you to suck us off. We are six so the winner is the one who brings on a cum outburst first. So when I say 'go' you start sucking then move onto your second cock and suck it as well."

"What is the prize?" asked one of the women as she prepared herself for the signal. "That is easy", Charlie said with a grin. "The winner is fucked by Ulta". The signal was given and no three women fell onto their allotted target as they did, but the most surprising thing was the speed in which his wife took up the challenge, she sucked till saliva an cum were seeping from her mouth and then she fell onto the next cock without attempting to wipe her mouth so when that cock also blew her mouth was a virtual waterfall.

She won hands down and all gathered around as she spread her legs wide, pushed her backside up as that enormous prick was levelled at her pulsating cunt. Her cry of 'wonderful' echoed around the backyard, accompanied with the claps and cheers of the onlookers. He fucked her slowly, every thrust taking the entire length to the outer cavities of her cunt and every thrusts response was long drawn out 'Ahhhhh!' With such activity now in process the other women soon found themselves in double dips and while cocks ravished their bums and cunts their mouths drained what ever cock was unattended.

It as well after dark when they departed, all his wife could say about the occasion was the fucking Ulta has given her. "It was incredible, it was so fucking big, it was incredible and to think my poor cunt and bum took every inch, it was incredible. It was fucking incredible, but fuck it was fantastic".

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